"Somebody Has to Flip"
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Season Survivor: Terra Nova
Author User:Gavin316
Episode Number 8/13
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This is the eighth episode of Survivor: Terra Nova

Previously On Survivor...

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Immunity Challenge: Get a Grip
The castaways must hang onto a pole as long as they can. The last person left holding on without touching the ground wins.
Winner: Kyle


Night 21

The Cabot Tribe returns to camp after having voted out Billie-Jean. Kyle, Octavia, Jocelyn, and Violet talk about the vote while Simon sits near the campfire staring at the flames. Octavia goes over to Simon and tries to explain why she voted the way she voted. She explains to Simon that she was not confident that Billie-Jean was not going to flip if the merge were to happen in the next couple of days. Therefore, she had to make the move that made the most sense for her. Simon just nods his head in agreement, but it is clear that he does not have an interest in what Octavia is saying to him.

I fully understand why Octavia voted the way she did. I am not thrilled by it but from a logical standpoint it was the right move to make.

If we do not merge in the next couple of days I am toast because there is nobody who will keep me around. If anyone needs a merge to happen ASAP it is me.


Day 22

Day twenty-two begins at the Beothuk Camp. The five remaining members of the tribe are sitting in the shelter shooting the breeze. The topic of the impending merge comes up and it is at that point that they start to speculate about the power structure of the other team.

Urban says that he thought Kyle was a leader over on the Cabot Tribe but after seeing Andy gone he is not sure. He says that he doubts that Kyle would vote Andy out and so that leads him to believe that Kyle might not be in a position of power.

Pearl says that Octavia is probably running things over there but she has no idea who Octavia’s key allies are because when they were on their old tribe Octavia and Jocelyn hardly ever talked and so she wonders if they built a relationship or not.

Urban says he has no clue as to how Simon has lasted as long as he has because he was on the outs with Kyle almost from day one. He says that Simon was supposed to go in the first Cabot Tribal Council so he has no idea how Simon has managed to stay on that tribe.

Zelda laughs and says that Violet was supposed to be the first to go on their original tribe because she hardly interacted with anyone. Zelda then goes on to speculate that the only reason why Zelda is still in the game is because Billie-Jean has kept her in the game as the two of them where at least cordial.

Marlon chimes in saying how the vote that confused him the most was them getting rid of George. He thought George, Billie-Jean, and Violet would work together. Urban says that George probably went because Kyle viewed him as a threat.

Things are so dull around camp right now. For instance today we spent hours on end discussing the make-up of the other tribe. We need a change in this game and we need it soon or else we’re all going to die of boredom.


At the Cabot Tribe, Simon is off walking in the woods alone.

I am the lone wolf of this tribe; I really do not have any allegiance to anyone on this tribe. Everyone left on my tribe has either voted for me or in the case of Octavia, turned on me.

I am not sure if my teammates know this or not but if the merge happens before the next Tribal Council, I will be the most valuable person in the game because I really have no reason not to turn on my current tribe. I might be the ultimate free agent and if that is the case I hope that it will help me in this game.


Back at the Cabot camp the Simon’s teammates were discussing just that.

Quote1I wonder if Simon thinks he’ll have all of the power at the merge.Quote2- Kyle

Quote1Well he would be right in thinking that because out of the five of us he is the most likely to become a turncoat.Quote2- Octavia

Quote1Nah that’s simply not going to happen. Urban will vote with us come the merge and once that happens Simon will have no reason to vote against us.Quote2- Kyle

Quote1Are you sure you can pull Urban over to us?Quote2- Jocelyn

Quote1Yeah I mean we were allies on the original Cabot Tribe and so I don’t see him not working with us. Heck I even know my exact pitch to him. I am going to tell him that his tribe is stronger competition for him and he can’t beat them. But if he flips to us all he has to do is compete against a bunch of chicks.Quote2- Kyle

Quote1Now hold up there…I know you did not say what I thought I heard you say...Quote2- Octavia

Quote1Whoa, I don’t actually believe that line, but that is what I am going to have to say for him to work with us. Urban is gone at five if he joins with us, this right here is the final four and there ain’t no doubt about that.Quote2- Kyle

Kyle is an interesting character; he seems to think he is running this game despite it being proven otherwise. If he wants to think that I will going to the final four with him…well…let him.

