"That Escalated Quickly"
Season Survivor: Belize - Battle of the Seasons
Author User:SimBrotherCo
Episode Number 4/13
Date Uploaded November 10, 2013
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That Escalated Quickly is the fourth episode of Survivor: Belize - Battle of the Seasons.

Previously on Survivor...

After Jenna had been blindsided at the last The tribal Council, Colleen was on the outs, and knew she was going to have an uphill battle. Meanwhile, Joel tried to put himself in the middle between Colleen and Sean in order to avoid a mutiny. Meanwhile, at Hidera trust between old rivals started to form when Cindy and Gary both swallowed their pride, and began to work together for the betterment of the tribe. Their hard work payed off when Hidera won reward in the form of fishing gear. However, despite Gary and Cindy coming to terms with eachother, their games still went in opposite directions as they braced themselves to take the other one out with the help of their ally, Rafe. At Nieve, Corinne urged Marcus to strike a deal with Ken, sensing he knew of his position within the tribe, but Marcus attempted to put off the inevitable one more day, when Corinne would orchestrate it so Marcus would have to confront his past, in which both made it no secret the other was obstructing their path to the finish. Meanwhile, at Otono tensions began to increase even more after Chad sat out a reward challenge, thus leading to a total blowout. While Julie and Sarge had their reservations with getting rid of Chad, especially after today, Twila continued to push for his ouster. At the immunity challenge, Hidera continued their winning streak, along with Otono and Nieve, sending Verano to their second straight Tribal Council, where Joel would have to decide to keep Colleen, who was less loyal, but more useful strategically, or Sean who was more loyal, but less useful strategically. In the end, Joel chose gameplay over loyalty, and Sean was voted out. 13 are left, who will be voted out tonight?


Immunity Challenge: Slide Show
The contestants race down a giant water slide, grabbing a ring on the way down. Once they have their ring they run up to a mat and they throw the ring onto a cross. First player to get their ring on their cross scores a point for their tribe. First tribe with five points, wins.
Winner: Hidera


Day 10

Joel Klug stretched out along the beach early that morning. Last night he'd made a big play that could've been considered a big stretch to anyone at home watching, and he was worried about it, but he felt it was what he had to do if he wanted the best shot to win. Colleen was here to play, and so was he, and that was all Joel needed to here to go forward with her.

I know on the surface it seems foolish to get rid of someone as foolishly loyal as Sean, but this game is going to get crazy...more complicated really soon, and I don't know if Sean can handle that. Colleen's a smart chick, and she knows what happens when people don't stick together out here, I know she's learned her lesson and didn't come out here 13 years later to make the same mistakes, and neither did I!

–Joel Klug

"Plus if we lose again, I know I can make a fire much faster than she can," Joel snickered to himself as he layed down on the beach, trying to soak in some rays before the day began, and the game would eventually have to resume...but with two people left on his tribe, was there really much game left to be played?

Man, one gigantic beach with only two people's just lonely, and we're not even 1/3 of the way through the game.

–Joel Klug

Colleen Haskell was enjoying the isolation much more than Joel Klug was. Colleen was more introverted by nature than Joel. Joel loved being the center of attention, having people to talk to and joke around with was what Joel thrived off of, but Colleen was more than fine on her own.

I mean, it's lonely at first, but it makes it seem like much more of an adventure! It's starting to feel like I actually am stranded out here, and strangely...I like it!

–Colleen Haskell

Colleen smiled as she sat by the fire keeping warm, stirring the pot which was preparing their morning rice, alone with her own thoughts...very few about the game, very few about life, the quirky things that always filled young Colleen's head for years could finally help ease her sanity after all these days where she'd been so paranoid about being here.

I guess this is kind of my first big reward out here, I fought hard to stay alive, and I have this whole island to myself. Well, except for Joel, but just seems like the island god's way of telling me this is what the ultimate payoff could be if I work hard enough to get to Day 39.

–Colleen Haskell

Colleen and Joel both sat about on opposite ends of their camp, each doing their own thing, exchanging few words throughout the morning, and for the rest of the day really. Their trust was implied....or maybe it was their distrust for eachother that was implied. Regardless, the d ay went on peacefully, eventually in mid-afternoon the slow cooking pot of rice was finally ready to be enjoyed.

"Lunch is ready," Colleen said calling down to Joel who had been wading through the ocean water.

Joel quickly jogged up the beach, and sat on the opposite log.

Colleen began to use a giant shell to scoop the rice out of the pot and into two halves of a coconut for them to enjoy.

"Thank you," Joel said, flashing a big grin.

Colleen faintly smiled and nodded, adknowledging his praise.

Then, silence.

Only the faint sounds of the jungle and smoosh, smoosh sounds of rice being munched on could be heard around camp, there wasn't much to talk about, or think about.


Joel looked up at Colleen, who returned his glance, than looked back down to eat her rice.

The awkwardness continued until the rice in both of their bowls had been finished.

"Thanks again," Joel said smiling.

"Thank you," Colleen said, regarding last nights vote.

Maybe conversation was going to ensue afterall...

"No problem," Joel said grinning, "You deserve it."

"I do," Colleen said teasing.

"So, we're good?" Joel said, seeking confirmation.,

"Till' we lose again," Colleen said, only half-kidding.

"Oh God," Joel said, imagining losing a third time in a row.

"A Second Pagonging," Colleen said laughing.

"That's why we gotta stick together to avoid it," Joel said, trying to subtly bring the conversation back to strategy.

"Totally," Colleen said.

"Alright then," Joel said, "I'll leave you to it."

My conversation with Colleen today, albeit a short one, confirmed to me that she knows we need eachother to go deep into this game, so as long as the need is there, we can do some damage together.

–Joel Klug

I NEEDED Joel to help me get through last night's vote, although he doesn't know it, I don't think I need him to get to the end, I'm a big girl now!

–Colleen Haskell

The peaceful day at Verano resumed, both comfortable with where they stood in the game whether their position was as good, worse, or exactly as they thought it was it didn't seem to matter today, because today was about, recentering, refocusing, and reenergizing for the crazy days that were to follow.

