"The Fatutalking Heads"
Season Santa Cruz Islands
Author Sidewaysss
Episode Number 2/14
Episode Chronology
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The Fatutalking Heads is the second episode of Survivor: Santa Cruz Islands.


Reward Challenge: Mud Slide
Each tribe will have their members be divided into pairs. Each pair will be attached by rope and race through a series of obstacles and through a deep mud pit to get a pot of rice which they will make their way back with to empty into their finish pot. The first tribe to fill their pot would win reward.
Reward: Fishing gear, including hooks and bait, and a tarp.
Winner: Temotu

Immunity Challenge: An Upwater Battle
Two castaways for each tribe are to climb along a ladder that is submerged underwater and release bags of rings that are attached to buoys. Once all buoys are detached and have floated up to the surface, two other castaways for each tribe will race out from shore and retrieve the bags. Once they return with all of the bags, the last four castaways will throw the rings in an attempt to have them land on four posts. Each of the four castaways must land one ring each. The first tribe to land a ring on all four of their posts wins immunity.
Winner: Temotu

Previously on Survivor...

Sixteen Americans were flown out to the Santa Cruz Islands to compete in an adventure of a lifetime. They were separated into two tribes, Fatutaka in blue and Temotu in orange. Before the game started, they were informed of one more twist. "Two players from past seasons will be playing alongside you." "Let's bring 'em in!" They found that Troyzan from Survivor: One World and Andrew Savage from Survivor: Pearl Islands would be competing alongside them. "It's time to find out which tribe Savage and Troyzan will be on." When it came to seeing who was placed on which tribe, Savage chose his egg first and revealed blue paint for Fatutaka and Troyzan revealed orange for Temotu. At Temotu, Troyzan acted quickly in order to form an alliance with Katherine, a model he had worked with in the past. While they gathered supplies, they solidified their partnership. "I basically told her that she is going to be my closest ally no matter what happens. So right there, we formed an alliance." But while Troyzan and Katherine were away, others grew suspicious. "Troyzan and Katherine went off into the woods together...and I just had a bad feeling about it. Katherine being the only one to go with him...makes me a little suspicious." At Fatutaka, Savage avoided the role of tribe leader, but still established what needed to be done. "The first thing is the shelter. After we've got groundwork and just an idea of what we're doing, we'll move over to the fire." As they worked on the shelter, Roger's difficulty with the shelter's location wore on his tribemates, especially Chase. The two proceeded to argue until Savage had to intervene. "Chase and Roger are bickering at each other...already! It's just not what we need on Day 1. We don't need it, period, but definitely not on Day 1." That night, the members of Fatutaka worked on getting a fire started...only to have their hopes burnt out. "So close..." The next day after shivering and a lack of sleep, Olivia distanced herself from the game. "We couldn't get a fire going, so we all had nothing but the clothes on our backs to keep us warm for the night. It made me miss home...and it was just miserable." At Temotu, Troyzan and Katherine started to extend invitations to their alliance, beginning with Mike..."This would be the final three right here. If all goes according to plan, we'll be sitting at that final Tribal Council." "I have to say, I'm flattered. You guys can count me in this thing for the long haul." "Today, we got Mike in with us. All we have to do now is get Derek and Jocelyn in, and we're set."...and Robert became a target for looking for a hidden immunity idol as he was returning to camp from tree mail. "As Katherine and I are getting twigs and sticks...we see Robert in a tree next to tree mail, and I just thought to myself 'He's looking for the idol. No question.'" "The girls say that they saw Robert looking around for an idol. That's like the cardinal sin, man. If we lose, he's questions asked." At Fatutaka, an alliance consisting of Alvin, Andrew G., and Jordan was formed after sharing stories from home. "Alvin, Jordan, and I had a really fun night. We genuinely got to know each other and enjoy each other's company. I know that it's three out of nine people, but I'm really excited to get this nailed down as soon as we did." At the immunity challenge, Fatutaka floundered in every stage..."No! No! What are you doing?! That piece goes over here!" Temotu immunity from Tribal Council. Back at Fatutaka, Roger's abrasive and stubborn behavior became a focal point in discussions of his tribemates, especially after another argument with Chase..."Roger really agitated me today. You just don't yell at someone because you're losing. He's just a spineless old man who needs to go tonight."...but Olivia's instability with the game was becoming a more prominent topic. "Olivia just hasn't had her head in the game. Maybe I can get through to her with yoga today...who knows? If not, then she might become a liability to the rest of us." At Tribal Council, Chase and Roger went at it once again about the challenge. "Gaby and I were trying different pieces in different places to see if they would fit. Olivia would just stand out of the way and behind us, hold one of the pieces in her hand, and not do anything with it. It was a high-pressure situation, and she didn't perform well under pressure." "And did you perform well under pressure? I think you're giving yourself too much credit and giving her too little." "This sums up their relationship in a nutshell." Ultimately, both Roger and Chase did receive votes, but the majority thought Olivia's lack of commitment to the game was the tribe's biggest concern. "Olivia, the tribe has spoken." Seventeen are left. Who'll be voted out tonight?


