"Something Is Amiss"
Season Survivor: Argentina
Author User:Pieniazek666
Episode Number 11/15
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This is the eleventh episode of Survivor: Argentina

Previously on Survivor...

Jay and T.P. felt almost defeated after Totolax was blindsided while Scott still wanted to fight and Tree was believing in his final three deal with Zaya and Audi. On the girls side Nikki had her eyes on Tree as the next target and informed her alliance and tried to get T.P. and Jay with her. At night Audi and Zaya were talking about if Tree loses immunity and were overheard by Scott who at the immunity challenge made it happen by winning immunity. At tribal old tribe lines came up again along with who feels safe without immunity. When the votes came Zaya and Audi voted with the guys against Nikki sending her to the jury by a vote of 6-3.


Reward Challenge: 21 Gamble
The castaway will play blackjack against Jeff acting as the dealer. Anyone who gets higher than Jeff will score a point in that round. If a player bust in any round they must skip the next round. The first person(s) to get 3 points wins reward.
Reward:A bar b q with sausage, brisket, french fries, and tea.
Winner(s): Scott, Tree, Zaya
Immunity Challenge: Domino Effect
In the first round, the castaways would race across a series of balance beams carrying a bag of puzzle blocks. The first three castaways to bring all three of their bags would go to the final round in which each player must stack all of their pieces like a line of domino tiles while avoiding tripwires that would topple the tiles that were already stacked. Once all of the blocks were properly stacked, the castaway would start a chain reaction which would be enough to trigger mechanism which will release a ball rolling to a bowl, releasing a flag. The first castaway to raise their flag would win.
Winner: Tree


Night 24

The tribe arrives back at camp following tribal.

At tribal Audi and I decided against voting Tree and voted Nikki. Sara looks pissed.


Quote1Zaya, Kristie, Audi can I talk to you on the beach?Quote2- Sara
Quote1Sure.Quote2- Audi

Sara, Audi, Zaya, and Kristie head down to the beach.

Quote1What's up?Quote2- Kristie
Quote1What the heck just happened?Quote2- Sara
Quote1Well, we didn't want to vote out Tree just yet.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1Did you say something?Quote2- Sara
Quote1We tried.Quote2- Audi
Quote1This is so stupid. We had an easy final five run and you two ruined it because you didn't want to lose one person yet.Quote2- Kristie
Quote1It is completely ridiculous. We have been together since day one. Day one.Quote2- Sara
Quote1I know.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1And now because of you two we need to get Tree to vote with us again to get back the numbers but it is harder now because he knows we will vote him out.Quote2- Sara
Quote1Calm down.Quote2- Audi
Quote1Alright. I'm done. Let's get some sleep and worry later.Quote2- Sara
Quote1Okay.Quote2- Zaya
This is the stupidest thing that has happened. I don't want to work with them anymore. I am going to try to get one of them out now.


Day 25

Buenos Iris

Zaya, Tree, and Scott are hanging around the shelter.

Quote1Sara seriously upset me last night.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1What happened?Quote2- Scott
Quote1She went off on Audi and me because we voted with you guys.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1Really? They didn't even go off on me.Quote2- Tree
Quote1That's what I'm saying. She is so upset but they never even worried about what we wanted. I created that alliance. I should not be the person that has no say in thing.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1I agree.Quote2- Scott
Quote1Me too.Quote2- Tree
Quote1Who created your alliance?Quote2- Zaya
Quote1I was apart of one and T.P. I think made the other. I came to an agreement with T.P. and got rid of my old alliance.Quote2- Scott
Quote1That surprised me.Quote2- Tree
Quote1Well I'm gonna talk to T.P. later. I may end up doing the same.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1If you do just let us know before we make a call on anything big.Quote2- Scott
Quote1It usually comes a couple days after the last vote.Quote2- Tree
Quote1Let's go check on Jay. T.P. is probably talking with Sara and Kristie now.Quote2- Scott
Quote1Okay.Quote2- Tree
Scott is playing nice right now. I don't know if I should really trust him. If it involves him then something is amiss about the plan and needs to be figured out.


