"The Boomerang Effect"
Season Survivor: Arabia - Old School vs. New School
Author User:SimBrotherCo
Episode Number 9/13
Date Uploaded February 14, 2013
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The Boomerang Effect is the ninth episode of Survivor: Arabia - Old School vs. New School.

Previously on Survivor...

Having lost one of their closest allies, the Ishrin four turned three, was now in the dumps. After a pep talk from Sydney the three vowed to work to keep one another in the game. Meanwhile, Varner and Gervase plotted on how to keep Wahid together for the next few votes, while Kelly and Penny agreed to do whatever it took to get Sydney out of the game. Back at camp, Deena attempted to make peace with the ex-Ishrin tribe by explaining why she and Penny decided to stick with their orignial tribe, making Monica wary. At the reward challenge Monica secured her first win and took Deena on a barbeque feast with her. At the feast Monica's suspicions about Deena were confirmed and she ratted out Deena to Varner in hopes of striking a deal to eliminate Penny at the next tribal council. At the immunity challenge, Penny lucked into individual immunity, sparring her from the vote. The Ishrin three then set their sights on Deena. But Varner had other plans in mind, he ratted Monica out to his alliance, thus sealing her fate. However, at the last minute Brandon, Gervase, Jeff, and Kelly switched their votes to Sydney, and she became the first member of the jury. 8 Castaways are left, who will be voted out tonight?


Reward Challenge: 7-UP
One at a time, teams member will go down a huge water slide, where they will go out into the water and retrieve a crate. The number of team members retrieving crates increases each turn. Once a team has all of their crates, they will then assemble a puzzle. First team to assemble their puzzle wins reward.
Reward: Trip to a "7UP Oasis" for the afternoon where they will have burgers, steaks, hot dogs, pies, and all the 7UP they can drink, and they are allowed to bring back 7UP to drink for as long as they like.
Winner: Brandon, Deena, Jeff, & Spencer

Immunity Challenge : Slip Slidin' Away
The castaways would face off in 1 on 1 battles, where they would oil themselves up and slide down a slip and slide, collecting balls as they went. Once they got to the end, they must shoot a basket into a hoop. Last player left standing would win Immunity.
Winner: Gervase


Day 25


Silence filled the Fekruna camp this morning. The vote last night was so confusing, so depressing, an so typical Survivor. No words were spoken last night. The loss of Sydney had almost been too much for Monica and Spencer to bear, their family was dwindling. Penny and Deena opted to sleep on their fears as opposed to speaking out against Varner, they could tell they were on thin ice as it is. This morning had been just like the evening after tribal council, no work was being done, no conversations were ensuing.

With all the silence around camp Jeff an Gervase decided to go exploring. It seems as if nobody had left the little strip of land which Wahid had laid out when they first got here, and Varner and Gervase were in control as far as they knew so they decided to enjoy the day away from the drama crazed people that were their tribemates.

We caused a whole lotta chaos and a whole lotta distrust so Gervase and I are gonna chillax while they go at eachother.

–Jeff Varner

While the men are away, the women will bicker all day.

–Gervase Peterson

The two trecked across the beach shore past the watering whole when they saw a series of sand unes ahead. the two walked up a small hill and sat up overlooking the sea, if you turned right you could see the small speck of land where the Fekruna camp was setteled.

"So let's talk game like for real now," Gervase said.

"Especially since we don't have to worry about babysitting Brandon and Smelly Kelly," Varner said.

"So you really think this plan is gonna work?" Gervase said nervously.

"Of course, Sydney was the rock of that tribe, now they're gonna splinter apart, Spencer won't trust Kells, Kells won't trust Spencer, and Deena and Penny are still Deena and Penny and all we need Brandon to do is make sure none of them are up to no good," Varner stated.

The two then started one of their typical laugh sessions, and the jokes kept coming.

"Now that Sunshine's gone, it's gonna be rainy days for the rest of those fools," Gervase said while laughing.

"I hope they brought an umbrella, cause they're about to get soaked," Varner said chiming in.

"Man, how great is it gonna be when we get Smelly Kelly to send home her only real ally?" Gervase asked facitiously.

"Well at least she'll still think we're her friend," Varner said laughing so hard he almost fell down the sand dune.

"Oh s***" Varner said!

"All this winning is making you antsy," Gervase said patting him on the shoulder.

