"Six Things Wrong With This Tribe"
Season Survivor: The Sahara
Author Sinjoh
Episode Number 2/14
Episode Chronology
Previous She Thinks She's the Head Bitch In Charge
Next Tribemate With Benefits
Six Thing Wrong With This Tribe is the second episode of Survivor: The Sahara.

Previously On Survivor...

Twenty ordinary Americans began their journey of a lifetime in the harsh, arid Sahara Desert. The twenty castaways began their first challenge, to get an immunity necklace from a steep sand dune. Jo and Aleskan narrowly won immunity for their first tribal councils. They then decided who their tribemates would be.

Later at the first tribal challenge Kufra had itself a grand lead on Scorpio, but crucial errors at the puzzle station caused Scorpio to close that gap, and eventually win immunity. Kufra at camp was divided to the point they had an unfinished shelter, no leader, and seven people on the chopping block. In the end Ira was narrowly voted out. Nineteen remain who will be voted out next?


Reward Challenge: Survivor Café
One person from each tribe, one at a time must eat a dish. The fastest to eat their dish scores a point for their tribe. If one person refuses to eat, the other tribe automatically receives a point. If both competitors refuse, no points are given out.
Reward: Pillows and Blankets
Extra Stipulation: If Kufra wins they receive flint
Winner: Kufra

Immunity Challenge: A Crate Idea
Three players at a time run down a field to a large crate and work together to roll it back to camp. When all six crates have been gathered, work together to build a staircase with the tribe’s name reading along the side, and climb up it to a platform.
Winner: Scorpio


Night 3

Kufra returned to their camp exhausted from tribal council. Many of the Kufra members were shocked and confused, as no one thought that Ira would leave the game so early.

Ira left the game a few hours ago. I have no idea why people voted against him, but I'm better knowing that I didn't go home last night


The way I see it was that one of my competitors for leader was voted out. I'll probably get a few people to vote Kurt out next, because if he's voted out and we lose again, Drayden would be viewed as weak and everybody will vote him out, leaving me as Kufra's leader


The nine Kufras went to their unfinished shelter, and went to sleep using the tarp in the supply crates as a makeshift blanket.

Day 4

The sun shone on the Kufra camp and the tribe when through its "normal" day. Jo, Drayden, and Kurt began to bicker over the status of tribe leader, VJ went on eating the fruit supply, Giselle and Felicity were on the shore of the oasis talking, and Lilly-Bo, Devin, and Roberta were discussing strategy. Jo, Drayden, and Kurt, for the first time stopped fighting, and split up to different areas of the camp. Kurt went over to Giselle and Felicity and asked to help him with the shelter, with both women complying to his offer.

When Kurt came over to me and Felicity, it was finally, someone has something for us to do. Seriously our tribal divison has created several problems already


Kurt then was talking to Giselle and Felicity about votes.

Kurt: "Ladies I want to talk to you two about an alliance."

Felicity: "Alright, what did you have in mind?"

Kurt: "I promise to take you to the final three."

Giselle: "Okay, that sounds fair. Do you have anybody in mind that you wanted off?"

Kurt: "Yeah, Devin, he has that weaselly look."
Jo went over to VJ at the food supplies and knocked an orange out of his hand. She forced VJ to help her divide the tribe's remaining rations.

Later that day both tribes received treemail instructing them to go to the challenge area. Scorpio arrived first, and Kufra arrived after, with Jeff announcing that Ira was voted out at the last tribal council. He then explained the challenge:

Jeff: "For nine rounds, one person from each tribe, one at a time must eat a dish. The fastest to eat their dish scores a point for their tribe. Wanna know what you're playing for?"

Castaways: "Yeah."

Jeff: "Pillows and blankets to keep yourselves warm during the frigid desert nights. Kufra, if you win, you'll recieve flint. Scorpio, you have one extra member, I'll give you a moment to decide who."

Katniss: "Aleskan's sitting out."

I don't know why, but me an Hibiki told the tribe we're vegetarians, and one of use should sit out, but they chose Aleskan for some reason.