Inside the forest T.P. has reached Sara and Kristie.

Quote1Hey girls.Quote2- T.P.
Quote1T.P.Quote2- Sara (sounding rude)
Quote1Okay. Kristie, what's with her?Quote2- T.P.
Quote1She is mad at Zaya and Audi right now.Quote2- Kristie
Quote1For what?Quote2- T.P.
Quote1Voting with you guys.Quote2- Sara (still sounding rude)
Quote1Okay.Quote2- T.P.
Quote1Sara, calm down. Please.Quote2- Kristie
Quote1Alright. I'm just upset.Quote2- Sara (in a calm mood)
Quote1We know.Quote2- Kristie
Quote1Don't worry about it too much. We weren't mad at Tree when he voted with you girls.Quote2- T.P.
Quote1I'm just so upset. I won't take her out but I plan on taking out a close ally of her's first.Quote2- Sara
Quote1I can think of two.Quote2- Kristie
Quote1Good. I'll talk to you later T.P. to see if you want to join me in who we decide.Quote2- Sara

Sara and Kristie walk off towards the camp.

Well I went to calm Sara down. I sort of succeeded but now she thinks I might want to join her.


Buenos Iris Night

T.P. and Zaya are sitting out of the shelter.

Quote1So how did Scott end up joining up with you and Tree?Quote2- Zaya
Quote1He felt Chris was taking to much of the control away from him.Quote2- T.P.
Quote1Okay.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1I'd love to have you and Audi with us because from the looks of things. Sara is really mad at you and wants to take out either Audi or Tree next.Quote2- T.P.
Quote1Seriously? She told you this.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1She said she won't take you out but plans on taking out a close ally of yours first. I'm guessing that's Audi or Tree.Quote2- T.P.
Quote1Well Tree did vote with us and Audi is the one I told about us voting Nikki. I am willing to join you on this.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1Okay.Quote2- T.P.
Quote1If she wants to go after my closest ally. Then let's return the favor and go after hers.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1Sounds like a plan. Do you know her closest ally?Quote2- T.P.
Quote1Isn't it obvious. Who is the only other girl here?Quote2- Zaya
Quote1Good point. I'm going to bed. We can talk to everyone about this tomorrow.Quote2- T.P.
Quote1Alright.Quote2- Zaya
Zaya says she is with us fully now. I really hope she is and this works out for us.


Day 26

Buenos Iris

Audi. T.P., Tree, Jay, Scott, and Zaya are all at the beach with Scott fishing.

Quote1Alright, so let's get this plan together.Quote2- T.P.
Quote1Sara is going after either Tree or Audi. I'm thinking Tree.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1Then Tree you should try your hardest.Quote2- Jay
Quote1What about us?Quote2- Scott
Quote1We go Kristie. Unless she is safe then forced to go Sara.Quote2- Tree
Quote1Exactly. We will go after her closest ally since she is going for Zaya's.Quote2- T.P.
Quote1Audi, are you good with this?Quote2- Zaya
Quote1Yes. I am good with it.Quote2- Audi
Quote1Are you sure? We can always switch it around.Quote2- T.P.
Quote1I just need time to think to be honest.Quote2- Audi
Quote1Then we will give you time.Quote2- Scott
Quote1Okay. Thanks.Quote2- Audi
Personally, I don't care if Audi or Zaya are on board or not as long as one of them is on board.


Over at the camp.

Quote1Okay, we need to figure out who we are going for of Zaya's allies.Quote2- Sara
Quote1Not that I am still friendly with Audi but Tree is not only more dangerous but he was also a reason for them flipping.Quote2- Kristie
Quote1You have a point.Quote2- Sara
Quote1We are going to need at least 2 more people with us if we are to have a slight amount of hope for this to work out.Quote2- Kristie
Quote1True.Quote2- Sara
Quote1So who should we ask?Quote2- Kristie
Quote1I say we talk to T.P. again about this and then if Tree were to be safe talk to Scott otherwise talk to Jay.Quote2- Sara
Quote1Right. We tell T.P. first then wait it out to see who else we should go for because I'm sure Scott would jump at the chance to take out any of us girls.Quote2- Kristie
Quote1Exactly. We need to find a good opportunity to talk to T.P. with out making it look like we are talking any kind of game.Quote2- Sara
Quote1Big time.Quote2- Kristie
Zaya is seriously gonna regret leaving us like that for someone she had met way after the alliance she made with us.


