"That Attitude Will Get You No Where!"
Season Survivor: Solomon Islands
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Episode Number 7/14
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This is the 7th episode of Survivor: Solomon Islands

Previously On Survivor...

T-Man's tribe were plotting against him after he had an outburst about Elizabeth before she was voted out. And Stephanie and Regina fighted about T-Man. When Choiseul lost the immunity challenge, Brad, Lucas, Larry, Stephanie and Regina thought they had numbers, but Stephanie flipped and joined Andrew, Heather and Carol. Regina then persuaded Andrew to join her side and he did, sending heather packing. 14 remain, who will leave tonight?


Reward Challenge: Dear Liza

In groups of three, tribes must fill water to a large bucket using leaky barrels. If the bucket is heavy enough, a flag will raise, declaring a winner.

Reward: An advantage in the next 2 challenges

Winner: Choiseul

Immunity Challenge: Pig Out

Using only their mouths, the castaways would rip pieces of meat off a large pork roast and put it into a basket. The tribe with the most meat in the basket after ten minutes would win.

Winner: Choiseul


Night 16

Returning from tribal council, Carol is shocked at Andrew for backstabbing Heather. She doesn't get angry with him, but she goes straight to be not wanting to talk to any one.

I think Carol is a little p****d with me right now. I know why, but she doesn't need to be all miserable! Because that attitude will get you no where!


Brad talks to Andrew about Andrew's move in voting out Heather.

Brad: Andrew, I just want to say that I am so thankful that you flipped over to us! It was a big move and I have gained a lot of respect for you! So thank you.

Andrew: You're welcome. and one more thing, I suggest we put our rivalry behind us, and play the game together! Because face it, we are most likely two of the most stratigical guys out here. So we could help each other out and make it to the final two! Are you in?

Brad: Oh yeah! Most definitely! So next time we lose, we vote Carol?

Andrew: Yes, then we will think about it from there! Ok, Thanks man!

I'm happy to trust Andrew now, he is a good guy, and i think we just got off on the wrong foot. But i do need to be careful, just incase this is all his plan for revenge. But i don't think it will be, but you know, its better to be safe than sorry!


Brad and I are allys now, and i think it is a wise move. We can take out Carol then Stephanie, the we can merge and then it is our game!


Day 17

Johnny returns from exile island and feels even worse then last night.

At the reward challenge, Jeff explains the challenge and then they start. The first people going are Rachael, Nate and Chris verses Brad, Andrew and Regina. The Isabel team get a very full bucket, but Choiseul's bucket is even fuller. Isabel have trouble blocking the holes and end up with only half of the water in the big bucket. Choiseul hardly lose any water and have a big lead. T-Man, Tammie and Ben verses Johnny, Stephanie and Carol. Choiseul get a big bucket but Carol slips and some is spilt, giving Isabel a chance to catch up. But Tammie struggled covering the hole losing a lot of water. Choiseul had a small lead. Lucas, Brad and Andrew are for Choiseul and Nate, Chris and Rachael are next for Isabel. The Choiseul men lose very little water nearly winning for Choiseul. But Chris loses a lot of water for his tribe when he trips and spills more than half of Isabels water. Stephanie, Regina and Carol go next for Choiseul and T-Man, Ben and Cynthia go for Isabel. The choisuel girl get a full bucket and the barrel for Choisuel and the flag rises and Choiseul wins reward!

winning that reward was great! We now have an advantage in the next 2 challenges! And we are the more domonant team in challenges. I'm happy to be on Choiseul rather than ISabel!


Lucas talks to Johnny about exile island. He askes if he found the idol.

Lucas: Johnny, be honest to me! Did you find the idol?

Johnny: No, what makes you think i did?

Lucas: Oh, nothing. I was just curious.

Johnny: I think someone has found it. I looked for it and if someone as good as me at everything looked for something and didn't find it, i must mean it wasn't there!

Lucas: of course...

well, Johnny is very up-himselfe, but he is still a great guy. His cockyness is starting to get on my nerves but i do need him in this game.


Some members of the tribe are keeping distance from Stephanie as of her anger towards Stephanie.

I am still very angry with that b***h Regina, and i will get my revenge! Hoe dare she talk about my boyfriend....I mean best friend like that!?I is mean and she can go die!


Regina trys to make the best of the situation and trys to make up with Stephanie but she is umsecsessful and gets yelled at.

Regina: Steph, i just want to apologise for last night.

Stephanie: Listen "Ginger" i am done with you! You ruined your shot in this game! Like girl you suck! I dislike you and i don't wanna see your face!

Regina: Look, I am sorry and i just want to fix things.

Stephanie: the only thing that needs fixing is you!

Regina: Steph please i was trying to help but...

Stephanie: help? help what? help the tribe be split into two sides? If thats what you want thats what you'll get!

Regina: please...

Stephanie: b***h

Regina starts to cry, but Lucas conforts her and tells her things will be ok.

Lucas: Reg, its gonna be fine, i trust you, so does Nate, Brad, ben and Cynthia. We have the numbers, she has a stupid boyfriend who is hated by everyone! So don't cry, you'll be out here longer than she will. So just be strong and try you best and you could win this.

Regina: Thanks, but it is hard when you want to do the right thing and you get attaked like that. I mean like i had nothing against her until now and i'm finding it hard to stay strong. I wanna go home and see my family and my friends, but i can't, and i want to stay here with you and Cynthia and all the rest but it is hard.