Jeff: "Alright, first round, Judas vs. VJ. You'll be drinking shot of cow's blood, and go."
Both men grab the shot glasses and drink. Judas ends up finishing his first.

Jeff: "Judas finishes his first, Scorpio leads 1-0. Alright, next Gwendolyn vs. Kurt. You'll have a delicious piece of camel dung. Eat."
Both pick up the dung and begin to eat. Kurt speed eats his.

Kurt: "Done."

Jeff: "Kurt ties it up, 1-1. Next, Jeremy vs. Felicity. Your dish is a delicious spoon of cinnamon."
Both stuff the spoon in their mouths and try to sallow the cinnamon. Felicity ends up spitting out her cinnamon.

Jeff: "Since Felicity spit out her dish, Jeremy automatically receives a point. Scorpio leads again 2-1. Next we have Katniss and Giselle. Both will eat a delicious vulture eye."

Giselle: "There is no way in hell I'm eating an eye. I've eaten maggots and worms, and occasionally feces in my tour, but I'm not eating an eyeball."

Jeff: "Since Giselle refused to eat the dish and Katniss is about to eat it, Scorpio now leads 3-1. Dawn vs. Jo. Your dish is a roasted camel tripe."
Jo begins to eat her tripe, and Dawn refuses to eat it.

Dawn: "Sorry Jeff, but I just can't eat it, it's against my principles."

Jeff: "Jo has finished her tripe and Dawn refuses to, Kufra gains a point. Grimsley vs. Drayden. We have cactus juice."
Grimsley drinks the juice hesitantly. Drayden on the other hand, chugs it down as if it was beer.

Jeff: "Drayden scores a point, tying the tribes 3-3. Hibiki vs. Roberta. Your dish is lizard tail."

Hibiki: "Sorry, I refuse to eat the dish."

Jeff: "Since Hibiki refuses to eat and Roberta doesn't, Kufra scores 4-3. Alright, Devin vs. Bianca. A tarantula."
Both competitors hesitantly picks up the tarantula. Bianca nervously eats it, but Devin puts the whole thing in his mouth. Devin quickly finishes the tarantula and Bianca spit hers out.

Jeff: "Devin scores another point for Kufra, and since there's no way for Scorpio to catch up, Kufra wins reward. You guys however, not done yet, because Exile Island is back and Kufra, choose one person to go to Exile."

Roberta: "We choose Aleskan."
Jeff gives Aleskan a map to exile island and the pillows and blankets to Kufra. Jeff tells the tribes to head out.

At Kufra, the tribe celebrated its first victory, with Drayden cooking the fish.

Originally, we had six things wrong with this tribe, but Jo, Drayden, and Kurt seemed to have taken a back burner on the fights, and Giselle and Felicity, have done stuff the last day. Now we have peace.


Over at Scorpio, their morale seemed to disappear after the exile of Aleskan. Nobody did anything, except eat or lay in the shelter.

Aleskan arrived at Exile Island, where he saw an urn. He opened it and a message was inside. The message read that this was a clue to the hidden immunity idol, which could only be found on exile. Aleskan realized he might stay here awhile and opened the crates and made a small shelter, which took him into the night.

Day 5

The next day on Kufra, the new "normal" kicked in and everybody did something, except Jo. Jo was being snuffed by everybody.

I have no idea what's going on. Everyone's just ignoring me, even VJ. *sighs* I don't know how much I can take.


Lilly-Bo, Roberta, and Devin are near the oasis talking.

Roberta: "I wanna propose something."

Devin: "Alright go ahead."

Roberta: "I want us three to be an alliance."

Lilly-Bo: "So you'll take us to the final three?"

Roberta: "Yes, I promise, I'll try to get to the final with you two, but first, I want us to get Kurt out."

Lilly-Bo: "Why Kurt, why not Jo?"

Roberta: "Because Jo has no allies right now, plus I've heard that Kurt want to take Devin out."

Devin: "Why does he want me out?"

Roberta: "I don't know why, but are you in or not?"

Devin: "I'm in."

Lilly-Bo: "Ditto."
At Scorpio, morale appears to be back up, as Katniss is leading her tribemates. Grimsley for some reason has disappeared with the camp chores, leaving some of his tribemates furious.

