"Sister Act"
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Season Survivor: Venezuela
Author IAmNothing712
Episode Number 2/14
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This is the second episode of Survivor: Venezuela.

Previously on Survivor


Reward/Immunity Challenge: Choo Choo Train
Guided by a caller from a tower, one blindfolded tribe member must go through an obstacle-barbed maze with stations, each with a waiting tribe member, which is also blindfolded. Once the rescuer touches the rescuee, the latter would then tether himself to his/her rescuer. They would have to go on until all seven members are complete. Once all seven members are together, they must find their way to the final station where they have to retrieve a set of keys before heading to their caller's tower. The caller would then use the keys to open three locks which would release a flag. First tribe to raise their flag wins immunity.
Reward: Tribal immunity, a tarp, pillows, blankets, mosquito nets and a lamp.
Winner: Mapoyo


Night 3

Returning from Tribal Council, the Mapoyo tribe arrives at camp, where Louise stands by her claim that she never looked for the idol, not even wanting to do anything with one. Dante shushes her off, telling her that while they have forgiven her, she is still going next. On the other hand, Domino feels a vibe that Louise might be telling the truth after all. 

Louise is a smart woman with common sense, which Dante clearly lacked. Louise knows that finding the idol without our knowledge is pretty much a kiss of death for her; so seeing her this passionate about defending herself without making any excuses, making no BS, makes me question if she really did look for the idol, or was she sabotaged. Speaking of passionate, Dante passionately continues to be a total ass. He spoke in behalf of the tribe without thinking twice. I'll just have to feed his ego more, though I don't know until when.


At Arawak, Maggie continues to doubt herself in the game, contemplating about whether or not her decision to plant the Mapoyo idol in Louise's bag was a good move.

I want to play this game without religion holding me back, but at the same time, I am tormented by my conscience, both caused by faith and the thing I pulled at Louise. I always keep on fighting to prove I'm good enough. Question is, for how long?


Day 4

Early morning at Mapoyo, Louise, who apparently has not slept at all since last night, sits by the riverbank, thinking of what to do with the Hidden Immunity Idol.

What I fear about the idol is that, it's too much power for me to bear. I don't know what to do in this situation. My alliance now is me myself, and my idol.


Domino, who happens to wake up early as well, talks to Louise about how she got the idol.

Quote1First off, you haven't heard anything from me, and personally, I suspended my judgment on you about the idol situation.Quote2- Domino
Quote1Thanks.Quote2- Louise
Quote1So, how did you receive this idol?Quote2- Domino
Quote1So, I was taking a bath at the time. I placed my bag somewhere. There, in the tree hole right there!Quote2- Louise (points at the tree hole on a large tree)
Quote1...and?Quote2- Domino
Quote1I saw Maggie walking by. I didn't mind her walking by that tree. After I took a back, I brought my bag back to the hut and collected water. That's when Mai found the idol in my bag.Quote2- Louise
Quote1It's either Maggie, which is a little impossible because it would take her some time to find the idol, much more in our camp; or Mai, who've found the thing in your bag. Right now, I'll tell you this: I believe you. Everything you said matched up to what I saw. Maggie did walk right past that tree the time you took your bath. Mai was sleeping all day. It has to be Maggie.Quote2- Domino
Quote1How did she find it?Quote2- Louise
Quote1That doesn't matter. Right now, you'll just have to embrace this power that you have. I swear. I got your back. If they wanna get through you, they'll have to get through me too.Quote2- Domino
I completely believe whatever Louise said this morning. I saw Maggie walking pass by and ran frantically some seconds later. Now with Louise wrapped around my finger, I'm certain I'm not going anywhere any time soon.


Just the fact that at least one person believes me, it's like removing a thorn from my heart.


At Arawak, Maggie and Jaycee talk strategy while fishing. Maggie tells Jaycee she will be loyal to him no matter what. Jaycee promises her to do the same. Jaycee reveals he reminds her of his late mother because they used to have insightful mother-son talks when she was still alive. Touched by Jaycee, Maggie reveals her true profession as a nun. Jaycee, dumbfounded, tells her he doesn't believe her, but Maggie shows him her luxury item, a large rosary.

Maggie told me she is a nun. For a person who's supposed to be a stickler to rules and stuff, she's pretty much different. She is a devious nun, and I wouldn't treat her as a religious a-hole. She never once used religion to lure me in. She has my trust 100%.

–Jaycee, on Maggie

I'm playing this game to win, and me telling my secret to Jaycee was meant to get his trust.


As the two return to camp, they see Gordon having another row with Tiffany because the former constantly drills his tribemates to work all the time. Maggie and Jaycee agree that Gordon is causing too much drama, and has to go.

Gordon is such a rabble-rouser. I am so siding on Tiffany on this one. It's time to do some sister act to oust Gordon.


Jaycee and Maggie talk to Tiffany if she wants Gordon gone. Even before Jaycee finishes his sentence, Tiffany agrees, saying that tribe is working enough to deserve having some downtime, and Gordon is sucking the synergy the tribe has.

Gordon is the hardest working person at camp, bordering on being obnoxious that is. It's time for him to go home.


Day 5

The tribes convene for their next challenge, which is again for both reward and immunity. The winning tribe gets to win tarp, pillows, mosquito nets, a lamp and two large water containers. Arawak chooses to sit out Tiffany. Upon asking who will be the caller for Arawak, Gordon steps in without the tribe's input, much to their chagrin.

Had we had a chance to mutiny, Gordon would be a tribe of one.


