"Slave Labor"
Season Survivor: Culture Clash
Author IAmNothing712
Episode Number 3/15
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This is the third episode of Survivor: Culture Clash.

Previously on Survivor


[DIY] Reward Challenge: All Fired Up
The two tribes will have their own separate Reward Challenges to be held at their tribe camps. The tribes will be divided into two teams of four, and they will compete in a Survivor-style archery game. One by one, each team member will fire arrows at a target. Landing on a specific place on the target merits a point. The closer to the bull's eye, the higher the score. The team that scores the most after two rounds, wins the challenge.
Reward: The winning teams from Habagat and Amihan would enjoy lunch together in a traditional Filipino feast.
Additional Stipulation: Before the challenge begins, the ninth tribe member from both tribes, who won't participate at the challenge, will predict the winning team. If they predicted correctly, they will feast with the winning teams.

  • From Habagat: Lana, Simon, Cap and Moira; Cataleya joined them after she correctly predicted the winning team
  • From Amihan: Beatrix, Budd, Elle, Tommy 

Immunity Challenge: Brooke Shields
At a field with a 10 foot wall, four tribe members will lob water balloons at the other tribe's field to hit six targets, while two pairs from the other tribe will try to intercept them using large walls. The ninth tribe member will serve as the "coach", who would make the strategic decisions before the tribe shoots (they will be standing on watchtowers on one side of the wall). First tribe to hit all four targets, wins immunity.
Winner: Habagat


Night 5

Returning from Tribal Council, Elle asks her tribe if she is liked after being accused of being blunt and domineering. Beatrix, who still harbors resentment towards her fellow Canadian tribe member, bluntly tells her to "go figure." The two start verbally attack each other, with Elle gloating on Beatrix's situation being part of the minority. Beatrix tells her that it is still too early for Elle to make a victory cry because the game has just started. Lawrence and Joleen intervene, both telling Elle Beatrix is right about her, and they share the same sentiment toward her bossy personality.

I might've made a poor judgment call on focusing too much on Elle. I am going to make sure every vote I cast is for strategic reasons, and that also counts when I vote for Elle. For now, she can enjoy sitting in the lap of her luxury, but her minions' patience with her starts to wear thin, and I will eventually get the satisfaction of voting her out. I am a highly impatient person, especially with the likes of Elle, but this game quickly taught me the virtue of patience.


Day 6

A rainy morning at Habagat, Lana cannot find the right opportunity to look for the idol with the entire tribe stuck in the shelter, struggling to get warm. Cataleya tell her to give up, thinking it has been found already, given Lana told everyone about the clue after being admonished when she tried to keep it to herself.

The idol may still be out there, but we've been searching like crazy, yet nothing. Either we are reading the clue wrong, or someone already has it.


Meanwhile, Cap and Simon are fighting over what to do to their shelter, which is apparently dangerously near the end of the shoreline. Cap wants to move the shelter to a higher ground because the waves are getting dangerously near them, if not make a legged shelter, while Simon wants to start a new fire since their fire went out overnight. Cap stresses out they can't do much about the fire because everything is all wet. Emily, who is normally quiet and reserved, insists to move the shelter after the rain and let the tinder dry then.

We have lanterns, a tarp, a box of effing tinder, and we still can't pull it together as campers. What are they doing next? Sit below a tree, waiting for a fruit to land in their mouths? Don't talk, people. Work.


At Amihan, tribe huddles in the shelter over breakfast. Everybody's moods are good despite the rain, until Jorge blurts out an offensive remark on Rosita about Filipinos being "dumb, slave labor" to the Spaniards, even saying the derogatory word, indio - a Spanish derogatory remark towards Filipinos. Rosita does not take this lightly, because her mother's ancestors were part of the Philippine Revolution in 1896, which eventually led to the declaration of Philippine independence in 1898. Rosita feels offended, but Jorge chastises her for being too emotional and sensitive. Joleen castigates Jorge for jokingly bring up such a topic, calling him "an atrocious person".

Jorge is such a prick. He is a jerk lowlife with the social grace of a truck that has lost its brakes.


My maternal great-grandfather and grandfather fought for our independence, and for someone, let alone a Spanish to ridicule my race like this, is utterly atrocious and mean. If I have to pull teeth to convince the tribe to vote Jorge out, I would.


I didn't see anything wrong with what I said. I said it with comedic intentions. It's not my fault if she didn't accept my joke lightly.


