"Team Alpha Male"
Season Survivor: Terra Nova
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Episode Number 2/13
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This is the second episode of Survivor: Terra Nova

Previously On Survivor...

Eighteen contestants arrived in Newfoundland, Canada to take part in a game for a million dollars. Three tribes were formed one tribe, the Mi’kmaq Tribe, consisted of all women; the Cabot Tribe consisted of all men, while the Beothuk Tribe was the game’s only mixed gender tribe.

The Cabot Tribe won the first Reward Challenge. The prize for that challenge allowed the Cabot Tribe to decide at what location the tribes would live in. The members of the Cabot Tribe decided to pick the luxury location where they had a pre-built shelter which had mattresses. The Cabot Tribe then decided to let the Mi’kmaq Tribe live in the location where they would get building supplies to help build their shelter. Finally, the Beothuk Tribe ended up in the location where there were no supplies and therefore they had to build everything from scratch.

Hank of the Cabot Tribe did not like the decision his teammates made and he was not afraid to vocalize his opinion. This caused tension between him and Kyle. Angelo, Kyle, and Andy decided to form an alliance on the Cabot Tribe. They quickly realized that they needed one more person to form the majority and so Angelo approached Hank with the offer that Hank could not refuse. However, Hank did refuse to join the majority alliance and which angered Angelo.

Over at the Beothuk Tribe, Zelda found her Tribe’s Hidden Immunity Idol while making breakfast. Paul was there when she found the Idol and the two of them formed an alliance.

Lauren, Molly, and Octavia of the Mi’Kmaq Tribe quickly formed an alliance after they bonded over the fact that they did not want to work. They soon quickly targeted Jillian for elimination due to the fact that they were not happy that Jillian had cost them a wins in both the Reward and Immunity Challenges.

The Mi’kmaq Tribe lost the first Immunity Challenge which meant they had to go to Tribal Council. At Tribal Council, Jillian tried to defend herself in order to stay in the game but it did not work for her. In the end Jillian became the first contestant to be voted out of Survivor: Terra Nova. Seventeen are left, who will be voted out tonight?


Reward Challenge: Match Maker
Each castaway would receive a box containing four items. The goal was for each Survivor to match an item from their box to an item in another castaway's box. The tribe scoring the most matches would win reward.
Reward: Survivor Bathroom (A solar shower, a toilet, and various other Toiletries.)
Winner: Cabot

Immunity Challenge: Jail Break
Shackled by locks, each team would be placed in a jail cell. Using the resources on the ground, the Survivors had to escape the cell by reaching for the keys that hung on posts outside of the cell. First two tribes to have gathered the keys, unlock their shackles, and dig out of the jail would win.
Winners: Beothuk, Mi'kmaq


Night 3

The Mi’kmaq Tribe return from Tribal Council, as the five members of the tribe mull around their shabbily built shelter Pearl decides to talk about team unity. She (Pearl) says that the team needs to make an effort to get to know each other better and they need to use that communication to build team unity.

I’ll say one thing Pearl has a lot of balls. She droned on and on about how we have to talk to each other and get to know each other in order for us to become a better team.

While she was saying this I felt like saying to her, “Bitch you could’ve have been the first person voted out tonight. The only reason you weren’t was because Jillian sucked at life.”

I would have loved to say that to her but I didn’t. Pearl should thank her lucky stars that she is still even in this game. I do think it goes without saying though, should we lose the next Immunity Challenge, Pearl will have a one way ticket out of this game.


Day 4

Day four begins at the Cabot Camp where Urban is busy collecting fire wood for his tribe. He is shortly joined by Kyle and the two begin to discuss the state of their team.

Quote1Hey man I wanted to talk to you and you know…get a feel for where your head is at game wise.

Me and a couple of the other guys are talking about alliances and we were wondering what you take is on working with others in this game.Quote2
- Kyle

Quote1Well nobody has approached me yet. I reckon that I’d be open to working with others; I mean that is the name of the game. Who are you working with?Quote2- Urban

Quote1It is Andy, Angelo, and me. Look man if you join us we will have the majority vote to back us up. Should we lose an Immunity Challenge we can just take the other two out. The four of us could run this game, so I really think it would be great for you to work with us.Quote2- Kyle

Quote1Well…I ain’t got no problem working with y’all; if y’all want to work with me then you’ve got my vote.Quote2- Urban

Quote1Cool beans bro. This is gonna be an epic alliance!Quote2- Kyle

Working with Kyle and the other two would not have been my first choice. But there is always strength in numbers and I need to be where the power is at in this game. Right now the power on this tribe is with Kyle, Andy, and Angelo and so that is where I’m going to go regardless of if I trust them or not.