Reward Challenge

The tribe arrives at an outside cabana location.

Everyone take a seat around the table.

–Jeff Probst

Everyone grabs a random seat around Jeff.

Welcome to today's reward challenge. It's day 26 right now and we thought it would be nice to treat someone to a bar b q. Today's challenge is simple. We will play any amount of games of blackjack. Your goal is to be higher than me. If you bust, then you will skip the next game. The first person to three points wins the reward of the bar b q of sausage, brisket, french fries and tea. If more than one person get three points at once then you will all get it. Since you are in your spots give me a minute to shuffle the cards and we will get started.

–Jeff Probst

Game 1
Jeff shuffles the deck of cards and then passes them out. Cards showing: Tree-7, Kristie-2, Scott-K, T.P.-8, Zaya-A, Sara-6, Jay-9, Audi-Q Jeff-J.
Jeff, "I'm going to stay with what I have. Tree, hit or stay?"
Tree takes a couple more cards (2,3) before staying.
Jeff, "Kristie, your turn."
Kristie takes one card (10) then flips over a 10 revealing a bust.
Jeff, "Kristie bust. Scott, hit or stay?"
Scott, "Stay."
Jeff, "T.P., what will you do?"
T.P., "Stay."
Jeff, "Zaya."
Zaya, "Stay"
Jeff, "Sara."
Sara takes one card (Q) then flips over a 6 revealing a bust.
Jeff, "Sara bust. Jay, hit or stay?"
Jay, "Stay."
Jeff, "Audi."
Audi, "Stay"
Jeff, "Alright. Everyone reveal what you have. The number to beat is 16."
Jeff flips over a 6. Tree flips over a 7. Scott flips over a 9. T.P. flips over a 8. Zaya flips over a 9. Jay flips over a 8. Audi flips over a 7.
Final totals: Tree-19, Kristie-bust(22), Scott-19, T.P.-16, Zaya-20, Sara-bust(22), Jay-17, Audi-17, Jeff-16.

Tree, Scott, Zaya, Jay, and Audi score a point. Next game Kristie and Sara are sitting out.

–Jeff Probst

Game 2
Jeff shuffles the deck and then passes them out. Cards showing: Tree-4, Scott-5, T.P.-9, Zaya-2, Jay-J, Audi-7, Jeff-A.
Jeff, "I will stay. Tree, hit or stay?"
Tree takes one card (6) before staying.
Jeff, "Scott."
Scott takes one card (9) before staying.
Jeff, "T.P."
T.P. "Stay."
Jeff, "Zaya."
Zaya takes three cards (2,4,8) before staying.
Jeff "Jay."
Jay takes one card (J) then flips a 3.
Jeff, "Jay bust. Audi, hit or stay?"
Audi takes one card (8) then flips a 7.
Jeff, "Audi bust. Everyone, reveal what you have. The number to beat is 19"
Jeff flips over a 8. Tree flips over a 10. Scott flips over a 6. T.P. flips over a 10. Zaya flips over a 6.
Final totals: Tree-20, Scott-20, T.P.-19, Zaya-20, Jay-bust(23), Audi-bust(22).

Tree, Scott and Zaya score again. Next game. Jay and Audi are sitting out and Kristie and Sara are back in.

–Jeff Probst

Game 3
Jeff shuffles the deck and then passes them out. Cards showing: Tree-8, Scott-A, T.P.-2, Zaya-6, Sara-5, Kristie-Q, Jeff-7.
Scott, "21."
Scott flips over a J.
Jeff, "Scott has three points. Scott wins reward."
Zaya, "Dang."
Jeff, "This game however has not finished because I said anyone who beats me in the game scores a point. Tree, hit or stay?"
Tree, "Stay"
Jeff, "T.P."
T.P. grabs four more cards (A,3,2,5) then stays because he remembers he can't win now.
Jeff, "Zaya."
Zaya grabs one card (K) before staying.
Jeff' "Sara."
Sara, "I'm just going to stay."
Jeff, "Kristie."
Kristie "Stay."
Jeff, "I am going to grab one."
Jeff flips a K then shows a 7 giving him 24.

