"Still No Coffee"
Season Survivor: Nevada Mountains
Author Kaffe4200
Episode Number 3/14
Episode Chronology
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Still No Coffee is the 3rd episode of Survivor: Nevada Mountains.


Reward Challenge: Sandbagging
Four members of each tribe will throw sandbags onto ten crates from a distance. The first team to have a sandbag on all ten crates wins.
Reward: Blankets, pillows.
Winner: Table

Immunity Challenge: Pots, No Pans
Each tribe would have to assemble a wrecking ball and use it, by 8 members holding on to a rope while the last member pushes it, to destroy five pots at different distances, requiring teamwork and coordination. First tribe to destroy all five pots wins.
Reward: Immunity.
Winner: Shoshone.


Day 7

Table Mountain

The day after voting off Luanne, the Table tribe were sitting around the fire, preparing breakfast.

Bobby: We're gonna have to win from now on. We can't loose any more people.
Zeuia: Yes. Save your strengths for the immunity challenge.
Gloria: That depends what the reward is. If we can get coffee... what I wouldn't do for a cup of coffee.
Gertha: Don't talk about coffee.
Bobby: Fair enough. If the reward is coffee, let's win it. Otherwise, save your strengths as Zeuia says.

I don't care for coffee or anything Jeff has to offer. I am here to win Survivor. I'm not on vacation.


I really miss coffee. And chocolate...


No, there's not anything I really miss yet. It's only been a week.


My back is sore, so a pillow or something would be nice... but I don't know. Anything'd be good.


Shoshone Mountain

On Shoshone Mountain, the tribe was preparing to leave for challenge when Samson pulled Trenton aside.

Samson: I'm afraid people want me gone, and honestly I get why.
Trenton: Okay?
Samson: I haven't shown by worth in any way. No matter what today's challenge is about, I want to be in. I want to show that I can help the group.
Trenton: Right. Maybe save your strenghts for the immunity challenge?
Samson: Sure, but I would like to participate in at least one of the challenges.
Trenton: Not up to me though.
Samson: Right, right... but it is.

What did he mean with that?


Guy in charge? Trenton, for sure.


Trenton is doing a good job as our unofficial leader, sure.



As the two tribes arrived, Jeff was standing in a clearing with 20 crates lined up.

Jeff: Welcome. In this challenge, only four members of each tribe will participate. They will throw sandbags onto their ten crates. The first team to have a sandbag on all crates, wins. Does everyone understand?
Everyone: Yes.
Jeff: The reward for winning is comfort. Pillows, blankets.

On Table, Bobby, Earl, Gertha and Cameron participated.
For Shoshone, it was Trenton, Marcus, Samson and Nellie.
Table quickly got ahead, however Cameron had a few troubles, which allowed Shoshone to get ahead. Samson wasn't very good at throwing the sandbags, and missed almost every time. So after ten minutes, Table got a sandbag on all crates, allowing them to win.

Jeff: Third reward challenge in a row, Table. Come take your reward.

Table Mountain

Winning was great, especially because we get pillows. Can't wait to go to sleep.


Earl: All right, let's distribute this. There's a blanket and a pillow for everyone, so just come here and grab one.
Gloria: It's not coffee, but I'm not complaining.

Day 8

Table Mountain

Earl was the first one up, and begun to gather berries for breakfast. After a short while, Gene approached him.

Gene: 'Morning.
Earl: Hey, what are you doing up already?
Gene: I had to talk to you. In case we lose today, I want to make sure that the two of us are standing together.
Earl: Oh, not strategy-talk. Can't we wait until...
Gene: Damnit, I can't help you through this, Earl. Are we standing together?
Earl: Right, right. Um... yeah, sure. Of course.
Gene: Good. I've already talked to Bobby, Zeuia, Cameron and Charlie. They're in on it too.
Earl: What about Gertha?
Gene: We can't help everyone. I were thinking we could wait with elimination Gertha, and take out Beth, and Gloria first.
Earl: Right. Yeah, sounds fine.
Gene: I don't want you out, Earl. You're a nice guy.
Earl: You too.

Elsewhere, Charlie had just woken up. She couldn't hear anything, and she eventually threw up, waking up the rest.

Gloria: Charlie, are you okay?
Bobby: What's going on?
Gloria: We don't know, she's shaking and... Charlie, can you hear us?
After a few minutes, medics came and took Charlie off the island.

