"Since When Does It Rain Out Here?"
Season Survivor: The Sahara
Author Sinjoh
Episode Number 9/14
Episode Chronology
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Since When Does It Rain Out Here? is the ninth episode of Survivor: The Sahara.

Previously On Survivor...

After the double tribal councils, the two remaining Kufras, Roberta and Lilly-Bo, knew they would be next if their tribe went to tribal council. Both were told by the Scorpios, they would be part of an alliance at the merge, but couldn't give them an exact placement. At the reward challenge, Kufra won a picnic lunch, and with the inclusion of alcohol, three of them were hungover the next day.

At Exile Island, Montana found the hidden immunity idol, and decided to hide it from her alliance. Later, Scorpio won the final tribal immunity. Kufra voted off Lilly-Bo at the tribal council later that day, by a unanimous 4-1 vote. On a positive note, she began the jury. Ten remain, who will be voted out tonight?


Immunity Challenge: When It Rains, It Pours
Players will be standing barefoot on a small wooden perch, while one of their hands will be chained to an overhead bucket of water. If the contestant moved enough, the bucket will drop water, dousing the player, eliminating him or her. At random points during the challenge, the host would tempt the survivors with food items. Last person standing wins immunity.
Winner: Aleskan


Night 21

"Kufra" returned to its campsite, overjoyed about the tribal council.

Finally all of those Kufras are gone, and in a few days Roberta will be too. This is just too good to be true!


Getting rid of the Kufras was so easy, they dug their own grave by eliminating some of their stronger players first.


Now all we have to do is get rid of Gwen and Jeremy, and hopefully our pals at Scorpio will help us.


I have a weird pit in my stomach, as if someone going to do something awful. Hopefully it isn't about me.


The four "Kufras" then went to sleep in the shelter.

Day 22

The next day the two tribes are instructed to go to a different area, and to follow the map given to them. Both tribes arrived to the area designated on the map, but instead of seeing Jeff, they see a table of food. Everyone looks at the table and notice two boxes, one that said to open after they were done, and the other said to open after the first box was opened. Everyone began to wolf the feast down.

I forgot what certain foods tasted like, it's been so long since I had real food.


After they felt full, they opened the first box. It had tan buffs inside and a message stating that the two tribes were merged and their campsite would be the old Scorpio camp. Everyone began to cheer and holler over the fact they've merged. They open up the second box. To their surprise, it was a hidden immunity idol.

When I saw that idol, I was like, is that my idol that I found, but I still have it. Thank goodness.


After a few minutes of discussing about the idol, Aleskan suggested that the idol was not to be used, but given to the winner of the season. The other nine decided it was the best thing to do, as the idol would of torn the castaways apart. The ten castaways returned to the old Scorpio camp.

After arriving to the camp everyone sees a crate. Aleskan opens it up and inside were the new flag, paints, and a supply of rice and fruit, Aleskan, Katniss, Gwendolyn, and Jeremy's personal items, and, oddly, Roberta's luxury item.

Aleksan: "Before we go off and do whatever we want, we need a named for the tribe. Anyone got one?"

Dawn: "How about Qattara? It's a location in the Sahara."

Hibiki: "I like it, it's really unique."

Aleskan: "Alright, Qattara it is. Judas, since you've had that sketchbook of yours for a few weeks, I want you and Dawn to work on the flag."

Judas and Dawn go off and work on the flag.

A few hours later, Montana, Judas, Roberta, Dawn, Bianca, and Hibiki are conversing in the shelter. Katniss and Aleskan approach the six.

Aleskan: "We need to ask you guys something."

Roberta: "Go ahead."

Katniss: "Well we want Gwendolyn and Jeremy out, and we're going to get Jeremy out first."

Dawn: "Why Jeremy first, why not Gwendolyn?"

Aleskan: "Jeremy is very needy, he's a follower, which means he'll want to get further."

Bianca: "So you want us six to help you get out Jeremy?"

Katniss: "Yes."

