"Strategizing Up a Storm"
Season Survivor: Virgin Islands
Author User:LukePrower
Episode Number 3/13
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This is the 3rd episode of Survivor: Virgin Islands.

Previously On Survivor...

Alexis was running the show on the Thomas tribe, with her female's alliance. At Croix, Zachary revealed Sparky's secret to Isabella and Samantha. With that, Isabella and Samantha formed a friendship with Sparky. Geoffrey was also being targeted by Mark and Haley. Haley assumed that he had an Immunity Idol. At Thomas, Felicity began to watch the suspicious Leo. In the reward challenge, Thomas won and exiled Mark. On Exile Island, Mark found the Immunity Idol. In the Immunity challenge, Thomas continued to win. At Tribal Council, Geoffrey, the security guard from Los Angeles, was voted out. Fourteen are left, who will be voted out tonight?


Reward Challenge: Matchmaker
Each castaway will have a basket containing five items. The castaways must try to match one of their items with another castaway. If someone runs out of items, they're out of the challenge.
Reward: Comfort items.
Winner: Croix
Exiled: Leo

Immunity Challenge: Get Barrelled
Both tribes will race out into a field to collect ten tribe colored barrels. Once all ten barrels are retrieved, they must be arranged on individual platforms. Then one person at a time from each tribe will toss sand bags at the barrels with the goal of landing a sand bag on top of each barrel. First tribe to get a sandbag on top of all ten of their barrels wins.
Winner: Thomas


Night of Day 6

The Croix tribe returned to camp from Tribal Council, where Geoffrey was voted out. Samantha and Katrina are confused about the crazy outcome of the previous night.

I don't quite understand what happened last night, but it was random. I was sure that Isabella would be going.


Mark now feared Haley because she was targeting the idol's holder, if they were still in the game.

I can't trust Haley anymore. She would come after me if she knew that I had the idol.


Day 7

At the Thomas camp, Tiffany brought Octavia and Felicity together to fish. Tiffany told them that Alexis was too powerful in the tribe. Tiffany felt that it was too early for a women's alliance. They need men to win challenges, because the men of the tribe are strong.

That girl, Alexis, is strategizing up a storm. But she is not thinking.


While retrieving water, Alexis spoke with Justice about his leadership. She told him that he needed to respect everyone more. Justice didn't see any need to do so, claiming that they need to accept his leadership. This upset Alexis.

I don't really want Justice out here. It wouldn't be so bad if he showed even an ounce of respect to others.


Left alone at camp, Leo and Harrison decided to think of aligning with each other. Harrison thought that Leo was the best to align with on the tribe, considering how the other's were. Leo saw Harrison as an opportunity, for he had yet to align with someone.

This whole game, so far, I have had no alliances. I don't usually see Harrison talking with others, so he'll be perfect to align with.


Leo and Harrison bring up the fact that they're both in need of an alliance, so the two align.

At Croix, Haley and Katrina went to fish. Katrina asked Haley who they should target next. Haley told Katrina that Isabella was too weak, and she needed to go.

Unless we want to keep losing, Isabella needs to go.


Meanwhile, Zachary asks Mark about his experience while being exiled. Mark claimed that it was horrible, and that he couldn't find the idol.

I have to keep the idol a secret. If anyone knew that I had it, I'd be out next.


Meanwhile, Sparky, Isabella and Samantha considered voting out either Haley or Mark. Sparky feared that Mark may have an idol, making him the perfect vote out. Isabella then reminded Sparky that the idol can only be played once.

I have nothing against Mark, but I don't want an idol to take me out of the game.


Day 8

The tribes then gathered to meet Probst for the reward challenge. Leo smiled evilly at the sight of Geoffrey gone.
In the challenge, Katrina, Isabella, Samantha and Zachary were kicked out early on, but the Croix tribe made a comeback, with Mark getting kicked out in the process, so Croix won reward. Croix won comfort items and the ability to exile someone. They chose to exile Leo, because he seemed to be the strongest Thomas member.

At Croix, Haley didn't think that the reward was anything too special. Mark claimed that beating Thomas was a good enough reward.

Yeah, it was fun beating the other tribe. But out of all the rewards, why did this have to be the one we won?


On Exile Island, Leo searched for an Immunity Idol. He managed to come across where Mark had found the idol, due to the fact that Mark left the note stating that the Immunity Idol was found there. Leo was angered at the fact that a rival tribe member found the idol, so he decided to play a mean prank.

Apparently, someone was stupid enough to leave the note there. Due to this, the next person to come here will get a big surprise. I have an idea.


Leo found an odd-shaped rock and carved a "2" into it. He put it in an obvious spot next to the entrance of Exile, hoping that the next exiled person would find it and think it was the real Double Idol.

Day 9

Croix and Thomas gathered together to meet Probst for the next Immunity challenge. Leo then returned from Exile.

In the challenge, both tribes retrieved the barrels quickly. Once the barrels were in place, Sparky and Felicity tossed for their tribes. Both Felicity and Sparky were doing well, but Felicity landed all ten bags, winning Immunity for Thomas.

Back at Croix, Samantha was visibly depressed now that Thomas would have the majority. Sparky, Samantha, Isabella and Zachary met. Zachary claimed that Haley was too smart and had to go. Meanwhile, Haley, Mark and Katrina spoke with each other. The three decided to vote off Isabella for the benefit of the tribe. Katrina then went to tell her closest ally, Samantha, to vote off Isabella. Samantha thought both reasons for booting were good, but knew that she now had to decide whether she was going to vote Isabella or Haley.

I am apparently the deciding vote tonight. Do I vote Isabella or Haley? Isabella's weak, but Haley's going to be very strategic.


At Tribal Council, Probst questioned Mark about Exile Island. Mark claimed that when he went there, he couldn't find any idol. When it was time to vote, Samantha decided to vote with Haley, Katrina and Mark. Due to this, Isabella was voted off in a 4-3 vote. Croix then returned to camp.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 3:
Lukep (2)
Isabella (4 votes)
Lukep (1)Lukep (3)Lukep (4)Lukep (5)
Haley, Katrina, Mark & Samantha
Lukep (1)
Haley (3 votes)
Lukep (2)Lukep (6)Lukep (7)
Isabella, Sparky & Zachary
Isabella Hutson

Voting Confessionals

I'm just thinking of the challenges.


We have to win.


I don't know that much about what's going on in your mind. It frightens me.


Just to be safe, you get this vote.


Final Words

Wow. I thought that we had the majority. Apparently I was wrong. Not that it matters. As long as I've had a great time, that's all that counts.


Still in the Running

Lukep (1)
Lukep (3)
Lukep (4)
Lukep (5)
Lukep (6)
Lukep (7)
Lukep (8)
Lukep (10)
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Next Time on Survivor...

A Tribe Switch will occur and affect the game for some certain players.

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