The fact of the matter is that is so far off right now and I would be a fool to think that far ahead. Let Kyle believe what he wants to believe but at the end of the day I am going to dictate the flow of this game going forward.


Day 23

Day twenty-three begins with Marlon and Zelda retrieving treemail, they head back to camp and read the clue. The words new beginning appear in the clue and so the five remaining members of the Beothuk Tribe automatically thinks that means a merge will be happening soon.

Meanwhile over at the Cabot Tribe’s beach Jocelyn reads the clue and the members of the Cabot Tribe talk about if the clue is hinting at a merge or not. Violet seems to think it does, while Octavia is not so sure. Octavia seems convinced that there is going to be another tribal shuffle before there is a merge.

The Merge

The members of the Beothuk Tribe arrive at the challenge site first. Moments later the members of the Cabot Tribe comes filing in and Jeff Probst informs the members of the Beothuk Tribe that Billie-Jean was voted out at the last Tribal Council. Paul shakes his head in disappointment over this news.

Jeff asks Octavia what the general consensus was over at her tribe after they read the treemail. Octavia says that most of them thought it meant a merge was coming but she is pretty sure that there is going to be another tribal shuffle before the impending merge. Zelda smirks and shakes her head as if to dismiss what Octavia has just said.

Jeff Probst tells Octavia that she should listen to the rest of her tribe because the two teams are indeed merging. Jeff then tells the ten remaining castaways to drop their buffs. Once the remaining castaways retrieve their new brown colored buffs, Jeff informs them that there will be no reward challenge held today.

Instead the new merged tribe will be taken to the original Cabot Tribe’s campsite where they will take part in the merge feast. The original Cabot Tribe’s campsite will also be their home for the remainder of the game. The old luxury shelter has been taken down and a new shelter has been built in its place.

I’ll tell you what, Jeff Probst sucks man. The guy got me all excited when he said we were going to live at the original Cabot campsite. But then he has to go and tell us there ain’t no luxury shelter there anymore.

Oh well I guess the merge feast will have to be the only bright spot in my day today.


The members of the new unnamed merged tribe arrive at their new camp and the group cheers wildly upon seeing all of the food that awaits them. The ten remaining contestants are shown enjoying the feast while the talk to each other.

There was just so much food during the feast. I don’t think I have ever eaten that much in my entire life.


The tribe continues to mingle and at this point Paul says he wants to toast. The other contestants hold up their cups as Paul says the following…

This may be the only time all ten of us are cordial to one another so let’s soak this up while we can and then let’s get prepared to stab each other in the back tomorrow! To us!


After the merge feast is done the new tribe begins talking about what to name their new tribe. Various suggestions are thrown out but nothing seems to click with everyone.

The new tribe is sitting around trying to think up a good name for the merged tribe. People are just throwing crap at the wall to see what sticks and nothing was sticking. So I took it upon myself to say we should call the tribe the Canucks.

Why? Well we are in Canada and it is a cool sounding name. The thing is I don’t even know what a Canuck is bro…other than a hockey team. But the sheep are already following my lead and doing what I tell them to do.


The castaways all agree on Kyle’s suggestion and with that settled the merged tribe will be called the Canucks.

I can’t believe we are named after a damn hockey team! I mean if I knew they were going to go that route I would have said we should be called the Bruins. Yeah I know it has nothing to do with Canada but who cares.

The Canucks…what a joke.

I guess it is better than being called the Canadiens. Had they chosen that to be our name I might have just quit the damn game.


Later on in the day, Kyle starts trying to work his magic and lure Urban over to his side.

