"The Boy Is Skating On Thin Ice"
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Season Survivor: Dominican Republic
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Episode Number 3/13
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This is the third episode of Survivor: Dominican Republic

Previously On Survivor...

On the Yuna Tribe, Carly had alienated Mark and Martha because she voted against Martha at the first Tribal Council. Over on the Payabo Tribe, Sherri was initially on the fence about joining an alliance with Wild Bill and Jenny. She soon changed her mind and willingly joined in with Wild Bill and Jenny when they mocked Hector.

The Yuna Tribe lost the Immunity Challenge, the third consecutive challenge loss for their Tribe. At Tribal Council Martha once again lead the change against Carly, who she felt had wronged her because she had voted against her at the previous Tribal Council. In the end it was Carly who became the second person to be voted out of the game. Fourteen are left, who will be voted out next?


Reward Challenge: The Ball is in Your Court

This challenge is split up into three rounds. During each round the two Tribes must select one male and one female member of their tribe to compete in each round. The set-up of the challenge is as follows: the two tribes are separated by a wall, hanging over their heads are metal wires attached to those metal wires are spheres; there are thirty spheres in total. The goal of the challenge is to push as many of these spheres over to your opponent’s side in a minute. Once the minute is up, the round is over. The team that has pushed the most spheres over to their opponent’s side wins. The first team to win two rounds wins the challenge.
Reward:Fishing Gear
Winner: Payabo

Immunity Challenge: They Ain’t Heavy, They're My Teammate

One member from each tribe will be put in a harness and suspended over the river. A rope will be attached to the castaway in the harness which is the only thing that is holding up the castaway in the harness. On the other end of the rope the castaway’s teammates must hold onto their end of the rope in order to keep their teammate suspended over the water.

Every minute and a half, one person who is holding onto the rope must let go of the rope. This will continue until there is only one person from each team holding the rope or every player from one team has been eliminated. The tribe that holds their teammate up the longest will win the challenge.
Winner: Yuna


Night 6

We begin with the Yuna Tribe returning from Tribal Council. Various people are talking about different things. We then cut to a confessional done by Rodney which is being shot in Night Vision.

Yesterday was a very rough day for me. We lost our second Immunity Challenge in a row and Carly was eliminated from the game. I know that people are going to be wondering why I went ahead and voted with Carly. I mean I could have easily voted with the majority and then I would not have a target on my back.

Instead I took that target and put it on my back. The reason why I did what I did is because I liked Carly and I thought she was not was not given a chance in this game. If Martha and Mark want to come after me for showing her support…well…so be it.


Day 7

Over on the Payabo Tribe’s beach, it is early on the morning of day seven and Thom, Hector, and Denise talk about how despite the fact that their tribe has been dysfunctional at camp, they have been dominate during the challenges. Thom bemoans the fact that because they have won so many challenges, they have not been able to get rid of any of the dead weight on their team yet. Denise wonders out loud weather or not it might be wise to throw the next Immunity Challenge so that they can get rid of Wild Bill, Jenny, or Sherri. Thom says that it would be for the good of the tribe and he would be willing to do it if everyone else was on board.

Hector quickly shoots down that idea, saying that he came out her to compete and he will never willingly give the Yuna Tribe any chance to get back into this game if he can help it.

Today Thom and Denise brought up the idea of trimming the fat from our team by throwing an Immunity Challenge. Well I was not having any of that, we are on a roll right now and there is no need to mess that up by allowing the Yuna Tribe to get back into the game.

Would I love to get rid of William, Jenny, or Sherri?

Of course I would, but not at the expense of putting momentum into the hands of the Yuna Tribe. That is just a foolish thing to do.


At the Yuna Tribe Rodney and Martha are having a surprisingly civil conversation about the previous night’s Tribal Council while sitting on the beach. Martha tells Rodney that she is not going to go off on him because he knows what he did was wrong. However, he should also know that if the tribe loses the next Immunity Challenge, he will probably be the next person to go.

Rodney says that he did nothing wrong and that he only voted with a friend. He goes on to say that he truly feels that Esther is the weakest member of the tribe and getting her out of the game is paramount.

Martha laughs at Rodney, telling him that Jill spilled the beans to her before Tribal Council about how she was the original target of the vote. However, when he and Carly could not secure the votes, the vote was changed over to Esther. She says that the quality she appreciates the most in others is honesty and if he is going to sit there and pretend that Esther was the target all along, then she is not going to bother to talk to him anymore.

