"The Battle Begins"
Season Survivor: Portugal
Author User:PeaceOut12
Episode Number 1/14
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This is the debut episode of Survivor: Portugal.


Reward Challenge: Ties with Your Tribe
All eight tribe members will be sitting with their hands tied behind their backs, in a cage. Using the other team members, they must work together to untie all members. Once all team members are free, they must work on the final knots to open the cage. The first tribe to have all eight members out of the cage wins reward.
Reward: Flint and Tarp
Winner: Litoral

Immunity Challenge: Block It Out
3 tribe members work on a sliding puzzle, with the center block having a machete in it. Once they slide the machete out, one of the three will cut the rope, releasing the gate with four other tribe members. Once the gate falls down, the four members must run throughout the island, collecting four giant cubes with different colored sides. Once they have collected all four cubes, the final tribe member must stack them so that each of the four sides shown will not have two of the same color. The first tribe to do so will win immunity.
Winner: Selva


Day 1

On a boat, 16 castaways are heading to the start on their journey on the coast of Portugal. Already divided into two tribes, Selva and Litoral, Portugese for coast and jungle, they sit on the boat with their hands tied behind their backs. They bank on the coast and Jeff Probst meets them, with two cages. He welcomes the survivors but tells them to get in the colored cages according to the tribe they were assigned to. He then tells them that their first Reward Challenge begins now. After locking the cages, he explains the challenge, which then he starts it. Both tribes had different strategies, but Litoral's way of only untying Casey, and then having him untie everyone else before starting on the ropes worked over Selva's way of getting in a circle, winning Litoral reward, flint and tarp. Before dismissing the tribes, he gave Skylar and Dover maps to their tribe camps.

At the Litoral camp, Chip, a star quarterback from his college, assumes the leader position, to which no one disagrees, and starts making plans for shelter and water. He makes rations for the bag of rice they found when arriving at camp.

It was really easy to take charge for my tribe, because it's just like a football team. Everyone needs to have their own separate jobs to make the tribe work, and then we succeed.


After about 45 minutes of working, the Litoral tribe finished the shelter and started to talk and introduce each other.

Meanwhile, at the Selva camp, everyone worked together with no questions asked, no one really taking a leader position. They got their shelter done much more quickly, and all headed to the well on their map to collect water.

No one wanted to become leader and have such a huge target on them when were 60 minutes into the game. We all work together as a unit, and I think that's how we like it.


Soon, the Selva tribe split apart to collect firewood. Dover approached Rose and Cooper asking for a deal.

Quote1Hey, we seem like the strongest and smartest, let's team up and take out the weaker players.Quote2- Dover
Quote1That sounds like a plan, I'm so in.Quote2- Cooper
Quote1I agree, but who else can we bring in?Quote2- Rose
Quote1Lukas and Ralphie seem to work together, and they're stronger than Julianna and Laurel. We can bring them in.Quote2- Dover
Quote1I'll talk to them later, let's collect the rest of the firewood, Julianna is coming back.Quote2- Cooper

The three split up, pretending like they are collecting more wood, but Julianna senses some suspicion going on.

Cooper, Dover, and Rose were all talking, but abruptly stopped when I walked over. Something's up, so I better start talking to the others.


Day 2

At the Litoral Camp, everyone was awake and working to keep the fire alive except Brady, who slept in the shelter. When Chip tried waking him, he just rolled over and kept sleeping.

I hope Brady likes million-dollar naps, because this incident will cost him.


After awhile, Brady wakes up, but feels the cold shoulder of his tribe, and goes to talk to Carmen about it at the water well.

Quote1Hey Carmen, what happened? Everyone seems to be off today.Quote2- Brady
Quote1Maybe it's because you wouldn't bother to help us and just slept.Quote2- Carmen
Quote1Crap, I didn't mean to!Quote2- Brady
Quote1Don't worry, Chip won't care, as long as you get good with him.Quote2- Carmen
Quote1Yeah, I hate football, so making buddies with Chip won't be easy.Quote2- Brady
Quote1You know what I mean, idiot. Just work hard and do well in the immunity challenge, and your good.Quote2- Carmen
Quote1Thanks, me and you, we can dominate the game if we play our cards correctly.Quote2- Brady
Quote1Agreed, shake on it?Quote2- Carmen

The two shake on it, and both bring water back to the camp.

At Selva, conflict arises when Emma knocks over the rice bag, angering Julianna. The two argue for 10 minutes before Lukas and Rose can successfully break them up. Rose brings Emma to the beach, while Lukas brings Julianna into the jungle.

