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Survivor: Cuba
Author IAmNothing712
Filming Location Marea del Portillo, Granma, Cuba
Episodes 15
Survivors 20
Days 39
Tribes Havana
Fanon Chronology
Previous Season Bali
Next Season The Caribbean

Survivor: Cuba is the eighth season of IAmNothing712's fan fiction series.


  • Fans vs. Fan Fiction Favorites
  • Hidden Immunity Idol
  • Tribe switch
  • Merge at ten
  • An extra vote parchment hidden after the merge
  • Final two, jury of eight



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Fans Font

Name (Age): Carrie Taylor
Tribe designation: Havana
Current residence: Richmond, VA
'Occupation: Researcher
Personal Claim to Fame: Being the only one in the family who is taking a graduate degree and planning to take a post-graduate degree.
Inspiration In Life: My grandfather. He's an amazing teacher and adviser.
Hobbies: Volleyball, dancing, tennis.
Pet Peeves: Public display of affection. Get are room!
3 Words to Describe You: Analytical, strategic, athletic
SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like: Tasha. She plays with her head and not with her emotions.
Reason for being on SURVIVOR: I have brains, brawn and beauty and it would be nice to have bucks too! *laughs*
Why Do You Think You Will Survive SURVIVOR: I am highly studious in life and I am certainly studious in the game.

At first glance, Carrie looks like measly 5'7" young woman, but she is a very dangerous combination of brains, brawn and beauty. A straight-A student since childhood, she finished a degree in mathematics with the honor of summa cum laude. She currently works as a researcher and teaching assistant for her alma mater, Yale University. Carrie is also a very athletic person, excelling in volleyball and tennis. During her senior year of college, she was captain of the Yale Bulldogs women's tennis team.

Despite her academic successes, she has yet to find a boyfriend; and in her own admittance, she can be unwittingly dismissive of how she comes across to people. A self-proclaimed student of the game, Carrie also studied other versions of the show, from the UK and Australia, to Serbia.

Name (Age): Alfons "Fonzy" McKay (24)
Tribe designation: Havana
Current residence: Baton Rouge, LA
'Occupation: Accountant
Personal Claim to Fame: Having a comedy spiel at my best friend's wedding. I got compliments because of my accent.
Inspiration In Life: My dad. We're two peas in a pod.
Hobbies: Surfing! Clubbing with my mates, meeting with the ladies, basketball
Pet Peeves: People who can't understand what I say because of my accent.
3 Words to Describe You: Easy-going, fun-loving, observant.
SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like: On a certain degree, Fabio. He comes off as an idiot but don't underestimate the idiot.
Reason for being on SURVIVOR: As an accountant, I count other people's money. I want to count my own this time.
Why Do You Think You Will Survive SURVIVOR: My accent gravitates people and I can use it for my social game. I am physically competitive and I am no slouch in the strategy department either. I was 9 when Borneo came out for gaudnesh shakes!

When Fonzy was 12, he and his family moved to the United States where his father found a work opportunity there. Fonzy at first was made fun of because of his noticeably thick Scottish accent, but as he grew, he learned to use it as a strength to get along with people, especially the ladies. He looks up to his dad a lot, who never failed to spend time with him despite his workload. The two are very inseparable, drinking together during the weekends. Fonzy applied for Survivor not only to play the game he loved since he was 9, but also to fund his father's cancer treatment.

Name (Age): Forrest Michael Evans (26)
Tribe designation: Havana
Current residence: Chicago
'Occupation: 7/11 store cashier
Personal Claim to Fame: Saving an old customer who almost died of heart attack in front of me.
Inspiration In Life: My girlfriend Casey. She's expecting. She and my upcoming daughter mean the world to me.
Hobbies: Baseball, hockey, watching TV
Pet Peeves: People who think so highly of themselves.
3 Words to Describe You: Approachable, strong and a fighter.
SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like: I'd be like a non-caveman version of Bobby Jon. He's strong, athletic and sometimes hard on himself (NOT AS HARD AS HIM THOUGH!)
Reason for being on SURVIVOR: I chose not to finish college the minute I flunked my chemistry class. I told myself this is not me and I want to find myself. I am also doing this for my girlfriend and kid.
Why Do You Think You Will Survive SURVIVOR: I am easy to work with, and I am trustworthy.