"So we're cool with getting rid of Spencer next?" Varner said getting down to buisness.

"We got rid of Sydney, just like Kelly wanted, she better return the favor," Gervase sai bluntly.

"Yeah, but she's a feisty chickidee," Varner said cautiously. "She hates when people try to cut off her options, that's why we gotta make sure she distances herself from those Ishrin folk."

"Man this better go according to plan, this is gametime right here," Gervase said putting his head down.

"We need to relax man, that's what this day's all about, we gotta take it easy today so we can make sure s*** is still going down the next few days," Varner said.

I've been working hard and playing hard for the past 24 days to get this far, today is a me day, and after today I'll get back to kickin ass, taking name, and crushing dreams.

–Jeff Varner

The two kicked back, slid down sand dunes, splashed in the ocean, making the most of their Day 25. A day that was bound to be more peaceful for them than it was going to be ore everyone else.

Chop. Chop. Chop.

Not even Deena's knife could cut the tension in the Fekruna tribe this morning. Everyone was sitting in their seperate cliques, gossiping about the others, and wanting absolutely nothing to do with the others, it was safe to say Varner's plan was working perfectly thus far.

Sitting around the cooking pot were Deena and Penny who were preparing breakfast for the tribe, it was a safe place to talk and strategize especially since nobody did nearly as much work as the two of them did everyday. In fact they were convinced that was the only reason they'd stuck around this long.

"Well, it looks like we're back where we started," Penny said dissapointed.

"It freaking sucks, everyone's against us now, not much wiggle room for us anymore," Deena said focusing on slicing some coconut for breakfast.

"What'd you reckon we do about it?" Penny asked.

"I suppose we just focus on immunity and waiting and seeing what happens, I think doing anything rash right now can only come back to bite us," Deena said rationally.

"I just don't understand why we weren't informed about all these plans changing," Penny said slightly upset.

She had been the black sheep of the ex-Wahid tribe since Day 1, and just when the tribe started to come together, once again she realized she was still far on the outs.

Y'know you make it to this halfway point and you're in the majority alliance and everything's great and then it's something like this that makes me realize, I'm just as much on the outside as I was at the very beginning.

–Penny Ramsey

"It's not just them that's against us, it doesn't help that freaking Monica went behind our back and ratted us out to Varner," Deena said annoyed.

"I just don't understand what that accomplished," Penny said confused.

"Well she's still here, she got what she wanted, for now anyways," Deena said chucking the coconut into the pot.

"I don't think Varner would risk everything to get rid of us now Deena," Penny said observantly.

"Well at this rate, it's not a matter of if we go out, it's just when, so I guess we're just gonna have to kiss ass and pretend like everything's ok with him and the rest of his shmucks," Deena said in her high pitched fake voice.

"Everything's just fine and dandy with us Deena, we're just two ol' worker bees tryin to get as far as we can," Penny said in her thick southern accent.

"Exactly," Deena said with a faint smile.

There's not a lot we can do right now, so I'm going to do what I've been doing this whole time suck it up, and act like nothing's wrong.

–Deena Bennett

The two girls went back to doing their work, they had some idea of what they were going to do, but with all the craziness that ensued last night, they both knew they were walking on eggshells.

Brandon Quinton was laying down by the beach shirt off, tan coming on, just soaking up the rays of a nice day, he could see the shock on Penny and Deena's face still. Spencer and Monica both looked like dead men walking at this point, he was just relaxing and taking it easy, the only person he had to worry about was....

"Brandon," Kelly said tapping on his shoulder.

"Whaaaaaaaaaat," Brandon said moaning, she'd woken him out of his mid morning day dream.

"So what ever happened to Spencer going home the other day?" Kelly said suspiciously.

"Well we voted for Sydney, so Sydney went home," Brandon said sarcastically.

"I know he wasn't going home," Kelly said bluntly.

"I never said he was," Brandon said defensively.

" No you just implied it every way possible," Kelly said aggrivated.

"What can I say, I'm a crafty son of a bitch," Brandon said proud of himself.

Kelly rolled her eyes, typical Brandon.

I don't understand Brandon, it's like he's more concerned about causing trouble than winning a million bucks. It's to the point where I can't trust a word that comes out of his mouth.

–Kelly Goldsmith

Kelly takes this game way too seriously, I know she wants to win and all, but she probably isn't so she could at least stop being a whiny little bitch.

