Susan Little
Contestant Profile
Birth Date April 4, 1980
Hometown Walsh, CO
Occupation Psychologist

Survivor: Malaysian Islands

Tribes Akan
Placement 2/16
Challenges Won 9
Votes Against 4
Days Lasted 39

Susan Little is a contestant from Survivor: Malaysian Islands.


Name (Age): Susan Little (34)
Tribe Designation: Akan
Current Residence: Walsh, CO
Occupation: Psychologist
Personal Claim to Fame: Definitely finishing my psychology major. It was the one time in life that I could be proud of myself. Other was probably getting out of an abusive relationship. The worst thing is that I was feeling guilty about the relationship, because I thought that my studying made the crack in our love, but now I can fight against these type of relations, so that no woman has to feel guilty like I did.
Inspiration in Life: I would probably say that I inspire myself. I feel that I have to be as strong as I was at the divorce.
Hobbies: Cooking, Laughing, Helping
Pet Peeves: Questioning my intelligence, because that reminds of what 'HE' did to me.
3 Words to Describe You: Inspiration, Strong, Caring
SURVIVOR Contestant You Are the Most Like: I would say that I am a mix of a few including Kim, Parvati and Amanda but it is really hard to describe myself like that.
Reason to Being on Survivor: I just want to get to know new people and get to know their stories. That is what I do for living and it's what I love doing.

Survivor: Malaysian Islands

Voting History

Susan's Voting History
Episode Susan's
Voted Against
1 Ellis Ellis
2 Susan's Tribe Immune
3 Susan's Tribe Immune
4 Susan's Tribe Immune
5 Sean -
6 Louis Dean, Mika
7 Parke -
8 Tim -
9 Lisa -
10 Elyse Elyse
11 Martin -
12 Mika -
13 John -
Ineligible -
Runner-Up, Day 39


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