The Survivor Fanon Wiki project started in 2012 in response to a consensus made in its sister site, Survivor Wiki to have a separate wiki to showcase users' fan fiction stories to maintain the purpose of the Survivor Wiki, which is to be a reliable source for the real show.

The Survivor Fanon Wiki is an unofficial hub of fan fiction (or "fanon") made by users that is dedicated to provide fan-created information related to the reality television show, Survivor. Individual users can make their own series continuity, though collaborations between users are also welcome. Pages in this wiki can range from season portal pages, castaways, "inside-" or "outside-of-canon" twists that are yet to be explored by the real show, contestants, episodes and blog posts about these articles. Users may also post ORG (Online Reality Games) results in the wiki.

A fanon refers to fan-created information that is not in any way endorsed by CBS, SEG,  Mark Burnett or any of its affiliates or sponsors.

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