Survivor: Hainan
Author User:Kenkwho
Filming Location Hainan Island, China
Season Run Apr 22, 2013 - Dec 30, 2013
Episodes 14
Survivors 20
Days 39
Winner Keith Dawson
Runner(s)-up Fion Fish
Lucas Williams
Tribes Lei Gong
Yu Shen
Hai Long Wang
Fanon Chronology
Next Season Survivor: Guinea-Bissau

Survivor: Hainan is the first fanon series of Kenkwho. The graphics sucks because the host is not good at it. But graphics now should be improved with selfless help from different members now. Grammar and spelling check is also welcome.

This season, 20 new castaways are divided into two tribes, Lei Gong (God of Thunder), and Yu Shen (God of Rain).


  • Redemption Island: In a drastic game-changing twist, when a player gets voted out from Tribal Council, that player will not be eliminated right away. Instead, the said contestant will go to Redemption Island, where he/she will fend for himself during his/her entire stay. At some time, the 2 contestants standing in the island will be introduced back to the main game. 
  • First Impressions: Each tribe is going to vote out one person on Day 2 before the first reward challenge. The two people voted out will be sent to Redemption Island.
  • Hidden Immunity Idols: They are in play this season. They are good on or before Day 36. There is one idol on each camp and one idol on Redemption Island.
  • Combined Reward/Redemption Duel: Two observers from each tribe would participate in this challenge. First redemption inhabitant out of the challenged would be eliminated. Last two contestants standing win reward. There will be two choices for reward and the last one standing can pick first. This is the first time where Redemption Island inhabitants can win reward.
  • Double Tribal Council: On Day 8, both tribes have to vote somebody to Redemption Island. On Day 21, the merged tribe voted out two people on the same night.
  • No Immunity Challenge: On Day 21, no Immunity Challenge was held before either of the tribal councils. Everyone was vulnerable at the first tribal council.
  • Two Castaways Eliminated: On Day 27, two castaways who received the most, and the second-most amount of votes were eliminated on that tribal council, making two castaways were eliminated on the same vote.


Castaway Original Tribe Merged Tribe Finish Redemption
Island Status
Michelle mi chen gray Michelle "Mi" Chen
Yu Shen 2nd Voted Out
Day 2
1st Eliminated
Day 4
Catherine reynolds gray Catherine Reynolds
Lei Gong 4th Voted Out
Day 5
2nd Eliminated
Day 6
Steven dye gray Steven Dye
Yu Shen 6th Voted Out
Day 8
3rd Eliminated
Day 9
Rebecca thomas gray Rebecca Thomas
Yu Shen 3rd Voted Out
Day 3
4th Eliminated
Day 9
Hope holmium nickle gray Hope "Holmium" Nickle
Lei Gong 5th Voted Out
Day 8
5th Eliminated
Day 12
Qwerty filex gray Qwerty Filex
Yu Shen 8th Voted Out
Day 14
6th Eliminated
Day 15
Oak timm gray Oak Timm
Yu Shen 9th Voted Out
Day 17
7th Eliminated
Day 18
Tifanie case gray Tifanie Case
Yu Shen 10th Voted Out
Day 19
8th Eliminated
Day 20
Gabriel gaps gray Gabriel Gaps
Lei Gong Hai Long Wang 13th Voted Out
Day 22
9th Eliminated
1st Jury Member
Day 25
Nancy dorris gray Nancy Dorris
Yu Shen 12th Voted Out
Day 21
10th Eliminated
2nd Jury Member
Day 25
Albert lee gray Albert Lee
Lei Gong 16th Voted Out
Day 27
11th Eliminated
3rd Jury Member
Day 28
Dash mash gray Dash Mash
Lei Gong 11th Voted Out
Day 21
12th Eliminated
4th Jury Member
Day 28
Penny smith gray Penny Smith
Yu Shen 7th Voted Out
Day 11
2nd Returnee
Day 20
15th Voted Out
Day 27
13th Eliminated
5th Jury Member
Day 31
Elisa rester gray Elisa Rester
Lei Gong 1st Voted Out
Day 2
1st Returnee
Day 20
18th Voted Out
6th Jury Member
Day 33
Johnathan mott gray Johnathan Mott
Lei Gong 14th Voted Out
Day 24
4th Returnee
Day 31
19th Voted Out
7th Jury Member
Day 36
Bobby nelson gray Bobby Nelson
Lei Gong 17th Voted Out
Day 30
3rd Returnee
Day 31
20th Voted Out
8th Jury Member
Day 37
Ingrid hong gray Ingrid Hong
Lei Gong 21st Voted Out
9th Jury Member
Day 38
Lucas williams gray Lucas Williams
Yu Shen Second
Fion fish gray Fion Fish
Lei Gong Runner-Up 3
Keith dawson Keith Dawson
Yu Shen Sole Survivor 10