That’s gonna be my what I do in this game, go to where the power is and try and become one of the powerbrokers.


I think it is so awesome that Urban has agreed to join up with me and the other guys. The four of us are going to dominate not only our tribe but the game as a whole. Hell we have so many studs in our alliance you might as well call us Team Alpha Male.

Granted there can be only one alpha male and I am clearly the one. But I’ll let the other guys think they’re the ones, so long as they do what I want them to do.


Over at the Mi’kmaq Tribe, Pearl is away from camp while the remainder of her team lounges around in the shelter talking about her (Pearl). Lauren says that she cannot believe that Pearl has the nerve to talk about getting to know each other better so that they can become a better team. She (Lauren) then says that they all get along just fine, they just don’t like her.

Jocelyn tells the other three women that they should have just kept Jillian and gotten rid of Pearl because keeping Pearl on their team is only going to hurt them. Molly agrees but then says that both Pearl and Jillian sucked so it did not really matter which one went first and which one will go second.

The cameraman zooms out to show Pearl standing behind the shelter, holding fire wood in her arms, listening in on the women talking about her. She looks very sad upon hearing what they think of her.

You know since we have been out here I have worked my butt off trying to make this camp a little bit more livable. So when I heard the princesses talking smack about me it…it really hurt me. It was like they stuck a knife in my heart.

What really makes me angry is that I have to go into camp and be nice to them because they now control my fate in the game. These young women do nothing but lay on their lazy butts all day and they have the nerve to talk smack about me.

I’m just…I’m just furious and very hurt over this whole situation.


Pearl comes into the view of the other women on her tribe. Molly and Lauren look nervously at each other. Molly asks the other girls if they think Pearl heard what they said about her. Octavia waves her left hand dismissively and says…

Who cares? Even if she did, it’s not like she can do anything about it.


At the Beothuk camp, we get a confessional of Billie-Jean talking about how Violet has a crush on George.

It seems that George has a new friend in Violet. She seems to follow him everywhere he goes. If George goes to get some wood, Violet goes with him. When we sleep at night Violet always sleeps next to him.

Personally I think it is cute. I mean for the first two days Violet felt isolated but now she seems to be coming out of her shell as the days go by. That being said I am not sure George feels that way.


We now see various clips of Violet following George around as he goes about his day. There is one clip where George is talking to Marlon and within seconds Violet joins them and neither man seems to be happy that she is there.

I think Violet is a sweet young girl…I really do. But I cannot give her what she seems to want from me.

I have a fiancée back home who I am deeply in love with, so I am not about to do anything to mess that up. Yes Violet is cute but that does not mean I am going to jeopardize my relationship with my girlfriend.

I just have to think of a nice way to say I just want to be friends with her. I guess there is no way of saying that nicely.


George better watch out when he tells Violet that he doesn’t want to hook up with her. Because that chick could end up being a cray cray, heck we better not leave the ax around in case she gets some ideas.


I am not sure if my flirting is making George a little uncomfortable. I understand he is engaged but what I am doing is only a little harmless flirting. There is a line that I will not cross because I respect him.

It just feels good to have a guy out here who I enjoy hanging out with. And if I happen to flirt with him a little…well it is what it is.


Day 5

Day five begins with the Cabot Tribe’s Hank sitting alone on a hill, which overlooks the water below, throwing rocks into the water.

Early in the morning is my time baby. Ain’t nobody awake from my team but me. I love the peacefulness of it all. Just to look out at that pristine water and realize that I will probably never get a chance to do something like this again in my life.

I’ve gotta admit, I don’t really like anyone on my tribe aside from Simon and Urban. Those other three are just rotten young men who ain’t got a clue on what life is all about. The three of them think that they can use their little alliance to bully others.

That’s exactly why I turned them down when they asked me to join. This game ain’t about forcing your will upon others…or at least that isn’t how I want to play the game.

To me I just want to take this game one day at a time and bask in this beautiful wilderness.


Reward Challenge:

Both the Cabot and Beothuk Tribes arrive at the challenge site first and once all of their members are settled on their respective mats; the Mi’kmaq Tribe enters the challenge area. Jeff Probst informs the members of the Beothuk and Cabot Tribes that Jillian was voted out at the previous Tribal Council. There is hardly any reaction from either team over the fact that Jillian was the first to be voted out.

