"Skeletons in the Closet"
Season Survivor: Burma
Author IAmNothing712
Episode Number 5/15
Episode Chronology
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This is the fifth episode Survivor: Burma.

Previously on Survivor

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Reward Challenge: Buried the Hatchet
One by one, six tribe members must race to a sand pit to retrieve bags of hatchets. Once all bags are collected, the last tribe member must throw these hatchets to a wall full of ropes to unfurl a tribe banner above it. First person to drop their flag wins reward for their tribe.
Reward: A basket full of croissants, other pastries and two pitchers of milk
Winner: Sar Mayee
Temptation Reward: The partaker will have a plate of three peanut butter and jelly sandwiches which he/she may or may not share with the other person who is in Exile Island with him/her
Consequence: If he chooses to accept the temptation, he gets the PB&J sandwiches. Otherwise, his tribe will get the sandwiches

Immunity Challenge: Life's a Tapestry
Both tribes will be given a large tapestry. One caller must instruct his/her six blindfolded tribemates to manipulate the tapestry to form image of their mythical creature. First tribe to form their image wins immunity.
Winner: Nagar


Night 12

On their way back to camp from Tribal Council after voting out Brittany, the Sar Mayee tribe, Tina expresses her anger at Molly, who swerved her vote at Brittany, causing her demise. Molly rebuts that she could have went home if the switch hadn't materialized and if the original Sar Mayee lost immunity. Conway eases the tension as they reach camp, where their new tribemate, Xavier is waiting. Molly welcomes her to the tribe and tells him what happened during his absence. Xavier's former Nagar tribemates (Danny, Zach and Francesca) greet him. Xavier states that he accepted the Temptation Reward over a sure Hidden Immunity Idol. Conway, who happens to be Xavier's student and fellow Oregon native, introduces himself as Xavier's thesis advisee and hugs his mentor. Molly insists to start the getting-to-know time with Xavier the next day, as the night has gone late. Xavier comments that their shelter is unfit to live in, rolling the eyes of his former Nagar tribemates. Francesca and Molly, both of whom apparently keeping their frustrations to themselves, insist to fix the shelter the next day. While it appears that he is ecstatic having his college professor as his tribemate, Conway vents in a confessional, stating Xavier's presence is his worst nightmare.

To be completely honest, I don't want Sir Xavier here. He knows my strengths and weaknesses; and he's quite cranky if things didn't go his way. I've seen him make his students s*** bricks before, so having him around, let alone in this environment will be extremely challenging. I hope we lose the next Immunity Challenge to get rid of him. I once said after my graduation, I have nothing to do with him once I get that diploma. I don't want my past haunting me ever again. I graduated already, get out of my life!


Since Conway's here, I don't think to worry because he can break me in to this new tribe. We can run this game if we play our cards right.


Day 13

At Sar Mayee, Tina does not do anything at camp, as a form of rebellion against the members who blindsided her and Brittany. Noticing Tina's unusual actions, Xavier approaches her for a talk. Tina states that Molly should be voted out because of her pugnacious and duplicitous demeanor.

Quote1Tina, are you okay? You seem dejected since last night.Quote2- Xavier
Quote1No, I'm fine. Just that, Molly betrayed us Sar Mayees. You see, the former Sar Mayee had this alliance of five going, and Molly and Mirna were note part of it. Molly paid back last night by voting Brit out.Quote2- Tina
Quote1Well, you can't blame her. I'll try to convince Conway to make him vote with us. One more person, probably one from my former Nagar tribemates, we'll turn this game back to your favor. Are you on board?Quote2- Xavier
Quote1Just to get rid of Molly, let's do it.Quote2- Tina

Meanwhile, while fishing, Molly and Conway talk strategy at the raft. Conway states that Xavier is nothing but trouble and mulls about throwing the challenge just to get rid of him.

Quote1Are you scared of Xavier because he knows you more than anyone else?Quote2- Molly
Quote1Not really. It's the other way around actually. I know he can tear our tribe apart if he stays longer. So it kept me thinking, what if we throw the challenge so we can vote him out? Like, With him gone, at least it's one less person to deal with, and we're one step closer to the merge.Quote2- Conway
Quote1I don't know...Quote2- Molly

At Nagar, Rashad opens the day with his "stand-up comedy show" to lift the spirits of his already awake tribemates. Rashad mocks one contestant from a previous season (whose name he did not mention) for displaying acts of bigotry against stand-up comedians and African-Americans, telling the anonymous former contestant to "quit and jump in a fire," sending his tribemates to stitches.

Rashad's a funny guy. He made mention of this gay guy who insulted some guy for being broke, and it was very humorous! Like, I know who this gay guy was, but Rashad insists not to say his name, because "he didn't like hearing it."


After receiving Tree Mail, the tribes assemble for their next Reward Challenge. Rashad and Marshall are both shocked to see their former comrade Brittany voted out.

