"Smooth Sailing"
Gerardo overhears Derek and Sebastian plotting on taking out all the Rionis.
Season Survivor: Caucasus
Author User:Blaine7275
Episode Number 7/14
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Smooth Sailing is the seventh episode of Survivor: Caucasus.

Previously On Survivor...

Right after both tribes voted out one of their members, all the remaining castways were suprised when a tribe switch occured. They were even more shocked to see that the new tribes would comprise of all men and all women. On the all male Alazani tribe, the original Alazani agreed to stick together and vote out all the former Rioni, but Gerardo caught wind of this and managed to bring Martin and Aaron together in order to create their own voting block.

Over at the all female Rioni, Heather further alienated herself after causing a fight with new tribe member, Samantha. When her tribe lost the Immunity Challenge, Heather's elimination seemed inevitable, but after mysteriously pulling out an idol, her one vote was enough to blindside her biggest social threat, Rachel. Thirteen contestants left, who will be voted out tonight?


Reward Challenge: Concentration
Scattered in the arena are pairs of matching reward items covered in baskets. Each round, one person from each tribe will flip over two baskets, revealing their contents. If the two items match, they score a point for their tribe. Tribe that scores the most points, wins reward.
Reward: They get to keep the items they matched in the challenge, a clue to the Hidden immunity Idol
Winner: Rioni

Immunity Challenge: Caucasus Pairs
One caller would instruct blindfolded pairs of tribemates to five stations scattered in an obstacle course. When a pair reaches a station, they must pull a handle to an overhead bucket of water to release a bag of puzzle pieces. Once all bags are collected, the caller will have solve the puzzle. First caller to solve their puzzle wins immunity for their tribe.
Winner: Rioni


Night of Day 17

The Rioni tribe arrived back to camp visibly shocked about the events of Tribal Council. As the five females remorsed over the fact that their most liked member was voted out, Heather sat alone in her shelter, enjoying the feeling of success in making it through yet another Tribal Council.

That witch got lucky this time, but if we lose again, she won't have any idols to hide behind.


These girls better fear me now! Especially since that idol I used was Alazani's idol! Aaron gave it to me when he hugged me right after his tribe won the Immunity Challenge. That means that this tribe's idol is still hidden somewhere around here, which means that as long as I can find it, they can't get rid of me!


Day 18

As the morning sun hits the Alazani camp, everyone is already awake, waiting for breakfast to be made. As Sebastian and Derek cook the fish they've been able to catch in the river running along their camp, Aaron ponders about how his ally Heather fared at Tribal Council.

I was able to find this tribe's Hidden Immunity Idol. It turned out that the real one was attached to one of the posts holding up the tribe flag. But after finding out that Heather was in trouble, I immediately gave it to her when my tribe won immunity. I'm hoping she wasn't her typical self and actually played it. I can't continue in this game without her!


Gerardo and Martin then come up to Aaron and pull him away so they can have a talk.

Aaron: "What do you two want? I already said yes to your little alliance."
Gerardo: "We need to talk. And unless you want to be picked off with the rest of us, you need to contribute."
Aaron: "Geez. Fine."
Gerardo: "I just needed to tell you both that we can't have any attention drawn to ourselves. Aaron, stop being such a nuisance around everybody."
Aaron: "The hell?!"
Gerardo: "And Martin, I think that the other people already deem you as weak, so try to step it up in the challenges."
Martin: "I'll try my best"
Gerardo: "I'll go talk to them later to try to find any cracks in their alliance."

I'm sure the four men can't be that close. There has to be some sort of crack and it's my job to find it.


At Rioni, the five women mourn the loss of their dear friend Rachel as Heather looks on. Agatha soon volunteers to go retrive treemail and Heather quickly follows.

Heather: "Hey Agatha! Wait up!"
Agatha: "Don't talk to me Heather."
Heather: "What's up with you!"
Agatha: "I thought you trusted me enough to give me your idol, but I guess I was wrong."
Heather: "What the hell are you talking about? The idol I used was Alazani's idol. Aaron gave it to me after we lost the Immunity Challenge. You still have this tribe's idol. And trust?! You're the one who flipped on us and voted for me at yesterday's Tribal! So don't talk to be about trust!"
Agatha: "..."