Night 3

The camera fades into the clear, starry night as it highlights the moon and then the waves calmly hitting the beach. It then cuts to the now eight members of Fatutaka setting down their bags next to the shelter.

Chase (to the whole tribe): Well guys, that was a good move. I don't think it was the right move, but still a good one.

The rest of the tribe silently continues to unwind from Tribal Council as they briefly acknowledge Chase.

So, the majority of tribe tonight thought that Olivia should be the one to go and...that was news to me. I was under the notion that Roger was a surefire vote-out tonight. He was awful in the challenge, and he is just not that nice of a person around camp. That should be enough reason to get rid of the guy...but I guess not. So now, I have to make sure I'm still seen as an asset to this group because none of these bozos decided to tell me what was going on, and I'm suddenly on the outside. Great...


It cuts to some of the members of the blue tribe, including Chase, climbing into the shelter.

Chase was kind of left out of the loop in regards to the vote tonight. I don't know the real reason behind it, but I think it was because he gets in all of these arguments with Roger. He has the chance to let it slide off his shoulder and be the better man and just not acknowledge it, but he doesn't do that. He goes after the confrontation and wants to let everyone know that he is the more righteous of the two. We already know that Roger's a grumpy old man, so it's not like you have to remind us every time you argue with him! He's just beating a dead horse at this point.


Chase (turning to Roger): And Roger, I just want to turn over a new leaf with you. I hope we can make amends and start from scratch cause I don't think it's healthy for us or the tribe.

Chase extends his hand from the shelter to Roger, who is standing outside the shelter, for a truce.

Roger (scoffing): So, you argue with me and tell me and the rest of the tribe how useless you think I am and expect me to make amends with you a couple hours later? Absolutely not.

Andrew G. and Suzanne are seen shaking their heads back and forth in the shelter as Roger gets riled up once again.

Roger (slightly raising his voice to Chase): You want to know why I think you're doing this, whether you know it or not? I think that you put my name down when the rest of these people put Olivia's name down, and you're all of a sudden feeling vulnerable because of it.

Chase (instantly becoming irate): Because I think you've been nothing but useless up to this point, Roger. You haven't done anything to contribute to this tribe. You whined about where we started the shelter, you sucked in the challenge, and all you've done is make everybody else's lives miserable for the past three days because of it! Does that sound right to everybody else? Do you guys think this too? Cause there's no way I'm the only one on this.

Andrew S. (calmly): It does, but this certainly isn't helping, Chase. This is not good for the tribe, guys. If we keep getting at each other like this, it's going to eat us alive.

Chase and Roger look at each other knowing that Savage is right as the other five look on.

Andrew S.: This needs to end now. If it doesn't, then it's going to be a long game for all of us.

Roger (after a brief silence): You're right. Chase, I will admit that I shouldn't have directed my frustrations to you, Olivia, or anybody else out here.

Chase: We're all in this together, man. I know we have differences, but I want us to put them aside for the rest of this game.

Chase and Roger shake hands as the other six members of Fatutaka look to be relieved in response.

Chase and Roger just keep going after each other like they're Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield. They just kept throwing jab after jab at each other, and that's when I finally decided to end it. I basically told both of them that their constant arguing is going to be destructive to their games as well as ours, too. With that comment, it looked to have gotten through to them. I'm just hoping that their truce, if you will, will last...cause if not, then it's going to be rough on all of us.

–Andrew S.

Day 4

The camera zips through the night and into the morning where the eight Fatutaka members are huddled around the fire pit as they try to get a fire started. Jordan then starts what has become morning tradition at Fatutaka, their "radio program" similar to Maraamu's in Survivor: Marquesas.

Jordan (playfully and enthusiastically): What do you guys say? Should we get a weather report in? Let's go to our eye in the sky, Andrew G.!

Andrew G. (imitating a broadcasting voice): Well, over here on the Fatutaka island, we have sunny skies as of right now and absolutely no let up from the heat. It's going to be another scorcher today and according to our own Roger Parsons, two hundred and sixty degrees will be our high for today! Back to you, Jordy O.!

The rest of the tribe, including Roger, keel over from laughter and visibly look to be having a good time.

We've started to do a radio program every morning we've been out here so far. We've dubbed it 'The Fatutalking Heads', (chuckling) which has a nice ring to it if you ask me. But basically, it's our break from the game and from tension like we had to deal with last night. Everybody pitches in to the program and seems to have a great time with each other.


Jordan (continuing with the radio show): Alright! Let's go to the phones with our question of the day. Will the Fatutaka tribe happen to get fire today? I know it's a stretch to ask that, but they can't seem to get one going this morning. (points to Chase) Alright caller, you are on the air!

Chase (feigning a professional tone of voice): Yes, I would like to say that we've had a fire without flint on multiple occasions, but of course when we finally get flint, we can't start the bleeping thing! So, my answer is a cautiously optimistic yes.

Roger (chiming in, kidding around): What?! Have you seen these winds? Have you seen our average piece of flint? Nothing is starting this fire today! Nothing! Thank you for your time! (pretends to hang up a phone)

The camera pans across the Fatutaka tribe continuing their laughter and enjoyment of the radio program.