–Brandon Quinton

"Was Spencer actually not gonna tell me about their plan?" Kelly said aggrivated.

"Do I look like Spencer?" Brandon said.

"Not like you'd tell me the truth anyways," Kelly said walking away.

Remembering he had to prevent Spencer an Kelly from confronting one another Brandon got up and ran after Kelly  trying to get her to calm down.

"Look," Brandon said turning to look Kelly in the eyes, "We voted out Sydney last night just like you wanted, Spencer was never going to get rid of her before you, I just don't wanna see you align with someone who doesn't have you as their first priority, just looking out for you kid."

"You're so full of s***," Kelly said laughing.

"Seriously though," Brandon said, "He didn't tell you, he could've told you, you knew what he was oing, but it's not like he knew what you were doing."

Kelly nodded. Brandon was making sense, she didn't want to believe it, but it sure seemed as if Spencer was more concerned with his game than he was with her's or anyone elses.

"This sucks," Kelly said staring down at the ground.

"Ho, it'll be ok, you're gonna be in the final four and that means you won't be nearly as big of a failure as you were the first time," Brandon said hugging his friend.

"You're so good at being fake," Kelly said sweetly.

"I know, I know," Brandon said.

Whew that was close, I'm so good at telling that girl sweet nothings.

–Brandon Quinton

It's crazy how the longer you're here, the more bulls*** you hear, but at the same time, it's hard to tell what's bs and what's just the harsh truth.

–Kelly Goldsmith

While most of the ex-Wahid members were angry this morning, Spencer and Monica were still own about the loss of their closest friend and ally.

"Well this sucks," Monica said straightforward. Her hand resting on her jaw, blankly staring out of the shelter at all of her so called "tribe mates" scheming.

"Tell me about it," Spencer said.

"So is it just inevitable that we're gonna be the next two to go?" Monica asked defeated.

"No way, this is one freaking crazy tribe," Spencer said, "they're going to crack at some point."

"Well now Deena probably hates us, she's been giving us the stink eye all morning, Varner and Gervase completly stabbed us in the back and all we have is Kelly who's been anything but helpful, so what's the plan?" Monica asked skeptical of Spencer's new found hopefullness.

"I know I can get Kelly, and once we get one to join us they're all going to come piling in," Spencer said confidently.

"Who is gonna follow Kelly to align with us?" Monica asked.

"Brandon, Gervase, Varner, Penny, Deena, anybody could, plus right now nobody knows who can trust and who they can't Mon," Spencer reassured her.

Monica bit her lip.

"Look I appriciate what you tried to do the other day, and if it worked we could've done really well for ourselves, but it didn't work so now it's going to be my turn to make sure that the two of us can get through this," Spencer said reassuring her.

I've been saying it's such an individual game for so long, so I'm just shocked at how much Spencer is looking out for me, it really makes me reconsider what I've been doing out here.

–Monica Padilla

Monica and I haven't already been the best of friends, but we're in it together, we're the only person the other can trust.

–Spencer Duhm

"Hey y'all we're back and we got mail for ya!" Jeff Varner announced, it was time to ease the pressure of the game with a fun reward challenge.

The remaining eight castaways would be randomly broken into two teams, one by one they would slide down the slide and drag crates into the water, they then must place the crates in an order to form a picture the winners would get a trip to the 7-UP Oasis where they would enjoy a hot meal and a relaxing spa-like experience while enjoying all the 7-UP they can drink.

The teams were as follows:

Yellow Team - Gervase, Penny, Monica, Kelly

Green Team - Jeff, Spencer, Brandon, Deena

The yellow team decided to send Kelly down the slide first in order to have their best puzzle solver first to be able to place the puzzle since they were lacking in man power while the green team decided to put muscles first an worry about the puzzle later.

Sure enough the green team was off the a huge lead Varner quickly got the crates into the water Kelly struggled to get her's there, Spencer then went down in order to increase their lead, as he was finishing up Penny had just slid down the slide, Penny made up a little time but  Brandon had already finished his leg when she finished. Gervase then went down to make up more time and managed to finish before Deena, although Deena still finished before Monica began. They began to assemble their puzzle as quickly as they could although there were no fantastic puzzle solvers on their team slowly they began to assemble the puzzle. Monica slowly began moving her pieces while Kelly began trying to visualize the puzzle although it was too little too late because the green team had already solved their puzzle.