Season Summary

Episode Title Redemption Island Challenges Eliminated Vote Finish
Inhabitant(s) Challenger(s) Eliminated Reward Immunity
1 "I'm Sad and Happy" Yu Shen Lei Gong Elisa 5-2-2-1 1st Voted Out
Day 2
Mi 8-2 2nd Voted Out
Day 2
Rebecca 6-3 3rd Voted Out
Day 3
2 "Who Voted Against Me?" Elisa Rebecca Mi Nancy Yu Shen Catherine 5-3-1 4th Vote Out
Day 5
Mi Elisa
3 "No One Would Go For That" Elisa Catherine Catherine Elisa Fion Holmium 4-4,
5th Vote Out
Day 8
Rebecca Albert Nancy Steven 5-3 6th Vote Out
Day 8
4 "Deal With It" Elisa Holmium Steven Lucas Lei Gong Penny 5-2 7th Voted Out
Day 11
Rebecca Steven Rebecca Keith
5 "This Is My Island!" Elisa Penny Holmium Elisa Lei Gong Qwerty 1-1-0;
8th Voted Out
Day 14
Holmium Dash
6 "This Has Been Compromised" Elisa Qwerty Qwerty Fion Lei Gong Oak 4-1 9th Vote Out
Day 17
Penny Elisa
7 "Woke Up From My Dream" Elisa Oak Oak R.I.
Lei Gong Tifanie 3-1 10th Voted Out
Day 19
8 "To Dice With Death" Elisa Tifanie Tifanie Gabriel None Dash 7-5 11th Voted Out
Day 21
Penny Gabriel Nancy 6-0 12th Voted Out
Day 21
9 "Easy As ABC" Dash None None Keith Gabriel 6-4 13th Voted Out
Day 22
Nancy Keith Johnathan 4-3-2 14th Voted Out
Day 24
10 "Do I Look Like I Care?" Dash Gabriel Gabriel Albert, Fion,
Ingrid, Lucas
Ingrid Penny 5-2-1 15th Voted Out
Day 27
Nancy Johanthan Nancy Albert 16th Voted Out
Day 27
11 "Going Out With Glory" Dash Penny Albert Fion Elisa Bobby 2-2-2;
17th Voted Out
Day 30
Johnathan Albert Dash
12 "Endplay" Johnathan Bobby Penny Survivor
Lucas Elisa 5-2 18th Voted Out
6th Jury Member
Day 33
13 "One Person Alliance" Bobby
[Keith, Lucas]
Lucas Johnathan 3-2-0 19th Voted Out
7th Jury Member
Day 36
14 "I Feel Like I Can Beat No One" None Lucas Bobby 3-2 20th Voted Out
8th Jury Member
Day 37
Fion Ingrid 3-1 21st Voted Out
9th Jury Member
Day 38
Jury Vote Lucas 5-4-0 2nd Runner-Up
Fion 1st Runner-Up
Keith Sole Survivor