With the night we had last night, this morning was a huge breath of fresh air for all of us. The Fatutalking Heads is just our way of bonding with each other, and we really hit on some bright spots this morning. I mean, even Chase and Roger were making fun of their feuds this morning! That's how much fun we have with this radio show. This is a fun group of eight we have. I just hope we enjoy this to the fullest before we have to get down and dirty.

–Andrew G.

The camera highlights Chase and Roger sharing a laugh with one another as Fatutaka's radio show goes on.

(intro plays)

The camera fades in to the Temotu beach as everyone but Amy and Derek are seen sitting around or tending to camp in various ways. It then cuts to the aforementioned two retrieving tree mail for the orange tribe. As they approach tree mail, Derek begins to playfully flirt with Amy to which Amy flirts back in return.

My goal this first handful of days is to get all of the women to want to work with me. Not necessarily think they're with me, but certainly have that interest if they had a door open up later on in the game. That way, my options are plentiful regardless of my position in the game.


Once they obtain the tree mail, they start to head back to camp.

Derek (as they walk): Just think if Robert was out here getting tree mail again... He would need a chaperone.

Amy (smiling, going along with Derek's comment): Oh, I know!

Derek and I go to get tree mail to see if we have a challenge. He's a handsome guy, I'll admit that, but I can see RIGHT through his flirting! But he also joked about how Robert was looking for the idol yesterday and was caught in the act. One thing came to mind when all of that unfolded yesterday and that was Troyzan already has this beach on lockdown. Four days in, he already has this place on lockdown. Who did Katherine go into the woods with as soon as the game started? Troyzan. Who did Katherine and Jocelyn first go to when they saw Robert being sketchy around tree mail? Troyzan. Who's been calling the shots around here? Troyzan! If you can't see that he's in control here, then you're blind as blindfolded bat!


It cuts to Troyzan laying back in the shelter with Katherine and Melanie as they share some laughs with each other. It then transitions to a open, muddy area surrounded by palm trees. The nine members of Temotu file in first and take a spot on their mat. They are followed by Fatutaka as Temotu looks to see who was eliminated.

Probst: Temotu getting your first look at the new Fatutaka tribe. Olivia voted out at the last Tribal Council.

Chase is the last to step on to the mat and stakes down the tribe flag next to it as Temotu has a general look of having expected Olivia being voted out. Probst then goes on to explain the reward challenge to the remaining seventeen and the added bonus that comes with winning. As he reveals the reward of fishing gear and the tarp, the two tribes let out moans of awe.

Andrew S. (softly to the rest of Fatutaka): We've gotta get that, guys.