A helicopter soon arrived to take the four of them to the 7-UP Oasis, there was a pool, a hot tub, a massage table, and plenty of food and 7-UP for them to eat.

Varner and Spencer quickly ran for the food while decided to take a dip in the hot tub. Deena had taken a cool 7-UP to drink.

"Ahh, now this is what I call paradise," Deena said.

It's like this perfect Oasis in the middle of nowhere and there was food and a spa, it was everything I could've asked for at this point in the game.

–Deena Bennett

The four of them decided to dig into the food that Spencer and Varner had already made quick work of, all four of them tore through chicken wings and watermelon and everything the could've asked for. After all the meal Deena and Varner layed down on the couches provided to ease the digestion process.

  • Burp* "Man, I am so full," Varner said happily.

"Now that was worth indulging in," Deena said happy.

Varner sat back, his day of relaxation had gotten even better, there was nothing better than a nice meal and spending the rest of his day relaxing in the 7-UP Oasis, but Deena was going to make his vacation a little more difficult.

"So where do I stand in this tribe now buddy," Deena asked in her overly happy voice.

"Darlin, you sit up on top of that pedestal like you've always had," Varner said snickering.

"So you didn't tell me about the vote last night?" Deena said supiciously, still flashing her fake smile.

"It's all part of the plan dear, we gotta make sure those Ishrin folks know we ain't got nobody that wants to work with 'em," Varner said slowly drifting off.

"Alright then, thanks buddy," Deena said patting his head as she got up to join Brandon and Spencer in the hot tub.

Varner just keeps saying lie on top of lie on top of lie, but I see right through it.

–Deena Bennett

Back at camp, there wasn't much partying going on, but Gervase was doing his best to ensure Varner's plan would continue on course. He decied to chill in the ocean with Kelly.

"Kelly, we're gonna bathe you so you won't be so smelly," Gervase said laughing.

"Whatever will you call me if I did such a thing Gervase?" Kelly asked laughing.

"We'll think of something," Gervase promised her.

"Oh goody," Kelly said rolling her eyes.

The two jumped into the ocean floating on top of the Arabian water, enjoying the rest of their day.

"Ah, why can't it just be like this all the time?" Kelly asked finally relaxing.

"It will be soon enough, it won't be long till it'll be just our foursome girl," Gervase said.

"Good, cause I don't know how much more of these people I can take, look at Monica over there it won't be long until she's just shamelessly working Penny," Kelly said rolling her eyes.

"As if anyone can have a rational conversation with Penny," Gervase said laughing.

"True enough," Kelly shrugged, sinking her ears below water to tune out the rest of her tribe, she was finally going to unwind.

But Kelly wasn't the only one unraveling, because some of the truth was about to. Monica and Penny sat in the shelter comparing notes.

"So...what happened yesterday?" Monica asked half heartedly.

"Well we'd all hear that y'all were plannin' to vote against me an y'all wanted Varner and Gervase to help you do that," Penny said.

"Did Varner tell you that?" Monica said suspiciously.

"Why, yes indeed he did," Penny said smiling.

"Oh my god...." Monica said. "He's the rat! He's the one doing all this!" Monica said, just having an epiphany.

"So you think Varner told us all this to get us to go after eachother?" Penny said.

"Exactly," Monica said smiling.

"Well my word, he's been tryin to play us all like a fiddle, hasn't he?" Penny said softly.

"I'm willing to get over this if you guys are, this is our last chance to at least do something," Monica said eagerly.

"I'd be willin to even draw a rock if it meant tryin' to get us all ahead," Penny said earnestly.

"You got a deal," Monica said shaking Penny's hand.

Varner's a crafty little bastard, he's a lot smarter than he acts, but i've seen through that snarky redneck fasad, he's a player.

–Monica Padilla

This is what I like to call the boomerang effect, Varner's been throwing out all this chaos, and hopefully it's about to come right back to him.

–Penny Ramsey

Brandon, Deena, Jeff, and Spencer returned from their reward and crawled into the shelter. It was halway through the night when Penny whispered to Deena, "we need to talk tommorrow, as soon as possible."

Day 26

Penny and Deena woke up at the crack of dawn the next morning, both had some interesting revalations the other day, both of them very similar.

The fire had been running low so Deena an Penny tended to the fire while sharing what they had learned yesterday.