Quote1Hey bro I am glad to see you still in the game man. Team alpha male for life!

Every time we would go to a challenge I was hoping you would still be around so that we could reconnect now.Quote2
- Kyle

Quote1Trust me there were times when I didn’t think I’d make it to the merge. But I’m glad I did and I’m ready to shake things up.Quote2- Urban

Quote1That’s exactly what I want to hear man. I am so glad you feel that way.

For the last day or so I was trying to think what pitch I could try to sell to you in order for you to work with us bro. So to hear that you are willing to shake things up…well that is beyond cool.

I’m telling you bro I see the two of us dominating this game. Nobody will know how to handle dealing with us bro because we are the two Alphas in this game bro.Quote2
- Kyle

Quote1Yeah man it will be interesting as to what we can do in this game man.Quote2- Urban

I’ve said in the past that no woman can resist the Girton charm. I guess the same can be said about men as well. I went into my conversation with Urban thinking that I was going to meet resistance but that didn’t happen.

What did happen was Urban being open to reconnecting with me and him wanting to get the Alpha back together again. I hope this means that the next four votes are smooth sailing for me bro.


Man Kyle thinks he’s the smartest person out here but in truth that boy is just plain dim. I tried to talk to him in a very non-committal way because I am not sure if I should flip or not. But he is so dim that he thought I just agreed to be in the final three with him. I did no such thing but I’ll let the poor fool think what he wants to think.

Also, I hope he understands that he ain’t using the alpha reference right. An alpha is at the top of the hierarchy and there can only be one alpha in a pack and it certainly ain’t that fool.


Day 24

Day twenty-four begins with Paul and Zelda, who are standing out of ear shot from the rest of the castaways (Who are mostly still sleeping anyways as this is early in the morning), talking about her using her Hidden Immunity Idol. Zelda says that she does not want to use it now because it could be put to better use later.

Paul says that there might not be a later to use it. Zelda says that she will try to figure out the situation and if she thinks the vote will end up in a tie she will either use the idol on herself or give it to the person she thinks is the most likely to get votes.

Zelda needs to not do the selfish thing today. She has to play her idol today and break the potential tie vote at Tribal Council today. After all, the Immunity Idol is the ultimate tie-breaker.


Later on in the day, Urban and Pearl outside of camp discussing Kyle’s proposal about working with Urban.

Quote1Kyle approached me yesterday and wanted to reconnect with me. He thought I gave him the okay but I didn’t because I’m not sure if I would want to work with him again. I wanted to run this all by you because if I was going to flip I would want you to do so with me.

Because right now the way I see it is you’re the person I want to go to the finals with the most. You’ve looked out of me so far and so I’m going to have your back to. You and me are a package deal…Quote2
- Urban

Quote1There is no doubt that you are my number on ally right now in this game but if I am being honest with you the chances of me flipping right now are slim to none. I will not under any circumstances work with Octavia.

I told you how cruel she was to me on our previous tribe and because of that I will not join any alliance that will help further her in the game. If she were to be voted out, then I might consider flipping but I guess it all depends on where I fit with Marlon, Zelda, and Paul.

I am not sure if you have noticed it or not but Zelda is not really tight with Marlon and so that leads me to believe if push comes to shove she would be willing to dump him in favor of us. If that is the case then we would be fools to try and work with Kyle because it would mean going from a final four alliance to an unsure thing.Quote2
- Pearl

Quote1If that is what you’re thinking then I am just going to follow your lead. I’m not about to make a move that doesn’t include you, so if you want to stick with where we’re at right now then I am game.Quote2- Urban
Eventually I will need to get rid of some of the people I am currently aligned with. Right now is not the right time to make that type of move. The tricky thing is to know when exactly is the right time to castoff your allies because that is what this game is all about making the right moves at the right times.


