"Taking Control"
Season Survivor: Argentina
Author User:Pieniazek666
Episode Number 10/15
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This is the tenth episode of Survivor: Argentina

Previously on Survivor...

The merge came and with it both tribes trying to gain control over the other. The men planning a tie vote while the women wanted to get one of the men to jump over to them. Zaya and Audi made a final 3 deal with Tree while Sara attempted to get Jay with her. At the immunity challenge Totolax fell with in seconds of starting and Jay's parkour background help him to a win. At tribal alliance lines were discussed. When the votes came Tree held up to his final 3 deal and went with the girls blindsiding Totolax 6-4.


Reward Challenge: Argentina Shuffle
Divided into three teams survivors will play a version of shuffleboard. The person who gets closest to the bulls-eye scores a point for his or her team. First team to three points wins reward.
Reward: A night away from camp with an advanced screening of Grown ups 2 with various movie snacks.
Winners: Nikki, Jay, T.P.
Immunity Challenge: Survivor Anagram
Survivors will compete round by round attempting to solve an anagram where the answer is a past contestant of any season. the first 6 to complete round 1 move on to round 2. The first 4 to complete round 2 move on to round 3. the first 2 to complete round 3 move on to the final round. The final round has three anagrams to solve and survivors can not start the second or third until the previous is correct. First person to solve all 3 in the final round wins immunity.
Winner: Scott


Night 21

Everyone arrives back at camp following tribal council. T.P., Scott, Jay and Tree head off to the beach.

For the second time this game I was shocked at the outcome of a tribal I went to. I need to figure out what happened.


Quote1Wow. What happened?Quote2- T.P.
Quote1Somebody flipped.Quote2- Tree
Quote1I think it was Scott.Quote2- Jay
Quote1Oh yeah you're so quick to blame me. I bet it was you.Quote2- Scott
Quote1It wan't me. Besides, you're the one who doesn't ever seem to have a side he is on.Quote2- Jay
Quote1Says the guy that was a swing vote most of time.Quote2- Scott
Quote1ENOUGH. It doesn't matter who it was. We need a way out of this now.Quote2- T.P.
Quote1The girls may appear unified but there are cracks.Quote2- Tree
Quote1How are you so sure?Quote2- Scott
Quote1They look pretty unified to me.Quote2- Jay
Quote1I can assure you they aren't.Quote2- Tree
Quote1If Tree is right then we can get one of them to come to us and turn this around.Quote2- T.P.
Quote1I'll go back to camp and maybe talk with one of them see if I can get something from them. Jay come on.Quote2- Scott
Quote1Okay.Quote2- Jay
Tree is up to something. I can't put on him that is was him but I have my suspicions.


Scott and Jay head back to camp.

Quote1I honestly wouldn't be surprised if it was Scott.Quote2- T.P.
Quote1Would you be mad if I said it was me.Quote2- Tree
Quote1I would be very...wait. What?Quote2- T.P.
Quote1That's how I'm sure. Zaya and Audi, I am sure are not fully with a girls alliance.Quote2- Tree
Quote1"Wow. I am very surprised. One, you switched. Two, Zaya seems like the leader.Quote2- T.P.
Quote1Well, that's what I know.Quote2- Tree
Quote1Keep this away from Scott. I still don't trust him.Quote2- T.P.
Quote1Alright.Quote2- Tree
I am very surprised to that it was Tree but I can't be mad at him. I trust him dearly. I appreciate that he was honest and came forth. I just hope I'm not putting my faith in nothing.


Day 22

Buenos Iris

Zaya, Sara, and Nikki are off in the forest.