"So Monica and I think that Varner's been doing all these crazy schemes to make sure that we don't align with one another so he can just coast to the end, just like we said all along, he's a snake," Penny said insistantly.

"That doesn't change the fact that Monica and Spencer tried to get rid of both me and you the other  day, I don't feel comfortable aligning myself with them, that'd be utterly stupid of us," Deena said negating Penny's ideas.

"Although I will admit, I don't think Varner's gonna keep us around much longer, but I think we have a better chance sticking with the plan than going with those guys," Deena said validating some of Penny's statement.

"If we let him do this he wins the game Deena, and I don't know about you but I don't wanna sit on that jury again and have to vote for someone like him," Penny said honestly.

"I think it's worth considering, but perhaps Monica should talk to me instead of just having you convince me Penny, I know this is what you wanna do, which is why I'm even considering it, but It's so risky, and we only have four anyways," Deena said.

"You're not willing to draw rocks?" Penny said nervously.

"Why would I pick a rock and possibly take 8th place...again, when I'm at least garunteed top six by sticking with the plan?" Deena said logically.

Penny sat down and went back to tending to the fire, Deena seemed very resistant to going along with the plan her and Monica had established, it would take some serious convincing from the girls to get her to go along with it, but she was determined.

I watched someone plow through the game last time I played, and I'm not going to let the same thing happen again, I'm gonna do everything I can so Deena can see this is what she needs to be doing.

–Penny Ramsey

Tommorrow marks the day I was voted out of survivor, I'm not going to put my faith in a rock an hopes that Monica & Spencer wont screw me over again.

–Deena Bennett

As everyone woke up, Varner stretched in front of the shelter and sat next to Penny. He knew she was the most dangerous of the Wahid members so he was gonna make sure she wasn't up to any funny buisness today, today was far to important to let Penny mess things up.

"Lucky Penny, how are you doin this morning?" Varner asked.

"I"m doing just fine thank you Varner, did you enjoy the Oasis yesterday?" Penny said sweetly.

"I did, but my boweles didn't appriciate it too much," Varner said lughing at his own joke.

Penny looked disgusted by Varners joke, but she managed to fake a faint smile to prevent him from getting to suspicous or wary of her.

Monica pretended to gag, making eye contact with Penny.

Penny smiled and set her head in her lap while Varner was describing his meal and his long nap and whatever strange dream he had.

"Nobody likes a bragger Varner," Deena said snarkily.

"Honey I'm the champion aroun here I can brag all I want to," He said laughing to himself.

Gervase soon joined Varner around the campfire followed by Brandon.

All three of them began to jeer Penny and Deena as they tended to the daily chores around camp.

Deena rolled her eyes, put her head down and kept working.

I'd be lying if I said these guys didn't annoy me, but I can handle their egos, I'm just wondering how much longer their willing to handle me.

–Deena Bennett

Penny managed to slip away and decided to go for a water run.

Monica quietly slipped out with her to discuss what Deena's reaction was to the plan.

"She doesn't trust y'all because of what you tried to pull the other day," Penny said somberly to Monica.

"She realizes that Varner wins the entire game if he doesn't get voted out tommorrow right?" Monica said annoyed.

"She seems to be playing for three more days than to shake up the entire game," Penny stated.

"She's not going anywhere though, why not take a chance, if she sticks with him she has to know that she's going to be going home sooner or later," Monica persisted.

"I told her all of this, but she just seems to think you're gonna screw her over the first chance y'all get," Penny sai.

"I guess I'm going to have to talk with her then, I still have to catch Spencer up though, he's been sleeping all morning and I didn't wanna wake him up...that's a little suspicious you know?" Monica told Penny.

Penny nodded agreeing. "I think if you swore to her that you weren't gonna break your word, than I think she'd be more than happy to vote along side y'all, nobody wants those guys to win," Penny said smiling.

The web Varner weaved is more complicated than I thought, It's gonna take a lot of work if I wanna make sure I can stay a few more days.

–Monica Padilla

"I'm gonna hang back here so they don't thnk we've been talking," Monica said. "I know Varner's been on your ass all day."

"He's a tough little rascal that's for sure," Penny said as she headed back to camp.

Penny walked back into camp with the water canteens that she'd filled up, she passed them around to the guys who had given up bantering Deena and just decided to lay on the logs around the fire talking about what kind of foods they were looking forward to.

"I think I'm gonna take a nap y'all," Penny declared.

"We do know that you like to sleep around," Varner whispered.

