The Cursed Tribe is the sixth episode of Tlc479's Fan Fiction "Survivor: Bolivia

"The Cursed Tribe"
Season Survivor: Bolivia
Author Tlc479
Episode Number (6/14)
Date Uploaded May 13th, 2014
Episode Chronology
Previous Reign Of The Salvaje Sisters (5/14)
Next Too Close For Comfort (7/14)

Day 16

Luchador returns to camp, Jerry is very angry and confronts the team about last nights vote.

Jerry: I can’t believe it, Who voted for Beatrice.

Vicki: Mason and I

Ricardo: Why did you do that?

I cannot stand this team right now, 2-1-1-1-1 are you serious?


Destiny: Why would you vote for Beatrice out of all people?

Mason: I had my reasons, and I pulled it off because this team is the equivalent to a barn full of headless chickens.

I didn’t think it would work, but surprisingly it did. I can’t believe I got her out!


At Salvaje camp, Jasmine and Maria go to retrieve a note that was left for them right outside of camp.

Maria: What have we here?

The girls walk back to camp.

Jasmine: Today entails a reward like no other, so you must stick like glue. A day where some blue become red, and some red become blue.

Gregory: Oh no, tribe swap.

Luchador and Salvaje walk to their reward challenge, they see an array of ten foot tall poles sticking up out of the water.

Jeff: Salvaje getting a look at the new Luchador tribe, Beatrice voted out at last tribal council. Today’s reward challenge will NOT be played in teams, you are playing for individual reward. The person who wins todays challenge will become tribeless until tomorrows tribal council. The rest of you will then switch tribes and the tribeless player will join the team that loses a player at the next tribal council.

Ricardo: You mean that I’m no longer stuck with this team?

Jeff: After today, no

Ricardo: Oh thank god.

Jeff: Anyway, for today’s challenge you will each try to hold onto these large poles for as long as possible. The last player hanging on to their pole will become tribeless and be taken to a spa resort where they will stay for the next two days.

LaTrina: Oh yes, gimme!

Jeff: Let’s get started.

Player Time Lasted
Hiroshi oda
Latrina jackson
Maria ines salvo
Gregory tunis
Ricardo juarez
Jerry clark
Jasmine alexander
Darnell cory
Mason peters
Vicki Pena
Toby darwin
Destiny redford
Zoey bolek

Jeff: And with that Hiroshi wins reward!

I was so close to winning that one! I wanted it so bad too!


A helicopter lands next to the challenge site. 

I guess I won't be seeing these guys for a few days, oh well, I need a rest!


Hiroshi is taken away from the group on a helicopter. Jeff picks up a large basket and everyone draws out a buff one by one. 

Jeff: Now, let’s see what the new tribes are.

Salvaje Tribe Luchador Tribe

Darnell coryGregory tunisJasmine alexander

Mason petersRicardo juarezVicki Pena

Destiny redfordJerry clarkLatrina jackson

Maria ines salvoToby darwinZoey bolek

My new team looks stacked! There is no way this team is going to lose.


I am not too happy about the team I got put on, I think I’m in trouble.


The new Luchador team goes back to camp.

Destiny: Well guys, welcome to Luchador!

Maria: So this is where you guys have been living, it's, nice...

Luchador is a dump! I’m going to be miserable here.


Zoey: Well, I think we have a good shot against the new Salvaje team.

Jerry: Yea, after all this team is mostly from Salvaje originally anyway.

Out of all people from my original team I could get stuck with it’s Destiny, great.


At Salvaje camp, Ricardo, Vicki, and Mason are welcomed.

Jasmine: This team is definitely going to be the stronger of the two.

Vicki: Yea definately, this could be the final six right here!

I love this new tribe, we got Darnell and Ricardo who are both huge challenge forces, Salvaje will still be the dominant team.


Ricardo: You guys have such a better camp than we did!

Darnell: Really? I can’t even imagine what it is like over there.

Well, I am bummed that my girls are all over at Luchador, but I think I will fare out fine without my Salvaje Sisters for a few days until we reach a merge.


Day 17

The tribes arrive at their next immunity challenge, they see a pile of sandbags and a oval track in the water, marked with a rope fence.