Quote1Well that went well.Quote2- Nikki
Quote1Something is up.Quote2- Sara
Quote1Does it matter. We now have a numbers advantage.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1Yeah we do.Quote2- Nikki
Quote1Who do you think flipped?Quote2- Sara
Quote1I don't know.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1I bet it was Jay. He looks like he has always been on the outs.Quote2- Nikki
Quote1He does. I wouldn't put it past him.Quote2- Sara
Quote1You want to ask him?Quote2- Zaya
Quote1Yeah. I'm gonna ask him if I ever get a chance if he wants to vote Tree with us this time.Quote2- Nikki
Quote1Wait. We have not decided it is Tree yet.Quote2- Sara
Quote1We should also have a back up plan.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1The back up plan can be Jay. Jay is a seriously good competitor.Quote2- Nikki
Quote1Are you sure we shouldn't switch them? Jay first then Tree for a back up.Quote2- Sara
Quote1No, Tree has shown he can win a challenge and Jay it looks like can be manipulated.Quote2- Nikki
Quote1I think Jay should go over Tree.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1Tree is much more threatening.Quote2- Nikki
Quote1So are we settled.Quote2- Sara
Quote1For now.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1I'll go tell Kristie. Sara, want to come?Quote2- Nikki
Quote1Sure.Quote2- Sara
No. Not Tree yet. I need to get Nikki off of voting Tree. Maybe he can win immunity next time. I should come up with my own back up plan.


Nikki and Sara leave to go find Kristie. Zaya to goes and finds Audi

Quote1Audi, I need to tell you something.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1Go ahead. I was going to say we should vote Scott next.Quote2- Audi
Quote1Nikki want Tree next.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1What? Didn't he vote with us?Quote2- Audi
Quote1I believe so. What are we going to do if she sticks with it.?Quote2- Zaya
Quote1Well first we should talk to Tree and make sure he is with us.Quote2- Audi
Quote1Okay, then what?Quote2- Zaya
Quote1That depends on....wait why am I the one thinking of what we are going to do?Quote2- Audi
Quote1I felt you should have a turn for a while.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1Ha. Ha.Quote2- Audi
Quote1Let's go talk to Tree.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1Alright.Quote2- Audi

Zaya and Audi head back to camp where Tree is laying in the shelter."

Quote1Hey Tree, get up.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1I am up.Quote2- Tree
Quote1We want to ask you something.Quote2- Audi
Quote1Alright, let me sit up.Quote2- Tree

Tree sits up and looks at Zaya and Audi.

Quote1Oh, hey Zaya. Hey Audi. What did you want to ask?Quote2- Tree
Quote1Did you vote with us last night?Quote2- Zaya
Quote1Yes. Why?Quote2- Tree
Quote1Nikki wants you next.Quote2- Audi
Quote1Seriously.Quote2- Tree
Quote1She says if you don't get immunity she wants you.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1Dang. Can you do something about it?Quote2- Tree
Quote1We can try.Quote2- Audi
Quote1Thanks.Quote2- Tree
Since Tree is with us we need to get Nikki off of voting him out. This is getting crazy.


Buenos Iris Night

Sara and Jay are out of the shelter.

Quote1Hey Jay, I want to tell you something.Quote2- Sara
Quote1What is it?Quote2- Jay
Quote1Do you know who voted Totolax besides the girls?Quote2- Sara
Quote1If you're implying anything, I'm not joining you. I think it was Scott. Go wake him up if you want.Quote2- Jay
Quote1Oh please. Scott wanted us out the second we got here. I seriously doubt it was him.Quote2- Sara
Quote1Well I can say this, It wasn't me. Now I'm going to bed.Quote2- Jay
Quote1Well good night.Quote2- Sara
Sara, just does not get it. I am not joining them. Ever.


Day 23

Buenos Iris

Scott, Jay, and T.P. are around the beach.

Quote1Sara is getting on my nerves.Quote2- Jay
Quote1How so?Quote2- Scott
Quote1She keeps on thinking I voted with them.Quote2- Jay
Quote1Well we know you didn't.Quote2- T.P.
Quote1I still wonder why Tree did it.Quote2- Scott
Quote1He must have had a good reason.Quote2- Jay
Quote1It doesn't matter. He is with us still.Quote2- T.P.
Quote1How are you so sure?Quote2- Scott
Quote1Because I know Tree. He is still with us.Quote2- T.P.

Tree arrives at the beach.