Not everyone was having as peaceful of a day as Verano was though, at Otono the usual drama was about to commence.

It was a viscious circle, the drama at Otono. One person would say something about taking out someone, then the other two people would conspire against the other two, then they'd trade off partners and talk about getting rid of someone else. Nobody ever agreed, nobody ever disagreed, everybody just tried to push through the days of extreme paranoa, hoping someday, they would have some idea where they stood within their tribe.

Today Julie Berry was looking for that reassurance. A trusting person by nature, Julie Berry had done her best to remain calm throughout the stressful 10 Days at Otono, but today, she was ready to make her move.

Move as in singular, not moves, plural. One move, one play, one shot at bettering the game for herself and one other person. The person she thought was in the same position as she was, Sarge Masters.

Sarge had left to go get water by himself this morning, as he usually did, but he hadn't returned yet. Julie imagined that on his way he had stopped to rest and think, it was uncommon for anyone to do much other than various small tasks at camp this early in the morning, so Julie got out of the shelter, and began walking down the path where she would eventually meet up with Sarge.

"Hey cutie," Julie said flirtatiously.

"Julies," Sarge said smiling. "What're you doing up this early?" He asked confused.

"I was actually looking for you," Julie said sweetly.

"Really?" Sarge said taken back, and kind of suspiciously.

Julie nodded.

"Alright, shoot then," Sarge said, urging Julie to continue.

"I just wanted to know what you were thinking about the state of the tribe right now," Julie said inquisitively.

"Well I think we're a pretty strong group..." Sarge began to say.

"Not physically Sarge....strategically," Julie said grinning.

"We're a mess," Sarge said bluntly.

"Exactly!" Julie said in agreement.

"So what is it you were thinkin?" Sarge asked curiously.

"Chad and Twila go back and forth about getting rid of eachother, so we both could mutually benefit by having eachother around, because then we don't have to worry about plotting to get rid of eachother if it ever came down to just three of us here," Julie said, explaining her strategy.

"So basically, we make a pact so that no matter what they do, we're still gonna stick together?" Sarge asked, seeking conformation.

"Exactly, it won't even matter who we get rid of," Julie said smiling.

"Perfect," Sarge said with a grin!

"But I do really like Chad..." Sarge said

"I do too," Julie said in agreement.

"But I adore Twila as well," Sarge said hesitantly.

"As do I," Julie said. "Sarge, we both agree on a lot of things and we're in the same position, that's why this is such a great idea," Julie said eagerly.

"I can't argue with your logic Jules, I'm in," Sarge said extending his hand.

Julie is a young lady who knows what she wants and then she goes and gets it, and I admire that about her. This alliance is exactly what we both need, it's the safety net everyone here has been looking for, it's perfect!

–Sarge Masters

I came into this game close friends with Chad, and close friends with Twila...but I guess there really is no such thing as friendship in Survivor, Sarge is the person I need to work with, and who I want to work to stay in the game for as long as I can, I need to trust what is best for my game rather than what's best for my friendships.

–Julie Berry

Meanwhile, back at camp. Chad Crittenden's paranoia was acting up once again.

"Where's Julie at?" Chad asked nervously.

"How the hell am I supposed to know?" Twila said, tossing a log onto the fire. "I ain't Jules's keeper."

"Well she's never up this early, and she rarely just wanders off," Chad said logically.

"Well Jules is an adult and she can do what she wants, seriously Chad, you're acting like you're f**king two years old, grow up!" Twila said loosing her temper.

"I'm not even trying to bother you Twila, come on, just sit down," Chad said defensively.

"If you wanna go talk to Jules, just go find her, I ain't having this conversation with you, because I don't need to hear your bulls***!" Twila shouted, walking away.

Chad is the most insecure little girl I've ever met in my life! He just constantly worries, worries, worries, especially about Jules! She's a grown ass woman, she can leave camp without Chad's good graces, I mean seriously, this kid just won't shut up!

–Twila Tanner

Chad stormed off in the opposite direction looking for Julie, he began walking down the very path Julie had walked along early this morning when he ran into Julie and Sarge walking back to camp.

"What're you two doing?" Chad asked, acting paranoid.

"Water run," Julie said smiling.

"You guys don't look like you have much water there," Chad pointed out.

"It was just a small load, Chad, we're not too low on water," Sarge pointed out..."just filling things up."

"But you guys have been out here all day, or at least since I was up." Chad said suspiciously.

"Chad, it's fine, you don't need to freak out," Julie said giggling.

"I don't know about this anymore Jules, I mean I don't want to sound irrational, but there's just so much talk happening all the time," Chad said suspiciously.

"That's why you need to trust is so important Chad, if you don't trust people you're gonna shoot yourself in the foot like you're doing now," Julie said observantly.

Chad shrugged Julie's advice off. He wasn't himself today, the paranoid man that had entered the game had slowly been eating away at his trust and confidence in his friends, and little did he know, for once, he had reason to be paranoid.

"Seriously dude, go take a breather, you look exhausted," Sarge said, looking out for his friend.

"Ok," Chad said dejected, heading back towards camp where he hoped Twila wouldn't be there to join him.

I just gave so much up to come back out here and play the game, with my friends! Though, this game has just been one big party pooper for all of us, I can't even trust the two people who I really thought that I was going to go to the end with the day I came out's just a bummer!

–Chad Crittenden

Julie and Sarge continued walking, exhaling much more as they walked back, that had been a close call, and they weren't sure if they were going to come out of the scotch free.

"The good thing is Twila won't believe a word he says," Julie said optimistically. "God, Chad, he really needs to stop with all the little drama stuff about trust," Sarge said disappointed.

"He's making it so difficult to want to work with him," Julie said upset.

"And I love the kid, he's a real inspiration, just not the kind we can really depend on as an ally," Sarge said, as they walked back into camp to spend the rest of their day uncomfortable as ever.

Chad is a true friend, a real stand up, loyal, kind of guy, but how can Julie and I go forward with someone who can't trust us to go off on our own for a few minutes? And how could I ever explain to him why I may need to vote him out if and when that time comes.