Rodney says that he does not deny trying to get her out of the game because of how toxic she was towards both John and Carly. Martha, who was expecting him to either deny wanting her out of the game or apologize to her for wanting her out of the game, is shocked when Rodney freely admits that she was his target. She then gets up and walks away from Rodney as he has a huge smile on his face.

Rodney must not want to stay in this game for very long. He don’t know who he’s dealing with. I’m controlling the votes on this tribe…I have the numbers on my side. I don’t care how good at challenges he is, the boy is skating on thin ice right now.


Back at the Payabo Tribe Hector, who is carrying some wood for the fire, pauses for a moment while watching Wild Bill, Sherri, and Jenny sit around and do nothing. He then heads back into the camp proper and begins talking with Denise.

Quote1I know I should be used to it by now but it bothers me seeing them sitting around doing nothing all day. All they ever seem to do is just crack on people; none of them seem to want to lift a finger out here.Quote2- Hector

Quote1Their day will come Hector; you just have to keep on reminding yourself of that.Quote2- Denise

Quote1I know…I know, but it just gets so frustrating to hear them make fun of everyone and I am sick of fighting with them. Just now I had to bite my tongue because when I walked by them William asked me if I wanted any help and then when I looked at him, he and the two witches started laughing at me.

I just don’t get how having a work ethic is something to be laughed about. If it wasn’t for me they would be freezing at night because there would be no firewood on the fire to keep them warm. Maybe you, me, Thom, Sully, and Kendra should just go on strike. Let the camp go to hell for a day…then maybe they will see what they are doing is wrong and that them sitting on their asses all day is actually going to hurt us as a team in the long run.Quote2
- Hector

Quote1I am not sure if Bill would even care. The girls might, but there is no way Bill would care about something like that. I would love to pick his brain and figure out exactly how he thinks playing the way he is playing is conducive to him staying in the game.Quote2- Denise

Quote1I don’t know Denise. All I do know is if we lose an Immunity Challenge, his ass is going to be the first to go. I know he is trying to bank on the fact that we would not be stupid enough to get rid of him because he is so good in challenges. That just ain’t the case; he is very expendable as the rest of the team should easily be able to pick up the slack in challenges once he is gone.Quote2- Hector

Quote1True…true, I guess getting rid of him is going to the priority for us if we ever lose an Immunity Challenge. Until that happens we are stuck with him and his antics.Quote2- Denise

Day 8

The start of day eight brings us back over to the Yuna Camp. It is early in the morning and Jill and Esther seem to be the only two members on the tribe that are awake. The two women go for a walk and begin to talk about the previous vote.

Quote1So…um, are you worried about all the votes you’ve been getting so far?Quote2- Jill

Quote1Yes and no. I mean I am the oldest person on the tribe and so to an extent I fully expected that I would be targeted because people would assume automatically that I am the weakest link. But in a way I was a little shocked that Rodney and Carly joined with Damion to vote against me.

I mean I told Martha after the first Tribal Council to not stress out about having votes cast against her and that it is all part of the game. However, to an extent I do feel like the last set of votes were a little personal. No matter how much I want to tell myself not to take it personally, that I have to take their votes against me in the context of the game…I’m…I’m just having a hard time doing so.Quote2
- Esther

Quote1Well they totally came to me before the vote and they wanted me to vote you out. Then when I said I would not be willing to vote you because you and I have become friends so quickly, the asked me to vote Martha out.

I totally did not commit to that vote either and so they just went a put votes on you.


I have no clue, maybe they like totally thought that I would vote for Martha and so they could force a vote between you and Carly. I am not sure if that was what they were trying to do but they knew for a fact that I was not about to vote for you.

They even tried to talk about making a young person alliance. Which I would never agree to join in a million years because I like you, Martha, and Mark too much to turn my back on the three of you, right now the three of you are my family out here.

Don’t get me wrong, Rodney is a cool guy as well but if I am totally put in a situation where I have to decide between you or him…well you would win every single time. As for Damion, well I don’t know anything about the dude. He hardly ever talks to me and he seems to want you out of this game badly so there really is nothing I have to say to him.Quote2
- Jill

Quote1That is one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me. I am so glad that you value our friendship so much.Quote2- Esther

The two women share a brief hug.