Agatha is probably the only person who will be willing to align with me on our tribe. She may have backstabbed me, but I believe that if I make her feel guilty, she'll come crawling back to me. Plus, she still thinks that idol she has is real, so this just proves to her that I trust her!


At the sun's peak, both tribes met up for their next Reward Challenge. Alazani arrived first, and managed to watch the new Rioni tribe walk in. Gerardo was horrifically shocked upon seeing that Rachel was voted off while Aaron tried his best to keep in a grin as he saw that Heather was still in the game. She gave him a faint smile and Jeff then announced the rules for the challenge. It was a simple game of memory and Alazani decided to sit out Martin.

Turn Contestant Items Flipped Match?
1 Sebastian Fishing Hook
2 Lauren Machete
3 Daniel Pillow
4 Heather Hairbrush
5 Gerardo Bag of Rice
6 Amy Machete
7 Derek Tarp
8 Samantha Hairbrush
9 Aaron Bag of Rice
Bag of Rice
10 Agatha Tarp
Fishing Hook
11 Van Pot
Fishing Hook
12 Yessica Fishing Hook
Fishing Hook

In the end, the females narrowly beat out the all-male tribe, earning themselves a machete, hairbrushes, and fishing hooks. Jeff also suprised them by giving them the items Alazani correctly matched, including pillows and a bag of rice.

As Rioni arrives back to camp with their rewards, Heather immediately goes for the clue to Hidden Immunity Idol. She finds it tucked inside a pillow and then runs off with it. Midway to her shelter, the clue falls out of her hand and lands on the ground. Luckily, nobody takes notice and she quickly snatches it up. She then goes to the safety of her shelter and quietly reads it.

Heather: "The place that you are looking for waves at you every day. Find where you are welcomed, and you'll be on your way. What?!"

Why couldn't Aaron have told me where to find it! These clues make so sense at all!


At Alazani, Daniel is expressing his concern to Derek about his distrust in Van.

Derek: "So you're telling me that you don't trust Van?"
Daniel: "Well, not 100%. I find him kind of shady."
Derek: "But he did help us get rid of Phoebe."
Daniel: "Exactly! What if he flips again! He's done it once. What make you think he won't do it again."
Derek: "I don't know.."

I don't understand why Daniel doesn't trust Van. I thought we all agreed that we would stick together and vote out the ex-Rionis.


Unknown to them, Gerardo was able to hear their conversation as he stood behind the trees.

I don't know what's with me and eavesdropping, but it really comes in handy! If we can get Daniel to vote for Van, my alliance with Martin and Aaron will get to live another day!


At Rioni, Yessica, along with Amy, Samantha, and Lauren discussed their blindness to the idol.

Yessica: "How could we miss the fact that someone had an idol?"
Amy: "Well, we all wanted Heather out so badly that it never crossed our minds."
Samantha: "And besides, she already used the only one she had, so she's a sitting duck right now. If we lose tomorrow's Immunity Challenge, she has no protection."

With Heather playing an idol, it's really opened my eyes to how this game is played. From now on, we have to treat her as if she does have another idol.


Night then fell upon the mountains and everyone fell asleep.

Day 19

The tribes woke up early the next day for their next Immunity Challenge. Jeff announced the challenge and both Sebastian and Yessica volunteered as callers for their tribes. The challenge them commenced.

Sebastian was able to lead the pair of Daniel and Derek to the first station quickly while the pair Amy and Lauren followed behind. Alazani was the first to get their puzzle pieces and sends out Aaron and Gerardo. Amy and Lauren manage to get their puzzle pieces and head back to the mat. Alazani takes a lead as its second pair is able to get the puzzle pieces and returns back to the mat. Heather and Agatha go out for Rioni as Martin and Daniel go for Alazani. Martin has a tough time navigating the course blindfolded, which lets the girls catch up. As the pair of Martin and Daniel, Rioni sends out their third pair of Agatha and Amy. From then on, both tribes seem even as they get their third and fourth puzzle pieces to the mat. As both tribes send out their fifth pairs of Martin and Derek and Lauren and Samantha respectively, Martin once again slows his tribe down which lets Rioni take the lead. They manage to get the puzzle pieces to the mat, and Yessica takes a head start on the puzzle. Alazani then manage to get their pieces to the mat, which leaves the puzzle up to Sebastian. Unfortunately for the men, the women's head start on the puzzle was enough to give them immunity, sending the men to Tribal Council.