Donna struggles to get Nagar's first bag, giving Molly enough time to retrive Sar Mayee's. The other Sar Mayees get past Donna, leaving her emotional while digging. While Molly is throwing hatchets, Xavier nags at Molly, to the librarian's chagrin. Though the Nagars fruitlessy cheer on Donna, Danny manages to unfurl their flag first, winning pastries for Sar Mayee. Sar Mayee chooses Rashad to go to Exile Island, while in turn, Rashad chooses Molly to join him, much to her discontent.

Quote1I'm choosing Molly.Quote2- Rashad
Quote1I'm pissed.Quote2- Molly (visibly unhappy)
Quote1I know.Quote2- Rashad
Not only I'm going back to Exile, I'm going with one of my most hated people in this game! I'm so not gonna enjoy the next two days!


Returning after a blowout loss, Donna tearfully apologizes for her dismal challenge performance. Nigel hugs her, saying that she has consistently did well in past challenges, and luck was not on her side this time. Kendra and Jolanda agree, with Jolanda saying Donna continued without looking defeated even after the Sar Mayees already got past her. To alleviate Donna's sadness, Nigel introduces a game he found interesting while backpacking in Manila, Philippines: "Pinoy Henyo" ("Philippine Genius"). The game requires a pair of players. One teammate will have a mystery word propped on his forehead, and he must guess the said word by asking a yes-or-no question to his partner. The partner may only answer "yes," "no" or "maybe" (the strategy is, if the guesser's answer is wrong, yet still close to the correct answer, the partner may still say yes). Using extra pages from Francesca's journal (her luxury item), the Nagar tribe are in stitches after several rounds with farfetched guesses.

That challenge put me at my worst, but my tribe put me at my best. i don't think my odds will be better if I switched to Sar Mayee.


Returning from the challenge, the Sar Mayee tribe enjoys their reward of croissants. Out of the blue, Xavier abrasively insists to fix the shelter first before they indulge on their reward. This rubs his tribemates the wrong way, with Francesca letting him have it. In the end, Xavier does not get his wish, as the tribe munches their reward, though the tribe promises to Xavier to repair their roof. After fortifying their roof, Conway takes Francesca and Molly to the woods, telling them that Xavier's tantrums are not yet his worst, warning them that if he stays longer, he might say more spiteful things. With this, Conway proposes that they should vote him out if Sar Mayee loses again at the Immunity Challenge.

I've told you, keeping Xavier is not the best thing to do at this point. Send his ass back to his office desk!


As the boat arrives on Exile Island, Rashad and Molly are still not speaking since they left the challenge area. Breaking the silence, Rashad tells Molly that shunning her back at the original Sar Mayee tribe was his only best move, saying that isolating one person that early is not a good thing. Molly sighs, saying that among the five-person alliance, she is aggravated the least with Rashad.

Quote1Hey, I just want to tell you that I am truly sorry for what I did to you.Quote2- Rashad
Quote1Hmph.Quote2- Molly
Quote1You see, as much as I would like to get to know you, you're so angry and unwelcoming; and with that alliance going on, I can't get close to you. That's my best move to go forward back then. Now we're basically alone, can we have a truce? Like, vote me out for all I care, but I just want to get to know you and what ticks you off.Quote2- Rashad
Quote1*sobs* I'm angry all my life because I never get what I want! I never told this to anybody, but I'm adopted, and my foster parents are broke, which really made me rebellious when I was 16. I always leave home late at night, partying my ass off all night. I took drugs, and made out with strangers. I graduated college and wanted to go to law school but I still don't have enough money to enter it. That kept me surrounded by books and college students. I'm secretly jealous of Donna, because she can get what she wants because she's well-off! I signed up for this because I want to give myself and my foster parents the life they never had, but everything' still out of reach, and I'm angry!Quote2- Molly
Quote1Don't blame yourself for your shortcomings. We all have that. All of us have different degrees of failures, shortcomings and unfulfilled dreams. Don't compare yourself to Donna because you're not her. You're you and she's she. I was a product of a broken family, my brothers and sisters had different fathers. My mom had to work odd jobs to keep our household afloat. Now I see where you're coming from, now I completely see who you are now, and i completely understand you're anger. You're just letting it out in wrong places. Just remember, I'm here for you as a friend. Wanna hug?Quote2- Rashad
Quote1I'm truly sorry for being unfriendly. Friends?Quote2- Molly
Quote1Friends.Quote2- Rashad
Quote1From the start, I knew you have serious issues of your own, and your disposition made me feel you don't care.Quote2- Molly
Quote1You're doing it again, Molly. Don't care of what others think about you because no one understands you other than yourself.Quote2- Rashad

After their hearty conversation, Molly and Rashad faces the Temptation Reward. Rashad gets the black stone, subjecting him to temptation. If he accepts the Temptation Reward, he would receive a plate of three peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (sharing it to Molly is his choice). If he chooses not to, he will give Nagar the PB&J's. Using this as an opportunity to get to know Molly better, he chooses to accept it, leaving his tribemates back at camp hungry as usual.

Quote1Thank you. I owe you one.Quote2- Molly
Quote1Don't mention it.Quote2- Rashad
I entered this game with skeletons in my closet. Now, I'm taking them all out; thanks to my new homie, Rashad.