Another hobo in the Havana tribe, Forrest did not finish college because he felt it was not his calling. He currently works as a convenience store clerk for 7/11, and he admits he still did not regret his decision to leave college. With his girlfriend pregnant, he would signed up for Survivor to sustain his new family.

Name (Age): Hannah Eleanor Benjamin (21)
Tribe designation: Havana
Current residence: Wichita, Kansas
'Occupation: Model
Personal Claim to Fame: Booking my first fashion show.
Inspiration In Life: My mom. She's a hardworker and a fellow Survivor fan!
Hobbies: Updating my portfolio, shopping, camping, hunting, fishing
Pet Peeves: Sexists.
3 Words to Describe You: Hard worker, loud and talkative.
SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like: Alina Wilson. She had a terrible time out there, from not being in the numbers, to dealing with NaOnka, but she made the most of her experience and just enjoyed it. I hope to have the same experience.
Reason for being on SURVIVOR: To prove I'm not a dumb blonde bimbo.
Why Do You Think You Will Survive SURVIVOR: Being a model, I had a chance to meet several people with different personalities, from kind clients, to nagging ones, oh not to mention perverted photographers. I've also legitimately camped before, spearfished, used a rifle once. I'm a tough cookie! Being pretty helps me get into the front door, but I work my butt off to get past the front door.

Hannah lived in a sheltered life, growing up in a well-to-do family, but Hannah was never spoiled by her parents. Instead she was taught hard work and using her brains. She currently balances her profession as a fashion model and being a college student, taking up mass communications. Well-traveled and camped, Hannah states she can survive the wild. She admits she is annoyingly loud and opinionated but her heart is in the right place. A Wichita native like Jeff Probst, she wants to make "Dimples" proud.

Name (Age): Iris Adams (23)
Tribe designation: Havana
Current residence: Glendale, AZ
'Occupation: Marketing sales
Personal Claim to Fame: Getting my first paycheck.
Inspiration In Life: My dad. He's a superhero.
Hobbies: Jogging around the park, doing aerobics.
Pet Peeves: People who are highly dismissive of people's feelings. This is Survivor, but still...
3 Words to Describe You: Opinionated, sociable and assertive
SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like: Jerri Manthey. She's a man-eater.
Reason for being on SURVIVOR: For the love of the game, of course! The million dollars won't hurt either!
Why Do You Think You Will Survive SURVIVOR: I am very sociable person in life, I did camp a little so it helps, and I've watched the game since the first season, so I know what it takes.

A very opinionated person in life, Iris knows and gets what she wants. She's so intimidating, most of his suitors backed out eventually. While not expecting to find love, Iris opens up the possibility. Iris used to be teased as a teenager for being fat. Not wanting to be tormented for the rest of her life, she strove to lose weight, even admitting one of her former bullies cheated his girlfriend (a mortal enemy of Iris') for her.

Name (Age): Jack Tran (28)
Tribe designation: Havana
Current residence: Philly
'Occupation: Businessman/entrepreneur
Personal Claim to Fame: Moving out and starting my own business. My father was against it at first, but now he's being supportive.
Inspiration In Life: My dad. He's tough as nails.
Hobbies: Basketball, mountain climbing, hiking, scuba diving
Pet Peeves: Self-righteous people
3 Words to Describe You: Outgoing, optimist and focused
SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like: Denise Stapley. She had the worst odds ever, visiting every single Tribal Council, and managed to survive all of them. I have the same level of determination and patience, so I know I can handle this game.
Reason for being on SURVIVOR: I don't need the money but I need the experience!
Why Do You Think You Will Survive SURVIVOR: I am very patient and reserved. To keep your cool under stressful environments is very crucial to get by in the game.

A guy with a patience of a saint, Jack single-handedly established his sports apparel and equipment company called TRANsport, which sells affordable but very long-lasting sports paraphernalia such as clothing and footwear. A sports and thrill enthusiast himself, Jack wanted to pursue a field different from his father, who wanted him to take over their family business. Other than his business, Jack is also a full-time stepfather to his fiancee's three year daughter from a previous relationship. If he wins, Jack wants to put it all on a trust fund for his stepdaughter.

Coming in to Survivor, Jacks swears not to tell anyone about his background as a businessman,thinking he cannot win if he does.

