"Stop The Immunity Run"
Season Survivor: Brazil
Author User:Pieniazek666
Episode Number 12/15
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This is the twelfth episode of Survivor: Brazil


Survivor Auction
Immunity Challenge: End of the Line
Castaways must sprint along the trail of ropes and must find a series of checkpoints. Along the way, they would come to a junction. To get past they must place another carabiner on the other part of the rope then unclip the first. Castaways must cling on to the carabiner at all times. At each checkpoint, there are several ropes that lead to the next checkpoint. Otherwise, there are also several ropes that lead to dead ends. If that happens, they must backtrack to their last checkpoint and start over. First person to reach the end of the trail wins.
Winner: Cody

Previously On Survivor

Following tribal, Yul made it his mission to find out who voted for him to leave while Brownie wanted to find a way back in. When Andrew and Brownie overheard Courtney say she voted with Callie, Yul was all about taking her out should Cody become safe again. At the immunity, Cody barely edged out Andrew once again to claim immunity. At tribal, Brownie's actions caused Courtney to doubt who was with her and who was against her. When the votes arrived only Cody stuck with Courtney leaving Courtney to be voted out 6-2.


Night 27

The tribe arrives back at camp following tribal.

Quote1Brownie, Goliath, one of you better fess up now.Quote2- Yul
Quote1I have nothing to admit.Quote2- Brownie
Quote1Me either. I have no idea who has.Quote2- Goliath
Quote1Give it up Yul. Nobody is going to tell you it was them.Quote2- Cody
Quote1Shut up Cody.Quote2- Yul
Quote1Andrew "Just relax and we will figure this out.Quote2- Andrew
Quote1Fine.Quote2- Yul
Quote1This will all come out eventually.Quote2- Ruth
Quote1Well while you all fight each other, I'll keep this necklace comfortable.Quote2- Cody
Quote1I'll beat you eventually.Quote2- Yul
Quote1Dream on Yul. I will win until the end and if I have to wait that long then I will wait that long to take you out.Quote2- Cody
Quote1You will not take me out. I will take you out.Quote2- Yul
Quote1Enough.Quote2- Andrew
Quote1I'll vote Yul the rest of the way if I have to.Quote2- Cody
Quote1Then you will be wasting your vote. I'm not going anywhere.Quote2- Yul
Quote1Want to bet?Quote2- Cody
Quote1Bring it on clown.Quote2- Yul
Quote1Guys relax. There is still plenty of game left.Quote2- Ruth
Quote1Yul is going down.Quote2- Cody
Quote1You're first.Quote2- Yul
Right now Yul and Cody are busy fighting each other. It's good cause then I can slip under the radar of things.


Yul is so cocky. I am too but I at least have immunity all the time to back it up. I will vote him out and he will not get above me.


Day 28


Cody, Goliath, and Brownie are sitting at the beach.

Quote1So neither one of you wants to admit voting for Yul.Quote2- Cody
Quote1I had nothing to do with that vote.Quote2- Goliath
Quote1It's a mystery to me. Why does it matter to you?Quote2- Brownie
Quote1Come on. Just admit it. Please. I don't care which one of you did. I just want to knowQuote2- Cody
Quote1Why should we come clean? I'm not saying it was me but why should we.Quote2- Goliath
Quote1What are you scared Yul is going to vote you out.Quote2- Cody
Quote1No. I'm not lying about anything so I have nothing to admit.Quote2- Bronwie
Quote1I'm not scared of him. Like I said last night. I'll vote him until he goes.Quote2- Cody
Quote1Well then you have one vote for him.Quote2- Brownie
Quote1I need more though. I need three more votes right now to take him out.Quote2- Cody
Quote1You won't get it from me.Quote2- Goliath
Quote1Or me.Quote2- Brownie
Quote1Come on. Just please vote with me. If not it's obviously going to be one of you two.Quote2- Cody
Quote1Not if we beat you.Quote2- Goliath
Quote1You won't beat me. You can't stop the immunity run I've got going. I will be in the finals.Quote2- Cody
Quote1Not if I have a say in this.Quote2- Brownie
Quote1Bring it on Brownie. I'll beat you every challenge.Quote2- Cody
Quote1I'll beat you too Cody.Quote2- Goliath
Quote1Well now you two are sounding like Yul.Quote2- Cody
Quote1It's because we are ready to see you go.Quote2- Brownie
Quote1It's not happening anytime soon.Quote2- Cody
Quote1Yeah it will.Quote2- Goliath
These guys think they can beat me. I will tear them to pieces in the challenges. They can not beat me. I win this game. I win.