Returning back to camp after their loss at the Immunity Challenge, Van gathers his alliance together to talk about which Rioni member they're going to target.

Van: "So which one of these guys to do you to get rid of first?"
Sebastian: "I hate to do this, but I say Martin. He's clearly the weakest of the three, and it's pretty obvious that he cost us the challenge."
Van: "Alright chief. As long as it's one of those three, then I'm fine with whoever goes."
Sebastian: "Then I guess there's no need to talk about it any further."

Martin, Aaron, and Gerardo have a lot to worry about. Martin's leaving tonight, and if we lose the next Immunity Challenges, then those two will soon follow. It'll be smooth sailing from here on out. This is too easy!


As the men scatter from their meeting, Gerardo goes and takes Daniel aside.

Gerardo: "Hey Daniel. I just wanted to tell you that Aaron, Martin, and I will be voting for Van at Tribal. And we would like you to join us."
Daniel: "Why?"
Gerardo: "We've seen that you aren't so fond of him and we want to give you the chance to take him out."
Daniel: "I'll think about it."

It's true that Van and I aren't that close and this chance to take him out is really tempting. But I don't know how Derek and Sebastian will take it if I do vote for Van.


Later that day, the Alazani tribe arrived at Tribal Council and were welcomed by Jeff. He started it off by asking how the new members were welcomed by the old ones. Sebastian stated that he tried to welcome them as warmly as he could. Jeff asked Gerardo if that was true, to which he replied that it was partly true. When asked how, Gerardo responded that he still feels that it's the old Alazani against the old Rioni and since the Rioni are outnumbered, they're pretty much screwed. Jeff then turns to Van and asks him if Gerardo's statement was correct. Van doesn't deny it, but states that he'll be voting for whoever is the tribe's weakest link, and if it happens to be one of the former Rionis, then it is what it is. Jeff brings up the topic of Martin's poor challenge performance, assuming that Martin is the tribe's weakest member. Martin states that he usually does well in challenges, and that it was just a one time fluke. Jeff then tells the tribe that it's time to vote, and one by one, everyone goes to vote. Jeff goes and tallys the votes, then bring backs the urn and begins to read the votes.

Jeff: "I'll read the votes. 1st vote.. Martin, Martin. That's two votes Martin. Van, Van. We're tied with two votes each. 5th vote.. Martin, Van. That's three votes Martin, three votes Van, one vote left. The eight person voted out of Survivor: Caucasus... Martin."

In the end, Daniel chose to stick with his Alazani alliance and the stay-at-home dad was voted out of the game.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 8:
Martin Bowell
Martin (4 votes)
Sebastian HibbardDerek PhuVan StevensonDaniel Marvin
Sebastian, Derek, Van & Daniel
Van Stevenson
Van (3 votes)
Gerardo GuzmanAaron McCarthyMartin Bowell
Gerardo, Aaron & Martin
Martin Bowell BW
Martin Bowell

Voting Confessionals

I'm sorry Martin, but we need our strengh and you're not giving it to us.


Your challenge performance kind of sealed your fate.


Don't worry, your little teammates will follow you soon.


You think you're so high up in the pyramid, when in fact you're that fat chick they stick in the bottom.


I need to keep myself in.


Sorry Martin, but after thinking about it, it's a little bit too early to go back on my word with my alliance.


Hopefully, there will be three more of these.


Final Words

I was the victim of an unfortunate tribe switch, but I won't let it get me down. This has been an unforgettable experience and I hope was able to be a role model to my children as they watch this. And as for the game, I wish all the luck on my good friend Agatha.

–Martin Bowell

Still In The Running

Aaron McCarthy
Agatha Christenson
Gerardo Guzman
Hazel Quezada BW
Heather Villegas
Martin Bowell BW
Max Fisher BW
Rachel Hudson BW
Winston Grant BW
Yessica Chang
Amy Corazon
Daniel Marvin
Derek Phu
Lauren Faas
Mary-Jean Pettie BW
Phoebe Noyola BW
Samantha Marino
Sebastian Hibbard
Stan Bailey BW
Van Stevenson

Next Time On Survivor...

  • The crack in an alliance begins to surface at the Alazani camp, bringing hope for Gerardo and Aaron.
  • The Rioni tribe's idol is finally found.

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