Name (Age): Kathryn Goldin (42)
Tribe designation: Havana
Current residence: Houston, TX
'Occupation: Preschool teacher
Personal Claim to Fame: Saving a child from getting run over by a drunk bus driver.
Inspiration In Life: My students and their parents!
Hobbies: Jogging, stretching (when I find myself sitting all day because of making lesson plans), Zumba
Pet Peeves: People who think teachers are only like baggage counters they can leave their children behind and just fetch later. Teaching is a root of all studies.
3 Words to Describe You: Patient, friendly, and mild-mannered
SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like: Maggie from Venezuela. She was a nun but she was a fierce nun. Similarly, I'm a teacher, but a fierce teacher.
Reason for being on SURVIVOR: I want to build my own preschool! I gotta admit, the pay is not that big. I have a child of my own too, but I really want to pursue teaching. It's in my blood.
Why Do You Think You Will Survive SURVIVOR: I have a cool composure in high stress situations, and I am quite competitive!

As a child, she was teased often by her peers for being too chubby, until in her teenage years, she decided to lose weight, but in a healthy manner. Currently a preschool teacher, Kathryn instills to her pupils about having self confidence and pursuing without giving up. She was so inspirational, her pupils' parents gave her high regard. During the weekends, Kathryn is a Zumba instructor, with some of her students' parents enrolling in her class. In her own admission, her pay in the preschool is not enough to sustain her and her family, so she signed up on Survivor to open her own school and take a masters degree in educational management.

On a side, note, Kathryn is frequently complimented about her rather youthful appearance despite already in her early 40's. She plans to fool everyone by acting like she's in her 30's.

Name (Age): Melinda Ramirez
Tribe designation: Havana
Current residence: Los Angeles, CA
'Occupation: Theater actress
Personal Claim to Fame: Portraying Snow White in a play in San Fran.
Inspiration In Life: My boyfriend of 10 years, Alfie.
Hobbies: Aerobic exercises, vocalization, boxing
Pet Peeves: Dimwits.
3 Words to Describe You: Athletic, wise and assertive.
SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like: Parvati. Because she's pretty, but she can whack your head off with a smile.
Reason for being on SURVIVOR: To prove I am beyond being a theater actress. I can be a toughie too!
Why Do You Think You Will Survive SURVIVOR: A month before I applied I practiced fire-making; I bought flint and practiced all morning to make fire. I also did monkey bars for a week to boost my endurance, because I don't want Jeff to nag at me to dig deep!

Fulfilled her dream of becoming a stage actress, Mindy wanted to fulfill another tab on her bucket list: To be on Survivor. Mindy started watching Survivor when her boyfriend of two years introduced her to it, and boy she got hooked so fast, she marathoned all seasons within two weeks over the spring break! While a true Survivor fan for collecting buffs and autographs from previous Survivors, Mindy never held a flint nor physically prepared until one month before she made her tape.

Mindy describes herself as assertive, not backing down to a man. In fact, she punched a fellow actor at the streets of LA when he deliberately blurted out sexist remarks. She hopes to bring the same tenacity in the game.

If you think she's too perfect? Guess again. She hails from a very unusual family setup: Her biological parents were both divorced prior to their marriage before getting divorced as a couple. Both got remarried and had more children. Mindy swears she will only marry once.

Name (Age): Nelson Avery McCarthy (43)
Tribe designation: Havana
Current residence: Anchorage, AK
'Occupation: Veterinarian
Personal Claim to Fame: Treating my very first patient: A Siberian Husky that got shot by a stray bullet.
Inspiration In Life: My loving wife, Kaylie and my twins, Saydie and Kyle.
Hobbies: Basketball, snowball fights, weightlifting
Pet Peeves: Russell Hantz wannabes.
3 Words to Describe You: Patient, efficient and strong
SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like: Ethan Zohn because he is genuinely congenial in playing the game.
Reason for being on SURVIVOR: For the love of the game, and to escape the Alaskan winters for once!
Why Do You Think You Will Survive SURVIVOR: Storms can't break me. I've been trained to withstand cold.

Dr. Neil is a very charismatic and well known veterinarian in Anchorage, not only known for his excellence in his field, he is quite popular with the ladies. Unfortunately, it is a lesser known fact that he actually married to his high school sweetheart, Kaylie. Other than passionately doing his profession at the comfort of his own home, Neil spends his time taking care of his twin boy and girl, Saydie and Kyle. Neil's wife, also a Survivor fan, insisted to him he should use his youthful appearance to his advantage, even allowing him not to divulge him being married because it could be used against him.

Regardless of what happens in his stint on Survivor, Neil plans to move to California.

