Temptation Reward
Survivor Gameplay
Description A special reward that is offered to contestants that comes at a price
Appearance(s) Couples' Showdown

A Temptation Reward is a twist originating from Survivor: Couples' Showdown.


  • If this is not a fan-made twist, meaning that it was taken from another source (i.e. international version of U.S. series), place a description of how it was used in that source.


The winning tribe in a Reward Challenge would choose one or two of their own to be the only one/s partaking in the Temptation Reward. After being shown the reward, the chosen one/s were then also presented with the consequence that comes upon accepting the Temptation Reward. Declining from the Temptation Reward is also an option, if those chosen would deem accepting it be too harmful for their strategy. Each episode features a different temptation offer. If players do not chose to take the temptation, it will never be encountered again.

Twist History

  • For every season in which this twist has been used in, place a brief description of how it has been used and how it differs (if it does) from the premise.

Survivor: Couples' Showdown

Survivor: Burma


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