–Sarge Masters

Corinne Kaplan, feeling ever so happy about her sneaky maneuver yesterday, walked with a spring in her step towards Ken Hoang to see how the talk went last night.

"Good morning," Corinne said overjoyed.

"Hey there," Ken said smiling.

"Everything going alright?" Corinne said with a smug look on her face.

"Well yeah," Ken said awkwardly, "except the fact that I'm probably going to be the next one to go," Ken said finishing.

"Huh?" Corinne said, acting confused.

"You can stop pretending Corinne, Marcus basically told me yesterday what was going on," Ken said meekly, but knowing what he was saying was going to infuriate her.

He watched the shit-eating grin on Corinne's face turn to shock, and fear.

"Don't worry," Ken said. "Nobody's said anything about going after you," Ken said reassuring her.

"Well clearly something crazy went down yesterday," Corinne said throwing her hands up, irritated that she'd lost some of her control, irritated that Marcus could be so stupid to spill everything they'd worked for, and most irritated because know she was going to have to work overtime at kissing Ken's butt.

"I know that you've done your best to put me at ease, and some of that is just the game, so I want to do the same for you," Ken said smiling.

"You're serious?" Corinne asked.

"Honestly Corinne, I can't imagine anyone here but Marcus voting for you at the end...getting rid of you would only be hurting my game," Ken said bluntly.

"Well ok then," Corinne said walking away from the situation, irritated, but somewhat at ease.

I am on a tribe with a doctor and a total nerd, yet somehow, I feel like the smartest person on this tribe. Apparently, Marcus, just totally told Ken everything he ever needed to know about how we planned on winning this game, and Ken is telling me that I get to stay because I'm so good at pretending to be nice to him and nobody would vote for me....Really Kenny? After I've played circles around your ass for the past 10+ days you really think any jury aside from the ones you make online with the username "ShortStud69" would actually vote for you? I'm so over it.

–Corinne Kaplan

Marcus didn't tell me everything I needed to know, but Corinne's face confirmed everything I needed to hear. I told Marcus she was going to bring him down, and guess who was right?

–Ken Hoang

"Marcus!" Corinne said calling him in her high pitched, fake voice.

Corinne knew that if Marcus knew that she wanted to talk about his conversation with Ken, that he would be distancing himself from her as much as he could.

"Wassup?" Marcus said grinning.

"Just went for a little walk, how about you?" Corinne said, trying to keep up the act.

" can drop the nice act now, Kenny's not here," Marcus said joking.

"Well a little birdy told me he knows all about me playing nice with him," Corinne said, raising her eyebrow.

"Oh..." Marcus said blushing.

"Yeah," Corinne said, crossing her arms.

"I guess I should start with I'm sorry?" Marcus said grimacing.

"Probably a good idea," Corinne said smirking, even when she was mad at Marcus she still adored him.

"Well I apologize Master Corinne," Marcus said bowing at her feet.

"Hey, I'm not a master, I'm the dominatrix, remember?" Corinne said cracking an imaginary whip with her hand.

"Ouch!" Marcus joked.

"Oh it's only going to get more painful from here," Corinne said smirking.

"So what's our next plan?" Marcus asked.

"I hate to say it..." Corinne said warning him, "but we gotta throw the next immunity challenge and knock him out - Sugar style!"

"You said it, not me," Marcus winked.

"Just be sure to tell that to the jury," Corinne teased.

"We'll see about that," Marcus joked.

Corinne proposed exactly what was on my mind. We have one vote let until there could be a swap or something, and we'd be foolish to not take this opportunity to vote someone out of our team who will go against us the first chance he gets. He's done it once, and I'd be shocked if he didn't do it a second time, especially in these circumstances.

–Marcus Lehman

Meanwhile, at Hidera many plans were being locked into place.

Time had begun to heal wounds between Cindy and Gary, but strategically speaking the wounds between them were still wide open.

Cindy Hall sat at breakfast that morning and watched as Rafe Judkins prepared their meal, while Gary and Amy joked with one another on the opposite log.

Sure, Cindy was no longer receiving the cold shoulder from either of them, but she still felt just as on the outs as she did when the game began....only now she was in their circle of friends

I'm glad that I came out here and made amends with Gary, but I certainly haven't made any alliances with him or anyone besides Rafe. Right now all I can do is sit back an hope that something can change my fate in this game, because I don't like feeling like a sitting duck, not one bit.

–Cindy Hall

"That looks like it's done Rafe,' Gary said commenting on the rice.

"I think it'll start sticking to the sides once it starts to cook, it looking a little bit too crispy still," Cindy said politely disagreeing.

Gary rolled his eyes.

"She's back," Amy whispered, thought it wasn't much of a whisper since Amy was never very quiet.

Hearing this, Cindy remembered to put her game face back on.

"Actually Gary, I think you're right, it looks good to me," Cindy lied.

Cindy is one of the most complicated people I've ever played with, mainly because I really cannot predict how she's going to act towards Amy and myself on any given day. The more of a wildcard she becomes, the more I worry about being so closely associated with her on this tribe.

–Gary Hogeboom

Rafe stood, both figuratively and literally between Cindy & Gary and Amy. The small, passive aggressive arguments like these occurred almost daily. Rafe had his opinions, sometimes he agreed with Gary, sometimes he agreed with Cindy.

But no matter what his opinion was, Rafe was never going to vocalize that. Nope, Rafe was smarter than that, he knew that he was in a great position to go deep into the game. His tribe was winning, and his tribe was divided with him in the middle, the prime position for any power player.

I love Gary and Cindy, and when they argue I do feel uncomfortable around both of them, but at the same time, a very evil part of me just knows that this is only helping me get further in the game, as long as I can bridge the gap between them, the greater chance I have at getting to the end.

–Rafe Judkins

The four of them sat eating their rice, small chit chat intermingled throughout the meal, but nothing like the days that had come before. It was just another one of those rough days Hidera was having out here.

"A challenge would be great right now," Amy said getting amped up.

"I know, I'm really ready to go in there and just tear it up," Gary said grinning.

"You guys always tear it up," Rafe said giggling.

