"Six Days, Six People"
Season Survivor: Ghost Island
Author Sinjoh
Episode Number 12/13
Episode Chronology
Previous I Do Not Concede!
Next The Lesser of Three Evils
Six Days, Six People is the penultimate episode of Survivor: Ghost Island.

Previously on Survivor...

After voting out Alec, the two who worked with him had different thoughts about this. Samantha said how happy she was that one of her backstabbing allies was gone and how she didn't care about him. Hilbert blamed the vote because of Samantha's immunity, saying how much of a cancer she was to the tribe.

At the Survivor Auction, everyone bought something for themselves. Samantha bought a pitcher of river water. Xane bought a piece of salmon and a pizza for the entire tribe. Colin, Hilbert, and Ashleigh bought letters from home. Ashleigh also bought an ice cream sundae. Rebeckah bought a plate of spaghetti and meatballs. Kenni won an advantage to the next immunity challenge. After the auction, Samantha went on a rage, saying Kenni stole the advantage from her. In fact she was so mad, the next day, Samantha burnt the entire supply of rice and beans, smashed the fruit supply, and crushed the eggs the hens had. Everyone knew she was behind it when they woke up, wanting her out even more.

They next day, the final seven competed in another immunity challenge. Kenni's advantage was she was to join an hour in. After nearly three hours, Kenni won immunity, defeating Samantha's immunity streak. Samantha scrambled at camp to tie the vote by voting Rebeckah and using Samantha's penalty vote to her advantage. However, the three Samantha recruited voted against her, sending her home 7-1. Six remain, who will be voted out tonight?


Reward Challenge: Hungry For Love
Each contestant has ten minutes to rip shreds of meat from a hanging slab of beef and place it into a basket for weighing. The three players with the most meat on their plates all win reward.
Reward: A flight to one of the most beautiful places in Fiji followed by a river raft through the rainforest with their loved ones. The winner, first two runners-up, and their loved ones will dine on a big lunch.
Addition Stipulation: One of the winners may opt to trade their reward to take 10 lbs of rice and beans.
Winners: Xane, Ashleigh, & Hilbert (Hilbert opted to give up his reward for the rice and beans)

Immunity Challenge: Cool Hand Balut
In five rounds the castaways are to eat a balut. The number of balut increase by one each round. The last person to finish in each round is eliminated. The fastest to eat five balut in the fifth round wins immunity.
Winner: Colin


Night 33

Returning from tribal council, Tekivu appears to be peacefully, as everyone was happy with the results of the tribal council. At camp, they sit around the fire pit, and drink water from either leftover wine bottles or canteens.

Quote1She gone, she finally gone!Quote2- Kenni
Quote1To a new era of peace.Quote2- Hilbert
Quote1To peace!Quote2- Rebeckah and Colin
Quote1And none of this would've been possible because of Kenni.Quote2- Xane
Quote1To Kenni!Quote2- Ashleigh
Quote1To Kenni!Quote2- Rebeckah, Colin, and Hilbert

They sit around the fire pit for a couple of hours, bonding over the horrors of Samantha they experienced. They finally fall asleep, wanting to rested for their final reward challenge.

Day 34

The next day, the Tekivu tribe was summoned to the challenge site for their next challenge. They arrive, with Probst standing in front of large ferns.

Quote1Come on in guys! Welcome to your final reward challenge. Before we start I have some surprises for you. Hilbert here's your wife, Cythnia.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Oh my god!Quote2- Hilbert

Coming from behind the giant fern comes Cythnia, a Caucasian woman about Hilbert's age with light skin, long blonde hair, blue eyes, a light blue tanktop, black jeans, and light blue wedges. The two run toward each other, hug, and share a passionate kiss. They go back to the mat.

Quote1Ashleigh, here's your husband, Ashton.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1*sobs*Quote2- Ashleigh

Ashleigh falls to the ground weeping as her husband Ashton, a tanned Caucasian man around Ashleigh's age, with brown hair, brown eyes, wearing a crimson t-shirt, black shorts, and khaki colored flip-flops, walks out from behind the ferns. He helps her up and he pecks her check.

Quote1Colin who do think we have her for you?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1My wife, Laurie.Quote2- Colin
Quote1Laurie come on out.Quote2- Jeff

Laurie, a Caucasian woman in her early thirties with medium length dark brown hair, green eyes, wearing a pink tube top, jean short-shorts, and white sneakers, comes out from behind the ferns. The two run for each other. They hug, and quickly kiss before heading back to the mat.