Day 14

During a thunderstorm, Rashad and Molly awake after hearing the series of lightning bolts. Feeling more comfortable with Rashad, Molly informs Rashad about the impending Three Tribes Alliance which consists of herself, Conway, Zach, Kendra and Donna. Molly explains to him that the alliance was formulated the when she was exiled along with Kendra and Donna. After a lengthy strategy talk, Molly concludes by telling Rashad to refer to Kendra and Donna for more details.

I just found out some things. Not only I learned more about Molly as a person, which I totally appreciate, but I also discovered she, Kendra and Donna made an alliance, and they all brought one person from their tribes. I maybe late on learning about this, but I'm with them. No doubt.


The tribes convene for their next Immunity Challenge. As Molly and Rashad reunite with their tribes, Tina notices that Molly's mood is "unusually sunny," suspecting some strategy happened between her and Rashad. Molly whispers to Zach that Rashad is now on-board with the Three Tribes Alliance; and though Tina not hear the exact words Molly said, she nevertheless catches her mouthing suspiciously.

Molly's been "unusually sunny" since she left the Reward Challenge. Something went on between her and Rashad, I can feel it.


After hearing the challenge instructions from Jeff, Conway and Rashad are assigned to be the callers for Sar Mayee and Nagar respectively. The rest are blindfolded. Rashad put Nagar to an early lead. Meanwhile, Conway realizes that he must get rid of Xavier before he can do damage to him. With this, Conway deliberately throws the challenge by acting frantic, leaving Sar Mayee totally clueless of their impending defeat. Rashad signals at Conway, mouthing the word "three tribes alliance" to him. Conway, who is versed at lip-reading understands the message, and replies by making hand signals implying he would throw the challenge to vote Xavier out. Rashad nods, while Jeff smirks at them. Rashad slows down by giving out aimless instructions at his tribemates so Conway can slightly catch up so his tribemates will not see his plan of throwing the challenge. Feeling he already covered his plan, Conway gives Rashad a thumbs-up, prompting Rashad to get moving. Rashad makes his final moves, winnning Nagar immunity, sending Sar Mayee back to Tribal Council.

I was taught lip reading because I have a lot of deaf friends, and by the looks of it, Molly has convinced Rashad to join our alliance.


Back at camp, Molly brings Conway to the raft, telling him that Rashad is now part of their alliance. In return, Conway tells her that he deliberately threw the Immunity Challenge because Xavier is potentially dangerous.

Quote1Hey, I just told Rashad about the alliance and he's on-board.Quote2- Molly
Quote1Great! But I also have a secret.. I threw the challenge.Quote2- Conway
Quote1Why? To get rid of Xavier? I know he's menacing, by the way, thanks for telling me, but if we continue to lose, we might not have the alliance by the merge.Quote2- Molly
Quote1Just this once; and for the record, sir Xavier isn't really that physically gifted.Quote2- Conway
Quote1Fine. Let's tell Zach, Danny and Fran then.Quote2- Molly

Suspicious of Molly's strange actions, Tina relays Molly's mouthing incident to Xavier and Danny. Xavier is convinced to vote Molly out. Danny seems to agree, but wants to make sure by approaching Molly.

Quote1Hey, I heard Tina saying that you murmured something to Zach at the challenge.Quote2- Danny
Quote1*laughs* Ah, Conway told me that if we lose, Xavier's going, because during his short time with us, I can't stand him.Quote2- Molly
Quote1I kinda agree. Like, the three days he's with us, he's tearing us apart by his nagging self. But are you sure that's the only thing you talked about?Quote2- Danny
Quote1Honest to goodness, Danny.Quote2- Molly
It appears that Tina saw me talking to Zach at the challenge. Very funny she's playing strategy. All I thought was she was this lumberjack lady redneck. But now, Xavier's going, but Tina's next.


Minutes before Tribal Council, Xavier talks to his former student Conway about voting Molly out. While Xavier has pointed out his friendship with Molly, Xavier warns Conway about Molly's unpredictable nature, not knowing Conway is in cahoots with Molly.

At Tribal Council, Xavier states he is very much welcomed by the tribe, but Molly, Zach, Danny and Conway give smug faces. Molly speaks out saying Xavier lacked self-awareness, leaving Xavier on the defensive. Tina comes to his rescue, stating that Molly is a bigger threat because she's "a fireball" at camp. In the end, Tina does not get her wish to eliminate Molly, and Xavier's nagging personality sends him home after a 5-2 vote. Alone once again, Tina shakes her head in disappointment.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 7:
Sar Mayee
Xavier (5 votes)
Conway, Danny, Francesca, Molly, & Zach
Molly (2 votes)
Tina & Xavier
Xavier Grahams

Voting Confessionals

Final Words

Next Time on Survivor

  • Molly goads Tina.
  • Kyle continues to anger Sar Mayee with his dirty tactics.
  • One castaway faces the biggest Temptation Reward in the history of my fan fiction series.

Author's Notes

  • On Day 13, the castaways receive their luxury items along with the Tree Mail notifying them of the Reward Challenge.

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