Quote1Hey.Quote2- Tree
Quote1Hey, do you know their next target?Quote2- Scott
Quote1Not yet. I'm sure Zaya or Audi will tell me though.Quote2- Tree
Quote1What good will it be to know who is next?Quote2- Jay
Quote1They can win immunity and force a back up plan.Quote2- T.P.
Quote1True.Quote2- Scott
Quote1So what good will it do?Quote2- Jay
Quote1I'm sure we would be able to think of something.Quote2- Tree
Quote1Yeah. It's not over for us just yet.Quote2- T.P.
So Undivided is pretty much dead. We are sitting ducks. We should be out there talking to the girls and taking control of this game.


Reward Challenge

The tribe arrives at the field location.

Welcome to today's reward challenge. For today's challenge you will split into teams of three and play a version of shuffleboard. Your goal is to get it into the highest value. The person that does so in each round will score a point for their team. The first team to three points win reward. You want to know want you are playing for?

–Jeff Probst

Everyone, "Yes."

The winning team will enjoy a night away from camp and be able to watch an advanced screening of the movie Grown Ups 2. You will also have various movie snacks. I know it's worth playing for. We will draw for teams and gets started.

–Jeff Probst

After everyone has gotten into there team.

On the gold team we have Scott, Tree and Zaya. On the blue team we have Sara, Kristie and Audi. On the green team Nikki, Jay, and T.P. first up Scott, Sara, and Nikki.

–Jeff Probst

Nikki walks up, pushes the puck and lands on 6.
Sara walks up, pushes the puck and lands on 4.
Scott walks up, pushes the puck and lands on 8.
Jeff, "Scott score a point for the gold team. Tree, Kristie, and Jay are up next."
Jay walks up, pushes the puck and lands on 10.
Kristie walks up and pushes the puck off the board.
Tree walks up, pushes the puck and lands on 8."
Jeff, "Jay scores for the green team. Zaya, Audi, and T.P. are up next."
T.P. walks up, pushes the puck and lands on 8.
Audi walks up, pushes the puck and lands on 6.
Zaya walks up, pushes the puck and lands on 8 but pushes T.P.'s into the 10.
Jeff "T.P. scores a point for the green team. Green-2, Gold-1, Blue-0. Scott, Sara, and Nikki are up."
Nikki walks up, pushes the puck and lands on 8.
Sara walks up, pushes the puck and lands on 6.
Scott walks up, pushes the puck and lands on 10.
Jeff, "Scott scores a point. Green-2, Gold-2 Blue-0. Tree, Kristie and Jay are up next."
Jay walks up, pushes the puck and lands on 8.
Kristie walks up, pushes the puck and lands on 6.
Tree walks up, pushes the puck and it lands on the edge of 10 for a second before falling off the board.
Tree, "Dang."
Jeff, "Jay scores. Green team wins reward."
After everyone gathers back at the mat.

Nikki, Jay, T.P., congrats on wining the reward. I have nothing for the rest of you. Grab your stuff and head back to camp. Good night.

–Jeff Probst

Reward Location

Nikki, Jay and T.P. are hanging around an outside movies theater setting.

Quote1Hey can I talk to you for a minute?Quote2- Nikki
Quote1Sure, what about?Quote2- Jay
Quote1I want to take out Tree next but Zaya doesn't seem to want to. Would you guys want to join me in taking Tree out?Quote2- Nikki
Quote1Tree has been there for me since the beginning. I'm out of the discussion to vote him out.Quote2- T.P.
Quote1I'm with T.P. I would never want to do something against Tree.Quote2- Jay
Quote1Why not? He is great at challenges.Quote2- Nikki
Quote1It's a personal thing. I don't wish to vote him out.Quote2- T.P.
Quote1I really think you should join me in this.Quote2- Nikki
Quote1We have made our decision.Quote2- Jay
Quote1I honestly think it would be a mistake not to take him out now.Quote2- Nikki
Quote1Well what can you do? You don't have me and Jay. Tree can't vote himself and Zaya didn't seem up to it.Quote2- T.P.
Quote1You can talk to Scott.Quote2- Jay
Quote1I hate that dude so much. Plus I'm sure he would not go for it.Quote2- Nikki
Quote1Well there you have it. Now, we have a night away from this game. Let's enjoy it.Quote2- T.P.
Nikki is targeting Tree. I have to tell him when we get back.


