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Survivor: Mykonos Island - Pandora's Box
Author User:Aathirsty
Season 1
Filming Location Mykonos Island, Greece
Season Run January 13, 2018-TBD
Episodes 15
Survivors 20
Days 39
Winner TBD
Runner(s)-up TBD
Tribes Nea Archi
Fanon Chronology
Previous Season N/A
Next Season Survivor: Royals vs. Rebels vs. Rejects

Survivor: Mykonos Island - Pandora's Box

Survivor: Mykonos  Island  -  Pandora's Box is the first season of Aathirsty's survivor.

This season on Survivor, 20 contestants will be on the ride of their lives. Twists and turns will send them in a loop, causing the game to change completely


  • Pandora's Box - There will only be one Day 1 tribe, with all 20 contestants in it. At the camp, there will be a box with three locks. To open it, the tribe will need to find three keys hidden around the island. Once the keys are found and the box is opened, tribes will return. The last chance to open the box will be right before F15 tribal council
  • Shared Immunity - The immunity winner will share their immunity with a certain other number of people. Those people will not attend tribal council. The number of people at tribal council will be about half of the tribe.
  • Idol Clue Temptation - When somebody finds the location of the key, next to it will be a rolled up idol clue. The finder of the key/clue can only choose one to bring to camp.


Castaway Original Tribe Finish Votes Against
Zachary Eliminated 2 Zachary St. Peters
21, Brewer, ME
Nea Archi 20th Place
Day 3
Captain Eliminated Kole "Captain" Ringer
30, Poulsbo, WA
Nea Archi 19th Place
Day 6
Winter From Survivor Greece Winter Ford
29, Rhyolite, NV
Nea Archi
Howie Survivor Howie Rhodes
62, Keene, NH
Nea Archi
Terri Survivor Terri Mayou
21, New York, NY
Nea Archi
Alex Survivor Greece Alex Cooley
26, Medora, ND
Nea Archi
Kasandra Survivor Kasandra Burten
41, Columbia, SC
Nea Archi
Rhett Survivor Rhett Nite
25, Oakland, CA
Nea Archi
Jade Survivor Jade Harisburger
26, Sanibel, FL
Nea Archi
Mario Survivor Mario Luca
28, Hobbs, NM
Nea Archi
Renee Survivor Renee Lozano
30, Kingman, AZ
Nea Archi 3
Jones Survivor Jones Birchland
33, New Iberia, LA
Nea Archi
Montana Survivor Greece Montana Orchard
23, Putney, VT
Nea Archi
Chad Survivor Chad Mayal
38, New Brunswick, NJ
Nea Archi 2
Micah Survivor Micah Jorden
23, Elyria, OH
Nea Archi
Coral Survivor Coral Tong
26, Seattle, WA
Nea Archi 1
Harvey Survivor Harvey Smith
31, Boston, MA
Nea Archi
Nichole Survivor Nichole Lewis
34, Laredo, TX
Nea Archi 1
Keith Survivor Keith Robbins
37, Santa Fe, NM
Nea Archi
Zoey Survivor Greece Zoey Serrano
20, Searcy, AK
Nea Archi

Season Summary

The Game

Episode Title Challenges Eliminated Vote Finish
Reward Immunity
1 "I Want Her Sleeping With The Fishes" N/A Jones, Captain, Alex,
Mario, Jade, Howie,
Micah, Kasandra, Rhett,
Zachary 6-3-1 1st Voted Out
Day 3
2 "A Line Drawn With A Sharpie" Captain (Jones, Micah,
Alex, Zoey, Jones,
Howie, Mario, Winter,
Montana, Keith, Micah,
Captain 6-2-1 2nd Voted Out
Day 6
3 "Tearing At My Heart Strings"
4 "Bottom Of The Hierarchy"
5 "This Is Where We Suffer"
6 "Camp Counselor"
7 "It's Not Naptime"
8 "Don't Bite The Cake!"
9 "My Mom Supports This Move"
10 "Fake It 'Till You Make It"
11 "I Don't Care For Tears"
12 "Stuck In The Loop"
13 "Losers Win Sometimes"
14 "Snap Back To Reality"
15 "No More Chaos, Please!"
Jury Vote Runner-Up
Sole Survivor

Voting History