The whole tribe tells Jorge that he has been rude to everyone, especially to the women. Jorge does not want to apologize and walks away from the shelter. Beatrix and Elle, though still mutually disliking each other, look each other in the eye, agreeing that Jorge's continued streaks of arrogance is aggravating the tribe. Elle tells Beatrix she is open about throwing the next Immunity Challenge just to vote out Jorge, and just resume the battle of the two rival alliances for later. Beatrix explains, saying that the tribe needs some unity and the strategic aspect of the game is the least of their problems, but agrees on Elle's point, that Jorge is pulling the tribe morale down. The tribe agrees to throw the challenge just to vote him out.

I can't believe I am saying this, but I agree with Elle this time. Jorge sucks the life out of this tribe. If you made a gentle soul like Rosita cry, you have a problem. But in a game point of view, Elle considering to throw the challenge is an opportunity for me. She does not play the game such that, she sees the larger picture, that in the end, Jorge is the best goat to bring to the end. Though it's just Day 6, and trying to drag him to the end, would require herculean effort. Now I will just make sure Elle has decided whether or not she will throw the challenge without thinking anything funky, before I throw it myself. This is risky because they still have the majority, but in the long run, voting off Jorge is the best for me because it gave my alliance a reprieve.

–Beatrix, on analyzing her situation

Day 7

Both tribes receive Tree Mail for their next challenge, and to their surprise, the challenge will be held at the comfort of their tribe camps. Also, in a Survivor first, the tribes, instead of competing against each other, the tribes are to conduct separate Reward Challenges. The mail consists of two bows, quivers of arrows, two targets, a bag of rocks and a map to the reward location. The message instructs them to divide themselves into two groups of four, using the bag of rocks. Each rock has a number written on it (from 1-8), and without looking, members has to pick a rock. The players who gets an odd-numbered rock would form one team, and so are the players with even-numbered rocks. The Amihan and Habagat tribe members who will get the rock that is marked "X", will not participate at the challenge. Instead, they will predict the winning team. If correct, they will join the winning team and they will feast with the winning team from the other tribe. With a Reward Challenge this unique, the mood in both camps becomes somewhat tense, given the fun nature of the challenge. The tribes are allowed by production to conduct dry runs before they officially start the challenge.

At Habagat, "Team Odd" consists of Cap, Lana, Moira and Simon, while "Team Even" consists of Dominic, Wyatt, Emily and Kaito. Cataleya, who is the wildcard, predicts that "Team Odd" will win the challenge. Lana will try to win the challenge, hoping to gather some intel from the other tribe.

Cataleya and I are really feeling the pressure after I got ratted out by Charlie. Cap definitely no longer trusts me, so I have to make a counter measure and make a new alliance. My only choice is someone from the other tribe.


First Round:

  • Cap scores 20; Dominic scores 30
  • Lana scores 40; Wyatt scores 10
  • Moira misses the target entirely; Emily scores 30
  • Simon hits the bull's eye (worth 50 points); Kaito hits 40 (both tribes are even with 110 points)

Second Round:

  • Cap scores 40; Dominic scores 30
  • Lana scores 30; Wyatt misses target
  • Moira scores 20; Emily scores 10
  • Simon hits the bull's eye again; Kaito hits 30

With 250 points, Team Odd wins the challenge, against Team Even's 180. Since Cataleya's prediction is correct, she will feast with the winning team.

At Amihan, "Team Odd" consists of Elle, Beatrix, Budd and Tommy, while "Team Even" consists of Lawrence, Jordan, Joleen and Rosita. Jorge roots for "Team Even" to win the challenge because Rosita told him she is an expert archer during her college days.

First Round:

  • Both Elle and Lawrence hit 20
  • Beatrix hits 40; Jordan hits 20
  • Budd hits 30; Joleen misses the target
  • Tommy hits 40; Rosita hits the bull's eye (Team Odd: 130; Team Even: 90)

Second Round:

  • Elle misses the target; Lawrence scores 30
  • Beatrix hits 40; Jordan hits 10
  • Budd hits 30; Joleen misses the target again
  • Tommy hits 40; Rosita hits the bull's eye again

With 270 points to 180, Team Odd wins the challenge. Since Jorge's prediction is wrong, he will not be part of the reward. As Elle, Beatrix, Budd and Tommy leave for the reward, Jordan tells Joleen that it is risky for their alliance to throw the next Immunity Challenge because they are wasting their numbers.

Elle is being too narrow-minded on Jorge. Yeah, Jorge's being an ass to everyone, but she has to look at the bigger picture, that Jorge is still beneficial to our numbers, and for her to throw the Immunity Challenge...not good. I can't remember anyonw that has won Survivor who came from a tribe that threw an Immunity Challenge.


At the reward location, Elle, Beatrix, Budd and Tommy meet Lana, Cap, Moira, Simon and Cataleya. Cataleya explains that she correctly predicted the winning team, so she won with them.