Jill is not at all what I expected her to be when I first saw here. I am not sure really how I thought she would be but I definitely was not expecting her to be this sweet, kind, considerate young woman that I have gotten to know of the course of the past seven days.

The fact that she went out of her way to stick with me and not make an alliance with the younger players on our tribe showed me that she has a lot of character. I cherish her so much because out here…in this game it is tough to meet people who you know truly like you and I know Jill truly likes me and I am so glad to have a friend like her out here.


At the Payabo Tribe, Thom notices that their rice is almost gone.

Over the week that we’ve been out here I’ve become the Tribe’s cook. Being that, that is my primary job out here I noticed that the rice seems to be going quickly. Now I only cook twice a day and I only cook a little bit at a time so that we don’t run out.

Well it would seem someone is eating more than the allotted amount that I have been giving the members of the Tribe. I have a feeling that it is Wild Bill or one of the two girls in his harem. It seems like the three of them don’t respect anyone on this team and they think they can do what they want and that there will be no repercussions.

Well their day of reckoning is coming.

Now normally I’m not the type of person who accuses anybody of anything, unless I can prove it. So I pulled Bill aside and asked him about the rice and he just laughed in my face and told me not to worry about it.

That got my blood boiling because I came to him like a man and he dismissed me like I was some sort of chump. So I decided to talk about the rice situation in front of the whole tribe so that everyone knew what was up.


Quote1Bill and I had a discussion a few minutes ago about how low our rice supply is. It is only day eight and the majority of the rice is gone. We can only eat the rice twice a day; folks cannot be going out there and eating more than what I give you. We need to conserve the rice or we ain’t going to have anything to eat in a few days.Quote2- Thom

Quote1Um, exactly who elected you lord of the rice?

We are all grownups here and so we should all act like grownups here. Nobody should think that they are the boss out here.Quote2
- Sherri

Quote1Oh that is rich coming from you.Quote2- Hector

Quote1What the hell is that supposed to mean?Quote2- Sherri

Quote1Well let me just say this, you are not the most mature woman I have ever met. All I hear all day is you, Jenny, and William making snide remarks about others. That is something I would expect from a person in high school but for someone that is a mother…well shame on you.Quote2- Hector

Quote1Shame on me?

Shame on me!

Who in the hell do you think you are? How dare you bring my daughter up!

My daughter should never be mentioned by you ese.Quote2
- Sherri

Quote1This is the crap I am talking about; you are a racist piece of garbage.Quote2- Hector

Quote1Racist? Whatever…Quote2- Sherri

Quote1Whatever? So you calling me a beaner and referring to me as ese is not being racist?

Look from here on out I want you and William to stay away from me. I am a grown ass man and I do not have to deal with the likes of the two of you.Quote2
- Hector

Before anyone else can say a word a nervous Kendra approaches the group and smiles nervously.

Ah…guys…we’ve got Tree Mail…


I am heated right now! Sherri is so lucky that Kendra showed up when she did with the Tree Mail. Cuz if Kendra hadn’t shown up when she did there is just no telling what I was going to say or do.

I am so sick of being disrespected by Sherri and company. They are taken this game far beyond personal and it…it does get under my skin. I know it shouldn’t but it does.

I actually feel bad for the Yuna Tribe today because I am going to take out all my balled up rage on them. There is just no way they are coming out of the challenge today with a win.


My Tribe sucks plain and simple. You got Thom telling me I am not allowed to eat and you got Hector going nuts over the dumbest things. The only people that are cool on my Tribe are Jenny and Bill. We are the real people on this tribe, the rest of them are just stuck up snobs and crazy people.


Reward Challenge:

It is time for the Reward Challenge. The Payabo Tribe is the first team to arrive at the challenge once all of their members are settled on their mat; the Yuna Tribe enters the challenge area. Jeff Probst informs the members of the Payabo Tribe that Carly was voted out at the previous Tribal Council. Nobody on the Payabo Tribe seems to react to this news, because most of them probably have no clue whom Carly was.

Jeff Probst tells them the rules of the challenge and informs the castaways the winning tribe will be getting fishing gear. Jeff tells the Payabo Tribe that because they have two extra members on their tribe they must sit two people out. They are not allowed to sit the same people out in back-to-back challenges which mean that Sherri must take part in this challenge. The Payabo Tribe decides that Wild Bill and Kendra will sit out this challenge.

