"Sitting Ducks"
Season Survivor: The Beginning
Author User:LukePrower
Episode Number 8/13
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This is the 8th episode of Survivor: The Beginning.

Previously On Survivor...

Victoria and Walter checked out each other's camps. They decided to name their new merged tribe Sarabah. Sabah then moved to the Sarawak camp. Ryan decided to form a fake friendship with Victoria. While Peter formed a friendship with Benny. In the Immunity challenge, Bob, Charlie and Violet were the last three in the challenge, but Charlie gave up. This left it between Bob and Violet. In the end, Bob won the first individual Immunity. At camp, Ryan told Jane and the alliance to vote out Victoria, secretly to benefit his strategy. Benny told Peter to vote off Violet to make him feel safe, but in the end, the former Sabah members voted Violet, but the former Sarawak members voted Victoria. And Victoria was eliminated. Nine are left, who will be voted out tonight?


Reward Challenge: Survivor Archery
Every contestant must shoot a target with a bow and arrow. Closest to the bull's eye wins.
Reward: A video from home and to send a video back.
Winner: Charlie

Immunity Challenge: End of the Line
The contestants are clipped to a series of ropes. They race through the jungle, on carabiners, finding either a checkpoint or a dead end. First person to reach the end wins Immunity.
Winner: Violet


Day 22

Early in the day, it started to rain. Violet and Vanessa discussed their plans to keep Benny just to get further, then to blindside him later on. Benny, meanwhile, felt a little saddened for lying to Peter, but then remembered his own words, he must do what ever it takes to survive. 

I told Peter that Violet would be gone. He had no idea that we were planning to pagong his tribe. I feel bad for lying to him, but as I've said before, I have to do whatever it takes.


Peter and Bob sat tragically in the rain. Bob stated that all they can do now is sit and await their fates. Peter then told Bob that they shouldn't act like Kucha from The Australian Outback and just sit around and wait to be voted out. He claimed that they must try their hardest to turn Sarawak against each other.

We can't just be sitting ducks! We have to turn Sarawak against each other! I am going to try my hardest to stay.


Jane, Ryan and Charlie met once again to decide who to target next. Ryan said that they should target Bob for being the bigger physical threat after winning the first challenge. Meanwhile, Walter continued to spear- fish. He tried to catch a lot more fish than usual, because at this point, he has to do everything he can to give people a reason to keep him.

At this point, I have to keep people liking me. If I don't, I'm dead. I also need to get some jury votes. To do so, I'll just fish and provide food.


Day 23

Sarabah met Probst for the reward challenge. They were happy to find out that they would be seeing glimpses of videos from home. They all enjoyed seeing their families again after a month. Probst told them that the reward was to see the full video and be able to send a video back home.

In the challenge, Bob got the closest early on, and kept the mark for a while, until Charlie got a closer mark. Due to this, Charlie won reward. Everyone got to watch Charlie's video from his father with him. Charlie's father told him to stay strong and at least survive to the final 3. Charlie was then able to send a video back, with everyone in it.

Seeing my father gave me the encouragement that I needed in this game. I feel that I can now go all thirty-nine days.


Day 24

Sarabah met Probst again for the Immunity challenge. In the challenge, it's a close game, but Violet managed to finish first and win Immunity.

At camp, Violet decided that the one to go will either be Bob or Peter. Meanwhile, Bob and Peter go to the members of the Sarawak alliance and tell them that they should vote Vanessa. Bob claimed that Vanessa is getting by under the radar, which makes her a big threat. Later, Ryan told the alliance that they should consider voting Bob for being both strategic and physically strong.

Bob was right about Vanessa. But the fact that he was right makes him a strategic threat. How ironic.


At Tribal Council, Probst reminded everyone that the person voted out will be the first jury member. Bob and Peter attempted to take out Vanessa, but Bob was voted out in a 7-2 vote. Before leaving, Bob went to Peter and said "Win for Sabah, Peter.". Peter was then the last Sabah member standing, and the eight remaining contestants returned to camp.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 8:
Luke (2)
Bob (7 votes)
Luke (8)Luke (9)Luke (11)Luke(-1)
Luke (12)Luke (13)Luke (14)
Benny, Charlie, Jane, Ryan, Vanessa, Violet & Walter
Luke (12)
Vanessa (2 votes)
Luke (2)Luke (6)
Bob & Peter
Bob Smith

Voting Confessionals

You're a huge threat to win.


No more competition.


Final Words

Darn. I thought I was doing good from the beginning. I know ninth place isn't bad, but I don't want to settle for that. But I'm going to the jury. The only person left that I'd even consider voting for is Peter. Good luck, the tribe is counting on you!


Still in the Running

Luke (6)
Luke (8)
Luke (9)
Luke (11)
Luke (12)
Luke (13)
Luke (14)

Author's Notes

  • The title was said by Peter when telling Bob not to just sit around and wait to be voted out.
  • With Bob's elimination, Peter is the last Sabah member standing.