Voting history

Survivor: Hainan Voting History
Original Tribes Merged Tribes
Elisa rester gray
Michelle mi chen gray
Rebecca thomas gray
Catherine reynolds gray
Hope holmium nickle gray
Steven dye gray
Penny smith gray
Qwerty filex gray
Oak timm gray
Tifanie case gray
Dash mash gray
Nancy dorris gray
Gabriel gaps gray
Johnathan mott gray
Penny smith gray
Albert lee gray
Bobby nelson gray
Elisa rester gray
Johnathan mott gray
Bobby nelson gray
Ingrid hong gray
Lucas williams gray
Fion fish gray
Keith dawson
Vote: 5-2-2-1 8-2 6-3 5-3-1 4-4 5-1 5-3 5-2 1-1-0 3-1 5-1 3-1 7-5 6-0 6-4 4-3-2 5-2-1 2-2-2 2-1-0 5-2 3-2-0 3-2 3-1 5-4-0
Episode #: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Keith Mi Rebecca Steven Penny Oak Qwerty Oak Tifanie Dash Albert Gabriel Johnathan Elisa Fion None Elisa Johnathan Bobby Ingrid Jury Vote
Fion Elisa Johnathan Ingrid Ingrid Oak Dash Albert Gabriel Albert Penny Bobby None Elisa Keith Keith Ingrid
Lucas Mi Rebecca Steven Penny Oak None Oak Tifanie Dash Albert Gabriel Johnathan Penny Fion Bobby Elisa Johnathan Bobby Ingrid
Ingrid Elisa Johnathan Holmium None Dash Albert Gabriel Albert Penny Bobby Bobby Elisa Johnathan Bobby Keith Fion
Bobby Elisa Catherine Ingrid Holmium Nancy Nancy Lucas Elisa Penny Keith None Keith Fion Keith Fion
Johnathan Ingrid Catherine Holmium Holmium Nancy Nancy Lucas Albert On R.I. Elisa Keith Keith
Elisa Ingrid On R.I. Dash Albert Gabriel Johnathan Albert Keith Keith Keith Keith
Penny Mi Rebecca Tifanie Qwerty On R.I. Dash Nancy Gabriel Johnathan Albert On R.I. Eliminated Fion
Dash Catherine Catherine Holmium Holmium Nancy On R.I. Eliminated Keith
Albert Gabriel Catherine Ingrid Holmium Nancy Nancy Lucas Elisa Penny Eliminated Keith
Gabriel Catherine Catherine Holmium Holmium Nancy Nancy(x2) <font color=

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yushen|}} Tifanie yushen|Mi}} yushen|Steven}} yushen|Steven}} yushen|Penny}} yushen|Oak}} yushen|Qwerty}} yushen|Oak}} yushen|Nancy}} Eliminated none|}}
yushen|}} Oak yushen|Mi}} yushen|Rebecca}} yushen|Tifanie}} yushen|Qwerty}} yushen|Lucas}} yushen|Lucas}} yushen|Lucas}} Eliminated none|}}
yushen|}} Qwerty yushen|Mi}} yushen|Rebecca}} yushen|Steven}} yushen|Penny}} yushen|Oak}} none|None}} Eliminated none|}}
leigong|}} Holmium leigong|Elisa}} leigong|Johnathan}} leigong|Ingrid}} none|None}} On R.I. Eliminated none|}}
yushen|}} Rebecca yushen|Nancy}} yushen|Steven}} On R.I. Eliminated none|}}
yushen|}} Steven yushen|Mi}} yushen|Rebecca}} yushen|Tifanie}} Eliminated none|}}
leigong|}} Catherine leigong|Elisa}} leigong|Gabriel}} Eliminated none|}}
yushen|}} Mi yushen|Nancy}} On R.I. Eliminated none|}}

Node-count limit exceeded</span> Thank you Ian for making me this amazing logo and giving me good advice for continuing writing this fanon!

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