Seeing how this challenge had three rounds and each round had a different male/female team here is how the Tribe’s broke down the teams for this challenge:

Round One for Payabo: Thom & Jenny
Round One for Yuna: Rodney & Esther

Round Two for Payabo: Sully & Sherri
Round Two for Yuna: Damion & Jill

Round Three for Payabo: Hector & Denise
Round Three for Yuna: Mark & Martha

Round One:

The first round was a hectic one for Rodney as he was doing the bulk of the work for his team, feverishly running back and forth making sure to push as many balls over to the Payabo side as possible. Esther was also trying but it did not seem like she was making that much of an effort.

Thom and Jenny seemed to be working very well together on the Payabo side, with Thom standing in the back and Jenny pushing anything that came towards her in the front.

When the minute was up, Payabo picked up a first round victory as Yuna had twenty spheres on their side and Payabo only had ten spheres on their side.

Rodney did not look pleased with this outcome at all and he shot Jeff Probst a dirty look after Jeff said that Payabo had thoroughly beaten Yuna in that round.

Round Two:

The second round was much closer as Damion and Jill went all out in order to keep their team in this game. On the Payabo side Sherri seemed very lackadaisical in her effort; she seemed to have no interest in trying to help her team win this round.

In the end the Payabo side lost due to Sherri’s poor effort as they had seventeen spheres on their side of the wall and Yuna only had thirteen spheres on their side of the wall.

Jeff informs the contestants that the challenge is now all tied up at one win apiece; the team that wins the next round shall win the challenge.

Round Three:

Round three was very close as all four members who participated in the round were really trying to win it for their respective tribe. At one point Martha fell flat on her face after sending a sphere sailing over the wall.

Mark became winded towards the end of the minute and for the last ten seconds of the challenge he really did not do much but just stand there as the spheres came over to his side of the wall. Once the minute time limit was up it was not clear right away who won the challenge.

After a couple of seconds of counting, Jeff announced that the Payabo Tribe had once again beaten the Yuna Tribe for the fourth time in a row as they managed to get sixteen spheres over to the Yuna side while Yuna managed to get fourteen spheres over to the Payabo side. This meant that Payabo only won the challenge by one sphere.

The Payabo Tribe gleefully accepts the fishing gear while a dejected looking Damion looks on at their celebration.

Man we just suck…know what I’m saying? As a professional athlete, I ain’t used to this much losing but that’s all this team seems to do is lose. I’m not sure what we can do to get this team better.


The mood at the Yuna camp post Reward Challenge was once again at an all-time low. The team gathered around in the cave, which they are using as their shelter, and Esther began to speak.

If I may, I would like to take the time to address my performance in today’s challenge. I feel like today I was the main reason as to why we lost the challenge. I feel terrible because I just cannot go like you kids on this team, I am no spring chicken and because of that I was just not able to hold up my end in the challenge.


Mark walks over to Esther and puts his arm around her and gives her a kiss on the top of her head.

It wasn’t your fault that we lost today’s challenge ma; we lost as a team…not as individuals. We need to collectively chill out and not harsh the vibe of this camp by finger pointing, because that is not going to get us anywhere.


Damion shakes his head in disgust over Mark’s comments. Mark notices this and says:

Damion if you have something to add to this discussion please do so friend. There is no need to bottle up your emotions because that only serves to detract from the vibe of the team.


Damion shakes his head and smiles over the absurdity that is Mark.

Man…I’m sick of all this kumbaya crap son. We lost today cuz we suck, we sucked as a team and some of us sucked individually as well. I’m mean what did y’all think was gonna happen when you send an old woman out there in a physical challenge?

Of course she ain’t gonna be able to hack it. Know what I’m saying?

If y’all would have half of brains in your heads, y’all would’ve voted Esther out at the last Tribal Council. Instead y’all want to make this team kumbaya, where the vibe of the team is more important than actually winning.

I ain’t ever lost this much in my life and truth be told I’m fitting to just say screw all y’all and ask you to vote me out next time we lose an immunity challenge. Cuz y’all know we ain’t ever gonna win one of those damn things because we suck!


With that Damion gets up and leaves the cave as the rest of his team just sits there in shock.