It boggles me that no one wants Tree gone but he is the biggest threat out here in this game.


Buenos Iris Night

Zaya and Audi are sitting outside the shelter.

Quote1Well it appears Nikki really wants Tree gone.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1Yeah, What should we do?Quote2- Audi
Quote1If Tree doesn't win immunity we may have to blindside her.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1That's going to be just as hard.Quote2- Audi
Quote1I know, I've been close with her since the beginning and you have been close to her since day 10.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1Are we sure we want to keep out deal with Tree.Quote2- Audi
Quote1I really want to keep it a little longer.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1I hope Tree wins so we can go after someone else.Quote2- Audi

Scott who had been awake but laying still finally gets up and goes over to Zaya and Audi.

Quote1What's up?Quote2- Scott
Quote1We were just talking about what we are going to do tomorrow.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1It's not that big of a deal.Quote2- Audi
Quote1Well can I hear it?Quote2- Scott
Quote1Well it was kind of only between me and Audi.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1Whatever. You guys go and continue talking I'll worry about more important things.Quote2- Scott
Quote1Later.Quote2- Audi
They were talking about what if Tree doesn't win immunity. I just have to make that happen. Don't I?


Scott knows something he isn't telling us. I hope he doesn't make our discussion harder.


Day 24

Immunity Challenge

The tribe arrive at a field location.

Welcome to today's immunity challenge. First things first. Jay I will take it back.

–Jeff Probst

Jay walks over to Jeff. Jeff takes off the necklace. Jay then walks back.

Immunity is back up for grabs. For today's challenge you will compete round by round solving an anagram. The answer is a past survivor. The first 6 to solve the anagram move on to round 2. In round 2 you will solve a harder anagram and the first 4 move on to round 3. Round 3 holds an even harder anagram. The first 2 move on to are final round. In the final round there will be 3 anagrams to solve and you must solve the one before it before moving onto the next. The first person to solve all three wins immunity and is guaranteed a 1 and 8 shot at winning this game.

–Jeff Probst

Scott, "Why so many rounds?"

There just are. We will draw for spots and get started.

–Jeff Probst

Round 1
After everyone is at there spot.

When I say go you can uncover the anagram and begin solving it. Survivor ready...GO.

–Jeff Probst

Everyone uncovers the anagram (NABBED TOE) and begin trying to solve it.
Zaya, "if this is the easiest I am afraid of the harder ones."
Scott, "It's simple. Jeff over here."
Jeff "Scott is moving on."
Jay motions over for Jeff.
Jeff' "Jay moving on."
Nikki motions over for Jeff while Tree motions for him a little later.
Jeff, "Nikki moving on. Tree moving on. We have 2 left."
Zaya "This is not easy."
T.P "Jeff."
Jeff goes over to T.P.
Jeff "T.P. moving on. One spot left."
Audi motions for Jeff.
Jeff, "Audi moving on. Sara, Kristie and Zaya are out. Debb Eaton was what you were looking for."
Round 2
After Scott, Jay, Nikki, Tree, T.P., and Audi are in there spots.

On my go you may uncover and begin solving the anagram. Survivors ready...GO.

–Jeff Probst

Everyone uncovers the anagram (JAR CON SEAMAN) and begin trying to solve it.
Jay, "Zaya, this one is definitely harder."
Scott, "It is."
Tree "This is difficult."
T.P., "Jeff, over here."
Jeff, "T.P. moving on."
Scott motions for Jeff.
Jeff, "Scott moving on. 2 more people will move on."
Nikki motions for Jeff.
Jeff, "Nikki moving on. One more spot left."
Tree, "Jeff."
Jeff, "Tree think he has it and does. Tree moving on. Jay and Audi are out. Jenna Morasca was your answer."
Round 3
After T.P., Scott, Nikki and Tree are in there spots

On my go you may uncover and begin solving the anagram Survivors ready...Go.

