Survivor: Black Islands
Author User:Ckarimalis
Filming Location Black Islands (Fictional)
Season Run May 2010 - Janurary 2011
Episodes 13
Survivors 16
Days 30
Winner Thorton Wheeler (4-3)
Runner(s)-up Katie Hart
Tribes Rhyvella
Fanon Chronology
Previous Season Survivor: Coconut Islands
Next Season Survivor: Kermadec Falls

Disclaimer: All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Sim Survivor is excited to begin its second season in the mysterious Black Islands. Two rivaling tribes will face off, all contestants fighting to be crowned the "sole survivor". This years cast is interesting to say the least, a supermodel, a struggling actor and...well... a green man. Who will rise as the winner? Who can outlast the rest? Who will be the next Sole Survivor?


  • Hidden Immunity Idols The first Immunity + Reward challenge will have a clue to the hidden immunity idol.
  • Shortened Season This season will be over the corse of 30 days instead of the typical 39 days.


Survivor: Black Islands
Contestants Original Tribe Merged Tribe Finish Votes

CindyC B&W

Cindy Crawford

44, Supermodel

Rhyvella 1st Voted Out

Day 1


AlexG B&W

Alex Greenwall

29, Comic Book Store Owner

Rhyvella 2nd Voted Out

Day 5


ErnieB B&W

Ernie Baatma

27, Tour Guide

Iossisbi 3rd Voted Out

Day 6


JackD B&W

Jack Dyllan

26, Tattoo Artist

Rhyvella 4th Voted Out

Day 7


MalikM B&W

Malik McFool

36, Bouncer

Rhyvella 5th Voted Out

Day 10


MariaZ B&W

Maria Zanhill

21, Massage Therapist

Iossisbi 6th Voted Out

Day 13


IzzyL B&W

Izzy Love

27, Cosmetologist

Iossisbi 7th Voted Out

Day 14


MintC B&W

Mint Choco-Chip

23, Ice Cream Shop Owner

Rhyvella 8th Voted Out

Day 15


KaplanB B&W

Kaplan Booth

45, Space Enthusiast

Rhyvella Rhyossisbi 9th Voted Out

Day 17


TazyekoS B&W

Tazyeko Satacho

67, Sushi Bar Owner

Rhyvella 10th Voted Out

Day 20


TimothyB B&W

Timothy Bayne

19, Student

Iossisbi 11th Voted Out

Day 23


NeoninaC B&W

Neonina Colorful

19, Student

Rhyvella 12th Voted Out

Day 25


KeindraH B&W

Keindra Hickman

24, Game Show Contestant

Iossisbi 13th Voted Out

Day 27


LoganM B&W

Logan McAllister

25, Businessman

Iossisbi 14th Voted Out

Day 29


KatieH B&W

Katie Hart

24, Unemployed

Iossisbi Runner-Up 4


Thorton Wheeler

25, Actor

Iossisbi Winner 0

Season Summary

Of the two rivaling tribes, Rhyvella succumbed to Iossisbi's strength. The opposing teams merged 5-3, and Iossibi had the numbers. Iossisbi took advantage of the numbers and eliminated 2 of the 3 Rhyvella's. The third, joined Iossisbi in eliminating their old teammates, that person was rewarded and kept over the fifth Iossisbi, but then they were blindsided.

Katie Hart played most of her end game by blindsiding friend after friend. She thought she would be rewarded with the prize, but Thorton Wheeler took the title at the end with one extra vote.

The Game

Voting History

Author's Notes

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