I said my piece today and that is our team is one weak ass team and we ain’t ever gonna be strong as long as Esther stays in this game. Stuff that needed to be said, I said and I probably put a big ass target on me cuz I said what I said. But that’s cool cuz I had to get that crap off my chest. Know what I’m saying?


Wow, I was a tad shocked and a little hurt when Damion went on his little rant after the Reward Challenge. It is never a good thing to hear that someone thinks so little of your ability to compete in this game that they are willing to place a target on their back.


I am not sure if I should be glad or ticked off over Damion’s rant. On the one hand I am glad he said what he said because he was right. Moreover, I was happy about his rant because it helped take the target off my back and it put the target firmly on his back.

At the same time I am kind of ticked off that he did that little rant because he is the only ally I have in this game. So I have a funny feeling that if we lose another Immunity Challenge, it is either going to be me or him that is gonna have to take the walk of shame. Either way I am screwed in this game.


Day 9

Day nine starts with both camps being besieged by heavy rain. The entire Yuna Tribe sits in their cave watching the heavy rain. Rodney is shown entertaining his fellow castaways by doing impressions of various people. Even Martha seems to be enjoying Rodney’s antics.

I know my ass is on the line and if we lose the next Immunity Challenge I could very well be the guy that is going home. So I have to ingratiate myself to my teammates as much as I possibly can.

If I can make them laugh…well maybe that will give them a reason to keep me in the game a little bit longer.


Oh gosh…I totally didn’t know Rodney could be so damn funny. He had all of us cracking up today…he was even kinda cute…oh gosh I can’t believe I just said that.


Unlike the Yuna Tribe, the members of the Payabo Tribe were not having fun in the rain. This was mainly due to the fact that their shelter was not protecting them from the rain because the roof to the shelter was poorly made. Inside the shelter all eight members of the Payabo Tribe sit huddled together.

A shivering Jenny gave said this in her confessional:

This sucks…I am not going to lie. So far we have been really fortunate that it has not rained much since we’ve been out here. That was until early this morning.

It has been raining non-stop for hours and it is a cold driving rain. It is kind of funny when you think about it, this rain as forced the eight of us to come together in our shelter and he have to stay huddled together in order for us to get some warmth. I mean I still despise most of my teammates but I guess today was sort of a bonding experience for the eight of us.


Late on in the day both teams get Tree Mail informing them of their next Immunity Challenge. Luckily for them there seems to be a break in the rain. It is almost as if Mark Burnett was controlling the weather…

Immunity Challenge:

Once the castaways reach the challenge site, Jeff explains the rules of the challenge. Jeff informs the Payabo Tribe that because they have two extra members on their tribe they must sit two people out. They are not allowed to sit the same people out in back-to-back challenges which means both Wild Bill and Kendra must take part in this challenge. The Payabo Tribe discusses who should sit out the challenge and they collectively decide that Thom and Jenny will sit this challenge out. Jeff reminds the two tribes that the winning tribe will be safe from the vote tonight, while the losing tribe will go to Tribal Council, where one of their tribe members will end up becoming the third person to be voted out of Survivor: Dominican Republic.

Here are the tasks as decided upon by the respective teams:

In the harness for the Payabo Tribe: Kendra

In the harness for the Yuna Tribe: Jill

The order in which the castaway’s holding the rope for the Payabo Tribe are standing: Denise, Sherri, Sully, Wild Bill, and Hector

The order in which the castaway’s holding the rope for the Yuna Tribe: Esther, Martha, Mark, Rodney, and Damion

Round 1

The challenge begins and Esther struggles with holding the rope right out of the gate, this forces her teammates to pick up her slack. On the other hand the Payabo Tribe seems to not be having a problem with this challenge at all. Denise seems to be a very good choice to be the front rope holder on her team as she is holding the rope without even breaking a sweat.

Jeff informs the two teams that the first minute and a half of the challenge is up and therefore both Denise and Esther must let go of the rope and sit on the sideline. After this happens the next round of the challenge begins.

Round 2

This round is a blessing in disguise for the Yuna Tribe because Martha is able to take the brunt of Jill’s weight on her own, this helps Rodney, Mark and Damion out because they do not have to strain themselves as much as they had to when Esther was the first in the rope holding line.

The second round was rather uneventful, after the minute and a half was up Jeff told Martha and Sherri to let go of the rope and thus the third round began.