Jeff Probst tells them the rules of the challenge and informs the castaways what the winning tribe will be getting. The Beothuk and Cabot Tribes both have an extra person on their tribes, therefor both tribes have to sit one person out. The Cabot Tribe decides to sit Andy out, while the Beothuk Tribe decides to sit George out.

The challenge beings and Angelo is the first person to go for the Cabot Tribe. Angelo asks Paul for a pocket watch, Paul has no pocket watch. Pearl does and she manages to take Angelo’s watch away. Instead of writing out the blow by blow account of the challenge here is the order of elimination from the challenge…

The first person eliminated from the challenge was Lauren.

The second person eliminated from the challenge was Zelda.

The third person eliminated from the challenge was Urban.

The fourth person eliminated from the challenge was Pearl.

The fifth person eliminated from the challenge was Paul.

The sixth person eliminated from the challenge was Billie-Jean.

The seventh person eliminated from the challenge was Octavia.

The eight person eliminated from the challenge was Simon.

The ninth person eliminated from the challenge was Marlon.

The tenth person eliminated from the challenge was Violet meaning the Beothuk Tribe has lost the challenge.

The eleventh person eliminated from the challenge was Kyle.

The twelfth person eliminated from the challenge was Angelo.

The thirteenth person eliminated from the challenge was Molly.

The fourteenth and final person eliminated from the challenge was Jocelyn meaning the Mi’kmaq Tribe has lost the challenge.

Hank wins the challenge for the Cabot Tribe and the guys are overjoyed over the fact that they have won the “Survivor Bathroom”. The other two tribes do not see that thrilled that the guys have won yet another challenge.

Back at the Cabot Tribe’s camp, they guys congratulate Hank on helping them to pick-up their third win in a row. Andy says that if they can keep on this momentum then no other team will be able to stop them.

Today’s win was great…there is no doubt about that. Hank did good in the challenge, I didn’t think the old fart had it in him but I guess his memory is pretty good.

What made our Reward Challenge great was the fact that we have yet another creature comfort here in our camp. Those other two teams are having to rough it out here and we are living like kings and that’s the way it should be because we are truly the Alpha Males of this game.

We have the other two teams right where we want them…with our feet on their throats. It must be so demoralizing to have to lose to us challenge after challenge. Oh well…I guess it sucks to be them.


The Beothuk Tribe returns from the challenge and Paul, Marlon, and George discuss the Cabot Team’s victory at the Reward Challenge. Marlon says that both them and the girls’ team (Mi’kmaq Tribe) are at a disadvantage and he thinks that the Cabot Tribe is a “super tribe” who is just going to steamroll them. George agrees and says that it sucks losing to them again even if it was only a reward challenge.

Paul reminds the others that while winning Reward Challenges are nice, the key in this game is winning Immunity Challenges. He says, “Let them have all of the Reward Challenges. As long as we win the Immunity Challenges we will be golden.”

At the Mi’kmaq Tribe Molly, Lauren, and Octavia are once again doing their favorite thing which is sitting around doing nothing. A clearly annoyed Pearl looks over at them and rolls her eyes in disgust. Octavia notices this and calls Pearl out.

This sets off an argument between Pearl and the other three women (Molly, Lauren, and Octavia. Jocelyn just stays off to the side and witnesses the fight but she does not intervene.).

Quote1Yeah I rolled my eyes at you, because I’m sick and tired of y’all sitting around and not doing a damn thing to improve this camp. The name of the show is Survivor…not Octavia’s summer vacation. If you actually did something around here, you wouldn’t hear a peep from me.Quote2- Pearl

Quote1You know…I mother always taught me to respect my elders. But I have to say I am finding it harder and harder to respect you because you are always in my face ordering me around.

I am a grown ass woman, I don’t need you to be my mom out here Pearl.Quote2
- Octavia

Quote1You don’t act like a grownup…no…you act like a petulant child. That’s fine if you and your girls want to sit around and talk smack about me all do…then that’s what you should do. Maybe I should just stop trying to make this camp a better place to live. Maybe I should enjoy living in squalor like the rest of you...Quote2- Pearl

Quote1Oh shut the hell up Pearl. Jeez I can’t believe you right now. Just who do you think you are?

I am not sure if you realize this or not but you have no power in this game. There is nothing you can do to improve your standings in this game. If we lose another Immunity Challenge, you will be going home.