Probst then asks if it's worth playing for, which the tribes quickly confirm that it is, and then for the sit-out of Temotu. The orange tribe huddles around one another briefly. Once they break the huddle, Jocelyn raises her hand to show that she will be the sit-out. Everyone else takes their spots as the first two pairs, Alvin/Andrew G. for Fatutaka and Justin/Troyzan, await Probst's signal. He commences the challenge and the two pairs begin sloshing through the mud to their first obstacle, which they have to go over. Alvin and Andrew G. arrive at the first obstacle with a slight lead over Justin and Troyzan as both pairs begin climbing while still trying to maneuver with the rope. The pair from Fatutaka jumps down first and rushes to the second obstacle, which they have to crawl under, to the best of their ability. Andrew G., being the thinner of the two, easily slides underneath the obstacle as Alvin takes his turn at it and the pair from Temotu arrive at their second obstacle. Alvin eventually gets through while Troyzan tries to maneuver underneath his obstacle. The Fatutaka guys nimbly get over the third obstacle, grab one of their rice pots, and start to head back to their starting point, which has the rest of the blue tribe jubilant. Justin is then seen struggling to get out from underneath the second obstacle as Troyzan is seen basically pulling him from the mud. Alvin and Andrew G., realizing they have a bit of a lead, carefully coordinate handling their rice pot and overcoming their obstacles once more. Troyzan is able to yank Justin from the obstacle and the two continue on their way to their rice pot station. They rush over the third obstacle and immediately grab a rice pot to carry together as Alvin and Andrew G. are seen past the middle obstacle and heading to their final one. As Troyzan and Justin make their way back, Fatutaka's pair completes their final obstacle and begins pouring the rice into the finish pot. As they do, the next pair of Jordan and Suzanne heads out into the mud. They begin to get a feel for the mud as Troyzan and Justin hit yet another snag on the second obstacle and spill a small amount of rice in the process. Troyzan, realizing they need to pick up the pace, grabs the pot himself and starts darting through the mud and the final obstacle, dragging a struggling Justin behind him. They eventually make it to the finish pot but not before Jordan and Suzanne are halfway through the obstacles. As a determined Troyzan and exhausted Justin pour their rice into Temotu's finish pot, Katherine and Melanie go out onto the course and begin making their way through the mud and obstacles before them. Jordan and Suzanne make quick work of the three obstacles and hurriedly grab another rice pot for Fatutaka. Temotu's pair, more so Katherine than Melanie, hastily goes over the first obstacle and under the second as Jordan and Suzanne begin making their way back. Katherine is now dragging Melanie, who is struggling to keep up with Katherine's pace, through the mud and the third obstacle as they arrive at the rice pots. As the two women from Temotu start their way back, the two women from Fatutaka gingerly make their way back in the hopes of preserving as much rice as possible. Ultimately, both pairs make it back roughly at the same time and begin pouring their rice into their respective finish pots. With that, the next two pairs, Amy and Mike for Temotu and Savage and Gaby for Fatutaka, begin their treks through the mud. Savage, having the same mentality as his opponents Troyzan and Katherine, attempts to bulldoze his way through the obstacles as Gaby tries to and does keep pace with him. Amy and Mike, however, are steady in their approach and continue with a moderate pace. Fatutaka's pair is able to reach the rice pots first as the rest of the tribe cheers them on and lauds Savage for his hustle through the obstacles. However, when they reach their first obstacle on the way back, Savage, so he may climb the obstacle, hands the pot to Gaby. Gaby, not expecting Savage to hand it off to her, fumbles the pot and loses a considerable amount of rice. There, the momentum of the challenge shifts. Temotu's members start to rally behind Amy and Mike as the members of Fatutaka grow silent and begin to worry. Amy and Mike then overtake Savage and Gaby, who are trying to recover as much rice as they can without losing much time, and arrive at their finish pot. Derek and Robert are the next two to go out for Temotu as Amy and Mike signal to everyone else that they need one more pot to fill their finish pot. The two pairs out on the course pass each other on their respective first obstacles. Derek and Robert try to extend the gap as Chase and Roger make their way on to the course. Almost immediately, Chase hurriedly high-steps through the mud and an unready Roger pays the price. He flops face-first into the mud as Derek and Robert climb over their third obstacle and approach what is to be their final rice pot if they don't spill any on the way back. Not wasting any time, Roger quickly gets back up and follows Chase up the first obstacle. They switch the order when they reach the second obstacle as Roger crawls underneath first. Once Roger is through, Chase tries to shovel some mud out of the way so he can make it through as well. As Derek climbs over the obstacle nearest to the rice pots, Robert tries to hand the pot off to him, which he is not ready for, and subsequently spills some rice on to the ground. Noticing this, Chase shifts it into another gear and speeds through the second obstacle and runs to the third. Robert visibly debates whether they should pick up the spilt rice or head back with what they have leftover. Multiple members of Temotu, covered in mud, start yelling for him to help Derek, who is in the mud trying to recover as much rice as he can. Deciding that they had no more time to spend collecting rice, Derek and Robert make their way back as Chase and Roger come back with their perceived final pot. The two guys from Fatutaka make their way past the first obstacle as Derek and Robert are in the process of climbing their final obstacle. Robert climbs over first and as Derek hands the pot through the final obstacle, he fumbles it. However, much to the relief of the rest of Temotu, Robert miraculously catches the pot before any substantial amount of rice is lost. Back a couple obstacles, Roger wobbles the pot before losing his grip and spilling rice everywhere. This deflates the rest of Fatutaka as Derek and Robert put the finishing touches on their finish pot and win reward for Temotu. Jocelyn joins her muddy members of the orange tribe in celebration as it cuts to Chase making a mud ball and throwing it to the background out of frustration. The rest of Fatutaka simply dip their heads and can only look on as Temotu continues to celebrate. Afterwards, Probst awards the fishing gear and tarp to Temotu. Jocelyn goes and grabs the items since she is the cleanest of the nine. With their new rewards, Temotu proceeds back to camp. The members of the empty-handed Fatutaka follow the orange tribe out of the challenge area as it fades to break.

The camera returns to the Temotu beach as its nine members are seen joyfully carrying their rewards into camp.

We couldn't have asked for a better reward from today's challenge. And just the way we won it, too. Everybody came back to camp happy and pumped up. The tribe's morale was already great before the challenge, but after this win, it soared to new heights.


Troyzan (as some others unfold the tarp): Does anybody want to go out on the boat with me? It looks like it's rain clouds are building up back over that way, so I want to see if we can grab some fish before it hits.

Mike volunteers to assist Troyzan as Derek and Katherine work on getting the tarp tied down over the shelter. It cuts to the two guys out on the boat, a good ways from camp. Troyzan, fully equipped with his snorkel and spear, removes himself from the boat and into the ocean. The camera follows him to the ocean floor and highlights him catching a plethora of fish with relative ease. He shows one off to the camera and returns to the surface with his collection. He unloads it all onto the boat as Mike looks on in awe.

Mike (chuckling, pleasantly surprised): Holy (expletive)! You caught the whole freaking ocean, man!

Troyzan (grinning as he climbs back into the boat): Hey man, it's not my first rodeo!

The two fist-bump and return to camp with their soon-to-be food. There, Mike and Troyzan are seen carrying the bucket of fish after pulling the boat away from the tide.

Justin: You guys were only gone for like thirty minutes. Did you not find anything?