The nine castaways are welcomed by the Vice President of the Republic of the Philippines, Jejomar Binay. He introduces them to the meals they have prepared for them. Beatrix, Simon and Moira prefer the sour stew sinigang. Mr. Binay explains that the stew is sour because of the unripe tamarind. Elle enjoys chicken adobo, which is chicken cooked in soy sauce. Budd, Cap and Tommy love kare-kare which is pork hoofs in peanut sauce. Lana and Cataleya enjoy the dessert, halo-halo.

These meals are amazing. I'll definitely come back here just for the food!


The tribes bond at the resort, where Lana and Beatrix compare notes. Lana, desperate for help, asks Beatrix her position in her tribe. Beatrix admits that Elle is currently leading the tribe, and she has the majority. Lana tells her that the she once had an alliance, but it crumble the minute it started after she and Cataleya discovered the idol clue. Beatrix tells her that her tribe will throw the next Immunity Challenge to vote out Jorge, a member of Elle's alliance, who treats everyone condescendingly, and by that, she is indirectly saving Lana and Cataleya, hoping there will be a tribe swap soon, so they can jump ship.

This could be the big break I've been waiting for. Cat and I will be saved again. I just hope Bea is telling me the truth, or we're screwed.


Lana came up to me like a sick puppy dog, asking me how I'm doing at Amihan. She told me, "I need help." My response? "I need help too." The moment I met her, I read Lana like a nerd to an encyclopedia. I can definitely use her in the long run. Now I have more reasons why should I throw the next Immunity Challenge, so that I can keep her for my sake.

–Beatrix, on Lana

Late afternoon, the winning teams bade their goodbyes to each other as they return to their respective tribe camps.

Evening at Amihan, Tommy rushes to Elle to tell her she is being too quick in deciding to vote out Jorge, which would lead to Amihan losing one of their strongest members, and evening up the competing alliances at 4-4. Elle tells him it is a risk she has to take, given he takes the morale down. Elle states there is no choice but to do it because they would lose more in the long run.

Quote1We have no choice but to vote him [Jorge] out.Quote2- Elle
Quote1Are you out of your mind? You'll even out the alliances, 4-4. Can you at least vote one outsider, and save Jorge for the next, when we have enough numbers?Quote2- Tommy
Quote1It's a risk I am going to take.Quote2- Elle
Quote1That risk you're taking is a risk us all, including you and me are going to take. We will draw rocks if we settle for a deadlock. What if one of your allies draw that rock? What if you draw that rock? Think about it.Quote2- Tommy
Quote1I guess you are right, I just wonder how will we accept Jorge back such that he won't be attracted to the other alliance.Quote2- Elle
Elle is not the smart woman that she thinks she is. By agreeing to draw rocks will put the entire tribe, including me, in danger. I hope I can last 39 days with this numskull around, much less as my ally.


Beatrix, who happens to be listening behind the bushes, finds the situation interesting, and she relays the information to Budd, Rosita and Lawrence.

Improvements are incoming faster than I expected.


At Habagat, Lana and Cataleya are talking about Beatrix, where they mutually liking the idea to give their allegiance to the other tribe.

Cataleya and I are leaning towards siding with Beatrix come post merge. What will this move gives us in return, I don't know yet, but we rather finish higher than these bastards in Habagat.


Day 8

At Amihan, Elle starts to waver on her idea to throw the challenge. She tries to patch things up with Jorge, who cautiously accepts. This disturbs Beatrix, because the deal with Elle is now officially off.

I am starting to feel that we shouldn't throw the challenge. It is crucial for us not to let Habagat win the challenge. This is a game of numbers, and we cannot let the Yanks get the numbers advantage.


It is important for us to win the next challenge, but at the same time, I want Elle to dig a bigger hole for herself to give me and my alliance a fighting chance back in this game.


The tribes convene for their third Immunity Challenge, which is a throwback of a previous challenge from Couples' Showdown. On Habagat, Lana volunteers to be the tribe coach, while Cap and Moira and Kaito and Wyatt will hold the shields. Cataleya, Simon, Dominic and Emily will lob the water balloons. On Amihan, Beatrix volunteers to be the coach, while Jorge and Elle and Budd and Joleen hold the shields. Rosita, Lawrence, Tommy and Jordan will throw the water balloons.   

During the first few rounds, both tribes struggle to score, with Rosita becoming increasingly tired. Amihan then scores the first two points. Lana struggles to catch up, until Amihan wins their third point. Things for Habagat start to turn for the better, as the heavy shields prove to be very unwieldy over time. Jorge struggle to keep up, and is unable to block, winning Habagat their second and third points. Beatrix asks her tribe if they are fine with her switching places with Rosita. Elle is against the idea, since Beatrix already knows how being the coach works. In the end, Rosita's cannot dig deep and is unable to block Dominic's throw, winning Habagat the challenge.