So if I were you I would just stop worrying about what others are doing in this game and focus on what is going on with your own game.Quote2
- Lauren

Quote1Fine…if I have no power and I am the next to go….well then I am not going to bother doing anything else for the three of you. I will not boil anymore water, I will not get any more firewood, and I will not make rice for anyone but me.

I am sick and tired of busting my ass to make camp life better for you three self-entitled little brats. To hell with you, you disrespectful bunch of lazy, good-for-nothing scumbags. I am done dealing with y’alls carp.Quote2
- Pearl

Pearl storms off as Molly, Lauren, and Octavia laugh over her meltdown.

I loved that Lauren and Octavia made Pearl finally break today. It was great because now the two of them look like the two biggest jerks out here. If you notice I did not say one word, I was not about to berate Pearl who I actually think is a nice lady.

No, instead I relished in the glory of Octavia and Lauren making themselves look like the mean girls. After all, the more heat that is on them…the better off I am.


The fight at camp today was just brutal. I really have no love for any of the other women on my tribe. I find Pearl to be a bit overly bossy and I find the other three girls to be very mean and very catty.

However, what they did today to Pearl came across as very dehumanizing to me. It is obvious that the three of them have all of the power on this tribe but they do not have to lord it over Pearl. I felt what they did to her was a little disgusting.


Pearl really has some nerve thinking that she can talk to us like that. Just who does she think she is?

She is at the bottom of the team and there is no upward mobility for her. She is going to remain right where she is until we vote her out. It would have been wise for her to just keep her mouth shut, but I guess she is just not smart enough to see that.


Day 6

Day six beings at the Mi’kmaq camp. The entire team is sitting in their inadequate shelter as the rain falls.

Pearl is noticeably sitting pretty far from the rest of her teammates and she looks absolutely depressed. Finally, Pearl asks her teammates if she could talk to them. The others all agree.

I want to apologize about my outburst yesterday. I regret saying what I said and I know I can’t take it back but I want y’all to know that I do feel sorry for some of the harsh words that I said yesterday.

In all honesty I would love to blame my blow-up yesterday on the age gap between me and the rest of you…but I know that is not the case. Truth be told I know I can come across as harsh and a little demanding at times and that is something that I need to work on.

I fully understand that my days are numbered in this game and so I would love it if we squashed our beef and just remained respectful with one another. This is a once in a lifetime experience and I don’t think we should be constantly bickering. No…we should enjoy our time out here for however long we are out here.


Octavia and Lauren both accept Pearl’s apology and the three women hug it out.

I had to eat a little crow today. My apology was not at all sincere because I feel as if I have done nothing wrong.

What my apology was, was me extending a sort of olive branch in order to make my remaining days a little easier. If that means buttering them up…so be it. I now after approach them differently from here on out.


Immunity Challenge:

The three teams enter the challenge site and Jeff explains the rules of the challenge to the castaways. The first two teams to complete the challenge will win Immunity from Tribal Council. The team to finish the challenge last will earn a date to Tribal Council where one of their members will be the second person voted out of Survivor: Terra Nova.

Jeff informs both the Beothuk and Cabot Tribes that they have to sit one of their members out. He then reminds them that they cannot sit the same people out in back-to-back challenges, which mean that both Andy and George must compete in this challenge. The Beothuk Tribe decides to sit Paul out of the challenge, while the Cabot Tribe decides to sit Simon out of the challenge.

The challenge beings and right away it looks like Mi’kmaq is going to be at a huge disadvantage and none of the women have long arms and so they are struggling to reach their keys. The constant rain adds to the difficulty of the challenge. We see members from all three teams struggling to get ahold of their keys.

Jeff informs the tribes that the Beothuk Tribe is currently in the lead with six keys, while Chabot has five keys and the Mi’kmaq Tribe is bringing up the rear with three keys. We get time lapsed footage of the challenge and in said footage we see various castaways dropping their keys on the ground.

The Beothuk Tribe is the first tribe to retrieve all of their keys and Jeff informs them that they can now start digging. Angelo begins to panic because the girls are now just one key behind his tribe. The other two teams continue to struggle as the members of the Beothuk Tribe begin to trickle out of their hole.

The five members of the Beothuk Tribe soon cross the finish line, which means they are the first team to win Immunity tonight. Now that it is a two dog race for the second Immunity, the Cabot Tribe really kick it up a notch and they finish getting their keys. They begin to dig as the Mi’kmaq Tribe snatches their last key.