"Damn right Rafe, we got this!" Amy said fist pumping whilst shouting this.

Cindy looked up exhasperated.

She had finished her meal, and was simply sitting, to avoid giving Gary the opportunity to talk to Rafe about getting rid of her.

Gary sat, only half listening to Amy and Rafe's banter about the challenge, but mainly stared eyeing up Cindy. The two made eye contact with the other, challenging the other to get up and leave the conversation.

Soon Gary excused himself to go take a dip in the ocean.

Cindy smirked. It wasn't much of anything, but it was a small victory.

Gary shot her a big grin, and then nudged his head toward Amy, who was still in the middle of a conversation with Rafe.

Cindy abruptly got up and walked towards the jungle to spend the day searching for animals, because Cindy knew there was no shutting Amy up.

Rafe shot Cindy a sympathetic grin.

Cindy smiled back, and ventured into the jungle.

"Seriously Rafe, what is going down that that girl?" Amy said concerned.

"I don't know what's gotten into her today," Rafe said, trying to appease Amy.

"It's like she's bipolar or something," Amy said more loudly than she should have.

"Maybe it's just hard for her knowing she's on the outs,"Rafe proposed.

"I hear ya, I mean Gary and I have been there, hell Gary's been there multiple times in this game, and he's never acted so stuck up like that," Amy pointed out.

Rafe nodded in agreement.

"I guess not everyone's as good a sport as Gary," Amy said smiling.

"Except you of course," Rafe said sucking up to Amy.

"Oh don't you try that master manipulator stuff on me," Amy teased.

"I dont even have to, I'm just that good," Rafe said winking.

"Hey Gary!" Amy shouted. "Did you know Rafe's a master manipulator!?" She said laughing.

"And the Sole Survivor," Rafe added.


The two of them fell to the ground laughing, enjoying eachother's company for the rest of the day.

Amy knew she could always make Rafe laugh, and that's what Amy knew people wanted to have around, someone fun like her, not someone as uptight as Cindy.

Rafe, Gary, and I, we always have a good time out here, and that's that's the reason why we have stuck together for so long, and Cindy hasn't been able to break up our's friendship that makes an alliance strong at the end of a day, and we have that, she doesn't

–Amy O'Hara

Day 11

Cindy Hall walked to treemail alone the next morning. She was usually the first one up, and the walk to tree mail would give her some time to clear her head. At some point today they would go their next challenge where she would have to cooperate with her tribemates than go back to being the Cindy that wanted nothing more than to see her team dominate in challenges and go all the way to the end together.

Cindy sighed at the thought of having to put up with this for another day. Being civil only made camp life easier, it certainly didn't improve her position in the game, she was still on the bottom, Amy & Gary confirmed that to her once again yesterday just based on body language alone.

It's hard to constantly feel like an outsider around here. I do my best to make camp life easy, but it's hard when you live with people who don't always appreciate what you're contributing to the group.

–Cindy Hall

Cindy got treemail, where she found a small note wrapped inside a bamboo container.

She took it back to camp where she read it aloud to her tribe.

"The choices you make determine your fate, Make good choices before its to late, What you hope to discover you'll find lies inside, make the right choices or you may not survive."

"Da F***?" Amy said confused by treemail.

"It sounds like a maze?" Gary said trying to reason through it.

"Well it also says may not survive, maybe it's for immunity?" Cindy offered.

"No reward challenge?" Rafe said bummed.

Today's treemail was really confusing. We were told that today's challenge would be about making choices that ensure our sounds like something big is coming up ahead, but we have no idea what to expect.

–Rafe Judkins

"Come on in guys," Jeff Probst shouted!

The four tribes all walked in one at a time, when they discovered Sean had been voted out at Verano's last tribal council.

"Alright guys," Probst began.

Colleen gritted her teeth, looking around nervously.

"You guys all got some interesting treemail this morning..." Jeff continued.

"Give us the 411 Probst," Amy said excitedly.

"As you wish Amy," Probst said with a sly grin on his face.

"Drop your buffs, we are switching tribes," Probst finished, beaming from ear to ear.

A frustrated Marcus looked at Corinne, who exchanged his dissapointed glance.

Corinne and I had every intention of going into this next immunity challenge ready to kick Kenny to the curb, and then everything changes, I just hope I don't get screwed like I did last time.

–Marcus Lehman

Jeff Probst carried around a tray of 13 bamboo containers, each with a buff inside, one by one Jeff went down the line as each castaway grabbed a container with their new buff inside.

"Alright, here's how it works, when I give you the go ahead, open your containers, there are two different colored buffs you can get, and those will be our new tribes," Probst explained.

Ken grasped his hand around his container both nervous and excited for what was to come.

"Go ahead and open your buffs," Jeff said calmly.

At once 13 containers opened.

A relieved Marcus and Corinne looked at eachother, each holding a bright orange buff in their hand.

Similarly, Amy and Gary were just as pleased when they both remained on the Hidera tribe they had remained on, as did Cindy.

Jeff Probst instructed the players to move to the mat with their new tribe color.

The new Hidera tribe consisted of - Amy O'Hara, Cindy Hall, Colleen Haskell, Gary Hogeboom, Julie Berry, and Ken Hoang.

The new Otono tribe consisted of - Chad Crittenden, Corinne Kaplan, Marcus Lehman, Rafe Judkins, Sarge Masters, and Twila Tanner.

Leaving Joel Klug on neither tribe.

"Uh Jeff, I didn't get a buff?" Joel said confused.

"Joel, because you did not recieve a buff in your container..." Jeff said, pausing for suspense, "You will get to choose which tribe you would like to join!"

"Alright!" Joel cheered, grinning from ear to ear!

"Otono or Hidera Joel, it's your choice!" Probst said.

Joel stopped to think, looking at both tribes, his ally Colleen was on Hidera, but the Otono tribe looked much stronger.

Colleen shut her eyes, hoping Joel would walk over to the other mat.

"I think I'm gonna join Otono, Jeff" Joel decided.

The Otono tribe applauded as Joel casually strolled over to their mat.

