Suzanne Gril
Suzanne headshot
Contestant Profile
Birth Date November 23, 1959 (Age 52)
Hometown Seattle, WA
Occupation Restaurant Manager

Survivor: Vieques

Tribes Yaureibo
Placement 16/18
Challenges Won 2
Votes Against 3
Days Lasted 9

Suzanne Gril is a contestant in Survivor: Vieques.


Suzanne is a restaurant manager from Seattle, Washington. She is a single lady who hates kids. She will speak her mind no matter what. She thinks that the other contestants will enjoy her company, and she will get far by being a funny person. Suzanne thinks she has what it takes to win Survivor because she can dominate the social part of the game. She claims she will be able to throw one-liners all the way to the final tribal council.

Survivor: Vieques

Voting History

Suzanne's Voting History
Episode Suzanne's
Voted Against
1 Yaureibo Tribe Immune
2 Yaureibo Tribe Immune
3 Autumn Cameron, Cassie, Malik
Voted Off, Day 9


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