Immunity Challenge:

The members of the new Canucks Tribe arrive at the Immunity Challenge. Jeff Probst asks Zelda for the Tribal Immunity Idol back. Zelda gives the idol back to Jeff and Jeff says informs the castaways that they are no longer trying to win Tribal Immunity they are now trying to win the Individual Immunity Necklace.

Jeff then goes on to explain the rules of the challenge before reminding the players that the winner of the challenge will be safe form the vote. While anyone of the rest of the castaways could end up being the ninth person voted out of Survivor: Terra Nova.

The challenge beings after the castaways draw for spots.

Right out of the gate Marlon does not look at all comfortable on his pole; he grimaces in pain as he struggles to hang on. Jeff asks Marlon what the problem is and Marlon says that he just cannot get comfortable.

We are now shown time lapsed footage of the challenge which stops at ten nine minute forty-three second mark. It is at that point in the challenge when Marlon, who clearly looks like he is in no condition to continue, gives up and slides down to the ground. This means that Marlon is the first person eliminated from the challenge.

More time lapsed footage is shown it stops at the twenty minute mark; it is at that point that Paul drops out of the challenge. Once this happens Kyle looks over at Jocelyn and smiles because of the fact that two members of the old Beothuk have dropped while no members of the old Cabot Tribe have dropped out.

That is until the seventeen minute mark when Octavia drops out of the challenge. She does not looked thrilled by this outcome as she sits down on the ground.

Three minutes later Jocelyn drops out of the challenge followed by Pearl just a couple of seconds later.

Simon, who had been slowly sliding down his pole for the last few minutes, finally bows out of the challenge at the twenty-nine minute mark. Jeff notes that half of the competitors have been eliminated at this point in the challenge.

More time lapsed footage is shown of the remaining castaways as they struggle to stay in the challenge. Urban declares that he has had enough of the challenge and slides down his pole at the thirty-seven minute mark.

With Urban gone there are now four people left in the challenge, three former members of the new Cabot Tribe (Violet, Jocelyn, and Kyle) and one former member of the Beothuk Tribe (Zelda). When Jeff points this out Zelda does not seem to be at all phased, she just remains on her pole hugging it while her eyes are closed.

The time lapsed footage continues until it stops at the fifty-six minute mark. It is at this point in the challenge that Violet decides she can no longer hang on and so she drops out of the challenge.

Kyle begins trying to get Zelda to drop out of the challenge. He tells her that if she drops out she will not be the target of the vote. Zelda laughs this notion off and says that his side has to have the majority in order to make such a promise and she knows that right now they do not. Kyle is visibly upset at this comment because he clearly expected Zelda to drop out of the challenge once an offer was made.

Jeff announces to the contestants that they have passed the one-hour mark in the challenge. At this point Jocelyn complains about her leg hurting her. She apologizes to Kyle before bailing out of the challenge.

This means that only Zelda and Kyle are left in the challenge. Kyle once again tries to talk Zelda out of staying on her pole but Zelda is not having any of it.

Once again more time lapsed footage of the challenge is shown and it stops at the one hour and thirteen minute mark. It is at this point that Zelda decides she can no longer hang on and so she slides down her pole. This means that Kyle has won the challenge!

Jeff places the Immunity Necklace around Kyle’s neck after the challenge is over with. He reminds the other contestants that Kyle will be safe from the vote at Tribal Council while one of the other nine non-immune castaways will become the ninth person voted out of the game.

The Canucks Tribe returns to their camp after Kyle’s immunity win. Kyle gives a confessional on his win…

This right here means the world to me right now bro. It means that I have true power in this game. Now I have to work my magic and get a member from the old Beothuk Tribe to jump. I still think that person will be Urban but I am not above trying to talk to all of them.


Zelda and Urban are off in the woods talking about the vote. Zelda asks Urban about his thoughts are trying to get Simon to vote with them. Urban thinks it might work because if things had stayed like there were on the original Cabot Tribe, Simon would be an outcast.

