Taylor Johannson
Taylor Johannson
Contestant Profile
Birth Date December 15, 1994
Hometown Lubbock, TX
Occupation Student

Survivor Honduras

Tribes Mocorón
Placement 2nd Runner Up (3/18)
Alliances The Power of Three
Challenges Won 12
Votes Against 7
Days Lasted 39

Taylor Johannson is a contestant from Survivor Honduras. She was the second runner up after Kat Morris.


Taylor is an 18 year old student from Lubbock, Texas. She is young and a little too trusting, but she is a force in challenges. She could be useful in challenges in the beginning and later in the game as a secure vote, but if she doesn't wise up to the game she could be gone before the end. It all matters on who she aligns with.

Survivor Honduras

Taylor was place on the Mocorón tribe where she allied with John Sayers and Kat Morris on Day 1. That would prove to be very valuable to her as the game went on. Even though Mocorón was on a winning streak, Taylor's allegiance to John made tribemate Jase Allen want to target her to weaken John as he ascended to power in the tribe. Jase's plan failed when John was able to secure Susan's vote and send Jase home instead of Taylor. After that, Taylor was flying under the radar as she helped in the decision making in the Mocorón tribe and the merged Caratasca tribe.

Taylor didn't like the idea of blindsiding her ally Matt Easterly but she knew she had to in order to have a better chance of making it to the end. Reluctantly, she voted for Matt sending him home. At the final tribal council, Matt questioned the Final Three about his elimination. He was Taylor's only jury vote to win the game because she was the only one to show remorse over Matt's elimination.

Voting History

Taylor's Voting History
Episode Taylor's
Voted Against
1 Mocorón Tribe Immune
2 Mocorón Tribe Immune
3 Mocorón Tribe Immune
4 Jase Adam, Conner, Danni, Jase
5 Mocorón Tribe Immune
6 Mocorón Tribe Immune
7 Danni -
8 Adam -
9 Conner -
10 Jessica -
11 Susan -
12 Tina -
13 Matt -
14 Alison Alison, Connie
Connie Connie
Second Runner Up, Day 39
Jury Votes
for Taylor


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  • Taylor is the second 18 year old in the game (the first being Kat Morris). Taylor is the older of the two by three months even.
  • Taylor is the only member of the core Power of Three to never win individual immunity.
  • No woman voted for Taylor to win in Honduras. Taylor's only vote came from Matt Easterly.