Tema Alliance
Season Survivor: Battle of the Ages
Founder Garnet Jones
Zak Crewe
Members Remained Loyal:
Garnet Jones (Day 4-39)
Zak Crewe (Day 4-38)
Genette Bandyopadhyay (Day 31-36)
Astor Stark (Day 37-39)
Day Formed Day 4
Enemies Marquis Luca
Kamryn Teague
Lowest Placing Member Zak Crewe (3/16)
Highest Placing Member Garnet Jones (2/16)

The Tema Alliance is an alliance from Survivor: Battle of the Ages. The alliance was formed on Day 4, in order to get revenge on Marquis for Willie, whose ejection was caused by him. They never got their chance to do so since the dissolve. After the mutiny Zak and Garnet were reunited, but their alliance wouldn't be reformed until Day 31, in order to break-up Astor and Kamryn.


Willie is Ejected

Zak and Garnet Split

The Mutiny

The Reformation of the Alliance

The Final Episode