Urban does seem a little worried about approaching Simon because he cannot figure out how Simon is still in the game and because of that he does not know what Simon’s standing on the other team is. Zelda says that it does not hurt to talk to him and see where his head is at and they at least have to make the effort. Urban suggest that they could try to get Violet to flip but Zelda quickly dismisses this due to the fact that Violet never really interacted with anyone on the original Beothuk Tribe.

While Urban and Zelda continue talking about Simon, the members of the former Cabot Tribe (Jocelyn, Kyle, Octavia, Simon, and Violet) are talking about what their strategy is going to be in regards to the vote.

Quote1I am not sure if Urban will work with us guys. He seemed down to work with us when I talked to him yesterday but he hasn’t really talked to me much since. I’m not sure what’s up with him right now.Quote2- Kyle

Quote1We can’t be bothered with that, what we need to do with this vote is present a united front. We need the five of us to pick a target and vote for that person and we all have to assume that we could be heading to rocks and if that is the case we will have to take that chance to move forward.

Urban is really our only chance to flip someone and if he has not said anything to Kyle yet we are going to have to assume that he is not interested in working with us. Nobody here has a working relationship with anyone else from the Beothuk Tribe so with that being the case we have to force a tie.

The question is who do we vote for…Quote2
- Octavia

Quote1I say we take out one of their guys. Marlon is the best bet because he could hurt us Immunity wise if we leave him in the game but Paul could go as well because he is a super loyal guy who would never work with us.

I think we should stay away from putting votes on Urban because he has the potential to work with us later on.Quote2
- Violet

Quote1What about Zelda? I mean from what little I have seen of her she seems to be their clear leader and she almost won Immunity today so she cannot be taken lightly.Quote2- Jocelyn

Quote1I agree that chick had a look of determination on her at the challenge today. I hate to admit this but she gave me a run for my money.Quote2- Kyle

Quote1Well I am open to getting rid of any of the three original Beothuk people. I agree that Zelda might be their leader and if that is the case then I think she should be the target.

Simon, you are being awfully quiet over there. Do you have any thoughts on this vote?Quote2
- Octavia

Quote1Not really. I think whomever we vote for is a good choice because it means their numbers will dwindle.Quote2- Simon

Quote1What the hell kind of answer was that? Talk about the ultimate non-answer. We already know that so why do you need to say it?

I have a question for you, can we trust you bro? I mean at the end of the day you’re the wildcard and I need to know that you ain’t going to flip on us.Quote2
- Kyle

Quote1Look, I am not going to flip on you guys. I have no reason to…Quote2- Simon

Quote1You’ve got a million reasons to flip. I just want you to be honest and loyal just once and help us with the vote.Quote2- Kyle

Quote1I’ve said I will and I will. I am not sure what more I can say to make you believe me.Quote2- Simon

We were having a perfectly normal conversation about the vote and Kyle had to do what he always does and bully Simon. Kyle just might be one of the dumbest people I know and that is saying a lot.

Logic dictates that you do not bully the person who has the most to gain by betraying you. Yet that logic is not something Kyle has. I just hope Simon does not use that as an excuse to work with the other side.


We now see a confessional from Zelda…

In this game time is of the essence. I knew that I had to talk to Simon before the vote just to see where his head is at and to see if I could get him to work with us. Somebody has to flip in order for this vote not to go to a tie and I don’t see why Simon shouldn’t be the one to do so.

I just had to find some alone time with him before Tribal Council. It was tough because he was always surrounded by members of his former tribe. However, he did head off into the woods to do his business and so I took that as my cue to try and talk to him.


Simon just finishes relieving himself in the woods as Zelda approaches him. Simon is clearly embarrassed and he awkwardly smiles at Zelda when he sees her.

