Swing Votes Alliance
Swing Votes
Season Survivor: The Sahara
Founder Aleskan Markovic
Members Remained Loyal:
Gwendolyn Davin (Day 15-27)
Jeremy Bernard (Day 14-24)
Aleskan Markovic (Day 14-22)
Katniss Evergreen (Day 14-22)
Day Formed Day 14
Enemies VJ Raines
Outsiders Alliance
Scorpio Alliance
Roberta Budny
Lowest Placing Member Jeremy Bernard (10/20)
Highest Placing Member Katniss Evergreen (4/20)

The Swing Votes Alliance is an alliance from Survivor: The Sahara. The alliance was formed from the post-swap Scorpios on the Kufra tribe. The alliance would end up eliminating all of the Kufras from the Kufra tribe. Eventually Aleskan and Katniss left the alliance, rejoining the Scorpio Alliance at the merge.




Ulonging of Kufra

Katniss & Aleskan Leave

Last Swing Vote Standing


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