Quote1Dude! What is her problem! She can't just watch where she goes!Quote2- Julianna
Quote1I know, but there was no need to completely flip out on her. If you want to survive, you need to law low if its Day 2.Quote2- Lukas
Quote1I know, if we want to win and not go to Tribal, we need as much energy as possible.Quote2- Julianna
Quote1Do you know what, let's go fishing, maybe it will clear your head, and get us food.Quote2- Lukas
Quote1With what, our hands?Quote2- Julianna
Quote1Just watch.Quote2- Lukas

Lukas wades into the ocean nearby, looks around, then dives into the water. He comes back with a fish in one of his hands, surprising Julianna. The two catch a couple more fish before returning to camp.

Lukas is like what our tribe desperately needs. Who knew he was a Boy Scout! But he also is the voice of reason, which can be a huge threat, if your not on his side, luckily I am now, I hope.


Back at the beach, Emma breaks down to Rose about how Julianna was being rude to her.

Like seriously, what is that girl's problem. With Rose agreeing, I can easing try and get her out. She's a waste of space that needs to go home.


Back at Litoral, Audrey complains about her aching joints, worrying some of her tribemates about her performance in the game.

Audrey doesn't seem fit to play this game, but everyone likes her. If she does poorly in the immunity challenge, it may be her on the chopping block.


Day 3

The tribes get Tree Mail for their first Immunity Challenge. They meet Jeff, who explains the challenge. After deciding roles, Celeste, Chip, and Brady will work the sliding puzzle, Casey, Audrey, Carmen, and Joel will race to grab the boxes, and Skylar will do the final puzzle for Litoral. For Selva, Lukas, Laurel, and Emma will do the sliding puzzle, Julianna, Dover, Cooper, and Ralphie will run and get the boxes, and Rose will work on the final puzzle.

Both tribes start of well in the sliding puzzle, but lack of Brady's strength puts Litoral behind. It becomes almost dead-even for collecting the boxes when Audrey slips and falls, allowing Cooper to run back with the final box. By the time Audrey is back, Rose is halfway done with the puzzle. It's a very close battle, but Rose finishes the puzzle right before Skylar, winning immunity for Selva.

Back at the Litoral camp, tensions are high between Chip and Brady because of the challenge. Chip calls out Brady's strength and says straight-out that he could be voted out tonight.

Chip, good luck. Now the battle begins.


Brady goes to talk to Casey and Carmen.

Quote1What is wrong with him!Quote2- Brady
Quote1I have no idea, but don't worry. It's Audrey. She can't take this game, and if she did make it far, her social skills will give her the million.Quote2- Skylar
Quote1Okay, Chip's just lucky he's strong. He'd be a goner for his personality.Quote2- Julianna

After that conversation, it got me thinking, the more Chip pisses others off, the better chances I have of winning against him.


At Tribal Council, the tribe talked about their ethics for the first three days, and who should go. Chip kept talking about Brady's laziness and how that the tribe should thinking about cutting him loose. That started a heated argument between Chip and Brady, which Brady calling out Chip's arrogance. After it ended, Jeff tells the tribe to vote. The first two votes are for Brady, but the rest go to Audrey, and she is sent packing, leaving a relieved Brady and angered Chip.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 1:
Audrey Litoral
Audrey (6 votes)

Brady LitoralCarmen LitoralCasey LitoralCeleste LitoralJoel LitoralSkylar Litoral
Brady, Carmen, Casey, Celeste, Joel, Skylar

Brady Litoral
Brady (2 votes)

Audrey LitoralChip Litoral
Audrey, Chip

Audrey Litoral BW
Audrey Phillips

Voting Confessionals

It seems your lack of work has cost you, sorry.


Unfortunately your not Chip.


It was fun while it lasted? Sorry "mom", people like you just do well in this game.


If we want to improve, we need to cut our losses, sorry.


Yeah...see ya. You sealed your own fate.


Brady, I really want to see your face when you get blindsided.


It looks like the weak always go first.


Chip is gonna be real pissed after this vote.


Final Words

I kinda was expecting this, being my age and my performance. But I still love you all and I hope one of you wins!


Still In The Running

Cooper Selva
Dover Selva
Emma Selva
Julianna Selva
Laurel Selva
Lukas Selva
Ralphie Selva
Rose Selva
Audrey Litoral BW
Brady Litoral
Carmen Litoral
Casey Litoral
Celeste Litoral
Chip Litoral
Joel Litoral
Skylar Litoral

Next Time On Survivor...

  • Chip vents his anger towards his tribe.
  • Another intense immunity challenge.

Author's Notes

  • The Immunity challenge is based off the Redemption Island Duel in the episode Then There Were Five.