Mike (excitedly as he shows the rest of Temotu the bucket): Actually, we might as well have found the whole ocean!

The rest of the orange tribe erupts in cheer and pleasant exclamation knowing that they would be eating well that night.

Troyzan definitely lived up to his moniker today. He and Mike were only out on the boat for...maybe half an hour, and they come back with a bucket chock full of fish! And they weren't little minnows or anything microscopic. These were full-fledged, healthy-looking fish with plenty of meat on them. The old adage is 'to the victor go the spoils', and that is certainly the case today. We have a nice meal ahead of us and a tarp to sleep under whenever there's a storm. Temotu is a content tribe to say the least.


It cuts to later on that evening as the members of Temotu sit around the fire pit and cook their fish.

Katherine (looking back at the storm clouds as they inch closer): Oh wow! Look at those!

Justin: Looks like we're eating in the shelter tonight, guys!

The rest of Temotu agrees as it then cuts to the Fatutaka beach later that night after sunset. By then, the aforementioned storm clouds have arrived to the beach. The eight members are seen huddling in the shelter as downpours of rain and strong winds belt the shelter and the rest of camp. Then a stronger gust hits the shelter causing some of the palm fronds serving as the roof fly off and expose the blue tribe to the hard rainfall. After briefly discussing how to resolve their newfound problem, Alvin and Savage get out of the shelter to see if they can find anything to temporarily cover the shelter until morning. As he proceeds to get out of the shelter, Savage loses his hold on slick part of the bamboo floor and stumbles out onto the ground. Alvin helps him up through the torrential downpour as the two guys find a temporary cover for the shelter. Their search, however, is short-lived. They quickly give up after the other six plead for their safety and figure that whatever they find would probably blow away anyway. They return to the shelter and the eight castaways use their clothes to cover their heads.

That storm was...brutal. Alvin and I tried to find some more cover after our roof flew off, but it just wasn't going to happen. The rain was too strong. The wind was especially strong. To watch our camp be torn apart by this storm, I could tell that it was just demoralizing for some of these people. All of our hard work, gone...(snaps fingers)...just like that. I'm really hoping we can bounce back from this because there's still a long way to go, and we have to have that mentality. The mentality of we're going to overcome this and any other hurdles that we may encounter later in the game.

–Andrew S.

Day 5

The camera focuses on lightning strikes crackling through the early morning sky and then fast-forwards to after sunrise. The Fatutaka camp is seen tattered and scattered with debris such as bamboo planks and palm fronds all across the beach. Savage is then seen sitting down by the fire pit wrapping his undershirt around his right knee.

Chase (from the shelter): What happened to your knee, man?

Andrew S.: I guess it's from last night. I don't know what I could've done to hurt it, but I'm just wrapping it up so it won't bleed anymore.

Suzanne (worriedly): Well, what's the matter with it? Like, what are you feeling?

Andrew S.: It's just a gash. I'm sure it'll go away in a couple days.

He shows the gash on his knee to the rest of the tribe except Andrew G. and Jordan, who are out trying to find sturdier materials for the shelter.

Roger: Just keep it wrapped up and you should be okay.

Andrew S. (wrapping his knee back up): Yep, that's the plan.

Savage shows us this big gash on his knee this morning and my first thought is 'Oh my God, I hope it's nothing serious.'. Then he showed it to us, and it didn't look infected or anything, which is a good sign. As long as he doesn't expose it to any bacteria or rub it up against anything, he should be okay.


Andrew S. (curiously): Where are Jordan and 'other Andrew'?

Gaby: They went to find more stuff for the shelter.

Savage looks at the depleted shelter as he finishes knotting his soaked shirt around his knee. It cuts to Andrew G. and Jordan browsing along the shore covered by winding trees. They contemplate what materials they need to build a sturdier shelter. They ultimately decide to collect more bamboo and larger rocks to keep the bamboo floor from moving and the shelter more resistant to incoming rain. Then, Andrew G. looks around the bend to see if anybody had followed them.

Andrew G. (softly): While we're out here...

He starts lifting the larger rocks resting up against part of the shore where the sand ends and the short grass begins.

Jordan: Are you looking for an idol? Jeff never said that they were in play.

Andrew G.: It never hurts to look, though.

Jordan (in an apprehensive tone): I don't know, Andrew. If we get caught looking and it turns out that there never was one, we're gone.

While Jordan and I are out just looking for stuff to rebuild the shelter with, I decided to look for an idol while I had the opportunity. Jordan really didn't like the idea of looking because Jeff had never mentioned anything about an idol, but I thought it was worth a shot to at least try to find it.

–Andrew G.

Andrew G. is then seen climbing a thinner branch extending out to where the tide is hitting the beach.

Jordan: Be careful...

Andrew G. (jokingly, as he precariously inches his way along the branch): I'll certainly do my best to not fall and die!

Andrew G. reaches the end of the branch only to find nothing. As he climbs back to the trunk of the tree, he notices a hole on the other side of the tree from where he originally was climbing.

Andrew G. (as he scurries to the hole): Hold on one second...

Jordan (now intrigued): What is it?