–Jeff Probst

Everyone uncovers the anagram (HELPER SKINNY PULL) and begin trying to solve it.
Scott, "Wow, Jeff where do you guys come up with these?"
Jeff, "Not telling."
Tree, "Well you weren't kidding about the difficult part."
Nikki motions over for Jeff.
Jeff, "Nikki, is wrong. No one is through yet."
T.P. motions for Jeff.
Jeff "T.P. is moving on."
Nikki motions for Jeff again.
Jeff "Nikki is wrong again."
Nikki "It's not Kelly Shinn."
Scott "Oh chit."
Scott quickly messes with the letters then calls Jeff.
Jeff, "Scott moving on. Tree and Nikki are out. Nikki, you might hate yourself. Kelly 'Purple' Shinn was the answer."
Nikki, "I forgot the nickname."
Final Round
After T.P. and Scott are at there spots.

For this final round you have 3 anagrams to solve. You can not start the second until I say you are right on the first and can't start the third until I say you are right on the second. On my go you may begin solving the first anagram. Survivors ready...GO.

–Jeff Probst

Scott and T.P. uncover the first anagram (GRADOS TIVO) and begin trying to solve it.
T.P. "Well Scott. I'm sure you're guess is as good as mine on this."
Scott "Geez Jeff, Did you stay up all night trying to make these?"
Jeff, "We had most of this prepared ahead of time."
T.P. motions for Jeff.
Jeff, "T.P. is right. He can now work on the second one."
T.P. uncovers the next anagram (I CRAB JERSEY) and begins trying to solve it.
Scott motions for Jeff.
Jeff, "Travis Good, is correct. Scott can begin working on the second one."
Scott uncovers the second anagram.
Scott, "How is it going over there T.P."
T.P., "These things suck."
Scott, "I think I may have this figured out."
T.P. "Go for it."
Scott messes with the letters and then calls for Jeff.
Jeff, "Scott is right. He can now work on the final anagram.
Scott uncovers the final anagram (MAYOR CLOAK) and begins trying to solve it.
T.P., "How is that one going?"
Scott. "It's just as hard but I think I can get it."
T.P. "Try to think of people that we voted out."
Jeff, "T.P. helping Scott. While helping another contestant win is not allowed."
T.P., "I meant trying."
Scott, "Is thinking out loud fine?"Jeff, "Thinking out loud is fine."
T.P. "Well then I'm doing a lot of thinking."
Scott, "Jeff."

Scott thinks he has the last one and he does. Scott wins immunity.

–Jeff Probst

After everyone is back at the mat.

Scott come and get it.

–Jeff Probst

Scott walks over to Jeff and has the necklace put on him.

Scott is safe tonight. As for the rest of you, someone will be voted out of this game. Grab your stuff and head back to camp.

–Jeff Probst

Buenos Iris

The tribe gets back to camp following Scott's win at the challenge. Sara, Nikki, and Kristie head off into the woods. Zaya and Audi head to the beach while the rest stay at the shelter.

Quote1Nice win Scott.Quote2- T.P.
Quote1Those were something else.Quote2- Jay
Quote1We need to decide now on our target.Quote2- Scott
Quote1I think we should go Nikki again.Quote2- Tree
Quote1I agree. She is strong in challenges and she almost beat Scott.Quote2- T.P.
Quote1She is definitely a threat.Quote2- Jay
Quote1Now we are all good on voting Nikki.Quote2- Scott
Quote1Yes.Quote2- Tree
Quote1Yeah.Quote2- T.P.
So my plan is working perfectly. Tree didn't win immunity so the girls are going for him. Undivided is coming back and we are hitting hard.


Tree heads off to the beach.

Quote1I know you don't want but I think we have to.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1Are you sure it is not too late to talk her out of it.Quote2- Audi
Quote1I'm sure. Audi please.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1Just cause Scott won doesn't mean we can't talk her out of it.Quote2- Audi
Quote1She whispered in my ear that she was doing it.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1I guess your right but I really don't want to.Quote2- Audi
Quote1I know. I don't either.Quote2- Zaya

Tree arrives from camp.

