"The Boat Is Sinking"
Season Survivor: Burma
Author IAmNothing712
Episode Number 10/15
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This is the tenth episode of Survivor: Burma.

Previously on Survivor

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Reward Challenge: Don't Lie To Me
Castaways will be asked questions from their lie detector tests, which was conducted prior to their departure from the United States. Players will be sitting above a pit of water, each holding a placard with the word "truth" at the front and "lie" at its back. The objective is to match their answers to the answer that was read by the polygraph test machine (regardless if it's the absolute truth of not). For each correct answer, they will move on to the next round unscathed. For every mistake, one of three ropes that supports the seat will be chopped by the host. If a player's three ropes are chopped, the player's seat will drop, sending the player to the water pit and eliminating him from the challenge. Last person standing wins reward. How it goes: The host will show them a portion of a video of the lie detector test, from when the conductor asked the question, until the player answered "yes" or "no." The host will pause the video from there, prompting the survivors to answer. The host will then continue playing their video to reveal whether the machine detected a "truth" or a "lie" (the conductor will show a placard showing the words "true" or "lie" behind the player, who doesn't know what was read by the polygraph machine).
Reward: The winner and a companion will ride a luxurious yacht where they will have a bath and a light meal before going to the capital city of Rangoon, where the winner will have a shopping spree worth 873,500 kyat (roughly $1000). The winner may choose to split his/her prize with the companion, but it is not cumpolsory.
Additional Stipulation: The first person to be eliminated from the challenge will be sent to Exile Island
Winner: Kendra (chooses to bring Molly with her)

Immunity Challenge: Jenga Fever
Players will use one hand to steady a balancing board while simultaneously building manipulating a jenga tower with the other hand every 30 seconds. If a player topples his or her tower, or fails to place a block after 5 seconds, they are eliminated form the challenge. Last person with his/her jenga tower intact wins immunity.
Winner: Jolanda


Night 25

Angered by Donna's involvement in the Three Tribes Alliance, Nigel confronts Donna, who is talking to Molly. Molly snaps back at Nigel, saying that Donna didn't give him any promises. Nigel tells Molly to "stay in her place," prompting Molly to lash out at him, telling him to go away from her, even warning him that he is going home once he doesn't win immunity.

Nigel's going ballistic after the Three Tribes alliance came out at Tribal. He would have done the same thing with the all-Nagar top five. What a jerk.


Day 26

After receiving Tree Mail, the Galone tribe meets Jeff Probst for their Reward Challenge. Jeff then reveals that the lie detector tests they did before leaving the United States were conducted because they will be used for today's challenge. Excitement from the castaways build up.

For all I know, it could all be lies, even if I said it was true.


Kendra wins reward, and chooses Molly to come with her. Kendra states she wants to bring Molly to help her release her cooped up emotions.

I am so grateful to be picked by Kendra. Just the fact that she really wanted to help me ease up the pain is pretty relieving.


Thank goodness Kendra brings Molly out of camp. Now I hope this will buy enough time to get me enough votes to get rid of Molly. The boat is sinking for me, Dan and Jo; so if there's a time to do this, it's now!


At Exile Island, Jolanda uses her time alone to think about her voting options, whether make a deal with her fellow Magan members Conway and Kendra, or stay with Nigel.

I am trying to weigh my options right now. Like, should I stay with Nigel so I can keep his jury vote if he goes home, or make a deal with Conway and Kendra so I'd stick around? This is tricky for me. Who knows? I might be next. I have to win that necklace.


Back at camp, Nigel talks to Donna and Zach, saying that they will be the top five if they turn against the Three Tribes Alliance. Zach states he doesn't know his chances against him, Danny and Jolanda since they are all physical threats. With nowhere to go, Nigel goes to Danny, stating that finding an idol is essential to their survival, but unknown to them, Conway has the Magan idol, while Kendra has the Nagar idol, which only Donna knows about. Danny and Nigel spends the rest of the day trying to look for an idol. Rashad asks them if they had found anything, but to no avail.

These idols are hard to get, like women. I just hope to God at least one's still out there.


On their way to Rangoon, Kendra offers Molly 40% of her reward money so she can shop as well. Before docking, Kendra and Molly go to bath before they start shopping. Kendra buys bags and accessories for a future fashion spread once she gets back to the US, while Molly buys clothes and other knock knacks for her adopted family. Both Kendra and Molly agree to spare some of their money to buy somethings for their tribemates back at camp. Molly and Kendra buy some food and some clothes for their tribemates.