Quote1Nature called…Quote2- Simon

Quote1No worries. When you’ve got to go you’ve got to go. I am sorry about this awkward situation but I have been trying to find the time to get to talk to you alone and this was the first chance I got.Quote2- Zelda

Quote1Yeah Kyle has the girls guarding me because he is afraid I would talk to you guys. In fact I am surprised that he didn’t have one of the girls follow me out here.Quote2- Simon

Quote1Wow…that’s just wow. You mean to tell me that his paranoia is so great that he has people watching you.

That’s just messed up man. I mean the guy has Immunity tonight so why is he so over the top paranoid?Quote2
- Zelda

Quote1I am the last of the minority alliance on my team and so he seems to think that I am the most likely to not vote with him.Quote2- Simon

Quote1That’s actually why I wanted to talk to you. Is flipping something you might be interest in doing?

The way I look at the vote tonight is it will end up going to rocks if nobody flips and that is simply not something I want to see. I would hate to leave this game by something so random. So the way I see it is somebody has to flip. I don’t see why that somebody shouldn’t be you.Quote2
- Zelda

Quote1I would be very open to doing that but I need to know if it will be worth my while. I need assurances that I will not be dumped at six after I have outlived my usefulness.

I’d hate to be the fool who made a move that did not help me out in the long run…Quote2
- Simon

Quote1The five of us are not super tight; there has not really been talk of who is going to be the first to go when we have to vote for each other. I really can’t see a situation where you will not be able to crack the final four if you come and work with us.

But the call is entirely up to you, it is your decision to make. I do have one question for you. If you were to vote with us, who would you like us to vote out?Quote2
- Zelda

Quote1Probably Octavia because she helped me and Billie-Jean vote out Andy only to turn on us and vote out Billie-Jean at the next vote.Quote2- Simon

Quote1That actually wouldn’t be that hard of a sell because Marlon was friendly with Billie-Jean and Pearl hates Octavia. I’ll tell you what; if you vote with us I will do everything in my power to get Octavia out of the game.

Just let that be something you think on.Quote2
- Zelda
Wow I had been mulling over if I should approach anyone from the other side since we merged but I did not do it. So I was glad when Zelda approached me and told me that I would have a place at their table if I decided to vote with them.

I’m not sure what I am going to do right now but I am happy that I will be reasonably safe at Tribal Council tonight.


Tribal Council:

After settling down onto their seats Jeff asks Jocelyn how the game has changed since the merge. Jocelyn says that not much has changed at this point and there is not my cross-tribal strategy talk going on.

Jeff says to Pearl, “From what Jocelyn has just said, it sounds like you are still very much playing a two tribe game.” Pearl tells Jeff that it would seem that way and if that is the case it is fine with her because she knows where the battle lines are.

Jeff asks Marlon, “With this seemingly still being a two tribe game. Is it safe to say that there will be a tie in the vote tonight?” Marlon says it would seem that way but you can’t really assume anything in this game. He says people from both sides have been hustling to get someone to flip and so the vote could go either way.

Jeff asks Violet if ties to their original tribes are still there or are they no longer relevant. Violet says that Jeff is asking the wrong person because when she was a member of the original Beothuk Tribe nobody but George and Billie-Jean went out of the way to make her feel welcomed. So she does not intend on working with people who wanted her gone in the first place.

Zelda laughs at this and Jeff, not being one to let laughter go unnoticed, asks Zelda why she is laughing at what Violet has just said. Zelda says that while it is true that Violet would have probably been the first to be voted out had the original Beothuk Tribe gone to Tribal Council it was because Violet never made any effort to talk to anyone. She (Zelda) then says that the only two people that did talk to Violet were George and Billie-Jean and Violet ended up voting them out for their kindness.

Paul says that any bonds that were formed during the first six days of the game before the tribal mix-up may still be there but he does not think that anyone will let those bonds guide them tonight. He feels like the vote tonight is going to be an us versus them vote.

With that last comment it is now time to vote.

The members of the Canucks Tribe vote and after the last member of the tribe votes, which was Jocelyn, Jeff goes and retrieves the votes. Jeff returns from tallying the votes and asks the castaways if anyone has a Hidden Immunity Idol before he reads the first vote. Nobody does and so Jeff begins reading the votes.