Probst tossed him an orange buff, and with that two new tribes have been formed.

New Otono Tribe
New Hidera Tribe
Ultimiately I could've gone with Colleen, but I think having two people from the same team would make us a target, so I'm taking my chances with a seemingly stronger tribe.

–Joel Klug

The two tribes then gathered their belongings and started to head back to their new camps

Cindy Hall walked back to the new Hidera camp beaming more than she had in 11 days in Belize. Things could not have gone better for her today, just a few hours ago she was wishing she wouldn't have to kiss Amy & Gary's asses anymore. She was on the same tribe, but it was whole new game.

Today reminded me why I love Survivor! This game can change everyday, and today it changed in my favor and I'm so happy!

–Cindy Hall

"Welcome to our home," Cindy said giving Colleen a hug.

Gary quietly exhaled, and raised his eyebrow to Amy.

Amy shook her head in disbelief.

There's a conspiracy goin' on with these swaps man I'm tellin ya, cause once again Gary and I are DECIMATED here! DECIMATED!

–Amy O'Hara

We're on a tribe of 6 people, it takes three to force a tie, and we have 3 people from original Hidera here, and one of them thinks I'm scum...great.

–Gary Hogeboom

"Well this isn't lookin' to good," Amy said dissapointed.

"We just gotta try and keep her close," Gary said, trying to be optomistic.

"C'mon Gary, you really think she'd be stupid enough to stick with us?" Amy said dissapointed.

"I wish I could understand anything that goes on in her hair," Gary said smirking.

Amy burst out laughing.

"We best get bustin our balls before people start thinkin' we're in an alliance huh?" Amy said jabbing Gary on the shoulder.

Gary laughed, high-fived his friend Amy, and they walked around to go find work to do.

"I kinda wanna go explore the island," Colleen said excitedly.

"Me too," Ken said grinning.

"Do you wanna go with me?" Colleen said excitedly.

"Sure," Ken said grinning.

At home I don't get to spend a lot of time alone with cute girls like Colleen, so when she asked me if I wanted to go exploring, there was no way I wasn't going to go!

–Ken Hoang

The two each took their water canteen and began walking through the thick jungles.

"I'm just hoping we see some cool monkeys, or just something crazy," Colleen shouted as she skipped through the jungle.

"Back in Gabon, we got to see this elephant just wade through the water," Ken said.

"WOAH! That's so cool," Colleen said excited.

"Pretty flowers," Colleen said as they walked past a patch of lush pink flowers.

Ken Hoang picked one, and gave it to her, "here you go," Ken said smiling.

"You're such a dork," Colleen said giggling.

"Fine then I'll take the flower back," Ken teased.

"Oh no, a gift's a gift, you can't just take it back," Colleen said, placing the flower in her hair. "I'm the princess of Belize," Colleen said giggling.

"Yet I'm the dork?" Ken said laughing.

"Shut up," Colleen said grinning.

The two continued to walk along. They saw a few birds, but nothing jumped out at them on their expeidition, the two continued talking and getting to know one another, and seemed to click very quickly.

For 11 days, the only contact I've had with girls was after that it was nice to meet a cool chick like Colleen, who's super funny, and she's pretty hot too.

–Ken Hoang

Ken is so cool! And by cool, I mean he's a total dork, but I mean, that's cool! I finally have a friend on Survivor!

–Colleen Haskell

"So listen," Ken said getting serious, "I don't want this to be all about strategy, but there are three Hidera members on our tribe, and if we don't stick together, they're going to just pick us off."

"Oh definitely, I've been there," Colleen said reflecting on her time in Borneo.

"I feel like we're really good friends, and it makes sense that we stick together, at least for now since we don't have anybody else," Ken reasoned.

"Oh I don't even have anyone on my original tribe, Joel is such a douche," Colleen said giggling.

"So is Marcus," Ken added.

"What about that curly haired chick on your team, she looks scary!" Colleen said, referring to Corinne.

"You have no idea," Ken said letting out a small giggle.

"So you and I are solid?" Colleen said seeking confirmation.

"Totally," Ken said, "We should talk to Julie too, before they do I mean."

"Ok, gotcha," Colleen said smiling.

"Let the games begin," Ken said.

This new tribe has really turned things around for both me and Colleen, we both have people we can work with to go further, and maybe if all goes well we can get to the end together too, we'll have to wait and see.

–Ken Hoang

Meanwhile, back at camp Julie Berry was getting to know her new tribe mate Cindy Hall.

"So you're a zookeeper?" Julie asked curiously.

"Yep, I loved animals my whole life, even though I'm not working now I still feel like I'm at home cause of all the cool animals around here," Cindy said, happy someone was actually interested in getting to know her.

"That must be cool to get to point out to people all the cool things you see here," Julie said smiling.

"I don't think my tribemates care too much about animals, or anything other than the game really," Cindy said rolling her eyes.

"Really?" Julie said interested.

"I probably shouldn't say too much," Cindy said embarassed.

"No it's fine, really," Julie said warmly. She knew how to get people to tell her what she wanted, her smile was so comforting.

"I mean Rafe is fine, but Gary and Amy have just been so obnoxious and critical," Cindy said trying to be breif.

"Typical Survivor, you two still end up stuck with eachother," Julie said grinning.

"Tell me about it," Cindy said laughing, "I"m just glad we have some cool new people to get to know to, I mean COLLEEN is on our tribe, from season 1," Cindy said excited.

"I know, these tribal swaps are always interesting to say the least," Julie said softly.

"I think we both got lucky with this one," Cindy said with a wink.

"Definitely," Julie said smiling.

So I had a great conversation with Cindy today, she opened up to me about her situation on her old tribe, and she's not happy with how Gary and Amy treated her, it's little things like this you can learn from talking with people that can really influence the game.

–Julie Berry

Gary Hogeboom saw as Julie and Cindy talked on and on about their lives. Worrying that Cindy would give away to much infromation, thus screwing him over, Gary calmly walked over to ask Cindy if he could help building a bigger fire so that the four could have dinner together faster.

Cindy excused herself from her conversation with Julie, rolling her eyes in Gary's direction.