Andrew G.: This is going to be the last place I look, I promise. Then, we head back.

Jordan: I'm not worried about that. I just don't want you falling.

Andrew G. arrives at the divot in the tree. He blindly reaches in and excitedly finds a folded piece of cloth.

Andrew G. (showing the folded cloth to Jordan from the tree): There's a glimmer of hope!

Jordan (beaming): Oh my gosh! Did you find it?!

Andrew G. (after jumping down from the tree): God, I hope so. I really, really hope so.

He unfolds the cloth to reveal the hidden immunity idol. They glimpse at the cloth to make sure it is in fact the idol and proceed to high-five and hug. Both Andrew G. and Jordan are seen smiling from ear to ear and can barely contain their excitement.

Andrew G. (attempting to calm himself down): Man, this is awesome! So, it's us two that know. We go and tell Alvin and that's it. It's the three of us and that's it.

Jordan: I love it. Let's make it happen.

The two allies start collecting their materials as Andrew G. stuffs the idol into his pocket.

Talk about a one-eighty from what we were having to endure last night. (showing the idol) This...this is great. I'm literally speechless to having found this today! But the plan that Jordan and I went over was having Alvin be the only other person that we show and tell this to. I want it to be the three of us being on the same page for everything. We trust Alvin with this information, and I want him knowing about it as soon as possible. That way, it all but solidifies our alliance and our bond that we have with each other. Other than that...I'm holding on to this little guy for as long as I can and see how the game plays out. (smiles enthusiastically)

–Andrew G.

The camera fades to break as Andrew G. and Jordan happily walk back to camp with rocks and pieces of bamboo.

The camera fades in to the Temotu beach as all nine members are seen sitting around the fire cooking the beans that they won in the first challenge and swapping stories. Robert tells a story about his theatre in Philadelphia and the hours he spends maintaining it. Everyone except Amy and Justin is hardly interested as they continue eating their beans.

We had some down time earlier, so the tribe shared some stories of where they were from and the lives they've lived to kill time. I tell my story of my theatre back in Philly and as I'm wrapping it up, I notice one seems to care. That certainly stung because I do pour my heart and soul into it, but their opinions won't bother me at the end of the day. My concern, though, is whether that apathy translates over to the game. You need friends in this game, and you need those friends turning into allies. And right now, I don't have any...and that worries me.


Robert (trying to lie): Oh man, those beans are going right through me. I'm going to take care of some business. I'll be right back.

Robert puts his hand over his stomach as he stands up and walks into the jungle. The other eight look on as his disappears into the trees.

Katherine (trying not to sound condescending): I wasn't trying to not listen to his story, but it wasn't really that interesting...

Troyzan: Well, part of it for me is that he needs to know that he's on the outs. I mean, you got caught looking for an idol. We can't let that slide by.

Troyzan goes to the pot for another helping of beans.

We had a little session of telling stories around the campfire and when Robert told his, no one listened to it. Part of me feels for the guy but a bigger part of me is in Survivor mode. He got caught looking for an idol. The guy's got to realize that he's on the outside because of that! But then, he says that his stomach's bothering him from the beans. As I'm getting some more for me, the switch in my head turns on...


Troyzan (stops scooping beans into his bowl): Robert's not sick. He's looking for the freaking idol again.

Katherine (surprisingly): Oh my gosh, you're right.

Derek: We can't just sit here while he looks for it. What if he finds it while he's out there?

Mike (after a brief pause): I can run after him...kind of snoop on him a bit.

Justin: Well, you need to go now if you're going to go after him.

Mike sets his bowl down and darts off into the jungle after Robert. It cuts to Robert running through the jungle and stopping in a clearer, more open part of the jungle close to shore.

Robert (to himself exhaustedly): Okay, I don't have a lot of time. If I were an idol, where would I hide myself?

Robert starts digging through the ground and looking at the bases of palm trees in hopes of finding an idol. Shortly thereafter, Mike arrives but stays hidden behind some bushes as Robert continues his search.

I follow Robert out into the jungle to see if he's actually looking for an idol or not and sure enough, there he is diggin' like crazy. I hide in the bushes for a little bit cause I'm out of breath at this point. (laughs) But once I'm not winded anymore, that's when I approach him.


Mike (loudly as he walks out from behind a bush): WHOOOOOWEEEE! Man, you were right! Those beans did a number on me, too! Ya' feeling any better yourself?

Robert (nervously trying to go along with Mike's conversation): Ha...yeah, it's all already come and gone for me.

Mike (intimidatingly): Well, why are you on your knees diggin' in the dirt now?

Robert (trying to cover his tracks): Oh, I lost my...ring. I guess it fell off once I was pulling my pants back up.

Mike (playing along with Robert): Oh well, that's a shame. Where have ya' looked so far?

Robert: Just out here for right now. I don't think it went too far.

Mike (as he starts to look for the idol himself): Well, let's hope not...

Mike starts waltzing around and looking up in the trees as Robert continues looking for his "ring" on the ground. Mike starts poking around in various tree holes until he accidentally stumbles upon it in the fifth tree that he looks in.