Back at camp, the two alliances are on edge. Having no allegiances with Beatrix, and with Elle isolating him after the incident with Rosita, Jorge, instead of feeling the odd-man-out, he suddenly feels he is in the best position in the tribe as the swing vote.

The tribe isolating me became their biggest mistake. Elle likes me at one second, then doesn't like me the next, while Beatrix hasn't really bothered talking game with me, so I suddenly feel those two bitches will be clashing for me.


Jorge talks to Elle, asking her what is her plan of action. Elle tells him they are planning to vote out Rosita for her poor performance at the challenge. Jorge then says he is still in their alliance. Moments later, wanting to lay all his voting options out, Jorge goes to Beatrix's alliance. Realizing Jorge is playing on both sides, Beatrix's alliance tells him their alliance has no plans of targeting him, and instead they are planning to vote out Elle or Joleen. As Jorge leaves the conversation, Budd tells Beatrix that Jorge suddenly turned into a threat, for he could vote with either side, or throw his vote away to enforce a tie. Beatrix tells Budd she would tell Elle that Jorge is playing both sides. That way, their four person alliance remains intact.

Jorge turned into a total outcast to sought-after swing vote. He is like the Shamar of the tribe. No one likes him, but both sides want his vote. He is really a peculiar case.


Budd is totally right about Jorge. We completely underestimated him. The day before, whole tribe shunned Jorge out. Now both me and Elle were about to give up an arm to get his trust. Should we trust Jorge, or convince Elle that he can't be trusted?


Meanwhile, Jorge talks to Tommy and Jordan, asking them how do they perceive him. Tommy states that he has the tendency to be highly blunt and offensive, as he did with the "grope-gate" incident during their first few nights. Jordan adds that he is not conscious on how he comes across to his them. But nonetheless, they would want him to stay because they still consider him a part of their alliance. Jordan tells Jorge he could be signing his death warrant if he sides with Beatrix.

Jorge has no other option than to stay with us. He is the swing vote, and we made an alliance with him early, so he would be buying his ticket home by aligning with Beatrix. He has nowhere to go other than us.


Minutes before Tribal Council, Beatrix talks to Elle and Joleen, telling them about Jorge's double-dealing. With the new information, Elle becomes agitated, while Joleen starts to doubt in trusting Jorge.

I can't believe Jorge immediately turned into a bonafide threat. None of us liked him, but he is beneficial to both parties. We are now heading to Tribal Council, not knowing what to do, much less what to do with Jorge.


At Tribal Council, Jeff and the Amihan tribe discuss their past three days. Jorge's mood swings and overall unpopularity is brought up by Elle. Jorge asks her why is she still bringing it up. Elle replies, saying she was just asked and nothing else. Jeff then brings up the topic of their last Tribal Council, which ended up being a tie, and had not Elle produced the Hidden Immunity Idol, the vote would've ended up with a rock-drawing tie breaker. Jorge proudly states that though he has been consistently unliked by his tribe, he feels confident because none of his tribemates wanted to change alliances, unlike him, who mulls it over. Jeff then brings up the loss at the Immunity Challenge. Just before Jordan give Jeff the lowdown at the challenge, Rosita tells Jeff she suffered bad during the past three days, becoming increasingly and disturbingly thin, missing her family, and the fact that Jorge offended her. Not liking Jorge's streak of arrogance, Elle and Joleen decide to join Beatrix's alliance in voting out Jorge, blindsiding him in a 6-3 vote.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 3:
Jorge (6 votes)
Beatrix, Budd, Elle, Joleen, Lawrence, & Rosita
Rosita (3 votes)
Jordan, Jorge, & Tommy
Jorge Montero

Voting Confessionals

You think you're running the show? Guess again.


This should have been Rosita. But it turns out trusting you is one of the things I regret the most in the game so far.


You're a pervert and a racist. Good riddance.


You just got out from being public enemy number one, now you're having a power trip? Inconceivable!


Final Words

Next Time on Survivor

  • Moments before an Immunity Challenge, an unfortunate incident strikes one tribe.
  • With Cap secretly holding the Hidden Immunity Idol, his sights are on Lana and Cataleya. With the two be able to survive?
  • The Amihan tribe learns that their Hidden Immunity Idol is rehidden. With both alliances remain strong with four members each, will the Amihan tribe keep it together, or will their alliances, and the existence of the rehidden idol still get in the way?

Author's Notes

  • Production allowed the tribes to keep their Reward Challenge props to alleviate boredom.
  • The Immunity Challenge is a redux of the second Immunity Challenge back in Survivor: Couples' Showdown.

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