I've bust. Since I bust everyone beats me this game. Scott, Tree, and Zaya, have three points. They win reward. As for the rest of you I have nothing for you. Grab your stuff and head back camp.

–Jeff Probst

Reward Location

Scott, Tree, and Zaya are sitting at the table in the cabana.

Quote1Scott over here getting 21.Quote2- Tree
Quote1That's right. What did you have Zaya on the last round?Quote2- Scott
Quote1I had a 5 of hearts. Tree, What about you.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1I had the Ace of spades.Quote2- Tree
Quote1Nice.Quote2- Scott
Quote1So we have smooth sailing until final 6.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1Pretty much.Quote2- Tree
Quote1Take out Kristie and then Sara.Quote2- Scott
Quote1I'm going to miss those two. They were some of the most loyal allies you could ask for.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1Scott has always been a handful.Quote2- Tree
Quote1And don't you forget it. I wouldn't cry a tear if anyone left before they had to.Quote2- Scott
Quote1But that stuff does happen.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1Yeah. This brisket is so good.Quote2- Scott
Quote1I've had better but it is good.Quote2- Tree
Quote1I've never had brisket.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1Seriously? Go grab you some right now.Quote2- Scott
Quote1Alright.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1This is nice to be away from the game.Quote2- Tree
Quote1The game is always going Tree. I bet Sara and Kristie are trying to get votes right now.Quote2- Scott
Quote1Probably.Quote2- Tree
All three of us are enjoying the reward but we can't help the fact that our enemy is at camp with our allies doing whatever.


Buenos Iris Night

Sara and T.P. are sitting outside the shelter.

Quote1So we have decide to go Tree then Audi.Quote2- Sara
Quote1Okay.Quote2- T.P.
Quote1Are you in?Quote2- Sara
Quote1Sara, I don't want to be mean but no I am not.Quote2- T.P.
Quote1Why not? Tree is a huge threat and one of Zaya's biggest allies.Quote2- Sara
Quote1Well for one Tree is my biggest ally.Quote2- T.P.
Quote1Yet he still flipped on you.Quote2- Sara
Quote1He came back to us being up front and honest.Quote2- T.P.
Quote1So someone can betray you and you would be fine with it.Quote2- Sara
Quote1I would feel disappointed but in the end he is with us.Quote2- T.P.
Quote1I think that is the stupidest thing.Quote2- Sara
Quote1Well that is your opinion.Quote2- T.P.
Quote1Fine. I will go and ask others to join me in taking them out.Quote2- Sara
Quote1Have fun.Quote2- T.P.
I am in a spot. I need to win tomorrow to insure that I survive another day.


Day 27

Immunity Challenge

The tribe arrives at a field location.

Welcome to today's immunity challenge. First things first. Scott, I will take it back.

–Jeff Probst

Scott walks over to Jeff, has the necklace taken off and then walks back to the mat.

Immunity is back up for grab. For today challenge, you will carry three bags of blocks across a series of balance beams. when you reach the finish you will head back and do it again. If you fall off at any point before reaching the end of the beam you will have to come back to the beginning and start again. The first three to carry all three bags move on to the final round. In the final round you will use the blocks to make a line by moving around the tripwires. Your goal is to arrange them to when you knock them down they will fall like dominoes releasing a flag. The first person to release the flag at the end wins immunity and is guaranteed a one in seven shot at winning this game. We will draw for spots and get started.

–Jeff Probst

After everyone is in their spots.