Mike (trying to quietly contain his excitement): Oh (expletive)!

He immediately stuffs into one of his jacket's inner pockets as he bids Robert farewell.

Mike (in a deadpan tone): Well, I'm going to head to back to camp. I wish ya' luck on your search. I'll see ya' back there.

Robert: Thanks. Hopefully, I'm not out here much longer.

Mike (chuckling under his breath): Yeah, me either...

Mike disappears back into the thicker part of the jungle.

While I'm out there chaperoning Robert, I thought it would be a good idea to take a look for it myself...just while he wasn't looking of course. I noticed that he was looking on the ground, so I started looking up and in the trees. Four or five trees in, (pulls the idol out of his pocket) boom! But I can't put myself on the outs like Robert has already. This is only for me and my alliance to one else.


Robert stands up and puts his hands on his hips.

Robert (perplexedly): Where is this thing? Good lord...

It cuts back to camp where Troyzan and Katherine are in the middle of pitching an alliance proposition to Derek and Jocelyn away from everyone else at camp.

Troyzan (softly to Derek and Jocelyn): It would be you two, us two, and Mike. That would give us five majority if we were to go to Tribal.

Derek: And Mike's definitely in?

Katherine: Yeah, we patched up with him a couple days ago.

Jocelyn (appeasingly): That sounds awesome. I'm in.

Derek appears to be more hesitant to agree to the alliance, but he confirms his place in the alliance as Mike suddenly shows up from the jungle. He notices the other four talking and walks over to them.

Mike: I'm not screwing anything up, am I?

Troyzan: No man, you're good. We were just finishing up talking about the alliance.

Derek: So, this is the five right here?

Katherine (happily): To the end!

Mike: Well, I've got some good news for you guys. Went and followed Robert out in the jungle, and I'm a hundred percent sure that he was in the middle of looking for an idol.

Troyzan: Geez, you would think he'd learn...

Mike: But, I decided to look for it also. And unlike him, I found it!

Mike makes sure no one outside the five that are present are looking and pulls the idol out from his jacket.

Derek (in disbelief): No way...

Troyzan (quietly giving Mike a high-five): You gotta be kidding me, man! This is incredible!

Mike: Yep! I found it in a tree when his back was turned.

Derek and Jocelyn look at each other in shock.

Troyzan (excitedly): So, this is all we needed. We have majority and an idol in our back pocket. I gotta tell you guys, we're sitting pretty right now. Come on, hands in the middle.

The five place a hand in the middle of their circle.

Troyzan: Final five on three! One, two, three...

They quietly exclaim the 'final five' cheer and return to the shelter area of camp.

Today has been eventful to say the least. Derek and I were recruited into an alliance with Katherine, Mike, and Troyzan and on top of that, Mike shows all of us the idol that Robert's been looking for all this time! But with the pros, there are always cons. Like, it seemed like Derek and I were last on their list for this alliance. Like, for right now, it seems like a good idea to go with them in case we do have to go to Tribal Council soon. I'm not sure what Derek's thinking, but I'm not one hundred percent committed to this alliance long-term.


It cuts to Troyzan, Katherine, and Mike smiling about the new developments behind Derek and Jocelyn as the five walk back to the shelter. The camera then fades to break.

Day 6

The camera fades in to various scenic shots of the Santa Cruz Islands such as the clear light blue ocean and ocean life. It then settles on Alvin and Andrew G. arriving at tree mail on the Fatutaka beach. They open the mail holder, which hangs from a tree, up, take the tree mail, and proceed to return to camp.

Andrew G. (as they begin walking back): Before we go back, there's something I want you to see.

Alvin (intrigued): And what's that?

Andrew G. proceeds to pull the idol out of his pants pocket and discretely shows it to Alvin.

Alvin (laughing out of shock): No way that you found the idol.

Andrew G.: Oh, I definitely did!

Alvin (high-fiving Andrew G.): Nice job, man! Wow, this is great.

Andrew G. (smiling): Thanks. Yeah, Jordan and I were getting stuff for the shelter yesterday, and I just thought to look for it then. I mean, I would've shown it to you as soon as I got it if I could. This is just the first chance I've had.

Alvin: Ah, don't sweat it, man. You showed it to me. That's all that matters.

Andrew G.: It's just us and Jordan that know about it, and I think that's all that need to know about it.

Alvin (pretending to zip his lips): Hey, my lips are sealed. You've got my word on that.

Andrew G. (trying to contain his excitement): Awesome. Man, I'm so excited!

The two guys continue heading back to camp with tree mail in hand.

'G' and I went to see if we had any tree mail this morning and as we're heading back, he shows me a hidden immunity idol. That just blew my socks off to know that one of my allies has an idol, but it's also reassuring to know that he trusts me enough to show the idol to me. I know we've already made the alliance, but it's still nice to know that the trust is apparent between the two of us. Now if we can start winning some challenges, we can hold on to this 'til the merge...that is if we all make it there.