Quote1Kenni, we have your father, Cyril.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Papa! *sobs*Quote2- Kenni

Cyril, a Caucasian man, who looked to be about ten years older than Kenni, with short black hair, blue eyes, wearing a golden yellow t-shirt, dark blue shorts, and green sandals, runs out from behind the ferns. He goes to the mat, and hugs his daughter.

Quote1Kenni, ma fille, ta mère et moi avons manqué tellement.Quote2- Cyril
Quote1Moi aussi, papa.Quote2- Kenni
Quote1Kenni, would you mind telling us what your father said?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Yes. He said how much him and my mother missed me and I told him I missed them as well.Quote2- Kenni
Quote1Will there be any communication problems with him?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1No, Jeff. I understand most English words et phrases.Quote2- Cyril
Quote1That's great. Moving on, Xane we have your older brother, Georgie.Quote2- Jeff

Georgie, a young Caucasian man in his late twenties with short brown hair, hazel eyes, wearing a white sleeveless shirt, light brown shorts, and grey sneakers comes from behind the ferns. The two brothers shake hands and hug each other quickly.

Quote1And finally, Rebeckah we have your older son, Jakob, here.Quote2- Rebeckah
Quote1Jake. *sobs*Quote2- Rebeckah

Jakob, an African man in his mid-thirties with a shaved head similar to his mother's, dark brown eyes, wearing a black t-shirt, jeans shorts, and black sandals, comes from behind the ferns. He and his mother hug each other tightly.

Quote1Alright, for your final reward challenge, you and your loved one has ten minutes to rip shreds of meat from a hanging slab of beef and place it into a basket for weighing. The three players with the most meat on their plates all win reward. You guys want to know what you're playing for?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Yes.Quote2- Castaways and Loved Ones
Quote1A flight to one of the most beautiful places in Fiji followed by a river raft through the rainforest with their loved ones. The winner, first two runners-up, and their loved ones will dine on a big lunch. We'll draw for spots.Quote2- Jeff.

Six slabs of beef are hung up and everyone's hands are tied behind their back. Jeff says go and everyone begins to rip pieces of beef off. For ten straight minutes, the castaways and their loved ones rip off big chunks, little chunks, and pile them on a plate. Jeff tells them to stop, and to put any pieces of meat in thier mouths onto the plates. He weighs each one of the castaway's piles.

Quote1The results are in. In third was Hilbert. In second, Ashleigh. And in first place: Xane. XANE, ASHLEIGH, AND HILBERT WIN REWARD!!!!. Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Oh my god! I won a challenge.Quote2- Ashleigh
Quote1However, there is a twist. One of you can give up your reward to give the tribe ten pounds if rice and beans.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1As much as I would love to be with Cynthia, I'll give up my reward for the tribe.Quote2- Hilbert
Quote1Hilbert, come here and claim the rice and beans. Xane, Georgie, Ashleigh, and Ashton a boat will be here soon. Everyone else, say good-bye to your loved ones, and you can head back to camp.Quote2- Jeff

Kenni, Hilbert, Colin, and Rebeckah say good-bye to their loved ones and leave to go to camp. Xane, Gerogie, Ashleigh, and Ashton are picked up by a river boat and take a riverside cruise through the rainforest. The four of them enjoy the ride, and the food along with it.

This reward was a great one. It was relaxing. I even learned more about Ashleigh, like her daughter's name is Ashlynn, and she's a lot like her mother.


At camp, Kenni, Rebeckah, and Colin all thank Hilbert for opting out of the reward. They also express their sorrow that he didn't go with his wife.

I feel bad Hilbert lost out on the opportunity to spend time with his wife. I know he opted out, he didn't need to.


I know I opted out of the reward for the food, and I feel stupid know, but I have sixth stamped on my head. I want to go further in this game. I hope by doing this, I earn some respect. Six days, six people. That's all that's in my way.


Later, Colin pulls Kenni aside to talk to her.

Quote1Is Hilbert going if he loses immunity in a couple of days.Quote2- Colin
Quote1I believe so.Quote2- Kenni
Quote1What if gets immunity?Quote2- Colin
Quote1I'm not sure. I'll need to talk to Xane, but most likely Rebeckah.Quote2- Kenni
Quote1OkayQuote2- Colin

I know I haven't done much in this game, but it's obvious that Xane's the main brains. Kenni's like that voice that agrees or disagree. It seems efficient though.


Meanwhile, Hilbert talks to Rebeckah.

