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"Starting Fresh"
With AJ's betrayal, Tanah is not a good place to be. But how much better off could Lautan be?
Season Survivor: Malaysia
Author Dynomite
Episode Number 6/13
Date Uploaded April 17, 2012 - Present
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Survivor: Malaysia

This is episode 6 of Survivor: Malaysia .

This episode is titled "Starting Fresh"

This episode chronicles Days 16-18.


Reward Challenge - Teamwork Time

For this reward challenge, each tribe must work together to create an eight foot high structure made of a limited amount of wooden planks. The trick is that they must do it in the water, with the structure being made on a platform floating in the water. Once completed, they must swim over to a small elevated platform and must all work together to have every single member above the top step. First tribe to do that, wins reward.

Winner: Lautan
Reward: Candy Buffet

Immunity Challenge - Toe-tally Wicked!

For this immunity challenge, each tribe must follow a rope through the water to a treasure chest. Open the chest to find it full of coins. Using only your feet and toes, carry as many coins back to the shore and put them in the treasure chest designated to your own tribe. At the end of 10 minutes, whichever tribe's chest weighs more, wins immunity. (Each coin is equal in weight)

Winner: Tanah

Day Sixteen


Last night, I betrayed my old alliance... Temera says she has my best interest in her mind, so I believe her. I was last on the importance list anyway so they don't care about me!


AJ had turned on her old tribe, and Dante took it personally. However, he managed to keep a lid on it, but not until after he let it slip to AJ that he was sure she would pay for it.

AJ f***** us over so bad I can't believe it. She screwed over her own tribe! If I get the chance, she is gone. UGH!


I am not regretting my decision one bit, because Dante is a mean person, and he doesn't deseve my vote. If he is mean, why should I give it to him?


Dante slowly, over the course of the day, got over it, but perhaps because he was more upset about them losing another challenge, this time for a great reward.

The candy could have been a huge boost of energy and morale, but we couldn't freaking work together. It's a frustrating time for us at Tanah.


Sam and Temera took AJ to the side to thank her for what she did.

AJ really saved my ass last night. I have to kiss her ass for a while to stay on her good side, because I can trust her, and I want it to stay that way.


While conversing, AJ let them know that she would stick with them from now on, and Temera made her promise to drop any previous allegiances, to which she agreed.

I hope AJ isn't playing me, but she doesn't seem smart enough. Not saying that she's stupid, but she doesn't seem to be too into strategy, which is good... For me.



The members of Lautan arrived back at camp to find a long layout of all the candy you can imagine, and as they sat down, they took a moment to thank eachother and congratulate one another for their job well done, and then they dug in.

I had an epiphany today. This tribe switch could just be the best thing to ever happen to me.


Nobo had recognized the new tribe and new setting as an oportunity. He realized that the other idol could still be out here. So he decided to look for it. He did it in the early morning so nobody would notice. He wanted this one to be just for his own safekeeping, if he could find it. However, Eli was up early collecting firewood, and noticed him searching. He hid back out of sight, and witnessed Nobo find the second hidden immunity idol. Not believing to be a threat to Nobo, he approached him, to congratulate him. Nobo was shocked, but played it cool and willingly showed him the idol, without denying it's existence.

I can't believe Nobo found Lautan's idol! This is awesome! He is making me so proud!


So I made Eli promise not to tell anyone about this idol, and I made Sonya promise not to tell anyone about the other idol. There is good news... and bad news. The good news, I have two idols. The bad news? Eli and Sonya can't be alone now, if I can help it.


Nobo spent the rest of the day making sure neither of them were alone with eachother, and went out of his way to get them to be as far away from eachother as possible.

Nobo is such a good kid. He knows how to make you feel loved. He is so nice and likes to spend time with me. I really appreciate that.


So, despite the idol, this may be the worst day out here. And I have to keep doing it. I may have to find a way to fix this.


Meanwhile, B was making sure he was doing his share of work to stay on the good side of his tribe.

This game is strenuous, but it's not that difficult. I have so much time to figure out what I should and shouldn't do. Thankfully I'm very self-aware, so I know when I'm being or doing too much.


When he was working, Elena tried to think of ways to stay alive longer in this game.

B is definitely not going to be the first one gone. He is doing too much work around camp, and is valuable. Tyler, on the other hand, is definitely on the chopping block. I can hopefully use that to my advantage. I just need to stay alive for the merge, then we can meet back up with Sam and Adam.