Sueca Night

Andrew, Yul, Kyle and Ruth are outside the shelter.

Quote1I think we need to talk about the situation here.Quote2- Andrew
Quote1What do you want to talk about?Quote2- Ruth
Quote1Yeah. What's up?Quote2- Yul
Quote1I'm sure you guys don't want to here this but what if we let Cody win this next challenge.Quote2- Andrew
Quote1Hell no.Quote2- Yul
Quote1Not happening.Quote2- Ruth
Quote1Then we make it known that it's Goliath or Brownie. Let Cody be the deciding vote.Quote2- Andrew
Quote1This is horrible.Quote2- Ruth
Quote1F*** that plan.Quote2- Yul
Quote1But what if Cody doesn't know who his ally is?Quote2- Ruth
Quote1He is a smart guy. I'm sure he does?Quote2- Andrew
Quote1How can you be sure?Quote2- Ruth
Quote1I just am.Quote2- Andrew
Quote1I still don't like this plan.Quote2- Ruth
Quote1I still say f*** that plan.Quote2- Yul
Quote1Okay. Okay. If you guys don't like it then fine. I just don't know how we are to know who vote who.Quote2- Andrew
Quote1True. We can't afford to give the fire more fuel when you are trying to put it out.Quote2- Yul
Quote1What?Quote2- Kyle
Quote1You can't give Cody immunity when you want him to lose so we can vote him out.Quote2- Yul
Quote1Ah.Quote2- Kyle
Quote1That makes more sense.Quote2- Ruth
Quote1I guess. We really need to stop Cody.Quote2- Andrew
Quote1Big time.Quote2- Yul
Nobody wants to go with this plan but this isn't the last you will here about it.


Andrew has a good idea but we just can't afford to let Cody get farther and farther.


Day 29


Everyone except Yul is hanging around the shelter.

Quote1I wonder what's taking Yul so long. He has been gone a while.Quote2- Ruth
Quote1Who cares?Quote2- Cody
Quote1We do.Quote2- Brownie
Quote1Yul is fine I'm sure.Quote2- Andrew
Quote1Where did he go?Quote2- Goliath
Quote1To get challenge mail.Quote2- Ruth
Quote1He is probably reading it first.Quote2- Goliath
Quote1That wouldn't surprise me. He did that when I went with him once.Quote2- Brownie
Quote1Well I hope he doesn't come back.Quote2- Cody
Quote1Now why you got to be like that Cody.Quote2- Yul

Yul walks out of the woods and up to the group.

Quote1Dang. I was enjoying the peace and quiet.Quote2- Cody
Quote1Too bad. My turn to talk.Quote2- Yul
You each have an envelope of $500 dollars. Today you will have a chance to bid for food or comfort in the game

–Yul (Reading the note)

Quote1Thanks god.Quote2- Cody
Quote1Auction time.Quote2- Andrew
Quote1Letters from home and some really good food.Quote2- Ruth
Quote1Advantage in the immunity challenge.Quote2- Cody
Quote1No.Quote2- Yul
Quote1You can't stop me.Quote2- Cody
Quote1Sure I can.Quote2- Yul
Quote1No you can't.Quote2- Cody
If Cody gets away with getting an advantage in the challenge then it will be even harder for us to beat him in it.


The advantage is mine if there is one but I'll get me some food too.


This is my chance to really prove that I can help stop Cody or at least put blame on Goliath.


The Auction

The tribe arrive at a field location and sit on the bench.

Welcome to the Survivor Auction. You each received an envelope with $500 earlier. You can not share money. Bidding will be in increments of $20. If you're ready we will get started with the first item.