For some reason Grimsley has been very flaky, he often disappears for hours at a time. He better start appearing more, otherwise, he'll be the first out of this tribe.


Aleskan at exile was using the clue to look for the hidden immunity idol. He searched the dunes, he dug and looked in exile's oasis, but he found nothing he kept the clue in his pocket.

I've been to exile for a day and a half and I've had no luck finding this damn idol. It was harder than I thought finding it.


Day 6

Both tribes and Aleskan at exile received treemail instructing them to head to the challenge area for an immunity challenge. Both tribes arrived at the challenge area, and Jeff told Aleskan to rejoin his tribe. He then explained the challenge.

Jeff: "Three players at a time run down a field to a large crate and work together to roll it back to camp. When all six crates have been gathered, work together to build a staircase with the tribe’s name reading along the side, and climb up it to a platform. Scorpio, you have an extra member, who's sitting out."

Aleskan: "Jeremy."

Jeff: "Jeremy, take a seat on the bench. I'll give you all a minute to strategize."
The first two groups began the challenge. Aleskan, Gwendolyn, and Montana started for Scorpio and Jo, Giselle, and Felicity started for Kufra. Both tribes began on an even field. Kufra then got to its first crate first and began to push it back to the platform. Scorpio got its first crate and began to push it back. Drayden, VJ, and Kurt then went for Kufra to retrieve their second crate. After Scorpio got its first crate back, Dawn, Bianca, and Judas ran to get their second crate. The second Kufra group got its crate and began to go back. Scorpio quickly followed. The third group for Kufra, Lilly-Bo, Roberta, and Devin, ran to get the third crate. The third group for Scorpio, Hibiki, Grimsley, and Katniss, ran out to its crate. Both groups arrived at the same time to the crate, and Scorpio was able to get it crate back. Kufra followed behind. After the third crates arrived, the first groups went back out. Scorpio got to the crate first, and began with a huge lead. Kufra picked up its pace and got back to the platform first. The second group for Kufra headed back out. Scorpio then arrived at the platform, allowing the next group to go. The Kufra group got to the crate fast, and quickly raced back to the finish line. Scorpio got to its crate and began to roll it back to the platform. The final group went back out to collect Kufra's crate. Scorpio got its fifth crate back and the final group went out. Both groups race to the crates. Kufra got to the final crate first and raced back. Scorpio got its crate and ran as fast as they could to the finish. After Kufra got its last crate, they began to work on the staircase. Jo stepped away from the staircase and began to direct where each piece should go. Scorpio got its final crate back and began to work on the staircase. Gwendolyn began to direct where each piece should go. Jo gave really confusing directions, causing Kufra to struggle. Gwendolyn's orders were crystal clear and their staircase was taking shape. Jo then had her tribe to dismember the staircase and began one layer at a time. Scorpio's staircase only had one crate to go. Jo's orders became once again confused her tribe. Scorpio then finished its staircase. Jo then had her tribe hurry, but Scorpio already had all of its members on the platform, winning immunity. Kufra was distraught after losing their second immunity challenge in a row.

Scorpio ended up celebrating another win back at camp, with Gwendolyn cooking fish for her tribemates.

At Kufra many alliances began to talk to see who'll they'll vote for. Giselle, Felicity, and Kurt were in the oasis talking about the vote.

Kurt: "So are you two with me on voting out Devin?"

Giselle: "Yes Kurt we're with you."

Kurt: "Good."
Kurt then leaves.

Felicity: "We're not voting Devin are we, Giselle?"

Giselle: "Of course not. Remember we're voting VJ tonight."

Felicity: "Thanks for reassuring me."

There is no way we vote with Kurt. We're just saying we're with him so he feels safe.


Drayden and VJ are in the shelter talking.

VJ: "I need your vote for tonight."

Drayden: "And why should I vote with you?"

VJ: "I'll promise to, um, behave myself for the next three days."

Drayden: "Sounds fair. So who did you have in mind?"

VJ: "Jo. Plain and simple."

Drayden: "Alright you've got my vote."
Out in a remote part of the campsite Jo is approached by Lilly-Bo, Roberta, and Devin.