Now both teams are pretty much neck and neck as they are both feverishly trying to dig a hole big enough so that all their members can get through. The men quickly get everyone through their hole with the exception of Angelo. Angelo starts to panic as he tries to dig his way out.

While Angelo continues to panic, all of the members of the Mi’kmaq Tribe manage to get out of their whole and once they cross the finish line together, they become the second team to win Immunity!

Jeff hands one-half of the Immunity Idol over to Violet and the other half of the Immunity Idol over to Lauren. He then informs the members of the Cabot Tribe that he has nothing for them and that they will be seeing him that night at Tribal Council where one of them will be the second person voted out of Survivor: Terra Nova.

The Cabot Tribe returns to their camp and they all look defeated.

We’ve just gotten beat by a bunch of girls. I can’t believe that crap. We should’ve sat Angelo’s fat ass instead of Simon. Maybe then we would’ve won the challenge.


Angelo, Urban, Andy, and Kyle head off into the woods to discuss who is going to go home tonight.

Quote1Okay guys it’s between Hank and Simon so which one should we get rid of tonight? I really don't care which one goes, so long as my neck isn;t on the line I'm happy with either one of them going.Quote2- Andy

Quote1I’m all for getting rid of Hank just because he openly disrespected us. I don’t care if he’s in great shape or not. If you disrespect me…you’re going to get whacked.Quote2- Angelo

Quote1I’m down with whatever way y’all want me to vote but I would like to point out we probably will need Hank more for the physical challenges. I think Simon one of our weak links and because of that he is very expendable.Quote2- Urban

Quote1Simon is someone we can get rid of at any time. He doesn’t pose a threat to any of us. Hank on the other hand is someone that kills our team unity and so he should probably be the first to go if we are thinking about team unity.

So I say Hank but I was thinking we should have a little fun with it. Why don’t we make them beg to stay in the game? That way we can get a couple of laughs out of it and we will also get a much better sense of which one of them wants to be here more.Quote2
- Kyle

Quote1That seems like a harsh thing to do…I like the way you think.Quote2- Andy

Andy, Kyle, and Angelo laugh over this comment as they head back their camp.

Back in camp Simon and Hank discuss how one of them will probably be the first to go home. Hank says that he would love to stay in the game but if he is the one to go he hopes that Simon will be able to stay in the game for a few more rounds.

Simon tells Hank that he should not worry about a thing because it is so obvious that he (Simon) is going to be the one who ends up getting voted out. He (Simon) says that he has yet to even have a conversation with Angelo, Andy, or Kyle and because of that he knows that he will be the first to go. Simon reasons that they did not want to get to know him because they knew they were going to vote him out first.

Just then the Alpha Male Alliance returns to camp. Kyle has a huge smug grin on his face as he looks at Simon and Hank.

Quote1So guys we were just talking about which one of you we planned on voting out tonight and we could not come to a decision. So we decided that we were going to give you two the opportunity to save yourselves. We want you to tell us why we should keep you in the game.Quote2- Kyle

Quote1So let me get this straight man, Angelo screwed the pooch in the challenge today and his name isn’t even being spoken as someone who might go tonight? I mean you can’t blame Simon for the loss because he wasn’t in the challenge today and I held my own in the challenge.

Angelo had two separate meltdowns in the challenge this afternoon, so I think he should be the one who has to tell me why I should not vote for him tonight.Quote2
- Hank

Quote1That ain’t gonna happen son. You see I was smart enough to form an alliance…an alliance that has the majority of the votes on this team. You could’ve have worked with us but you were too stupid to take us up on our offer.

Had you used your brains, it would have been Simon going home but now because you refused to work with us, you are in danger of going home.Quote2
- Angelo

Quote1If that’s the case, then that’s the case baby. But the thing is son, I’ll never beg to stay in this game. I have too much pride, integrity, and dignity to do such a thing. So if you guys want me gone well that’s cool with me.Quote2- Hank

Quote1Your pride, integrity, and dignity might have just booked you a one-way ticket to the loser’s lodge…Quote2- Kyle

Quote1If that’s the case man, well then that’s the case. You guys can do whatever you want, but like I said I refuse to kiss any of your asses in order to stay in this game.Quote2- Hank

Hank leaves the camp and heads out to the woods. Kyle, Andy, and Angelo laugh over Hank’s reaction.