Name (Age): William Reinhardt Skye (45)
Tribe designation: Havana
Current residence: Raleigh, NC
'Occupation: Laundromat owner
Personal Claim to Fame: Opening my laundromat, my bread and butter!
Inspiration In Life: My wife Patricia and four kids.
Hobbies: Skiing, ballroom dancing, watching movies, cooking
Pet Peeves: Negative people
3 Words to Describe You: Charming,
SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like: Rupert. He's a provider and very charismatic. I won't be as self righteous as him though.
Reason for being on SURVIVOR: See "inspiration in life"
Why Do You Think You Will Survive SURVIVOR: Positivity wins.

The oldest of Havana, but young at heart, Willie has captured the favor of his neighborhood. Generally upbeat and positive, he defies his age on a daily basis. He exercises with his son's Wii, even play Warcraft with them. He currently owns a laundromat and has become very successful. As a child, he grew up dirt poor, but due to perseverance and upbeat personality, he had survived the harsh realities of life. He wants to win the game not to revisit his life of hardship but to live the Survivor life.
Favorites Font
After Survivor, Adrianna had been promoted in the publishing company where she worked as an intern. She is currently engaged and has a six-month old son, Caden. Adrianna plans to marry him the moment she returns from Cuba. While her engagement was already known to Wes (who attended her engagement party), Adrianna, who had kept a low profile since Cursed Idol, insists to "act single" in the game and would still resort to her flirtatious ways (her husband-to-be gave his blessing to do so) to get by.
After Survivor, Cap returned to living a simple life in Plymouth with his family, but his drive and passion for the game still remains. He had studied himself carefully on the things he did, and promises to do much better. He resumed his participation in triathlons and extensively traveled overseas to catch fish he never caught before. Now, fresh from his Thailand trip, Cap is back in hopes to finally add a check mark in his bucket list: To win Survivor.
Harper's arrogance is innate to him. Though this caused him into trouble, most notably in Bali, where his mouth ultimately became his undoing, he knew his heart was in the right place. Wanting to tone down his loudness but still retain the swagger he brought in Bali, Harper returns to "seek gold and slaves."
After Tarutao, Helena had left the air force and got married to her longtime partner, Elias. She currently works in real estate where she has more spare time. One year before Cuba, she had given birth to a baby daughter, Flo. If she wins, Helena would give her daughter a trust fund.
Life became better for the backstabbing nun from Venezuela. Maggie had left the convent, and now works as a motivational speaker. Returning from her stint on Survivor, Maggie felt she can still serve God while not completely giving up her humanity and left the convent. Upon hearing gave up being a nun, Maggie's teenage sweetheart, now a widower (his first wife died of breast cancer) began courting her once again. The two immediately found their way back into love and got married. After Cuba, Maggie wants to build her own family.

Martin had a bad breakup prior to Cuba. He accepted the challenge of going back to Survivor as an avenue for his frustrations.

The resident flip-flopper of Couples Showdown, Martin admitted Leo's presence somewhat hindered his performance, making him clumsy. Martin returns to prove he can be in one alliance and stick with it.
The angry librarian from Burma, Molly returns with a much brighter and pleasant demeanor. Since Burma, Molly had entered in law school, and she's a year away from graduation. Molly had also reconciled with her estranged biological mother which she deliberately ridiculed during the loved ones challenge (her adoptive mother wasn't able to fly due to illness). If she wins, Molly would continue pursuing her studies, pass the Bar, and open her own law firm.
After competing on Survivor, Rashad landed a regular job in a home TV shopping network, and became one of its top-paid hosts. He also had few guest roles, from Two and a Half Men and The Walking Dead. Despite his successes in life, he is still hungry of the game and cannot wait to do this all over again.

After Survivor, Talia was chosen by Ricky's fiancee to be her bridesmaid. She found herself to be too recognizable so she left her job in the coffee shop and eventually found work in an office job where she is no longer needs to face people.

Watching herself in Couples Showdown, Talia felt embarrassed by her ditzy edit but she also felt it was warranted. Wanting to improve her impression, Talia returns to prove she is not a dumb blonde...even when she's no longer one as she kept her brown hair (c/o fellow juror Jacki).

After Cuba, Talia wishes to return to college.

Wes returned to his bartending job in Venice Beach.

A former playboy, Wes learned to tone down and finally mature. After Survivor, he entered a relationship to a girl named Mocha and plans to marry her once he returns home.

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