Quote1Rebeckah, would you consider working with me?Quote2- Hilbert
Quote1Why?Quote2- Rebeckah
Quote1Because I'm sure you're not going to the finals. There gonna use you as a goat for the end vote. Join me and you could go further.Quote2- Hilbert
Quote1I think you're right. They are gonna use me. Which one do you want out next?Quote2- Rebeckah
Quote1Ashleigh. She's the biggest goat in this game. If we get Colin, we tie the votes, and possibly go to rocks and get rid of one of the three.Quote2- Hilbert
Quote1Ok.Quote2- Rebeckah

Hilbert is right. I'm a goat. I have no chance of winning with Kenni and Xane at the end. Hilbert's a smart guy.


Day 35

The next day, it has been downpouring for hours, forcing the castaways to stay in the shelter. All morale is down. Execept Rbeckah who is happy.

Quote1Guys, would you consider doing something with me?Quote2- Rebeckah
Quote1What?Quote2- Xane
Quote1A chant used by ancient African tribes for luck. Hold hands, and repeat after me.Quote2- Rebeckah

Rebeckah begins the chant as the others repeat afterward. The chant ends in a couple of minutes. In an hour, the weather begins to let up, and gives the others hope.

Rebeckah's luck chant was great. It reminded me so much of Wesley's prayer Marau did a couple of weeks ago. It was beautiful, her chant.


The chant I had us sing was perfect. The weather's letting up, and the sun is shining. I can't believe one of my chants worked.


Day 36

The next day, the final six are summoned to go to the challenge site. After arriving, Jeff explains the challenge.

Quote1Come on in guys! Kenni, I'll take the necklace back.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Here ya go.Quote2- Kenni
Quote1Once again, immunity is back up for grabs. Today, in five rounds the castaways are to eat a balut. The number of balut increase by one each round. The last person to finish in each round is eliminated. The fastest to eat five balut in the fifth round wins immunity. Let's get started.Quote2- Jeff

The castaways are given one balut. Jeff instructs them to begin. Everyone begins to chow on the balut. Xane finishes his first. Rebeckah is next. Colin finishes his quickly. Kenni and Hilbert finish, eliminating Ashleigh, who did not go at the balut.

For the second round, Kenni, Hilbert, Xane, Colin, and Rebeckah are given two balut. Everyone begins to eat one of the balut. Within a couple of minutes, Hilbert finishes both balut. Kenni finishes soon after. Colin is also finished. Xane finishes both balut. This eliminates Rebeckah, who is halfway finished with the second balut.

For the third round, Kenni, Hilbert, Xane, and Colin are given three balut. Everyone begins to remove the shell and begin to eat. In a few minutes, Xane finishes all three. Hilbert is finished soon after. Colin manages to keep the balut down, and moves on. Kenni is eliminated and vomits afterward.

For the foruth round, Hilbert, Xane, and Colin are given four balut. All three men go at it like they haven't eaten anything in days. In a few minutes, Xane finishes the four balut. Colin unexpectedly finishes the four balut, elminating Hilbert. Hilbert is angry, but doesn't project his anger toward anyone.

For the final round Xane and Colin are given five balut. Both men begin to eat the balut. By the time Xane is halfway finished with the fourth balut, Colin is still eating the third. Xane bwgins sweating, and leaves the table. He begins to vomit in the sand. This gives Colin a window to finish. After Xane is finished vomiting, Colin is one-quarter of the way finished with the fifthe balut. Xane quickly begins to eat. Colin also picks up the pace, finishing the fifth balut before Xane can finish.

Quote1COLIN WINS IMMUNITY!!!!Quote2- Jeff
Quote1I did? I did!Quote2- Colin
Quote1Colin you now have a 20% chance of winning this game. For the rest of you, someone will not e moving forward. You can return to camp.Quote2- Jeff

The tribe returns to camp, and everyone congratulates Colin on his win.

I won a freakin' challenge. This is great! I haven't had immunity for weeks. I feel like I'm on top of the world.


Hilbert pulls Colin aside to talk.

Quote1Colin, would you be willing to work with me to raise hell?Quote2- Hilbert
Quote1How?Quote2- Colin
Quote1By voting Ashleigh tonight. She's the biggest goat of the season. If she goes, then Kenni and Xane fall.Quote2- Hilbert
Quote1Okay.Quote2- Colin
Quote1Great you're on board.Quote2- Hilbert

Okay, after getting back to camp, Hilbert pulls me aside to get me on board to vote Ashleigh because she's a goat. Guess what, half this tribe are goats. Ashleigh's a goat, Rebeckah's one, and I'm one. I'm not going to stupidly vote Ashleigh. Hilbert is going tonight.


