Survivor: Japan
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Author User:UlforceKnight
Filming Location Kōchi Prefecture, Shikoku Island, Japan
Season Run September 17, 2014 - December 14, 2014
Episodes 13
Survivors 16
Days 39
Winner Erin Limberdon
Runner(s)-up Greg Zeisel
Tribes Ehime
Fanon Chronology
Previous Season La Mosquitia

Sixteen new castaways will enter the nation of Japan in the Kōchi Prefecture on the island of Shikoku, the smallest of the four main Japanese islands. Whoever can survive 39 days and each other, will win the million dollars and the title of Sole Survivor of Survivor: Japan.

Written in April 2014 to January 2015, Japan's TV run takes place in the fall of 2014. It will take the place of the canonical Season 29 (San Juan del Sur)


  • Back to Basics: Japan will have no twists, no tribe swap or dissolve. There are no hidden immunity idols.
  • Jury/Finalist Configuration: The jury and finalist configuration will be the two finalist, seven jury member format.
  • Rock Drawing Tiebreaker: Due to a deadlocked tie in the third tribal council, a rock drawing tiebreaker was utilized to eliminate a contestant. White rocks were safe. The red rock meant elimination.
  • No Merge: Due to Kagawa's atrocious challenge performances, they were devastated until only one member remained. She was then absorbed into the Ehime tribe instead of having an official merge.


Castaway Original Tribe Conquering Tribe Finish Votes Against
Daniel Benge Daniel Benge
28, New York, NY
Kagawa 1st Voted Off
Day 3
Courtnie Owens Courtnie Owens
27, Nobleboro, ME
Kagawa 2nd Voted Out
Day 6
Ethan Collins Ethan Collins
35, Warren, PA
Kagawa Eliminated
Day 9
Olivia Burrows Olivia Burrows
40, Dublin, OH
Kagawa 3rd Voted Out
Day 12
Oscar Hutchinson Oscar Hutchinson
56, Orem, UT
Kagawa 4th Voted Out
Day 15
Shakti Nibhanupudi Shakti Nibhanupudi
30, Carmichael, CA
Kagawa Evacuated
Day 16
Burt Pratt Burt Pratt
36, Chicago, IL
Kagawa Evacuated
Day 18
Ravenna Michaels Ravenna Michaels
20, Dallas, TX
Kagawa Ehime 5th Voted Out
1st Jury Member
Day 24
Peter Shillings Peter Shillings
35, Hebron, KY
Ehime 6th Voted Out
2nd Jury Member
Day 27
Zoe Smith Zoe Smith
33, Honolulu, HI
Ehime 7th Voted Out
3rd Jury Member
Day 30
Mark Silva Mark Silva
48, Redding, CA
Ehime 8th Voted Out
4th Jury Member
Day 33
Alice Munroe Alice Munroe
26, Portland, OR
Ehime 9th Voted Out
5th Jury Member
Day 36
Colton Cruz Colton Cruz
40, Tolleson, AZ
Ehime 10th Voted Out
6th Jury Member
Day 37
Heather Gomez Heather Gomez
26, Littleton, MA
Ehime 11th Voted Out
7th Jury Member
Day 38
Greg Zeisel Greg Zeisel
25, Council Bluffs, IA
Ehime Runner Up 1
Erin Limberdon Erin Limberdon
24, Pasadena, CA
Ehime Sole Survivor 1

Player of the Season

The Player of the Season for Survivor: Japan is Ravenna Michaels. She received 50.00%, exactly half, of the votes.

Ravenna Michaels
Ravenna Michaels

The Game

Episode Title Challenges Eliminated Vote Finish
Reward Immunity
1 "Grand Opening" Ehime Daniel 4-3-1 1st Voted Off
Day 3
2 "Operation Annihilation" Ehime Ehime Courtnie 6-1 2nd Voted Off
Day 6
3 "Kings and Queens" Ehime Ehime Ethan 3-3
Day 9
4 "Here Comes the Beatdown" Ehime Ehime Olivia 4-1 3rd Voted Off
Day 12
5 "The Godzilla Tribe" Ehime Ehime Oscar 3-1 4th Voted Off
Day 15
6 "Not Our Lucky Number" Ehime Ehime Shakti None Evacuated
Day 16
7 "We Conquered Them" None Ravenna Burt None Evacuated
Day 18
8 "Something's Gotta Give" Mark,
Peter Ravenna 8-1 5th Voted Off
1st Jury Member
Day 24
9 "Immunity's Curse" Alice, Colton
Greg, Mark
Zoe Peter 5-3 6th Voted Off
2nd Jury Member
Day 27
10 "Kiss of Death" Alice
Mark Zoe 4-3 7th Voted Off
3rd Jury Member
Day 30
11 "You Knew What Was Going to Happen" Alice,
Alice Mark 5-1 8th Voted Off
4th Jury Member
Day 33
12 "Beware the Man in Pink" Greg Greg Alice 4-1 9th Voted Off
5th Jury Member
Day 36
13 "Which One of You Is Worthy?" None Heather Colton 3-1 10th Voted Off
6th Jury Member
Day 37
None Greg Heather 1-0 11th Voted Off
7th Jury Member
Day 38
Jury Vote Greg 4-3 Runner-Up
Erin Sole Survivor

Voting History

Survivor: Japan Voting History
Original Tribes Conquering Tribe
Daniel Benge
Courtnie Owens
Ethan Collins
Olivia Burrows
Oscar Hutchinson
Shakti Nibhanupudi
Burt Pratt
Ravenna Michaels
Peter Shillings
Zoe Smith
Mark Silva
Alice Munroe
Colton Cruz
Heather Gomez
Greg Zeisel
Erin Limberdon
Vote: 4-3-1 6-1 3-3 2-2 Tiebreaker 4-1 3-1 No Vote No Vote 8-1 5-3 4-3 5-1 4-1 3-1 1-0 4-3
Episode #: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Erin Ravenna Peter Zoe Mark Alice Colton Ineligible Jury Vote
Greg Ravenna Peter Zoe Mark Alice Colton Heather
Heather Ravenna Peter Zoe Mark Alice Colton Ineligible Erin
Colton Ravenna Peter Zoe Mark Alice Greg Erin
Alice Ravenna Colton Colton Mark Colton Greg
Mark Ravenna Peter Colton Colton Erin
Zoe Ravenna Colton Colton Greg
Peter Ravenna Colton Greg
Ravenna Olivia Courtnie Olivia Ineligible Olivia Oscar Erin Erin
Burt Olivia Courtnie Olivia Olivia Safe Olivia Oscar
Shakti Olivia Courtnie Olivia Olivia Safe Olivia Oscar
Oscar Daniel Courtnie Ravenna Ravenna Safe Olivia Burt
Olivia Daniel Courtnie Ravenna Ineligible Oscar
Ethan Daniel Courtnie Ravenna Ravenna Eliminated
Courtnie Daniel Ethan
Daniel Ethan

Possible Returnees

Ravenna Michaels received over half of the votes for a possible return. She will appear in future season of mine. Peter Shillings and Zoe Smith were tied in second place for a possible second season.


  • If Ehime hadn't conquered Kagawa, the merged tribe would have been a yellow tribe.

Author's Notes

  • Japan will have the first medical evacuation in my fanons.
  • I uploaded the grayed out photos of the rest of the castaways to prevent potential spoilers for the finale.

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