Round 3

The Payabo Tribe started to struggle a bit in this round as Sully did not look at all comfortable being the lead person holding the rope. His struggle with Kendra’s weight caused Kendra to slightly sway back and forth.

This puts added pressure on Bill and Hector because they must pick up the slack. Soon round three comes to an end and Jeff tells Sully and Mark to let go of their team’s rope so that the fourth round can begin.

Round 4

The fourth round is much tougher on the remaining four men in the challenge. Both Wild Bill and Rodney are really starting to struggle. Hector shouts out some encouragement to Wild Bill and Bill tells him to shut the hell up and focus on the challenge.

On the sideline, Esther and Mark look at each other in shock when they hear two members of the Payabo Tribe arguing so openly in the challenge.

In this round Kendra keeps on getting closer and closer to the water. The Yuna Tribe is also having a hard time holding up Jill but they are still clearly in the lead at this point in the challenge.

Jeff informs Rodney and Wild Bill that the fourth round has ended and both of them must now relinquish their respective rope. It is now time for round five.

Round 5

As soon as the fifth round begins, it is as clear as day that neither man will be able to hold out much longer and at this point it is a mere battle of wills. Even though Damion appears to be much stronger than Hector, Damion seems to have given up much of the Yuna lead. Both men grunt in pain and somehow Hector loses his concentration and due to this he is unable to firmly grip his team’s rope which causes Kendra to plunge into the water.

This means the Yuna Tribe has won their first Immunity Challenge!

After the challenge is over, Jeff Probst hands the Immunity statue over to Damion. He then informs the Payabo Tribe that he will be seeing them a Tribal Council this evening where one of them will be the third person voted out of the game.

This win was a huge feel good moment for the team today and it was the ideal outcome for me as I would have probably been voted off if we hadn’t won.


The Payabo Tribe is shown arriving back at their camp and none of the members look all that pleased.

There is a silver lining in this loss today, we now get to get rid of someone from this team. I hate to say that but it is true, it is tough having eight people still in the game at this point in the game so it is about time we get the chance to trim the fat off this tribe.


The various factions on the Payabo Tribe breakoff and the strategy talks commence. Jenny, Sherri, and Wild Bill head off to the beach to talk about what they plan on doing. Bill says ideally he would like to take Hector out of the game but he is not sure he can sell that to anyone outside of their three.

Jenny tells Sherri and Bill that she thinks if they cannot get someone who will vote with them to get rid of Hector, maybe they can get someone to vote with them to get rid of Thom or Denise. She says that Sully and Kendra might be willing to get rid of them due to the fact that they are older and so therefore they might not do well in future challenges.

Sherri does not think that Sully and Kendra will go for that plan because Sully and Thom hang around with each other all of the time and nobody on the team has a bad thing to say about Denise. She thinks that they should pitch the idea of getting rid of the bossy Hector, because if Hector goes camp life will be better because nobody will have to listen to him constantly barking orders.

Meanwhile, back at the shelter Thom, Denise, and Hector discuss getting rid of Wild Bill.

Quote1Tonight’s the perfect chance to get rid of William. I mean today’s challenge just proved what kind of a person he really is. It showed everyone in that challenge that Bill is not a team player.

I am so tired of him constantly disrespecting me; there is just no reason to do it…especially in front of the other team. Him yelling at me today during the Immunity Challenge was just a stupid foolish move to make. He exposed the inner workings of our tribe to the other team and now they know a little about what is going on over here.Quote2
- Hector

Quote1I agree with you one hundred percent, but I am just not sure we can muster up enough votes to get Bill out of this game at this point. I mean I know for a fact that Kendra despises Bill and the way he acts around camp but I think both her and Sully will overlook the way he acts in order to keep him around because he is a strong challenge competitor.

If we are trying to get rid of Bill I truly think that we will not be able to muster up enough votes to do so. We are going to have to come up with an alternative candidate to go, just in case they do not want to go with Bill.Quote2
- Denise

Quote1Yeah we have to be ready for that, hell we might even have to be ready for a tie in the vote if Sully and Kendra decide that they do not want to make a commitment to either of our sides.Quote2- Thom

Quote1So I guess we should go over and talk to Kendra and Sully and see where their heads are at.Quote2- Hector

Kendra and Sully are standing near the Payabo’s well talking about their options right now and how they would like to keep the team strong and so if they are truly the swing votes tonight maybe they can force their agenda onto the others.