Jeff: Ready to get to today’s challenge?

Darnell: Oh we’re ready Jeff.

Jeff: For today’s challenge, you will each be carrying a forty pound sandbag and you will run around this rope fence in the water, the first team to catch up to the other and tag them will win immunity. If you decide you want to drop out of the challenge you can, however you must pass on your bag to one of your teammates. Let’s get started.

The challenge starts and for about ten minutes the tribes are even, Destiny collapses into the water and to avoid the team catching up Jerry takes her sandbag and forces her to drop out. After another minute Zoey starts to lag behind so LaTrina willingly takes her bag. With LaTrina and Jerry carrying all of this extra weight, Salvaje is able to catch up and win the challenge. 

Jeff: Salvaje wins immunity!

I’m on the cursed tribe, I’m just hoping I can stick with my girls to make it to the merge.


Luchador returns to camp, tired and unhappy. LaTrina pulls all of the girls aside while Jerry and Toby go to get water.

LaTrina: So Destiny, we were thinking of voting as an all girls type of thing, are you in?

Destiny: I really want Jerry out, so this is perfect!

Jerry, it is time to meet your doom.


Maria: Ok, so all four of us are down to vote Jerry?

Zoey: Yup

They all want Jerry out, but I have plans to turn the tables. I want to go to the boys and attempt to take out LaTrina, she has too much power and she can win where she stands now.


Zoey walks over to the watering hole and approaches Jerry and Toby.

Zoey: Hey can we talk?

Toby: Alright.

When I heard Zoey’s plan I was a bit skeptical, but she is one of my closest friends out here so I had to stick with it.


Zoey: Jerry, they are trying to vote you out, but if we all vote for LaTrina it will go to a revote and then we can force Maria to vote for her because I know she would flip.

Jerry: Are you sure?

Zoey: Yes, I know these girls they were on my team.

Jerry: Alright, as long as you know what you are doing.

The three walk back to camp, Jerry has a side conversation with Maria.

Jerry: Hey, were you guys planning on voting me out?

Maria: No, why?

For some reason, Zoey told Jerry that he was the next to go, this does not fly. I dont know if hes trying to cause paranoia or if he is telling the truth.


Maria pulls LaTrina aside after her conversation with Jerry.

LaTrina: What’s going on?

Maria: Jerry told me he knows that we are voting for him because of Zoey.

LaTrina: Do you think she actually told him?

Maria: I don’t know.

Tribal council is going to be rough tonight, I’m hearing that people are telling other people stuff they aren’t supposed to and now plans might get altered.


Luchador arrives at tribal council, they sit down and Jeff greets them.

Jeff: Well, Maria, how does it feel to be on a completely new beach and a completely new tribe?

Maria: I do miss the old camp, and my old teammates still over there but I am still happy with my new family I have right here.

Jeff: Saying that, Destiny how does it feel to be with all new people aside from Jerry.

Destiny: I like seeing new faces around camp, I just do wish I got stuck with some of my other old tribe mates other than Jerry.

Jeff: Zoey, how do you feel about this tribe compared to the other one at this moment?

Zoey: I do think we are somewhat underdogs right now, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t a strong force.

Jeff: One last question, Toby would you say this new tribe is divided based on old teams or would you say the alliances from your old tribe don’t affect the game to this point.

Toby: I think both of those idea play into this tribe, some people want to keep their old alliances and others are vying for new alliances.

Jeff: Well, with that it is time to vote.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council #6- Luchador 
Voted Against Voter

Zoey bolek
Zoey (3 Votes)

Jerry clark Latrina jackson Maria ines salvo
Jerry, LaTrina, Maria

Latrina jackson
LaTrina (2 Votes)

Toby darwin Zoey bolek
Toby, Zoey

Jerry clark
Jerry (1 Vote)

Destiny redford

Voting Confessionals 

I'm so glad it is finally going to be you tonight!


You've been going around spilling everyone's beans, you cannot be trusted


Girl, you tryna turn on us now? I see how it is.


This is what happens to those who aren't loyal


This is just part of the plan.


You're a smart girl, consider this a compliment.