On my go you can grab the first bag and begin carrying it over the beam. Survivors ready..GO

–Jeff Probst

Everyone grabs a bags and starts going on the beams. Scott rushing through it.
Jeff, "Scott is flying through this."
Scott jumps across the finish.
Jay jumps across the finish.
Zaya jumps across the finish.
Tree jumps across the finish.
Jeff, "Scott has a bag. Jay has a bag. Zaya has a bag. Tree has a bag."
T.P. jumps across the finish.
Sara jumps across the finish.
Kristie falls off.
Scott jumps across the finish.
Jeff, "T.P. has a bag. Sara has a bag. Kristie falls off must begin again. Scott has his second bag."
Tree jumps across the finish.
Jay jumps across the finish.
Zaya jumps across the finish.
Audi jumps across the finish.
Jeff, "Tree has his second bag. Jay has his second. Zaya has her second."
Scott jumps across the finish.
Jeff, "Scott moving on."
T.P. jumps across the finish.
Sara jumps across the finish.
Tree jumps across the finish.
Jeff, "T.P. has his second bag. Sara has her second bag. Tree is moving on. One spot left."
Jay and Zaya race each other for the last spot Jay jumping clear over.
Jeff, "Jay moving on."
Final round

This is the final round. Scott, Tree, Jay this is for immunity. Survivors ready...Go.

–Jeff Probst

Scott, Tree and Jay begin grabbing blocks and setting them on the second beam.
Scott and Tree run to the end of the beam to set their while Jay starts at the front.
Jeff, "Tree and Scott doing it a little different than Jay who is starting at the front."
Tree runs back to grab more pieces.
Jay runs back to grab more but knocks down his.
Scott taking his time.
Jeff, "Tree is making good progress but one false move can change that. Scott taking his time."
Scott heads back to get more blocks.
Tree continues his line of pieces.
Jay gets his line going again.
Jeff, "Tree and Jay are making good progress. Scott might be relying on them messing up."
Scott continues his line now at the front.
Tree heads back to get more blocks.
Jay heads back to get more blocks.
Jeff, "Scott now working in the front. A completely different strategy."
Scott walks back for more blocks.
Tree continues his line.
Jay knocks his line down and begins again.
Jeff, "Jay now having to restart. Tree is in the lead."
Scott continues his line.
Tree heads back for more blocks.
Jay still fixing his line.
Jeff, "Tree is getting close. Jay and Scott need to pick it up."
Tree continues his line.
Jay heads back for more blocks.
Scott walks back for more blocks.
Tree makes it back to the beginning with his line and begins the reaction.
Jeff, "Tree thinks he has it."
Tree's dominoes go down one by one before coming down on the lever that releases a ball into the basket then raising the flag.

Tree wins immunity.

–Jeff Probst

After everyone is back at the mat.

Tree, come and get it.

–Jeff Probst

Tree walks over to Jeff and gets the necklace.

Tree is safe tonight. As for the rest of you tribal tonight where someone will be voted out of this game. Grab your stuff head back to camp.

–Jeff Probst

Buenos Iris

The tribe arrives back at camp following Tree's win.

Quote1Congrats Tree.Quote2- Sara
Quote1Thanks Sara.Quote2- Tree
Quote1Scott, can I see you on the beach?Quote2- Sara
Quote1Sure.Quote2- Scott

Sara, Kristie and Scott head down to the beach.

Quote1What do you want?Quote2- Scott
Quote1Since Tree won immunity, we are voting Audi out. Are you in?Quote2- Sara
Quote1I would do anything to get out you girls from my camp.Quote2- Scott
Quote1Good. We just need to talk to Jay about this.Quote2- Kristie
Quote1I could do that for you no problem.Quote2- Scott
Quote1Are you sure? I could do it.Quote2- Sara
Quote1He has already told you that he doesn't want to work with you but if I say it then he might.Quote2- Scott
Quote1You are kind of right.Quote2- Kristie
Quote1I know I'm right.Quote2- Scott
Quote1This is our only chance to tie votes.Quote2- Sara
Quote1Let luck decide who is going to be eliminated.Quote2- Scott
Quote1I'm going to go talk to Audi see if I can get her to off vote by telling her we are voting Scott.Quote2- Kristie
Quote1Good deal.Quote2- Sara

Kristie leaves for camp.

