Susanna Cambridge is a contestant on Tlc479's Fan Fiction "Survivor: Bolivia"

Susanna Cambridge
Susanna cambridge
Contestant Profile
Birth Date March 6
Hometown Lawson, Oklahoma
Occupation Senior Vice President

Survivor: Bolivia

Tribes Luchador
Placement 17/18
Alliances Derek's Alliance
Challenges Won 1
Votes Against 5
Days Lasted 6


Name(Age): Susanna Cambridge (66)
Tribe Designation: Luchador
Current Residence: Lawson, Oklahoma
Personal Claim Of Fame: Graduating as Valedictorian at Oklahoma State.
Inspiration In Life: People who set out to change the world.
Hobbies: Shopping, Writing, Being with Family
Pet Peeves: Lazy people, and those who waste their talents
3 Words To Describe You: Strong-Willed, Determined, Charismatic
Reason For Being On Survivor: I love the outdoors and want to see how well I can do.

Survivor: Bolivia

Susanna's Voting History
Episode Susanna's Vote Votes Against Susanna
1 Natalia -
2 Natalia Beatrice, Destiny, Jerry, Ricardo, Vicki
Voted Out Day 6