–Jeff Probst

Jeff pulls out chili dogs, chips and soda.
Ruth "20"
Goliath "100"
Brownie "120"
Goliath "140"
Brownie "160"
Goliath "180"
Brownie "200"
Everyone stays quiet.
Jeff, "Sold, Brownie for $200."
Brownie walks up to Jeff hands him the money, grabs his food and walks back.
Jeff, "Next item will remain covered."
Goliath "40"
Ruth "80"
Cody "100"
Yul "120"
Goliath "140"
Cody "160"
Yul "180"
Goliath "200"
Everyone stays quiet.
Jeff, "Sold to Goliath for $200. Come and get it."
Goliath walks up and hands Jeff the money.
Jeff, "You bought a quarter of a pizza."
Goliath grabs the pizza and walks back.
Jeff, "Next item is steak with a loaded baked potato and a glass of tea."
Goliath "20"
Ruth "40"
Brownie "80"
Andrew "100"
Ruth "120"
Andrew "140"
Ruth "180"
Andrew "200"
Ruth "240"
Andrew "260"
Everyone stays quiet.
Jeff, "Sold to Andrew for $260."
Andrew walks up hands Jeff the money, grabs his food and walks back.
Jeff, "Next item will remain covered."
Cody "100"
Yul "120"
Cody "140"
Yul "160"
Cody "180"
Yul "200"
Cody "220"
Yul "240"
Cody "260"
Yul "300"
Cody "320"
Yul "340"
Cody "360"
Yul "380"
Everyone stays quiet.
Jeff, "Sold to Yul for $380. You bought a plate of doughnuts."
Jeff uncovers the item to reveal doughnuts. Yul then walks up, hands Jeff the money, grabs the doughnuts and walks back.
Cody, "Enjoy while I get the better stuff."
Jeff, "Next item will remain covered."
Goliath "60"
Brownie "100."
Goliath "140"
Brownie "180"
Goliath "220"
Everyone stays quiet.
Jeff, "Sold to Goliath for $220. You bought a burger with everything on it and french fries."
Jeff uncovers the item to reveal a burger and fries. Goliath then walks up, hands Jeff the money, grabs his burger and fries and walks back."
Jeff, "Next time will remain covered."
Goliath "80"
Cody "100"
Yul "120"
Cody "140"
Andrew "160"
Cody "180"
Andrew "200"
Cody "220"
Andrew "240"
Cody "260"
Brownie "280"
Cody "300"
Ruth "320"
Cody "340"
Ruth "360"
Cody "380"
Ruth "400"
Cody "440"
Ruth "460"
Cody "500"
Jeff, "Sold to Cody for $500."
Cody walks up to Jeff.
Jeff, "Before I uncover, you can trade what you just bought for a bag of rice and a bag of beans for the tribe."
Cody, "I'll keep what I bought."
Jeff, "You bought a 16 ounce glass of cow blood."
Jeff uncovers the item to reveal a glass of cow blood."
Yul, "Ha ha. How's that cow blood Cody?"
Cody "Knowing you won't get rice makes it good."
Jeff, "Next item is letters from home for anyone who wants them."
Ruth walks up and hands Jeff $20 from everyone but Cody. She then walks back and hands out the letters.
Jeff, "Last item will remain covered. It come with a note."
Cody "Dang it."
Yul "Ha. 100."
Goliath "140"
Andrew "160"
Brownie "180"
Andrew "200"
Brownie "220"
Ruth "240"
Brownie "280"
Ruth "300"
Everyone stays quiet.
Jeff, "Sold to Ruth for $300."
Ruth walks up to Jeff and hands him the money.
Jeff, "Alright, read the note."
Ruth (reading the note) "This item is to be shared with the entire tribe."
Jeff uncovers the item.
Jeff, "Here is it. Peanut butter. you will have two minutes."
Ruth takes the bowl of peanut butter to the rest of the tribe. Everyone but Cody starts digging in. After two minutes is up.

This auction is now close. Grab your stuff and head back to camp. Good night.

–Jeff Probst

Sueca Night

Cody and Andrew are hanging around outside the shelter.

Quote1What do you mean?Quote2- Cody
Quote1I think the power should be in your hands on this one.Quote2- Andrew
Quote1You can't be serious.Quote2- Cody
Quote1I'm dead serious. If you win tomorrow, we are splitting between Goliath and Brownie and you can pick who goes.Quote2- Andrew
Quote1So you are willing to let me vote out one person who could have voted with you.Quote2- Cody
Quote1Yeah. I don't trust either one of them. I could just say this person leaves but I don't want to lose the trust of my allies in the process.Quote2- Andrew
Quote1You make no sense.Quote2- Cody
Quote1Just remember if you win, you decide the eliminated player between the two.Quote2- Andrew
Quote1Okay.Quote2- Cody

Cody walks off back to the shelter. Yul walks out of the woods.

Quote1What was that about?Quote2- Yul
Quote1He has no idea who voted with him between the two.Quote2- Andrew
Quote1You got that out of him from that.Quote2- Yul
Quote1Yeah. I think it was Goliath but I also think it could have been Brownie.Quote2- Andrew
Quote1This is true.Quote2- Yul
Quote1They both have to go.Quote2- Andrew
Quote1I agree.Quote2- Yul
Talking with Cody tonight I learned he doesn't know who was his ally. I find both Brownie and Goliath suspicious when it comes to that vote.