Hibiki: "Well, we're in."

Katniss and Aleskan leave the shelter.

Judas: "We're all voting Jeremy then?"

Montana: "Well, it's one of the only suggestions we've got."

The castaways all went back to the shelter for the night, with dark, ominous clouds overhead.

Day 23

The next day, the castaways hear a scream from outside the shelter. Everyone wakes up and look outside. It's pouring outside and Bianca is in the wet sand, stuck. Aleskan and Judas bring her back into the shelter.

When I woke up, I stepped out of the shelter and I realize it's pouring. I got stuck in the wet sand, it's like mud. Thankfully Judas and Aleskan pulled me mack in.


When Aleskan and Judas pulled Bianca back into the shelter, we all realized that it was pouring out. I was like 'Since when does it rain out here?', but it sucks we have to stay inside the shelter all day.


For the remainder the day, everyone was either talking or going stir crazy because of the mud and rain outside.

Day 24

The next day, the rain stopped, and everyone is happy.

When the rain stopped, I was glad, I felt like I was going to go crazy. I'm not the kind of person who likes crowds.


Dawn notices a nearby cactus in bloom. She picks the flower of the catcus and puts in her hair.

This flower is so lovely. I'm keeping it after the competition.


Later, the castaways receive treemail instructing them to go to the challenge area. The ten castaways arrive and Jeff explains the challenge:

Jeff: "You'll be standing barefoot on a small wooden perch, while one of your hands will be chained to an overhead bucket of water. If you've moved enough, the bucket will drop water, dousing you, eliminating you. At random points during the challenge, I'll tempt you with food items. Last person standing wins immunity. We'll draw for spots."

Each one of the castaways were chained to a bucket of water. Jeff announced the challenge was on, and just a few seconds in, Jeremy's bucket drops, and yellow-colored water douses him. Jeremy takes a seat on a bench.

Elapsed Time: 30 Minutes

Thirty minutes in, Jeff brings in the first food item. He uncovers a tray revealing a chocolate bar. Montana drops out, dousing herself in white-colored water. She takes the chocolate bar and goes over to the bench.

Elapsed Time: 45 Minutes

Forty-five minutes in, Jeff brings in the second food item. He uncovers a tray revealing a sandwich and a small bowl of potato chips. Hibiki and Dawn drop out and are doused in purple-colored and blue-colored water respectively. The two take the plate and go to the bench.

Elapsed Time: 1 Hour 20 minutes

After standing on their boards for an hour and twenty minutes, Jeff brings in a third food item. He keeps it covered. Bianca immediately drops out, with orange-colored water dousing her. Jeff uncovers the tray, revealing a milkshake. Bianca takes the milkshake and goes to the bench.

Elapsed Time: 1 Hour 45 Minutes

Another twenty-five minutes passes, and Jeff brings a fourth item out. Before Jeff could reveal the item, Gwendolyn's bucket full of brown-colored water douses her. Jeff then reveals the item. It's two hamburgers and a bowl of fries. Judas drops out, being doused in black-colored water. Katniss drops out a few seconds later, dousing her in red-colored water. The two grab the burger and fries and go to the bench.

Elasped Time: 2 Hours

At the two hour mark, Jeff brings in a fifth item. He uncovers it revealing an ice cream sundae. He gives Roberta and Aleskan 15 seconds to claim it. Roberta decides to drop out, dousing her in grey-colored water. Jeff gives Roberta a few minutes to eat it.

Jeff: "Aleskan, you have a free pass to the final nine. For the rest of you, one will be a juror. Head on out."

At camp, the alliance of six decided to stick with Katniss and Aleskan's plan of voting Jeremy out. Aleskan and Katniss told Gwendolyn and Jeremy to vote someone else out.

The new Qattara tribe heads off to its first tribal council. After arriving, everyone puts their torch behind them, and take a seat.

Jeff: "Let's bring in the members of the jury, Lilly-Bo voted out at the last tribal council."