Lucas: It's ok, you'll make it through, come on. lets look for some food.

Lucas and Regina walk off looking for food they find some berries, and some banana's.

I feel sorry for Regina. She is so nice and then Stephanie treats her really really badly, i will stay loyal to Regina from now and to day thirty nine, because i respect her for trying her best to make up with Steph but she just gets bullied more. Steph is a cow! She is really nasty and needs to go home! I can't stand her!!!!


Over at Isabel, the tribe are disapointed about there loss in the challenge.

Losing sucks. But losing a challenge this big sucks even more. I'm a bit disapointed right now.


Well, everyone but T-Man.

meh, losing isn't that bad. I kind think it's good. I can use my idol and vote one of these duimba**'s out! Ha ha ha, but not Tammie, she isn't dumb, she's and idiot so i need her!


Ben, Nate and Cynthia talk about the other people on there tribe, and who they trust and who they do not trust,

Cynthia: I trust Rachael, but Tammie, T-Monster and Chris i don't

Nate: ha ha ha T-Monster. I don;t trust him either.

Ben: well thats three of us. He is mean and rude and i can't stand him.

Cynthia: Yeah, i think he is a real a**, and i want him gone!

Ben: yeah, i think he will go soon, i mean like he has Tammie! Only one ally. So he is doomed

Nate: hey ben, ever heard of Hidden Idols? ha ha ha

Ben: nah, what are they again?

Cynthia: *see's Tammie walking over to them* guys shhhh.

Tammie: hey guys. What going on?

Cynthia: um......nothing, ha ha, talking about our familys!

Tammie: really? I'm not convinced! I heard Idols, and my name! So i'm not completaly dumb! Tell me whats happening!

Tammie waits for the three of them to talk, when Cynthia lies saying that they where thinking about who might had an idol, Tammie was unconvinsed and went to talk to T-Man. Tammie and T-Man talked about ben, Nate and Cynthia and T-Man promised that Tammie would out last them.

It's easy to say to tammie "everything will be fine" and all that nonsense, but in reality, she wont make it past the final 10. When we merge Tammie and Steph will join the jury, so when i'm in the top 3 they will give me their vote! Ha, ha, dumb girls!


Tammie was cool, until she met T-Man. Now she is a dumb, snobby, brat. Brad would be shocked! She wont make it very far in the game as of her T-man love scandell.


Chris and rachael talk about when a merge may possible happen. Chris thinks at 12. while Rachael believes it will happen when only 10 remain. Rachael tells Chris that if T-Man makes the merge, the two of them will be get eliminated.

Day 18

At the reward challenge, all the contestants are grossed out by the challenge but do it for immunity. Isabels advantage is that they will start with 5 grams already in there basket. Isabel work slowly but get lots of meat, while Isabel works faster but gets less. Rachael finds it hard to get the meat of the animal. But Nate has no trouble. After 10 minuets Jeff weights the baskets. Choiseul wins by 3 grams. After the lose Isabel have to have someone sent to exile. Choiesuel pick Tammie.

Damn! We lost. It really sucks but at least we can vote out T-Man! So when there is bad there is also good.


Rachael, Chris, Nate, Ben and Cynthia agree to vote out T-Man but they didn't know he has to idols.

Rachael: so we all vote T-Man and he goes?

Chris: what if he has an idol?

Nate: i doubt it...

Rachael: well we can't split it because Tammie is not here.

Cynthia: I think we should just vote him. He hasnt had time to look for an idol...

Nate: the idols are on exile island. He has been there.

Cynthia: oh right...

major blonde moment just then. ha ha ha, Nate was like "Is she that dumb" ha ha when i guess i am.


But T-Man is not worried and just simply relaxes in his tribes shelter. He knows he won't go home, and wants his tribe to think he is not worried. Unfortuneltly for him, the others are not paying any attention to him.

At tribal council, Jeff askes the team how it felt to lose the challenge but 3 grams? T-Man replies "meh, i don't care" This couses a fight. T-Man VS everyone including Jeff. The fight continues but Jeff spilts it up and tells them it is time to vote. T-Man plays his idol and his votes do NOT count. Chris recived the second most votes and was eliminated.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 7:
T-Man (used
Hidden Immunity Idol)
RachealNateBenChrisCynthia Ballard
Rachael, Nate, Ben. Chris & Cynthia
(votes not counted)
RChris (2 votes)
T-Man & Tammie
Chris out
Chris Hawk

Voting Confessionals

Chris it is time for you to go! Next time make an alliance with strong players.


i hate you


your a big bully! Please learn respect


Dumb a**! Go home and play your instroments until they break! And you wont habve the money to buy new ones! You suck at survivor and life!


*rolls eyes*


go home and learn things that most people learn as a child! Respect, love, hope and forgivness!


T-Man you jerk! go home!


Final Words

argh! that sucked! well, T-Man is a genus! An evil gemus! He is like Russell Hantz! It may work for or against him. But i had a great adventure and i would't swap it for the world. Good Luck Isabel!

–Chris Hawk

Still In The Running

Chris out


Larry out



Jenny out

Jodi out


Andrew zarr

Felix out
Cynthia Ballard

Elizabeth out

Heather out


Next Time On Survivor...

When a double elimination is in-play, everyone is in danger! Unless of course you win immunuity...