The first vote is for Zelda. Zelda nods her head and looks a little nervous due to the fact that she probably should have played her Idol.

The next vote is for Octavia. Octavia shoots an angry look at Pearl who is sitting to her left.

The third vote is Zelda. Zelda nervously bites her lower lip as she now knows she is the target of the other tribe’s vote.

Jeff reads Octavia’s name out as the next vote. Octavia sits on her seat almost stoically as she realizes that she and Zelda are probably headed for a tie.

The next vote has Zelda’s name written on it. Zelda mouths the word, “Damn!” upon seeing the third vote cast against her.

The sixth vote is for Octavia.

The seventh vote is for Zelda.

Jeff reveals that the eight vote is for Octavia, who once again just nods her head.

The ninth vote is for Octavia.

Jeff then reads the tenth and final vote is for Octavia. This means that Octavia is the ninth person voted out of Survivor: Terra Nova and the first member of the jury.

Octavia sits in her seat for a moment shocked that there was no tie in the vote. She then looks over at Simon who immediately diverts his eyes in order to avoid eye contact with her.

Kyle, who is sitting behind Simon, puts his hand on Simon’s right shoulder and says…

Big mistake bro…big mistake.


Tribal Council

Tribal Council 9:
Octavia Wilson
Octavia (6 votes)
Marlon Rice beardUrban Day beardZelda Selznick
Paul Pires beardPearl JonesSimon Patel beard
Marlon, Urban, Zelda,
Paul, Pearl, Simon
Zelda Selznick
Zelda (4 votes)
Octavia WilsonKyle Girton beard
Jocelyn RiveraViolet Tannehill
Octavia, Kyle,
Jocelyn, Violet
Octavia Wilson eliminated

Voting Confessionals

This is why the game is so exciting! I have no idea if this will go to a tie or not or if I will use my Idol or not all I do know is that I would love for Jeff to snuff your torch.


This isn’t personal; it just has to be this way.


I have not really gotten to know you, so this is a pretty easy vote for me to make.


Zelda, I have a feeling that if you don’t go tonight…then you’re going to make it deep in this game. That is not something I want to have happen.


I have no idea who y’all are voting for; I could be your target for all I know. Due to this uncertainty I have to hope that you go home tonight.


It was pretty obvious when we were on our original tribe you were going to vote for me. So this is one of those, I’ll get you before you get me deals.


You’re one hell of an athlete and that alone makes me not want to see you in this game anymore.


I am just going with my alliance on this one. This is nothing personal.


Remember when you told me I had no power in this game and that I would be going home? If all goes to plan tonight, you will be the one who has no power and goes home. Have fun watching me from your seat in the jury box.


This was truly a last minute decision. I was going to force a tie but then I thought to myself, "Why should I?"

Billie-Jean told me to flip if she got voted out. And Zelda made me an attractive offer if I would work with them. Plus nobody on the other side has ever turned their back on me so there’s that as well.


Final Words

They got me! I thought for sure there would be a tie in the vote tonight; I guess I was wrong about that. I am a little ticked off because people like Pearl and Simon are still in the game but I guess that does not matter much now.



Members of the Jury
Octavia Wilson

Still in the Running

Pearl Jones
Molly Shea eliminated
Jocelyn Rivera
Lauren Kuechly eliminated
Octavia Wilson eliminated
Jillian Mitchell eliminated
Paul Pires beard
Violet Tannehill
George Colvin eliminated
Zelda Selznick
Marlon Rice beard
Billie Jean Carlisle eliminated
Kyle Girton beard
Simon Patel beard
Angelo Castellucci eliminated
Hank Black eliminated
Andy Im eliminated
Urban Day beard

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Author's Notes

  • I found this to be odd/interesting, I began the merge episode of my previous fanon in May as well. This was not planned this way it just worked out this way.