Well I guess that settles that then. No need to debate who is going to be going home now…


Kyle and Angelo tried to make me beg in order to stay in the game. Well that ain’t me baby, nah I’m not going to give them that satisfaction and I hope Simon has too much pride to do it as well.


I guess things are looking up for me after what Hank said to the others. But I keep on thinking that there is nothing guaranteed in this game so it very well could be me going home.


Tribal Council

Jeff Probst welcomes the Cabot Tribe to Tribal Council. Jeff then gives his usual spiel about the torches and fire and is life and all that jazz. Jeff then waits for the men to light their torches and get settled into their seats before he asks the first question.

Jeff asks Andy if he is shocked that the men lost their first challenge today. Andy laughs and says that he was a little shocked that they were beaten. He then goes on to say that he did not expect his team to win every challenge but he thought that they would never lose a challenge to the women.

Kyle nods his head in agreement, which is something that Jeff picks up on. Jeff asks if it was demoralizing to lose to the women. Kyle says that it was not a very good feeling but now that they have their first loss out of the way, he does not expect to be back at Tribal Council until the merge.

Jeff says that is a rather bold statement to make. Kyle agrees but says he stands by that statement, he (Kyle) says that after tonight they will be trimming the fat off the team and once they do that they will be unstoppable.

Jeff asks Angelo who is the fat on the team that Kyle is talking about. Angelo laughs and asks Jeff why he has to ask him of all people about the fat on the team. After the laughter abates, Angelo tells Jeff that it is no secret that the expendable players on the team are. He goes on to tell Jeff that either Simon or Hank is going to be going home tonight.

Jeff asks Simon how he feels about being called an expendable player by Angelo. Simon says that it does not feel good but he knew that it was always going to be an uphill battle for him in this game because he is not the most physical of players.

Hank then chimes in about being called an expendable player by Angelo. Hank tells Jeff that he finds it funny that Angelo just called him an expendable player. Because in his (Hank’s) opinion the player that is the most expendable on the team is Angelo. Hank reminds his teammates of the fact that it was Angelo who cost them the Immunity Challenge not Hank or Simon.

Angelo shoots Hank an angry look before telling Jeff that Hank has put himself in the position that he is currently in. Angelo goes on to say that Hank was offered a place in the majority alliance and he outright refused to join. So Urban was asked to join and Urban took them up on the offer.

Jeff asks Urban if he thinks Hank made the wrong decision by not joining the majority alliance. Urban laughs and says that he is glad Hank turned them down because if he had not, then Urban would not be in the majority alliance.

With that last comment it is time to vote.

The members of the Cabot Tribe vote and when the last person to vote, which was Angelo, is done voting; Jeff goes to retrieve the votes. Jeff then proceeds to read the votes and in the end Hank becomes the second contestant voted out of Survivor: Terra Nova.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 2:
Hank Black
Hank (4 votes)

Kyle GirtonAngelo Castellucci
Simon PatelAndy Im
Kyle, Angelo,
Simon, Andy

Angelo Castellucci
Angelo (1 vote)
Urban Day
Kyle Girton
Kyle (1 vote)
Hank Black
Hank Black eliminated

Voting Confessionals

I just don’t like you, you cocky fool.


Hank I am pretty sure it is between me and you tonight. I am voting this way because I do not want to rock the boat. Sorry.


Hank, I am the puppet master out here. You are going home because you would not dance when I told you to.


Hank you’re just straight up stupid. You had a shot at being in something big but your pride got in the way of that. Then on top of that you disrespected me and nobody disrespect me bud.


I really don’t have much against you but this is how I said I was going to vote, so see ya…wouldn’t want to be ya.


Angelo, you’re a fat lazy albatross on this team. Now I don’t think you’ll find out I was the one who cast this vote against you but even if you do…well I don’t really care.


Final Words

I’m proud of the way I played the game. It stunk that I got stuck on a tribe of fools but such is life I guess. A million dollars would’ve been really nice, but no money is worth my dignity and I can say that I leave this game with my dignity intact.


Still in the Running

Pearl Jones
Molly Shea
Jocelyn Rivera
Lauren Kuechly
Octavia Wilson
Jillian Mitchell eliminated
Paul Pires
Violet Tannehill
George Colvin
Zelda Selznick
Marlon Rice
BillieJean Carlisle
Kyle Girton
Simon Patel
Angelo Castellucci
Hank Black eliminated
Andy Im
Urban Day

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