Brownie and Goliath are going down after Cody leaves. If Cody does win though then one of them can go and I don't care which one does first.


Day 30

Immunity Challenge

The tribe arrives at the entrance to a wooded area.

Welcome to today's immunity challenge. Cody, I will take it back.

–Jeff Probst

Cody walks up to Jeff, hands him the necklace and walks back.

Immunity is back up for grabs. For today's challenge you will clip yourself to the ropes behind me using a carabiner and navigate past various check points. When you reach a checkpoint you must clip a carabiner to your next rope before taking off your existing one. Some of the ropes however lead to dead ends. The first person to make it to the 5th checkpoint wins immunity and is guaranteed a one and six shot at winning this game. We'll draw for spots and get started.

–Jeff Probst

After everyone is equipped to a rope.

On my go you can begin running towards the first checkpoint. Survivors ready...Go.

–Jeff Probst

Everyone begins running towards the first checkpoint. Cody trips up Kyle causing Kyle to face plant into the ground. Cody makes it to the first checkpoint and moves over to a new rope. Andrew is close behind and takes the same route as Cody. Yul soon follows.
Jeff, "Cody, Andrew and Yul have passed the first checkpoint. Kyle is far behind everyone. Ruth, Brownie and Goliath are still running to the first checkpoint."
Ruth and Brownie make it to the first checkpoint and each take a different rope. Cody is able to make it to the second checkpoint. Andrew quickly follows. Yul is not far behind making it shortly after Andrew.
Jeff, "Ruth and Brownie need to pick it up. Kyle and Goliath are not out of it yet though. Cody is holding the lead."
Cody makes his way to the third checkpoint. Andrew follows him through. Yul takes a separate path after reaching the checkpoint. Ruth hits a dead end and heads back. Brownie makes it to the second checkpoint. Goliath and Kyle reach the first checkpoint.
Jeff, "Cody is still in the lead. Andrew is not far behind. Ruth is having to go back. She took the wrong rope."
Cody runs into the fourth check point. Andrew takes a different path than Cody picked wrong. Yul reaches the fourth checkpoint soon after. Ruth gets back to the first checkpoint. Brownie makes it to the third checkpoint. Kyle hits a dead end and so does Goliath.
Jeff, "Cody and Andrew are very close. Yul is not far behind them. Don't give up this is not over yet."
Andrew hits a dead end and has to head back.
Andrew, "Dang it."
Cody reaches the final checkpoint. Yul right behind him.

Cody is at the last checkpoint. Cody wins immunity.

–Jeff Probst

After everyone is out of the forest and on the mats.

Cody come and get it.

–Jeff Probst

Cody walks up to Jeff and has the necklace placed on him.

Cody, once again is safe at tonight's tribal council. As for the rest of you, one of you will be the twelfth person voted out of this game and the third member of our jury. Grab your stuff and head back to camp. I'll see you tonight.

–Jeff Probst


The tribe arrives back at camp following Cody's win.

Quote1Oh come on.Quote2- Yul
Quote1Told you I was going to win again Yul.Quote2- Cody
Quote1I was so close to beating you. Andrew was too.Quote2- Yul
Quote1Why did I pick the wrong rope?Quote2- Andrew
Quote1You tried hard hard Andrew.Quote2- Ruth
Quote1You really did. Well Goliath it's you or me.Quote2- Brownie
Quote1It seems so.Quote2- Goliath
Quote1So which one goes?Quote2- Kyle
Quote1I don't know. One of them.Quote2- Andrew
Quote1Well who voted with me?Quote2- Cody
Quote1Not me.Quote2- Goliath
Quote1Not me either.Quote2- Brownie
Quote1Well one of you did and one of you is going down.Quote2- Yul
Quote1Well I know exactly who voted with me.Quote2- Cody
Quote1No you don't.Quote2- Yul
Quote1He has no idea.Quote2- Ruth
Quote1Want to bet?Quote2- Cody
Quote1Yeah I do. You have no idea.Quote2- Yul
Quote1If you do then say it.Quote2- Andrew
Quote1No.Quote2- Cody
Quote1See. No idea.Quote2- Yul

Tribal Council

The tribe arrives at tribal placing their torches behind them before taking a seat.

We will now bring in the members of our jury. Callie and Courtney, voted out at the last tribal council.

–Jeff Probst

Callie and Courtney walk into tribal taking a seat on the other side.