Gervase and Brandon snickered loudly.

Penny pretended as if she hadn't heard and crawled into the shelter.

She layed down right next to Spencer. She subtly shook him awake and whispered in his ear, "you need to get up, walk down the beach an go talk to Monica, she'll fill you in on what's going on, we have a huge plan."

Spencer waited a few moments to awake and then got up out of the shelter, stretched his legs and began walking down the beach.

"No hello from sleeping beauty?" Brandon asked.

"Well hello there princess, I'm off to the beach enjoy your....log," Spencer said.

Brandon rolled his eyes and rested his head back on the log, taking a swig of water while he watche Spencer walk along the beach.

When he was out of sight Monica was there to greet him.

"You're not going to believe what happened while you were gone the other day," Monica said excited.

"I"m guessing you made some kind of deal with Penny," Spencer said smiling.

"You better believe it," Monica said jumping up and down.

"That's great!" Spencer said.

Monica can get down in the dumps but when she has a plan she perks right up and gets right back into the game, and it looks like she's got something big going on.

–Spencer Duhm

"So you me, Penny, and hopefully we can get Deena in on this are gonna blindside Varner," Monica said smiling.

"No way!" Spencer said.

"Yes, that bastard ratted us out about our plan to get rid of Deena so he could get all this s*** started, he loves chaos," Monica said.

"That's brilliant," Spencer said, his eyes lighting up, the super fan in him had made respect for this huge move.

"Well it's not going to work," Monica said confidently. "We're gonna have to go talk to Deena, cause she still hates my guts," Monica said upset.

Monica may have the brains, but I have the charm, so in a way we really are the perfect team.

–Spencer Duhm

"Deena!" Monica called out. "Come join us on the beach."

Deena rolled her eyes, but reluctantly agreed to do it, she owed Penny that much.

"Relax, Deena, you need a good rest," Spencer said.

"Well thank you both," Deena said smiling.

"So, are you sure you wanna stick with Varner?" Monica said.

Deena raised an eyebrow.

"I'm sorry, I just have to ask," Monica said quickly after.

"It's just hard to trust that you two are going to keep your word, whether it be this tribal council or the next," Deena said bluntly.

"Perhaps I can explain then," Spencer offered. "You told us you'd never align with us if you didn't have the numbers so we took that as if you never were willing to align with all three of us, so we had to go with some other option Deena, I mean we were more going after Penny than you an she's agreed to do this," Spencer said logically.

"How long of a deal are you guys willing to make?" Deena asked curiously.

Monica looked to Spencer who reciprocated a nod.

"We're prepared to make you both a final four deal," Monica said smiling.

"We're true to our word, we stuck by Sydney and Brett no matter what," Spencer pointed out.

"Alright, I may regret this, but you both have a deal,"

they shook hands and Deena left ot head back to camp.

I'm dead in the water with Varner. I need to break out of my comfort zone and start taking risks, that's how winners are born. Nobody won this game playing it safe.

–Deena Bennett

"Oh by the way," Deena said turning back at them, "you better talk to Kelly, she's super pissed at you Spence."

"f***ing Varner," Monica cussed.

And the plot thickens...

–Monica Padilla

Kelly Goldsmith lay down by the beach closer to the Fekruna camp. Her feed sunk in the sand and feeling the waves wash up and down her legs, she was tuning out everyone for the past few days and it had been so rejuvinating.

"Ah," Spencer said laying down right next to her. "this is nice."

"Can I help you with something?" Kelly asked sarcastically.

"I'm looking for a snarky little blonde who apparently has some problems with me," Spencer said with a big smile.

"Do you have an appointment with Dr. Goldsmith sir?" Kelly asked facitiously.

"Seeing as I'm her lover, I dont' see why I'd need such a thing," Spencer said pushing her.

"Sir first of all do not push me, and second of all Dr. Goldsmith is a woman, please go away before I have to call the authorities," Kelly responded.

"And what kind of authorities are there on this island?" Spencer said.

"It's more like I just vote you out and then laugh about it," Kelly responded.

"Are you still mad at me?" Spencer asked.

"You could've given me a little heads up if you were gonna vote for Deena," Kelly said upset.

"You could've told me you were voting one of my closest friends out of the game," Spencer said defensively.

"I asked if you'd vote her out and you said no," Kelly said.

Meanwhile, Gervase noticed that Spencer and Kelly were conversing.