Julie covered her mouth to stifle her laughter, she knew she had found a crack within Hidera's seemingly solid four.

"I don't know why you'd need help building a fire Gary," Cindy said confused and slightly irritated.

"I don't," Gary said defensively, "I just needed a chance to talk game with you."

"Well go ahead," Cindy said.

"Look, it's in our best interest to stick together," Gary said logically.

"Our best interest or your best interest?" Cindy said suspiciously.

"Our," Gary confirmed. "Look, there's no denying that we are a weaker tribe than Otono, if you join them, you won't be the first one gone, but they'll pick you off eventually," Gary said reasoning.

"Gary nobody's even approached me for an alliance yet, I've just been getting to know these people, maybe you should too," Cindy said indenial.

"I know," Gary said, trying to be sympathetic, "I just wanted to let you know, before they do, that I want to stick together, just like I told you on Hidera," Gary said calmly.

Cindy nodded.

"So?" Gary asked.

"I'll think about it," Cindy said.

"Ok," Gary said, trying to keep his cool.

Gary interrupted my conversation with someone who was actually interested in getting to know me, just so that he could try and tell me that saving him will help me somehow...because apparently I'm now apart of his master plan...yeah right...

–Cindy Hall

While tensions were somewhat at ease at hidera, with strategy running high, everything was about to kick into overdrive at Otono.

The new tribe all arrived where Sarge took the liberty of showing them around the camp site, trying to make everyone feel at home.

Myself, Twila & Chad got some visitors today, so I took the liberty of showing them around and making them feel comfortable. You gotta make the new people feel comfortable or they're gonna turn against you instantly.

–Sarge Masters

"Before we do anything, how bout we sit down for a nice big meal?" Sarge said happily.

So we get to camp and like ten seconds later Sarge is just telling us the lay of the land, and I think this is his way of asserting his dominance over us? I'm not really sure why we needed to be hand-held through the camp, we're all children of Sarge apparently, Yay?

–Corinne Kaplan

"Twila, you wanna get the rice cooking?" Chad said calmly.

"Why would I do the rice Chad, I just got the fire goin' and I don't do the cooking anyways," Twila said getting somewhat irritated, Chad just had that affect on her.

"Well Julie isn't here to cook anymore, so I was..." Chad said, before being cut off by Twila.

"What? So you thought I was just going to take over because Jules wasn't around to cook it for you?" Twila said losing her temper, "If you want the rice so bad cook it yourself, or wait until someone puts the rice on the damn stove, don't try and make me do all the work after I just spent the last twenty minutes getting this fire ready to go!"

"You were right there so I asked you is all I was saying," Chad said, trying to reason with her.

"You're always "just saying" Chad, stop tiptoeing around this game like you got something to hide, you're always worrying about something or freaking out about what's gonna happen next, either put up or shut up," Twila said, sitting down next to Corinne.

Chad rolled his eyes and kept his mouth shut.

"Well that escalated quickly," Marcus said joking.

Joel and Corinne quietly laughed.

Rafe looked around, trying to gauge everyone's reactions.

Blowing up at Chad, that was real, but it was also strategic, I wanna make sure these people know that Chad is so paranoid, and such a wimp all the time that when we gotta go kick somebody out, it's Chad that's gotta go!

–Twila Tanner

Twila is just ridiculous, she has such a short temper when you're not doing exactly what she wants, and she does it cause she tries to make me look weak, it's just sick, I'm so tired of her constantly acting like this and nobody telling her to cut it out.

–Chad Crittenden

Twila is f**king awesome! She just ripped Chad a new one... for nothing really! I mean he seems like a cool guy, but that was just crazy! When I'm a middle aged woman with menopause, I hope I'm still as fiery as Twila!

–Corinne Kaplan

Chad excused himself from the camp and walked away to avoid Twila.

Feeling bad, Joel and Rafe quickly followed behind.

Chad, somberly stood, trying to recollect himself.

"I'm sorry guys," Chad said breaking down a bit.

"It's just hard, I mean she's been gunning for me like crazy for days and she is always looking for the first chance she could to get rid of me, she saw an opportunity to embarass me and she just took it," Chad sad upset.

"I think that's pretty clear," Joel said comforting Chad.

"We all saw what went down over there," Rafe said, agreeing with Chad.

Twila is a loose cannon, which makes her really dangerous. She can just go off on anyone at anytime, and the longer you keep someone like that, the more you risk your own game being blown up, I mean look at what she did to Chad just minutes after a tribe swap.

–Rafe Judkins

"So, are you guys with me?" Chad asked.

"I think it's in all of our best interests to stick together, if we can get Corinne and Marcus with us, then we'd have more than enough to go the distance," Joel said.

Twila, and I guess Sarge by default...they're horrible to Chad, and they're easily the weakest two people on the tribe, so why keep them around? Let's have the people who are solid physically, strategically, and emotionally go far and ice out these two goons.

–Joel Klug

"Have you ever seen a grown man cry like that?" Twila giggled to herself.

Corinne smirked, and looked at Marcus who was doing the same.

"Seriously, what's up with him?" Marcus asked.

"He's paranoid all day loooong," Twila cried out.

"Seriously, this morning Sarge and Julie went to get water, and he was freaking out because, they didn't have "enough water" for them to look like they were actually on a water run so he assumed that they were all conspiring against him, he does this stuff all the time," Twila said shaking her head.

"Daddy issues," Corinne said bluntly.

Twila and Marcus both burst out laughing.

"I like you two, you both are alright," Twila shouted, cackeling at the same time.

"We think you're pretty cool too," Marcus said smiling.

"I'm just glad we got some people here who are willing to keep it real," Twila said.

Marcus and Corinne, they're both fancy doctors so I thought they really weren't gonna get along with me, but they're freaking funny! They know how to have a good time and not take everything so seriously like Chad, and even Sarge sometimes, it's great!

–Twila Tanner

Sarge walked back into camp.

"What's going on, I thought we were having supper?" Sarge asked curiously.

Marcus and Corinne shook their heads.

"What, why not?" Sarge said confused.