Lilly-Bo walks in wearing a pink tube top and jean short-shorts. She takes a seat on the jury bench.

Jeff: "Dawn, first things, first. What is the name of the new tribe?"

Dawn: "Qattara, it's a location in Egypt."

Jeff: "Gwendolyn, what's your reaction to the merge?"

Gwendolyn: "Well, I was really excited, because I felt like I was never going to make the merge."

Jeff: "Jeremy, why did you drop of the challenge so suddenly?"

Jeremy: "I'm used to using my brain, not my brawn."

Jeff: "Katniss, does this mean that you're not a total threat to win?"

Katniss: "No, it shows that he's not a physical threat, meaning he's not a complete threat."

Jeff: "Aleskan, do you agree with her."

Aleskan: "She's right, but he's like every non-threat. He plans to go under the radar the entire game, taking him to the finals, and eventually winning because he didn't do anything to anyone."

Jeff: "Hibiki, let's go on a different topic. How's camp life."

Hibiki: "Having ten people back at camp feels very nostalgic. The rain yesterday was just awful."

Jeff: "Judas, what happened yesterday while it was raining."

Judas: "Well, it was pouring confining us to the shelter, most of us going stir-crazy. Bianca getting stuck in the sand was the highlight of the day."

Bianca: "It's true Jeff."

Jeff: "Roberta, do you feel targeted for bring the last Kufra?"

Roberta: "No, I have an alliance that I feel comfortable in."

Jeff: "Dawn do you think that's true."

Dawn: "No, Roberta has no target on her right now."

Jeff: "Before we vote, Aleskan, do you want to give up your immunity?"

Aleskan: "No."

Jeff: "With that, it's time to vote. Jeremy, you're up."

One by one, the castaways vote. After they finish voting Jeff goes and gets the urn.

Jeff: "If anyone has a hidden immunity idol, you may play it now. Alright, once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. First vote, Roberta. Roberta. Jeremy. Next vote.......Jeremy. We're tied 2-2. Jeremy. Jeremy, he leads 4-2. Next vote.......Jeremy. Eleventh person voted out of Suvivor: The Sahara and the second member of the jury.........Jeremy. Jeremy, please bring up your torch."

Jeremy grabs his torch and brings it up to Jeff.

Jeff: "Jeremy, the tribe has spoken."

Jeremy leaves the tribal council area, looking upset.

Jeff: "Well it appears that people who've been flying under-the-radar aren't safe as they've appeared. You may head back out."

The new Qattara gets up and leaves the tribal council area.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 11:
Jeremy (8 votes)
Aleskan, Bianca, Dawn, Hibiki, Judas, Katniss, Montana, & Roberta
Roberta (2 votes)
Gwendolyn & Jeremy
Jeremy Bernard

Voting Confessionals

Sorry, but Jeremy weather or not you know it, you're a threat.


Don't take this personally.




Roberta, time for you to leave.


Every person who thinks they're going to play under-the-radar should watch out.


I do as I'm told.


Weak physically, strong mentally. Too bad a mental immunity challenge didn't come up.


This isn't personal, Jeremy, it's strategic.


Bye, bye Gwendolyn's bitch.


This feels good not to be voted out.


Final Words

I'm shocked I was eliminated. I thought people who weren't challenge threats make it farther. Gwendolyn, stay strong.


Still In the Running

Devin BW
Drayden BW
Felicity BW
Giselle BW
Ira BW
Kurt BW
Lilly-Bo BW
Grimsley BW
Jeremy BW

Next Time On Survivor...

  • One castaway tries desperately to save her ass.
  • A plan to spin this game on its head is formed.
  • A castaway reveals their intentions.

Author's Notes

  • The immunity challenge is the same challenge used in Survivor: Africa episode, Will There Be A Feast Tonight?, Survivor: All-Stars episode, Stupid People, Stupid, Stupid People, Survivor: Micronesia episode, I Promise..., Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains episode, A Sinking Ship, and Survivor: One World episode, Go Out With A Bang.
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