At sunset, Tekivu heads for the tribal council area. Upon arriving, everyone puts their torches behind them and take a seat. Danny, Shaniqua, Frank, Melissa, Alec, and Samantha walk in the tribal council area, and take a seat on the jury bench. Samantha is wearing a white blouse, grey sweater, a striped tie, a grey skirt, and a pair of grey high heels.

Quote1Introducing the members of the jury. Danny, Shaniqua, Frank, Melissa, Alec, and Samantha voted out at the last tribal council. Colin, you were extremely happy to win immunity, were you on the chopping block tonight?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1No, I was happy because I have not had immunity since Day 9, almost a month ago.Quote2- Colin
Quote1Rebeckah, who might be on the chopping block tonight?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1I've heard to names tonight. Ashleigh and Hilbert.Quote2- Rebeckah
Quote1Ashleigh, why might you be going home tonight?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1I honestly do not know. Since Shaniqua was voted out, I've been laying low. Plus even if I do make to the end, I might only get a vote from Shaniqua anyway.Quote2- Ashleigh
Quote1Hilbert, same quetion.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1My former alliance with Samantha kept me on the outs of the Joint Alliance. I honestly don't see a reason for me to go home though. Ashleigh even admitted she might get a jury vote. I might not even get one.Quote2- Hilbert
Quote1Kenni, which one would you want out?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Hilbert. I honestly don't trust him. He's a great guy and is competition for jury votes.Quote2- Kenni
Quote1Xane would you vote out Hilbert?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1I would. Not because he's on the outs, he's got an underdog story at this point. He's a jury threat, but he doesn't realize it.Quote2- Xane
Quote1Before we vote, Colin are you going to pass your immunity?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1No.Quote2- Colin
Quote1It is time to vote, Xane you're up.Quote2- Jeff

One by one, everyone on Tekivu votes. After the votes have been cast, Jeff goes and retrieves the urn.

Quote1If anyone has a hidden immunity idol, you may play it. Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. First vote, Ashleigh. Hilbert. Hilbert. Next vote, Ashleigh. We are tied 2 votes Ashleigh, two votes Hilbert. Hilbert. Thirteenth person voted out of Survivor: Ghost Island and the seventh member of the jury......

.....Hilbert. Hilbert, please bring up your torch.Quote2- Jeff

Quote1Bye guys.Quote2- Hilbert
Quote1Hilbert, the tribe has spoken.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Good luck everyone. Best wishes to you all.Quote2- Hilbert
Quote1It appears there was a crack tonight, as one person voted with Hilbert. I wish that person the best. You can head back to camp.Quote2- Jeff

Tekivu take their torches and leave the tribal council area.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 13:
Hilbert (4 votes)
Ashleigh, Colin, Kenni, & Xane
Ashleigh (2 votes)
Hilbert & Rebeckah
Hilbert Kaiser

Voting Confessionals

Hilbert, you are the only choice tonight. I respect you, but throwing me under the bus was uncool.


Hilbert, you must not realize I know I'm a goat. I'd rather be Kenni and Xane than you.


Ashleigh, you're the biggest poser of the game.


Hilbert, you are a sweetheart, but since you are not part of the alliance, you must go.


Bye, bye sacrificial goat.


My vote is Hilbert.


Final Words

I'm not really shocked to be sitting here. I did not get into the Joint Alliance, but now there's going to have t o flip on one another. 36 days in Fiji was great, but I think I'll now gorge at Ponderosa. I'm starved from eating rice, fruit, beans, and balut.


Still In the Running

Kalou Marau Totolo
Danny BW
Frank BW
Cindy BW
Jake BW
Alec BW
Birdget BW
Hilbert BW
Shaniqua BW
Melissa BW
Wesley BW
Yvette BW
Liam BW
Samantha BW

Next Time on Survivor...

  • Only 5 remain:
    • Ashleigh - The Quiet Woman
    • Colin - The Underdog
    • Kenni - The Emotional Half
    • Rebeckah - The Female Tarzan
    • Xane - The Strategic Half
  • 5 Survivors,
    3 Days,
    2 Challenges,
    2 Tribal Councils,
    1 Final Tribal Council,
    and One Sole Survivor.

Author's Notes

  • The reward challenge is the same challenge used in Survivor: Fiji episode, A Smile, Velvet Gloves and a Dagger in My Pocket.
  • The immunity challenge is the same challenge used in Survivor: Palau episode, Neanderthal Man. Unlike Palau, which was for tribal reward, the challenge is for individual immunity.
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