"Things got a little heated," Marcus said grimacing.

"Chad," Twila said bluntly.

"Oh God, not again," Sarge said frustrated.

"He's losing it out here Sarge, I'm telling ya," Twila said seriously."

Suspicious of Twila's motives, Sarge questioned Corinne and Marcus.

"For real?" He asked them.

"Well it's certainly not fan-fiction," Corinne said, rolling her eyes when Sarge wasn't looking.

"Oh it was real," Marcus said adding fuel to the fire.

There's obviously some bad blood between Twila and Chad, so I'm trying to add fuel to the fire so that Corinne and I can put ourself in a good position, regardless of who we side with, the real game is finally beginning.

–Marcus Lehman

"If we lose tommorrow Sarge, could you write his name down?" Twila said getting down to buisness.

"Well..." Sarge said pondering it for a moment, "I suppose if this is going to continue we're going to have to, that is if your new friends are in on this," Sarge said referring to Corinne and Marcus.

"Sure, why not?" Corinne said smiling.

"I'm in," Marcus said.

Mission complete.

–Marcus Lehman

While I really would like to work with Twila, Sarge is such an overbearing presence, that I don't know if I want to commit myself to him long term...I've played with a specialist, I don't want to play with a "Sarge"

–Corinne Kaplan

The atmosphere at Otono was filled with nervous energy, that same energy consumed the night, the rice that was supposed to be consumed as a welcoming gift to the new tribe was never eaten, instead the tribe turned in, each pondering what was best for them, because the game was becoming more heated, more real, and cutthroat already.

Day 12

Julie Berry and Ken Hoang walked toward treemail early the next morning. Ken was looking for an opportunity to sit down and talk with Julie about what had transpired over the past few days to make sure she was on the same page about taking out the ex-Guatemala contestants.

This morning's conversation with Julie is important because if we get her onboard than we can work to take out the dominating presence within our tribe, that being the Hidera tribe.

–Ken Hoang

"So, how are you this morning?" Julie asked sweetly.

"I'm doing ok, just doing a lot of thinking," Ken said nervously.

"About what," Julie said with a warm smile, she was good at getting others to trust her and want to talk with her.

"Well, there are obviusly three original Hidera members on our tribe, and there are three people who aren't, so I was thinking that you, Colleen, and myself should stick together and see if we could take one of them out," Ken said smiling.

"Well, I know that I've gotten close with Cindy already, and I don't think they're as close as you'd think," Julie said.

"Really? Gary and Amy have been inseperable," Ken pointed out.

"Well, they are, but Cindy's been on the outs from the beginning apparently," Julie said smiling.

"Do you think she would vote with the three of us?" Ken asked curiously.

"I think it's a definiate possibility," Julie said grinning.

"Then lets do it, you me, Colleen, and Cindy," Ken said.

"Deal," Julie said smiling as they took treemail back to camp to read.

The two tribes later arrived at their first challenge as two tribes. Here there were two gigantic waterslides. For today's challenge contestants would have to square off sliding down these slides, once they reach the bottom they will retrieve a ring, than attempt to land that ring on a post. The first person to land a ring would score a point for their team.

Because Otono had an extra member, and many extra guys, Chad agreed to sit out for Otono.

Amy and Twila were the first two up, both of them taking their spots atop of the slide.


Both took off down the slide, Twila getting more momentum than Amy, though Twila flew off so fast she missed her ring and had to run back while Amy had grabbed hers and ran toward the post, Amy took a shot and just missed. Twila then took a shot at her post and missed far to the right. Amy shot once again and scored the first point for Hidera!

Hidera - 1, Otono - 0

Ken and Marcus, rivals on Nieve now faced off against one another, Marcus slid belly first down the slide, getting a big lead over Ken, grabbed his ring and scored his first time up, tying the score up at one to one.

Corinne and Julie squared off next. Both ladies were dead even down the slide and grabbed their rings and went. Corinne shot and just missed, as did Julie. Both women took several shots, missing just right or just left until Corinne finally landed her ring, giving Otono a 2-1 lead.

Gary and Rafe were the next two to square off. A very discorodinated Rafe struggled grabbing his ring on the slide, yet recovered, but not before Gary who had already gotten his ring and scored, tying the score up once again.

Now Twila would take on Colleen. The two girls slid down the slide, Colleen laughing as she did so, both girls retrieved their rings and gingerly ran to the rings, where Twila, having done this already had the upper hand, scoring for her team, giving Otono the lead once again.

Joel extended the lead for Otono, when he defeated Ken, giving Otono a 4-2, lead, needing just one more point for them to win the challenge.

The next round was a rematch, Corinne vs. Julie. Corinne could win immunity for Otono right here, Julie needed to win to keep Hidera alive.

Both women slid down, grabbing their rings and heading toward the shooting line. Julie, desperate was the first one to take a shot at the post and scored, keeping Hidera alive!

Gary was the next one to go, this time he was facing off against Joel.

The pro athlete, though much older was determined, both men got down the slide quickly, Joel with a bit of a lead, grabbed the ring, shot, and just missed. Gary shot and did the same, both men ran to grab their rings, Joel missed just to the right again. Gary shot a little to high, but a slight breeze had landed it on the top post, tying the game up 4-4, with one shot left.

Cindy was squaring off against Corinne, who had been on fire the entire challenge. Both women slid down the slide as fast as they could, Corinne with a lead, she was getting used to this now, she grabbed her ring and missed just a little to the left, opening the door for Cindy, who carefully took aim, tossed her ring, and WOOSH!


The small, underdog tribe embraced in a huge hug, they were safe for another round, and they had done it against a tribe who seemed would completely overpower them.

This is crazy! We're this small tribe going up against these giants who pump iron everyday and we won! We actually won! This is incredible!

–Colleen Haskell

Gary, who had been somewhat reserved up until this point raised his coconut up, and asked his tribe members to do the same.

"You guys, I know we're the underdogs, I know that we might not always get along," he said, looking at Cindy with a smile, "but we all know and love this game so much, that we all wanna fight to be here as long as we can, so let's keep doing what we've been doing!"