Now my well-being's up again, Nigel, better be careful; because he's next.


Molly and Kendra return to Galone camp, bringing all the items they bought for their tribemates (the items they intended to bring home were taken by production). Donna hugs Molly upon seeing her ally in a better mood. While the tribe don their new clothes, Nigel goes to sleep instead.

I really don't care if they bought me anything. All I care about right now is the necklace.


Nigel really infuriates me. He has to put gratitude in his attitude. He sucks the morale of our group, that's why he's public enemy number 1.


Day 27

After receiving Tree Mail, the Galone tribe meets Jeff for their next Immunity Challenge. Fresh from Exile Island, Jolanda reunites with her tribe. But before the challenge, Jeff invites the contestants if they can just forgo the challenge and instead, eat all the burgers (complete with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and condiments) they want. Molly, Rashad, Zach, Donna, Kendra and Conway all choose to eat, while the outsiders, Danny, Jolanda and Nigel fight for their lives.

While the Three Tribes Alliance quietly downs their burgers, moving the jenga tower while balancing it becomes a challenge to Danny, Nigel and Jolanda, with Danny's tower collapsing after 5 minutes, leaving Nigel and Jolanda in contention for the necklace. In the end, Nigel loses his focus after being bitten by a mosquito, unwittingly toppling the balancing board and ostensibly, his tower. After battling with Nigel for seven minutes, Jolanda wins immunity.

Back at camp, Nigel pulls Molly aside, and tells her he will not try to convince to sway the vote. Instead, he asks for her forgiveness after their rough past few days. Molly accepts his apology, stating that they should understand each other's differences, because though they are competitors, they need each other to survive the remaining 14 days.

Though Nigel and I patched things up, that doesn't mean he's not marked anymore. He has a family. I don't. He's the biggest threat at this point. So, sorry Nigel. I love you, goodbye.


On the other hand, Jolanda talks to Kendra, asking if the Three Tribes Alliance to not put her next in line, and instead make a secret all-Magan alliance with her, Kendra and Conway. Kendra makes no promises. Jolanda brings up how she saved her and Conway back at the old Magan, where she voted Chuch out instead of Conway. Kendra states it was her move, and it was their choice.

Quote1Can you please vote Nigel or Danny before me?Quote2- Jolanda
Quote1If the alliance doesn't want to, I can't do anything. Sorry.Quote2- Kendra
Quote1But I saved you and Conway back at Magan. I should have voted Conway, but I decided to vote Chuck out instead because I knew I would get your loyalty, and this is what I get in return? Look, we can run this game. You, me and Conway can make an all-Magan final three.Quote2- Jolanda
Quote1That was your move. Voting Chuck out was your prerogative. Yeah, we scrambled to get your vote, but writing Chuck's name down was your decision.Quote2- Kendra
Quote1So you're saying it's my fault then?Quote2- Jolanda
Quote1Yes.Quote2- Kendra
Kendra basically said it was my fault voting Chuck out. My mistake, I should've voted them out because I now believe that if Chuck or Kyle stayed, they would have been loyal to me. Kendra and Conway didn't return the favor and basically blamed me on why they're still here. They were reaping the benefits of being in a good spot at my expense. I really have no choice but to win my way to Final Tribal.


Jolanda wants the remaining Magans to stick together. It will be a bad strategic move on my part. Not only we will piss the members of the alliance I built so hard, me and Conway will come across as coattail riders, and I didn't come here to be castigated for that.


Just as the Galone tribe prepares for Tribal Council, Danny and Jolanda ask Nigel if he made any last-minute scrambling. Nigel tells them he accepted his fate that he is next in line.

I'd rather help the alliance vote Nigel out. If you can't help me defeat them, I'll just help them vote you out.


At Tribal Council, Nigel apologizes to the tribe for his arrogance. The jury members, Kyle, Francesca and Marshall are all shocked to see Nagar's former leader being humble enough to apologize, because it is not in his nature to do such a thing. Nigels adds that he accepts his fate. Molly shakes his hand, thanking him for letting his pride go. Nevertheless, Nigel is sent to the jury as expected after an 8-1 vote.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 12:
Nigel (8 votes)
Conway, Danny, Donna, Jolanda, Kendra, Molly, Rashad, & Zach
Molly (1 vote)
Nigel Holman

Voting Confessionals

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