Quote1I just wanted to tell you two that the guys are voting Nikki.Quote2- Tree
Quote1Okay, thanks Tree.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1No problem. I am in a final 3 deal with you two after all so I have to look out for you and keep you informed on what I know.Quote2- Tree
Quote1You know Nikki is wanting you gone.Quote2- Audi
Quote1Jay told me when they got back."Quote2- Tree
Quote1Okay.Quote2- Audi
Quote1Well I'm gonna head back to camp.Quote2- Tree
Quote1Later.Quote2- Zaya
This is so difficult. I have such a hard discussion to make. Zaya and I promised to vote the same so I have to decide what I want to do.


If all goes well. Nikki will be gone but if not. Goodbye Argentina.


Tribal Council

The tribe arrive at tribal, placing their torches behind them before taking a seat.

Welcome to tribal council. Scott, you have immunity. Do you feel like you needed it?

–Jeff Probst

Quote1With five girls and 4 boys, I definitely think I needed it.Quote2- Scott
Quote1T.P. "What did you make of last tribal?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Well, we were all shocked at what happened but the men came together and realized we need something to stay alive in this game.Quote2- T.P.
Quote1Kristie, is the old La Plata tribe all united in saying 'Let's get rid of all the boys and have an all girls final five.'?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1I believe so we thank whoever voted with us but you still have to go.Quote2- Kristie
Quote1It's kind of funny because Scott tried to throw us out the first night we got to their camp.Quote2- Nikki
Quote1I still want to.Quote2- Scott
Quote1Zaya, is there any hope for the guys to get back into this game?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1There very well could be.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1Tree, do you feel safe tonight?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1I honestly never feel safe.Quote2- Tree
Quote1Nikki, How about you? Do you feel safe?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1I think the only way in this game to be absolutely sure you are safe is to have that necklace Scott is wearing.Quote2- Nikki
Quote1Nobody is ever for sure safe unless they have immunity. Anything can happen.Quote2- Jay
Quote1Sara, does what Jay saying about anything can happen make you nervous about the vote?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1I am always nervous that a plan backfires and someone is blindsided.Quote2- Sara
Quote1We'll it is now time to vote. T.P., you're up first.Quote2- Jeff Probst

T.P. gets up, heads to the urn, and votes. He is followed by the rest of the tribe ending with Sara.

I'll go tally the votes.

–Jeff Probst

Jeff heads off, grabs the urn, and comes back.

Once the votes have been read the decision is final. Person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the vote.

–Jeff Probst


Nikki...2 votes Nikki

Tree...2 votes Nikki, 1 vote Tree

Tree...2 votes Tree, 2 votes Nikki, next vote

Tree...3 votes Tree, 2 votes Nikki, 4 votes left

Nikki...3 votes Nikki, 3 votes Tree, 3 votes left

Nikki...4 votes Nikki, 3 votes Tree, 2 votes left, next vote

Eleventh person voted out of Survivor: Argentina and the first member of our jury...Nikki. You need to bring me your torch.

–Jeff Probst

Nikki stays sitting in shock.
Jeff, "Nikki, bring me your torch."
Nikki gets up, grabs her torch and walks to Jeff.
Nikki, "Wow."
Jeff, "Nikki, the tribe has spoken. It is time for you to go."
Nikki walks out of tribal and into the night.

By her look and the look of other. This was yet another blindside for this tribe. If anything is to learn, immunity is the only thing that can for sure keep you safe. Grab your stuff and head back to camp. Good night.

–Jeff probst

Tribal Council #10:
(Buenos Iris)
Nikki (6 votes)
Audi, Jay, Scott, T.P., Tree, Zaya
Tree (3 votes)
Kristie, Nikki, Sara
Nikki Zigmond

Voting Confessional

Since you are voting me then I will vote you.


This vote is because you are too strong.


I don't want to lose him this soon.


Final Words

Wow. I am completely surprised my alliance would turn on me like that.


Still In The Running

La Plata
Jessica bOUT
Jessica B.
Jessica hOUT
Jessica H.

Next Time on Survivor...

What was once temporary may become permanent.

Author's Notes

The title was said by Scott on his alliance simply wondering what they can do next instead of fighting for their life.