Day Seventeen


I still can't decide a viable option. I really am almost out of luck. I can hope for a merge, or something, but I'm a fish out of water as of right now. My one ally is gone. I'm toast.


Alice was feeling very alone due to Samuel's untimely departure. As she was thinking of what to do, she knew it was the four of Sam, Adam, Temera, and AJ versus Dante and herself. Since Dante was stronger, he would be spared. She hatched an idea just crazy enough to be possible, But, she had to rely on AJ's lack of strategical thoughts for it to be even possible.

So it's clearly evident that the four is superior to this two, but if we can convince AJ to switch again, it'll tie it up at 3-3. And Adam could be the key in all of this. He has claimed no "sure" allegiances, and all I have to do is answer a damn riddle. Couldn't be too hard right?



At the Lautan camp, it was Nobo who was awake first, losing sleep over his recent discovery.

I never thought that having two idols would be so mind boggling! I have to do something before I get caught red-handed. But what...


Nobo was stuck. Aware of what was at stake, he decided to keep it quiet for a few more days, hoping it wouldn't get out of hand.

Meanwhile, Elena and Tyler were considering their options. They knew the numbers favored the other alliance, and they were in a rough spot. Elena decided to try to look for the idol, but it was too little too late, as she was unsuccessful. She didn't believe anybody else had found it, so just gave up, believing it to be hidden well.

This game is stressful. I have trouble coping with the obstacles, but so far, I have found a way at the last minute each time.


I feel vulnerable, but I have a trustworthy alliance, and a smart mind on my side.

–Tyler, (referencing Elena)

Day Eighteen

Refer to Immunity Challenge for Results.

Immunity Challenge Information

Tanah was doing well, with Adam and Dante's large feet enabling them to carry many coins at a time. However, Lautan caught up quickly when B developed a strategy to carry each other out of the water with large heaps of coins on top of the feet. At the end of the time, Lautan finished with just a few ounces less than Tanah, equalling 5 or 6 coins. Tanah wins immunity...


Tanah returned to camp victorious, very happy and enjoyed a night of hearty stories and care free conversations.

It always feels good to not have tribal. I'm hoping this happens again, because I hate that place more than my ex girlfriend's house!



Upon returning to camp, Tyler started to panic. He was in a bind, and did not have much time to get out of it.

This is so rough...


Once Elena calmed him down, they strategized and tried to concoct a plan. When Elena felt out of options, she told Tyler she was going to talk with B. She went to B. B was persistent in telling her not to worry about anything. He urged her to think about it. B told her that Tyler was going to go, no matter what. The others are a strong, unbreakable alliance that would surely vote strong together. So B told her to try to let Tyler freak out so they target him. Elena knew he was right, but didn't yet accept losing a member of the alliance. So, she laid low for an hour or so.

Bev is right. Tyler could go tonight, and spare us. As long as we make the merge, we'll be safe. But it'll be difficult losing Tyler like that. But, it's for my own standing in the game, and that alone makes it worth it.


Elena backed off of conversing with anyone, but did it ever so subtly as to seem unsuspicious. Tyler, who was talking to Sonya all day, was painting a target on his back, trying to convince her that Steve was useless.

Tyler is definitely trying to stay in this game. I respect that, but I can't let it happen, which I hope he respects.


As they headed to tribal, Elena felt nervous that Tyler didn't do enough to paint a target on himself, but felt helpless in trying to convince them Tyler should go. She quietly headed to tribal, along with the rest of Lautan.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 6: Lautan





Steve, Beverly, Eli, Elena, Nobo, Sonya





Voted Off:


Tyler Hall


Voting Confessionals

Sorry buddy but you have been irking me today, and you're against me.


All part of the plan...


You are a threat both physically and mentally...


Tyler, I'm sorry. I would rather you than me. So, for the sake of my survival, I'm writing your name down tonight.


Sorry buddy. You're kind of a creep.


Here's hoping that your name shows up more than anyone else's tonight...


Sorry buddy, you just did too much last minute strategizing!


Final Words

I think I was lied to this tribal. But, that's the game of Survivor. I had fun and made friends. I got to play with some fine ladies, so it wasn't all bad. I just wish I made the jury...


Still in the Running







































Next Time on Survivor...

At Tanah, one tribe member loses a grip on the control they had in the game, while the Lautan alliance of Elena, B, Sam, and Adam struggles to maintain it's validity as the numbers dwindle.