Quote1If she can do that and we get Jay then there is no tie.Quote2- Scott
Quote1I am going to love the look on her face.Quote2- Sara
Quote1Yeah. Let's head back.Quote2- Scott
Quote1Alright.Quote2- Sara

Scott and Sara head back to camp

Sara wants me to work with her. My goal is to take out all the girls. If I join her will I still be able to take them out later on.


Tribal Council

The tribe arrives at tribal placing their torches behind them and taking a seat.

We will now bring in the member of our jury. Nikki voted out at the last tribal council.

–Jeff Probst

Nikki walks in and takes a seat on the other side of the tribal area.

Quote1Jay, what has been the reaction around camp after last tribal?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Sara went off on Zaya and Audi when we got back and has been gunning for them since then.Quote2- Jay
Quote1Sara, Is that true?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1It very much is true. I was frustrated at Zaya and Audi but after I calmed down I was fine.Quote2- Sara
Quote1Tree, how about you? You received votes last time. Did you have to have immunity to be safe?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1There are two people here that are on the chopping block and I could have been one of them.Quote2- Tree
Quote1Tribe lines are pretty much dead now.Quote2- T.P.
Quote1Scott, is what T.P. said true? Are tribe lines done and now moved on to alliance lines?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1It has become very much that. It no long is a La Plata against Necochea.Quote2- Scott
Quote1Jay, what are alliance lines at right now?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Well you have Sara and Kristie from the alliance the girls had. You also have the alliance Tree and T.P. had while in Necochea. The other four of us are in the middle of things.Quote2- Jay
Quote1The vote will very much come down to who is in what alliance.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1Audi, do you expect a blindside?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1I don't. It has been made pretty clear who is on the chopping block.Quote2- Audi
Quote1And who are they?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Me and Kristie.Quote2- Audi
Quote1Kristie, are you surprised to hear your name?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Not at all. After last tribal I figured I was at the bottom of things.Quote2- Kristie
Quote1T.P., Is there any way Kristie could be wrong and she isn't at the bottom?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1There is always a way but I don't think there will be a blindside tonight.Quote2- T.P.
With that it is time to vote. Zaya you're up.

–Jeff Probst

Zaya walks over to the urn and votes. The rest of the tribe follows ending With Tree.

I'll go tally the votes.

–Jeff Probst

Jeff walks off, grabs the urn and comes back.

Once the votes have been read the decision is final. Person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes.

–Jeff Probst

First vote...Audi

Kristie...1 vote Audi, 1 Vote Kristie

Kristie...2 votes Kristie, 1 vote Audi

Audi...2 votes Audi, 2 vote Kristie

Kristie...3 votes Kristie, 2 votes Audi, 3 votes left

Kristie...4 votes Kristie, 2 votes Audi, 2 votes left

Twelfth person voted out of Survivor: Argentina and the second member of out jury...Kristie. You need to bring me your torch.

–Jeff Probst

Kristie gets up, grabs her torch and walks to Jeff.
Jeff, "Kristie, the tribe has spoken. It's time for you to go."
Kristie walks out of tribal and into the night.

With only seven of you left, Immunity is the only thing that can for sure keep you safe. While this vote looked like it was easy, the next might not be so easy. Grab your stuff and head back to camp. Good night.

–Jeff Probst

Tribal Council #11:
(Buenos Iris)
Kristie (6 votes)
Audi, Jay, Scott, T.P., Tree, Zaya
Audi (2 votes)
Kristie, Sara
Kristie Tarin

Voting Confessional

Do you really think I would vote with you after that?


Things have changed and the boys have this now.


Since you are so close to Zaya as much as Tree I might as well vote you.


Final Words

I figured enough. Zaya and Audi, I am seriously disappointed in you two. We could have made it to the end but what can you do now except watch the show.


Still In The Running

La Plata
Jessica bOUT
Jessica B.
Jessica hOUT
Jessica H.

Next Time on Survivor...

Undivided clear the way for Sara's elimination but Sara isn't about to give up just yet.

Author's Notes

The title was said by Zaya on any plan that involves Scott.