Shoshone Mountain

Samson was still worried, and was now sitting by the fire with everyone else, except for Trenton, Marcus and Al who were out getting firewood.

Nellie: Is everyone ready to win today?
Lysander: We lost yesterday, might loose today as well.
Helle: Optimistic.
Lysander: Realistic.

I'm sure Lysander is a great guy once you get to know him, but I don't really want to know him.


Lysander has some clear opinions, but I like that about him. He doesn't hold an opinion back.


Morey Peak

On Morey Peak, Rob had finally gotten fire after 8 days without. He was standing cheering, as he set over the rice.

Getting fire is the best thing that has happened to me in this game... so far, anyway. I've been sitting for a week, looking at that f***ing rice. Now I can finally eat it! Man, it feels so good.



As the two tribes arrived, Jeff was standing by some sort of mechanism and a bunch of pots.

Jeff: Welcome. In this challenge, each tribe has to assemble a wrecking ball and use it to break the five pots. It's simple, but requires a lot of teamwork. Does everyone understand?
Everyone: Yes.
Jeff: The reward is immunity. Since Charlie has been evacuated, Shoshone has to let a contestant sit out. Who will that be?
Brown: Me.
Jeff: Brown sits out for Shoshone. To return to Charlie. I do not know yet if she will return. She has a serious flu, so it is unlikely. You will get further information tomorrow.

Table quickly got the ball assembled and they began to aim for the pots. Beth aimed and pushed the ball, the rest controlled it by using the rope.
On Shoshone, Samson was aiming.
Beth didn't aim very well, and Table only managed to break two pots while Shoshone had four broken.

Bobby: No, Beth, over there!
In the end, Shoshone won, Table still had only smashed two pots.

Jeff: Congratulations, Shoshone. Come take the immunity Idol. Table, I'll see you in council tomorrow, where someone will be voted out.

Shoshone Mountain

As Shoshone returned everyone was happy and cheering.

Lysander: I'll take it back. We won and we will win all challenges from now on.
Helle: What'd we say? We're rocking this. Two immunity challenges in a row.
Trenton: Let's not get too excited, it could change quickly.
Lysander: It wont though.

No, I still can't stand Lysander. This doesn't change anything.


Day 9

Table Mountain

On the way to council, Gloria pulled Beth aside.

Gloria: I heard Cameron saying that they would vote for you. I talked to him, and he would consider voting for Zeuia. That's our best shot.
Beth: Then I'd have to go into duel with Zeuia.
Gloria: Our best shot.


At the council, the first thing they were told to do, was to light a torch and set it behind them. They did that, and then Jeff began talking.

Jeff: Welcome to tribal council. I'm sorry to say that Charlie will not return to the game. Her condition is getting worse, and we can't risk taking her back. You cannot vote for Charlie. All right. Let's go straight to the council. One by one, you go up and write the name on the person you want out of Survivor. You have to vote, you can't vote for yourself. In case of tie, it will be settled by duel. Bobby, you're up.

One by one, they all went up and wrote the names on the people they wanted out. After everyone had voted, Jeff got the urn and began revealing the notes.
He kept turning the votes until there was 3 on Beth and 3 on Zeuia.

Jeff: That means there is two votes left. If one or more vote is on either Beth or Zeuia, that person is out. Otherwise, it will be settled in duel. The next vote... Beth. That means, Beth, if the last vote is on you, you are out of Survivor. Is it on Zeuia, you two will be in a duel. The last vote... third person voted out of Survivor is Beth. Beth take your torch, get up here.
Beth got up and got her torch. Jeff put it out with the words 'the tribe has spoken'.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 3:
Beth (5 votes)

Bobby, Cameron, Earl, Gene & Zeuia

Zeuia (3 votes)
Beth, Gloria & Gertha
Beth Chuckman

Voting Confessionals

You're a sweet girl, but you're too weak.


Let's hang out sometime, 'kay?




It's just a game. Sorry you couldn't continue, but that's how it has to be.


You're too weak for our tribe.


Me or you. I'd rather see it be you. Sorry


I want to protect Beth. And besides that, you're a pain in the ass.


Everyone else seems to vote for you, so... sorry.


Final Words

I get why you voted on me, really. I'm the weakest and... yeah, maybe you're right. It was nice being here with all of you, I hope we'll see again in the future.


Still In the Running

Morey Peak

Next Time on Survivor...

Rob gets into the game.

Here we go.


And Gertha complains.

You told me everyone voted Zeuia, why are you lying to me?


Author's Notes