"Dude, this is code red, Smelly Kelly is fratenizing with the enemy."

"Brandon, go own there and break it up," Varner said.

Brandon ran down to the beach to break up the conversation.

"Sup you guys?" Brandon said shooting Kelly a glare.

"Just having a a conversation here..." Kelly said returning his glare.

"Sweet, what are we talking about?" Brandon said obnoxiously.

"Rainbows, dude, it's all about rainbows," Spencer said sarcastically.

"Oh Super," Brandon said rubbing his hands together.

"Brandon?" Kelly said

"Yes ho?" He responded.

"Go away," she said aggrivated.

"Nah," he said.

Kelly's been very defiant lately, which is why I'm glad I'm so good at preventing her from flipping.

–Brandon Quinton

I felt like I was getting somewhere with Kelly, and Brandon messed everything up, I'm just gonna have to talk to her later I guess, but at least now I'm prepared.

–Spencer Duhm

"Whatever," Kelly said. "I'm gonna go check treemail.

Sure enough there was something there, the next immunity challenge was about to ensue.

The challenge was the infamous slip n slide challenge. Two at a time players would slide own the slip n slide and grab a numbered ball on the way, once they got to the end of the course they'd have to shoot a basket. The first to do so advances to the next round, the last person standing wins immunity.

The first round was Brandon vs. Deena. Brandon had a better slide while Deena struggled to get across. Brandon scored the first basket and advanced.

Gervase and Kelly proved to be not much of a competition as Gervase easily defeated Kelly.

Spencer also slid his way to an easy win against Penny.

The last round Varner vs. Monica proved to be just as easy for Varner.

With that all four women had been eliminated and it had become a game for the men of Survivor.

Brandon and Gervase were up first. Gervase had a clean slide while Brandon gingerly tip toed to the finish although by the time he go there Gervase had already scored.

A young agile Spencer prove to be too much for Jeff Varner.

The final round Gervase versus Spencer. Old School vs. New School.

Survivors Ready? GO!

Both slid across the slide with ease grabbing a ball and moving to the mat. Spencer reached there first held his breath and shot. MISS! just to the left. Gervase got there an hit off the rim, MISS!

both men ran to retreive their balls, Spencer tossed his shot overhand bounching off the net right back to him.

Gervase, the YMCA basketball coach took his aim, and WOOSH! Nothing but net.


It sucks coming so close to winning time and time again and just being shut down.

–Spencer Duhm

The Fekruna tribe returned to camp most dissapointed but still hopeful for the day ahead.

Day 27

Spencer Duhm woke Kelly up just as the sun had risen. This would likely be the only chance he would get to talk to her today. He had to be convincing and he had to be fast because once the ex-Wahid men woke up his time would be up and his fate could potentially be sealed.

This could be doomsay for me, so I'm going to do everything I possibly can to stay here.

–Spencer Duhm

"You better hurry, cause they're not gonna let me talk to you in a few seconds," Kelly said truthfully.

"I know," Spencer said. "Let me just cut to the chance me, Monica, Penny, and Deena are voting out Varner tonight and we want you to vote with us," Spencer said.

"Seriously?" Kelly said anxiously.

Spencer nodded.

"I don't know Spencer..." Kelly said.

"It's going to be me or him," Spencer said trying to reaosn with her.

"Not if I have anything to do with it, if it's up to me we're getting rid of Monica," Kelly said.

"But it's not up to you, you're not calling the shot Kel, he is," Spencer pointed out.

Kelly shrugged. "I've been with these guys from the beginning though, an Brandon..."

"You mean the guy who doesn't trust you enough to have a five minute conversation with me?" Spencer said smiling.

"That's the one," Kelly said looking down.

"I know things are awkward right now, but I do owe you an apology for not giving you a heads up, but here I am now telling you exactly what's going to happen, you gotta do this Kelly, you'd be crazy not to," Spencer said pleading.

"I'll think about it," Kelly said smiling.

"Great," Spencer said giving her a huge hug than returning to the shelter to fall asleep.

I love Spencer to death, and I'd love nothing more than to vote with him, but I mean what're the odds of Spencer going home anyways?

–Kelly Goldsmith

Varner still had hope, Spencer still had hope, and Kelly was still hopeful that she wasn't going to have to make such a big decision today, but all of that was about to come crashing down when the guys met with Kelly on the beach to tell her what the plan was.