Sully sees Hector and Denise approaching and he smiles at them.

So I guess you guys want to talk about the horrible weather we’ve been having here.


Hector and Denise laugh at Sully’s poor attempt at humor.

Quote1So I was wondering where the two of you are at right now, in regards to voting.Quote2- Hector

Quote1Well we are both entirely open to suggestions you guys might want to make as neither one of us are married to any idea yet.Quote2- Kendra

Quote1Cool…well…Thom, Denise, and I were talking just a few minutes ago about the different possibilities going into this vote. Now obviously we would like to see Bill go because we feel that he is a cancer to this team and the longer he is left in this game the more damage he is going to do to us.

Look at what he did during the challenge today; he exposed us to the other team. Now the Yuna Tribe knows that Bill and I don’t get along and in my opinion that makes us look weak. We can’t have a guy on our team that is going to do that sort of stuff.Quote2
- Hector

Quote1I don’t really like Wild Bill either but the fact of the matter is, he gives everything he that he has at challenges. I mean I am not opposed to getting rid of Bill I just question if now is the best time to do it.Quote2- Kendra

Quote1If not now, then when?

You have said it yourself; Bill needs to go if we are going to have any sort of camp unity. I feel the longer we leave him in the game the more trouble in the future it is going to cause us.

Say we do decide to keep him, who do would the two of you like to see go first?Quote2
- Denise

Quote1Well we were talking about that right before you guys got here and like Kendra said we were not married to anything. We are open to any suggestions as to who you would like to see gone.

If someone were to put a gun to my head and forced me to decide who I think should be voted off, I would have to say either Sherri or Jenny. Neither one of them adds anything to this team and both are just as negative as Bill is. It is just neither one of them are as valuable during challenges as Bill is.Quote2
- Sully

Quote1So what you are saying is that Bill is off the table and we have to go with a plan B?

I don’t know if I willing to that dude.Quote2
- Hector

Quote1Well that is the glory of it; you don’t have to go with us. You can still put a vote down on Bill as long as Denise and Thom help us vote out one of the girls. And really, if we take out one of his two major allies…well it will only weaken his position on this tribe. With him having only one ally left in the game he might be willing to tone down his act.Quote2- Sully

Quote1We'll run this scenario by Thom and sees how he feels. If voting for Bill is truly off the table then I think if the goal is to keep this team strong then we should really think about getting rid of Sherri because she really is not all that swift and Jenny is more valuable to this team than her.Quote2- Denise
Quote1Okay we shall leave that decision up to the three of you. Just know that as soon as you guys walk away, we are going to have to hear Bill, Jenny, and Sherri out and see where they might want to go. It is only fair that we do that.Quote2- Kendra

Quote1Yeah I mean Kendra and I would prefer to work with you guys and Thom. But if you guys can’t commit to getting rid of one of the girls we might have to take them up on whatever offer they put on the table.Quote2- Sully

As Hector and Denise go back to Thom to discuss this alternative plan of voting one of the women out, Sully and Kendra seek out Bill, Jenny, and Sherri to see where they would like the vote to go. Bill says that Hector has to go tonight and he is not willing to compromise.

Sully pitches the same plan to Bill, Sherri, and Jenny that he and Kendra had just pitched to Denise and Hector. He tells Bill that Bill can still vote for Hector to send a message while he, Kendra, Jenny, and Sherri vote for Thom or Denise.

Bill is not biting, he tells Sully that Hector must go and that the three of them will not compromise on this plan. Sully asks both Jenny and Sherri if this is true that they will not be willing to vote for anyone but Hector and both women say that Hector is the only target tonight.

Both Kendra and Sully do not see pleased with the lack of flexibility on the part of Bill, Jenny, and Sherri. Kendra says that they will think over getting rid of Hector, she tells them to vote for Hector and if he gets more than three votes that means that she and Sully support their move.

It stinks that we lost the Immunity Challenge but now we can actually start playing the game. I know Hector thinks he has me dead to rights but I ain’t going nowhere.

I am a little annoyed that Gil and Kendra tried to strong arm me into to voting their way because that is simply not going to happen. Either Hector goes or I go that really is the only two outcomes I see tonight.

–Wild Bill

Gilbert and I are sitting in the driver’s seat during this vote; we get to dictate who is going to stay and who is going to go on this team. It is such a great feeling to know that we are the swing votes and we can hold this team hostage.