Jo: "Why the hell are you guys here."

Roberta: "We need your vote for Kurt."

Jo: "Really who else is voting with you guys?"

Lilly-Bo: "No one else, but Kurt, Felicity, and Giselle are one group and Drayden and VJ won't ever vote together, so you're the most logical choice."

Jo: "Good as long as we vote out who I want. Got it!"

Devin: "We got it."

Jo: "Good, now leave."
Kufra then arrives to tribal council area. They put their torches behind them and sit down.

Jeff: "So Roberta how has the last three days been?"

Roberta: "Most of the tribe has shaped up. Though many of us still want the remaining Fearsome Four out."

Jeff: "Jo, what happened to the fighting, rudeness, and laziness of the tribe?"

Jo: "Me, Drayden, and Kurt decided that we all should lead."

Drayden: "Really, I remember that we all got angry, especially when you don't get your way, then we left and did our own thing."

Jeff: "Kurt, as the third witness what happened?"

Kurt: "Drayden's account is correct, Jo's just a (bleep) liar."

Jeff: "Lilly-Bo, I'll ask you instead, what happened?"

Lilly-Bo: "Drayden just took a back burner, Kurt forced Giselle and Felicity to build the shelter, and Jo forced VJ to help with the rationing of our remaining food."

Jeff: "VJ, I'm hearing your name a lot, what the hell are you doing?"

VJ: "I'm looking out for numero uno, me. I don't give a (bleep) about these mother(bleep)."

Jeff: "Giselle, when you hear that, does that make you think, 'Maybe he should go instead of our initial target.'?"

Giselle: "It does, but VJ is the youngest guy on our tribe, so he'd be better to vote before we merge."

Jeff: "Felicity, do you she's right?"

Felicity: "I do agree with her, but if continues think he might find his torched snuffed at the next tribal council."

Jeff: "Devin, you've been quiet over there, do you feel safe?"

Devin: "I feel safe, but anything can happen in this game."

Jeff: "Alright, it's time to vote, Jo, you're up."
One by one each castaway votes. After they finishing voting, Jeff goes and grabs the urn.

Jeff: "If anybody has a hidden immunity idol, you may play it."
No one goes up to give Jeff a hidden immunity idol.

Jeff: "Alright, once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. Fisrt vote....VJ. Devin. Jo. Jo, she leads 2-1-1. Next vote....VJ. Kurt. Kurt, we have a three-way tie. Kurt, he leads 3-2-2-1. Final vote. The second person vote out of Survivor: The Sahara......Kurt. Please bring up your torch. Kurt, the tribe has spoken."
Kurt quietly exits the tribal council area.
Jeff: "Though you guys have some sort of stability, you're still divided. You may or may not wind up back here again. Good night."
Kufra then exits the tribal council area.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 2:
Kurt (4 votes)
Devin, Jo, Lilly-Bo, & Roberta
Jo (2 votes)
Drayden & VJ
VJ (2 votes)
Felicity & Giselle
Devin (1 vote)
Kurt BW
Kurt Holt

Voting Confessionals

You vote me, I vote you, got it?


Jo, you are a spoiled brat, you may leave soon.


You just terrorize the entire camp. Go home!


VJ, shape up or ship out.


Another candidate for leader bites the dust.


Devin, you're a weaselly bastard.


Kurt, if you weren't going home, you'd be soon.


You vote one of my men out, you are my target.


(bleep) you, Jo.


Final Words

I don't know why, but I was voted out. I think it was Devin's weaselly attempt to save himself or because of the fighting for leader. Either way, everyone, look out for Devin.


Still In the Running

Ira BW
Kurt BW

Next Time On Survivor...

  • Will Jo's alliance abandon her?
  • Can VJ keep his promise to Drayden?
  • A sloppy challenge may disgust and revolt a couple of castaways.

Author's Notes

  • The reward challenge is a rehash of most of the eating challenges from the seasons that contains them.
  • The immunity challenge is the same challenge from Survivor: Tocantins episode, Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This and Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains episode, It's Getting The Best of Me.
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