Quote1Let's start with the ausction yesterday. Cody, do you wish you now traded for the rice and beans?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1No. These guys want me out really bad so I'm not going to give them strength so that they can beat me.Quote2- Cody
Quote1So even if I said do you want to switch after seeing cow blood. You still wouldn't switch?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Not a chance.Quote2- Cody
Quote1Cody will do anything to get us out.Quote2- Brownie
Quote1That's right. I will win this game.Quote2- Cody
Quote1No you aren't. You have lost this game. It's only a matter of time before we vote you out.Quote2- Yul
Quote1Andrew, what is the thought going into tonight after Cody won immunity yet again?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1It's between Brownie and Goliath tonight.Quote2- Andrew
Quote1Goliath, why is it between you and Brownie?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1It has come up that one of us voted with Cody.Quote2- Goliath
Quote1I didn't vote with him.Quote2- Brownie
Quote1So Brownie if that's true then you are saying it was Goliath.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1I had nothing to do with voting for Yul. I voted Callie that night.Quote2- Goliath
Quote1Ruth, so what we have here is two people who are denying doing something. One must be lying and the other is telling the truth. How do you decide?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1It's really hard to decide. We could vote one way and be making a mistake. Andrew proposed an idea of spliting votes and I think that's the best way.Quote2- Ruth
Quote1Why is that the best way?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Because I respect my allies despite what they make it look like. I would never vote out my own ally.Quote2- Cody
Quote1So Brownie, Goliath, either one of you thinking okay since they are splitting the votes. Those four must be pretty tight. Why not team up with each other bring in the outsider Cody and blindside one of the four.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1No. I won't work with a guy that nearly screwed up my alliance.Quote2- Brownie
Quote1I have not once lied in this game. Why would I now?Quote2- Goliath
Quote1Why would I lie? I've been with Andrew and Yul from day 1.Quote2- Brownie
Quote1That's right. Him and that one blond.Quote2- Yul
Quote1That one blond?Quote2- Cody
Quote1I don't care about the name. She wasn't meant to be here so we sent her packing.Quote2- Yul
Quote1See, day 3 and he goes after his own alliance.Quote2- Cody
Quote1And you just threw challenge to take out your enemies.Quote2- Ruth
Quote1Come on Goliath, Brownie, let's take out Yul right now.Quote2- Cody
Quote1I'm not working with you.Quote2- Brownie
Quote1I'm not going to work with with you.Quote2- Goliath
Quote1I tried Jeff.Quote2- Cody
Well with that it is time to vote. Kyle, your up first.

–Jeff Probst

Kyle walks to the urn, places his vote and walks back. He is followed by the rest of the tribe ending with Ruth.

I'll go tally the votes.

–Jeff Probst

Jeff walks to the urn, grabs it and walks back.

Once the votes have been read the decision is final. Person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the vote.

–Jeff Probst


Brownie...1 vote Goliath, 1 vote Brownie

Goliath...2 votes Goliath, 1 vote Brownie

Brownie...2 votes Goliath, 2 votes Brownie, 3 votes left

Goliath...3 votes Goliath, 2 votes Brownie, 2 votes left

Brownie...3 votes Goliath, 3 votes Brownie, 1 vote left

Twelfth person voted out of Survivor: Brazil and the third member of our jury...Brownie. You need to bring me your torch.

–Jeff Probst

Yul, "You're done Goliath. You're next."
Brownie grabs his torch and walks to Jeff.
Jeff, "Brownie, the tribe has spoken. It's time for you to go."
Brownie walks out of tribal and into the night.

In what was a tribal that could go any way ends with one target leaving and the chilling words of one being added. Grab your stuff and head back to camp. Good night.

–Jeff Probst

Tribal Council #12:
Brownie (4 votes)
Andrew NCody EGoliathYul
Andrew, Cody, Goliath, Yul
Goliath (3 votes)
BrownieKyle RRuth
Brownie, Kyle, Ruth
Brownie Brownie

Voting Confessionals

I now truely believe that it was you that lied to me and voted with him so get out.


I will not fall for what you did.


Take a bow as tomorrow I will fight away the thought of my betraying of them out of their minds again.


Final Words

Well, it backfired. Andrew never fully trusted me but it was Cody's doubt that was my ultimate undoing. I worked to keep Yul from knowing it was me but never thought they would give Cody the power to vote out someone. It was one great ride though.


Still in the Running

Andrew N
Cody E
Kyle R

Next Time on Survivor...

With Brownie gone Yul sets his sights on Goliath and Cody.

Author's Notes

The title was said by Cody when Goliath and Brownie said they could beat him in the challenges.