"Absolutely not, no way in hell am I voting for him tonight," Kelly said defensively.

"C'mon Kells, we got rid of Sydney last week, do something for us for once," Brandon said irritated.

"Yeah Kells, think of the team," Gervase said laughing.

"When have you guys ever thought of the team?" Kelly said defensively.

"When we got rid of that non-threatening bitch you were jelly of," Brandon said crossing his arms.

"C'mon you guys," Kelly said tilting her head back in frustration.

"Can we at least get Penny and Deena to weigh in on this?" Kelly demanded.

"Why don't you go get them," Varner said flashing his cheesy smirk.

She walked towards the camp to fetch Penny and Deena.

"She's such a sweetheart," Gervase said sarcastically.

"I'll make sure that she goes along with it," Brandon said smiling.

"You have a dark gift my friend," Varner said laughing.

So as usual Kelly's whining about having to do what we ask, but I'm not too worried, she'll come around.

–Jeff Varner

Kelly know's whats good for her. She knows keeping Spencer is smart, but she cares about her frienship with me too much to betray me, so I take advantage of it.

–Brandon Quinton

Kelly soon returned with Penny and Deena ready to discuss the vote.

"So, they wanna vote out Spencer before Monica tonight," Kelly said annoyed.

"I know Spencer's good physically, but I mean, strategically, he's just a mess," Deena pointed out.

"We don't wanna risk someone going on an immunity run, nobody trusts Monica, and there's no way in hell she can go on an immunity run," Gervase said arrogantly.

"I'd just feel a lot more comfortable if we got rid of Monica first," Kelly said.

"Look Kells, either you're gonna get rid of him now, or you're never ever going to vote him off, and if you go with the latter, he's gonna win, and you're gonna look like a fool," Varner said.

"Well apparently I already look like one," Kelly said walking away from the conversation.

Penny and Deena quickly joined her.

You can just see Kelly's patience with the boys splintering, if we act now I think this game's gonna change for the better.

–Penny Ramsey

"So, are you going along with the plan, the actual plan," Penny said excited.

"I think so, I mean, I just can't get rid of Spencer, not now," Kelly said upset.

"You don't need them, they've been using you this whole time girlie, you're gonna love this game so much more without them," Penny said smiling.

"Think it over," Deena said patting her on the back. "And let us know if you change your mind, we don't wanna be on the outs like that again."

Kelly nodded and thanked them.

Brandon then walked over to make his plea.

"What now?" Kelly asked.

"Just wanted to make sure you're solid," Brandon said concerned.

"Do you guys trust me at all?" Kelly said skeptically.

"Look Kells, we're just worried you're gonna do something crazy to save Spencer, you have me and I'm gonna go to the top with you, just like we said in the beginning, and you know you could whip my ass in any final tribal council," Brandon said smiling.

"Yeah, I know," Kelly said smiling.

"Good girl," Brandon said patting her on the head.

I don't know what I'm going to do. I have two friends on two different sides, and I'm the one that has to screw someone over which is both liberating and scary at the same time. So...screw everyone else, cause now I'm gonna start playing for me.

–Kelly Goldsmith

Tensions were high at Tribal Council. The votes came in, and all eyes were on Kelly.

First vote....

"Jeff," that was Monica's.

"Spencer," Gervase's vote was the first for him.

"Spencer," that was Varner's.

"Varner," that one had come from Monica.

"Spencer," Brandon had stuck to his word and voted for Kelly's friend.

3 votes Spencer, 2 votes Varner.

Next Vote....

"Jeffy Poo" that one had come from Penny, making it look as cute and sweet as possible.

Varner looked shocked.

"Varner," Deena's vote had Varner beginning to sweat, he rushed his hands through his hair, leaving them on his head hoping that his friend Kelly had stayed loyal.

He looked at her.

She looked back.

He exhaled, right before he heard.

9th Person Voted Out, and the Second Member of Our Jury.....


Varner got up, as Kelly smiled and waved goodbye to him.

"Damn, y'all are good," Varner said as he set his torch down in front of Jeff Probst.

"Varner, the tribe has spoken."

Varner was gone, and the game was up for grabs once again.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 9

Jeff (5 Votes)
Deena, Kelly, Monica, Penny, Spencer
Spencer (3 Votes)
Brandon, Gervase, Jeff
Jeff Varner

Still In the Running