The funny thing is both Hector and Bill thought they were in control of the game because they had their factions. However, the two of them failed to do the math and now they need us to secure their spot in the dominate alliance on this team.

Tonight Gil and I are going to be the kingmakers, we will decide which faction in this little tribal civil war will come out on top and whichever side we choose to side with will be indebted to us. This is why I love this game!


Tribal Council:

After the members of the Payabo Tribe light their torches and settle in Jeff asks Bill and Hector about their fight during the Immunity Challenge. Hector says that he and Bill fight every day because Bill continues to disrespect him and he is sick of Bill’s poor attitude.

Bill laughs at Hector’s notion that he has a poor attitude. He then goes onto to say that Hector annoys him because he is constantly telling the members of the tribe what do. Bill says he came out here to play a game and not have some jerk with a Napoleon Complex boss him around.

This causes Hector to respond and the two men have a war of words for a few moments until Jeff interrupts them and asks Kendra what is the criteria she is going to use for her vote tonight. Kendra smiles and says that she is all about keeping the team as strong as possible for as long as possible.

Jeff then asks Denise if the friction in the Tribe is the reason why they lost Immunity Challenge today. Denise laughs off this notion and tells Jeff that this tribe has been at each other’s throats since day one. She says that it is very easy to say that Hector and Bill’s argument during the Immunity Challenge was the reason for why they lost but at the end of the day they it was not the cause because they have been fighting all this time and today was the only challenge that they have lost thus far.

Jeff asks Sherri how she will feel if her tribe decides to vote her out tonight. She insecurely chuckles before saying that if she is the one to go tonight she will be pissed and disappointed that her tribe did not realize how valuable she is to the team.

With that last comment it is now time to vote.

After the castaways vote, Jeff goes off and tallies the votes. He then reads off the votes and in the end it is Sherri who gets the most votes, making Sherri the third contestant to be voted out of Survivor: Dominican Republic.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 3:
Sherri Goulet
Sherri (4 votes)

Thom BradleyKendra BrolinGilbert SullivanDenise Kessel
Thom, Kendra, Sully, Denise

Hector Guzman
Hector (3 votes)
Sherri GouletWilliam Wild Bill GokeyJenny Chang
Sherri, Wild Bill, Jenny
William Wild Bill Gokey
Wild Bill (1 vote)
Hector Guzman
Sherri Goulet eliminated

Voting Confessionals

All you do is try to boss everyone around out here, well you ain’t Tony Danza. Who’s the boss now Hector?


William this is a throwaway vote tonight, but I needed to cast this vote in order to realize that even though you may not be leaving the game tonight. You still have to show others respect.


You are such an unpleasant person to be around. I would have rather this been a vote for Bill but getting rid of you is just as good.


Hector you are a miserable, humorless, bossy, piece of garbage and I hope you have fun at the Loser’s Lounge.


Sherri for someone that has a child of her own, you have got a lot of growing up to do. I hope you come to the realization that you acted poorly out here.

Plus I’m sick of you eating all of our rice!


Hector, Hector, Hector, if all goes to plan…and I really think that it should…tonight your ass will be going home to the barrio. Órale homie!

–Wild Bill

Well Denise and Thom decided to go with our offer so I guess that means you have to go. Trust me you will not be missed at all.


Go back to whatever trailer park you crawled out of you racist lunatic.


Final Words

Wow I did not see this coming. This sucks!

I should’ve expected this because my team only has two real people on it, the rest are just puppets of Hector. Well at least I get to go home to my little girl.


Still In The Running

Th John Dissmore-1
Esther Ryan
Rodney Burish
Martha Hughes
Damion Pendergarst
Carly Pattinsonbw
Mark Heiden
Jill Landry
Sherri Goulet eliminated
Hector Guzman
Denise Kessel
Gilbert Sullivan
Jenny Chang
William Wild Bill Gokey
Wild Bill
Kendra Brolin
Thom Bradley

Next Time On Survivor...

  • A new alliance is formed.
  • Wild Bill continues to annoy his Payabo teammates with his antics.

Author's Notes

  • The title for this episode came from a confessional that Martha gave while talking about Rodney.
  • The Immunity Challenge on this episode was based on a challenge that was done on Redneck Island.
  • The Reward Challenge was based on a challenge that was done on the The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons (Which is a show on MTV.).