"TO HIDERA BABY!" Amy shouted.

"To Hidera!" The rest of the tribe shouted as they toasted to their first victory as a new tribe.

Today I was really worried that this swap was going to screw me over, and it still very well could, but I have 3 more days to change my fate, 3 days to do something big.

–Gary Hogeboom

Back at Otono, the tribe sulked, knowing they would be losing their first member this evening, and Twila, Chad, and Sarge had dreaded going to tribal for the first time....well at least Sarge & Chad had dreadded this.

For twelve days I've been waiting around to get this game started, I'm ready, tonight I'm taking Chad out, bring it on!

–Twila Tanner

"So you two are still good," Twila said checking in with Marcus and Corinne.

"Solid," Corinne confirmed.

"Awesome," Twila said with a smirk.

"Sarge?" Twila asked, seeking confirmation.

"I guess so," Sarge said letting out a huge sigh.

Chad's a good friend of mine, not just in Survivor, but outside of Survivor, and I hate having to do this to him, especially after the crazy journey he's been on these last couple days, but what else can I do?

–Sarge Masters

Meanwhile, Rafe, Joel, and Chad were preapring to make their pitch to Corinne and Marcus to join them, unware that they'd already been scheming with Twila.

"I really think we can do this guys," Rafe said optomistically.

"And on top of everything else, Twila sucked in that challenge," Joel said, "losing her will only make us stronger."

"Thanks guys," Chad said cautiously optomistic, "Let's go talk to them."

"Hey Corinne," Chad said smiling, "you did awesome in the challenge today."

"Aw thanks," Corinne said in her high pitched, fake voice.

"You too Marcus," Joel added.

"Thanks," Marcus said softly.

"So what goes on?" Corinne asked, sensing they were up to something.

"We have an offer for you," Joel said taking charge.

"Give it to us," Marcus said.

"The five of us to the end," Joel said, throwing his arms back as if the offer had been thrown out on the table.

"Ok?" Corinne said, somewhat puzzeled.

"Well for starters I'd really appriciate it if you guys helped me vote out Twila tonight," Chad said earnestly.

Corinne looked to Marcus raising an eyebrow.

"We know there's been bad blood between you two, but we really like Twila..." Marcus said.

"Is there any way we could compromise, and vote out Sarge instead?" Corinne asked eagerly.

Rafe shook his head yes, but Joel and Chad disagreed.

"We're promising you guys final 5, and we'd really like to get Twila out of here, I'm sure you both can understand that," Chad said nervously.

"We understand," Marcus explained, "we just don't see what is in it for us," Marcus said.

"Final 5," Joel said smiling.

Rafe shook his head, knowing they were making a mistake.

"Honestly, if it's not Sarge, then we really can't afford to be in the minority of a final 5 alliance," Corinne said honestly.

"Alright then," Joel said smugly.

Chad looked like he was going throw up he was so nervous.

It's bad enough to be offered a final 5 alliance where you're obviously one of two in the minority, but when they're unable to even compromise with us, it's probably not a deal worth taking.

–Marcus Lehman

Honestly, I don't know what Joel and Chad were thinking, we need their votes, if they don't vote with us, they're going to vote against us!

–Rafe Judkins

"What're we gonna do," Rafe said, beginning to stress about the vote.

"Is there any way you could talk to Sarge?" Joel said to Chad.

Chad exhaled, that was his only hope.

He walked down the beach to Sarge, night was falling and they would be leaving for Tribal Council any moment now.

"Hey Sarge," Chad said nervously.

"Oh Chad," Sarge said sympathetically.

"Hey, I know that there's probably talk of me going tonight," Chad said cautiously.

"There is...I can't tell you there isn't," Sarge said regretfully.

"And?" Chad asked, hoping he wouldn't hear what he knew was true.

"It's you," Sarge said.

Chad sighed.

"Well Sarge, we've been friends a really long time, I never steered you wrong, like she did, I never went against you like I'm sure she's tried to, and I know I'm paranoid, and I know that I need to chill out, but I just want you to please consider keeping me...I don't wanna lose to her again," Chad said frustrated.

Sarge looked sympathetically at his friend Chad, distraught by what the game had put upon him, he really wanted redemption, to prove himself, the least Sarge could do was consider keeping him.

Chad is an amazing man let me tell you! He's smart, he's responsible, and just a good guy, but out here, he's not himself, and I wanna give him the chance to be himself, but I don't want to give him that chance and then have it cost me my own game...

–Sarge Masters

At Tribal Council, Chad and Twila went at it again, exposing even more infromation about the old Otono tribe. Rafe, Corinne, Marcus, & Joel listened, trying to gather every last word they could about this new tribe. Then it was time to vote, both Chad and Twila looked to Sarge who had his head down, unable to look at anyone, tonight he was going to have to betray a close friend, something he wished he would never have to do.

Everyone voted then Jeff came back to tally the votes.

"Once the votes are read, the decision is final, person voted out will be asked to leave the Tribal Council Area immediately, I'll read the votes,"

First vote...

"Chad," that was Twila's vote.

"Twila," Chad had returned the favor with his vote.

1 vote Chad, 1 vote Twila.

"Chad," Marcus had stuck to his inital promise.

"Twila," Joel had stayed true to his as well.

"Chad," Corinne said, staying true to her new friend Twila.

"Twila," Despite his reservations, Rafe stuck with his new allies, hoping Sarge would change his mind.

Sarge hung his hat over his face, unable to look at the last vote. He hated having to get rid of one of his friends.

"Fourth person voted out of Survivor: Belize -Battle of the Seasons..."


Chad exhaled a sigh of relief, he got up, high fived Joel and Rafe, then shook Sarge's hand and thanked him.

"Thank you," Chad said smiling, "I really, really needed that,"

"Chad, the tribe has spoken."

Chad walked out happy that the stress of the game was over for him, but the stress was just beginning for Joel and Rafe.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 4:

Chad (4 votes)
Corinne, Lea, Marcus & Twila
Twila (3 votes)
Chad, Joel & Rafe
Chad Crittenden

Still In the Running

Verano Otono
Hidera Nieve