Much to Tiffany's personal prediction, Arawak would flounder early on as Gordon struggles to keep track on Jaycee, who is Arawak's rescuer. Meanwhile, Domino effectively commands Dante, successfully finding his blindfolded tribemates. In a fit of rage, Jaycee shouts at Gordon at the top of his lungs to grab his attention. As Dante and the rest of the blindfolded Mapoyo tribe members are already on the hunt for their key, Dante hits his groin area and Louise topples after hitting a barrel. Domino yells at her tribemates to hold the waist of the person in front of them to make their movement more uniformed. In the end, just as Jaycee finishes rescuing Maggie, Arawak's last member, Mapoyo successfully retrieves their key and hands them to Domino, opening their three locks and unfurling her tribe's flag. Mapoyo wins their first challenge. Not only they win immunity and shelter items, they get to kidnap one member of Arawak, exempting that player from Tribal Council and awarding him or her a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol. With no hesitation, Arawak chooses Maggie. In return, Arawak kidnaps Dante, under the notion that Dante is Mapoyo's strongest member and seemingly a power player as well. For a second time, Maggie tears the idol clue apart.

We chose Dante because he looks strong, he looks charismatic. He's someone you would want to first glance.


At Arawak camp, Katrina keeps Dante busy while Bash, Jaycee and Edward discuss strategy while fishing. The boys have decided that Gordon should next to go, though Edward flirts with the idea of voting out Lucinda instead because she is relatively weaker in challenges than Gordon. Giving an excuse that he will go to the bathroom, Dante goes deep in the jungle.

The three boys return to camp and continue their strategy talk in the woods. They are surprised by Dante, asking them what are they talking about, leaving the alliance startled and awkward. Jaycee explains that he is not in the position to reveal information that could incriminate them.

I'm getting a vibe on what their dynamics are, their strategy and who's aligned with who without even trying.


Gordon talks to "Tiff"-any, asking her forgiveness for his mistreatment of her. Tiffany halfheartedly accepts the apology. Gordon states that he is planning to vote Lucinda out because she is the physically weakest of the tribe. While knowing the tribe hasn't lost because of Lucinda just yet, Tiffany considers the idea.

Gordon pretty much came up to me to kiss and make up. Then he said he wanted to cut our losses by voting out Lucinda. While sure, Lucinda hasn't been highly significant in challenges, we haven't lost anything because of her yet, and for the record, I don't see Lucinda as threatening, like at all. Having or not having her in the tribe would be inconsequential for us, but she's still numbers. These past few days, I almost have my parchment with Gordon's name written on it, but Gordon is relatively stronger than Lucinda. My head's throbbing right now.


Later, Dante reveals an embarrassing concern, his ineptitude when it comes to camp life and the outdoors in general. With a high pitched scream, Dante attempts to remove a centipede from his shoulder. He then shares his mundane stories about girls and clubbing experiences, which annoys the Arawak tribe, to a point where they find it hard to keep a straight face.

We get it. You're a playboy. You're a guy slut. We don't need to know or hear more.


Dante is not really dashing as I thought we would be.


At Mapoyo, Maggie observes the tribe on whether or not her slipping the idol inside Louise's bag already had a profound effect on them. She notices Louise being alone half the time. The nun approaches her asking her what happened. Just before Maggie opens her mouth, Louise bluntly asks her if she was the one who planted the idol in her bag. Prepared for this incident, Maggie insists that she did not, saying it would take a long time for her to find the idol, much less the idol hidden at the enemy's camp. Louise believes her. Louise asks Maggie if she is open to make an alliance with her and Arawak. Maggie says she is always open to jump ship when necessary.

So Mapoyo apparently was furious with Louise for having the idol, that I expected. However, I didn't expect the incident to make Louise come to me for an alliance. How sweet was that? Now I can have a secret agent who I can tell secrets to. I'm in a very good spot right now, and I cannot risk not telling my Arawak alliance about everything that has happened here at Mapoyo. I'm putting my cards on Louise. If it works, awesome. If it doesn't shame on me.


While her tribe is busy doing camp chores, Maggie wastes no time looking for Arawak's Hidden Immunity Idol hidden at Mapoyo camp. She rummages through the mangrove swamp looking for a spot similar to where she found the Mapoyo idol at Arawak camp. As Maggie searches for the idol, she finds Mark and Vince nearby, fishing. Maggie hides from them by going behind one large mangrove tree, then Maggie feels something with a texture of burlap submerged underwater. Maggie grabs the object underwater, and turns out it is their tribe's Hidden Immunity Idol.

This is where the real sister act starts! Let the games begin!


At Tribal Council, Dante witnesses Gordon getting castigated for doing poorly in the challenge. Instead of taking the blame, he blames his tribemates for not listening to him. Tiffany loses her cool and explodes at Gordon, telling him he was meek and frantic throughout the challenge. Gordon asks her if she treats her elders that way. Tiffany returns fire, telling him that whenever something wrong happens, he constantly blames it on others instead of him taking responsibility. Jaycee interjects, saying that Tiffany has been consistently mild mannered until Gordon started mistreating her. Tiffany accuses Gordon for talking down at her, telling her she didn't know hard work, when she was trying her best to help her father who is a janitor. Gordon maintains his side of things and does not apologize. In the end, Gordon's volatility and abrasiveness, and inability to work with different personalities costs him the game, and is voted out, 7-1.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 2:
Gordon (7 votes)
Bash, Edward, Ellis, Jaycee, Katrina, Lucinda, & Tiffany
Lucinda (1 vote)
Gordon Isler

Voting Confessionals

Final Words

Next Time on Survivor

  • Maggie reveals the season's twist regarding the Hidden Immunity Idol to her alliance. Will this benefit her or be counted against her?

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