The camera shifts over to a smaller island with lush forests and sandy shores. It highlights the ladder submerged underwater and the posts in the sand. The two tribes containing the seventeen contestants then are seen filing in and taking their places on their respective mats. Probst then gets to explaining the challenge and the stakes that come with it. Once all the details have been addressed, Probst asks Temotu who their sit-out will be. After a very brief discussion, Melanie raises her hand and takes her spot on the bench. The two tribes then huddle to decide each member's assignments. The assignments are as follows:

Ladder Climbers Swimmers Ring Tossers Sit-out
Andrew S.
Andrew G.

Once the first ladder climbers for each tribe have swam out and climbed onto their respective floating platforms, Probst gives the signal to start the challenge. Derek and Savage both dive off their platforms, swim down to the ocean floor, and begin climbing the submerged ladder. They remain neck and neck as they both approach their first buoys to detach from the ladder. Both guys arrive at their first buoy simultaneously and begin untying the knots holding it. Savage is able to get his released slightly ahead of Derek's as they both float up along with their buoys. Savage is able to reach the surface first and hand off to Suzanne before Derek can pass off to Katherine. Suzanne dives in from a platform closer to shore than Savage's platform as Katherine is not far behind off her platform. They both swim down to the ocean floor and climb the ladder en route to the tribes' second buoys. Katherine is seen climbing quicker than Suzanne and slightly overtaking her underwater. Katherine reaches her buoy first and starts untying the rope holding it as Suzanne reaches her buoy. Suzanne then suddenly is short of breath and proceeds to swim up to the surface. Katherine, meanwhile, releases her buoy and swims up as well. Suzanne reaches the surface without her buoy, much to the dismay of her tribemates, as Katherine's head pops up from underwater followed by Temotu's second buoy. The members of the orange tribe onshore are elated as Derek and Katherine swim inland and Jocelyn and Troyzan swim out to retrieve the bags of rings attached to the buoys. Suzanne goes back under to try getting her buoy once more. After a period of time, she is able to detach it from the ladder and swim up along with it. As Suzanne reaches the surface, Savage immediately dives in and the two head to shore as Chase and Jordan lunge themselves into the water. Meanwhile, Jocelyn has grabbed the closest buoy to shore while Troyzan is still swimming to retrieve the farthest one. It then cuts back to Fatutaka's four ring throwers looking on.

Roger (to Alvin, Andrew G., and Gaby): When we're up, let me go first. I feel good about this.

The other three don't say anything in response and keep their attention on Chase and Jordan retrieving the bags. Jordan reaches the closest bag for Fatutaka as Troyzan begins swimming back with Temotu's second bag. Jocelyn is seen waiting on Troyzan so they may swim in together since they are not allowed to drop off one bag at a time. Chase is then seen frantically swims out to the buoy that Savage had released earlier. Troyzan meets up with Jocelyn in the water and the two begin swimming back to shore side by side. Once they are there, they hand the bags off to the four throwers, who begin untying them. Chase is then seen swimming hurriedly back to shore with the rest of his tribe cheering him on. Once they have all the bags untied, Mike starts throwing rings for Temotu as Fatutaka's throwers briefly glance over.

Roger (under his breath impatiently): C'mon Chase, you big oaf. Hurry up.

Chase arrives to where Jordan was waiting for him in the water and the two start swimming their way back to shore. Mike, meanwhile, has gone through one round of throwing all of Temotu's rings without any success and is seen running out to recollect the rings. His next throw, however, perfectly lands around a post. Robert then takes his shot at throwing for Temotu as Chase and Jordan arrive onshore with the two bags in hand. Chase, carrying both bags, hands them off to Fatutaka's throwers as they begin untying the bags. Robert continues throwing rings without any hits. He has to go and collect the rings as Roger begins throwing for Fatutaka. Roger pumps himself up as he throws his first ring. He then keeps reassuring himself that the next throw will land. Robert comes back with the rings and continues throwing. Roger continues to be unsuccessful with his throws as it visibly wears on his tribemates, especially Chase. He goes to collect the rings after missing all of his throws as Robert lands the second ring for Temotu. Amy starts throwing rings as Roger begins throwing once more. He badly misses his next three rings and begins to be urged by his tribemates to let somebody else throw. Roger then insists that he will make one sooner than later as Probst commentates that Fatutaka is imploding at a critical moment in the challenge.

Chase (irate): Roger! Let somebody else throw! You haven't hit anything!

Roger brushes him off as Amy hits her ring for Temotu, who can see victory being within reach. Justin takes his ring and does his best impression of Babe Ruth by calling his shot. The rest of Temotu gets a kick from this as Justin throws his first ring with all of Fatutaka minus Roger watching on as well. It lands uneasily around the post but it does eventually wobble in to win Temotu their third straight challenge. They celebrate with one another as the camera focuses on the men of Fatutaka excluding Roger being visibly furious at yet another loss. Probst rewards Temotu with immunity once more as they gladly welcome the idol again.

Probst (turning to Fatutaka): Fatutaka, I've got nothing for you guys except a date with me at Tribal, where one of the eight of you will be the second person voted out of this game. Grab your stuff and head back to camp. I'll see you tonight.

They dejectedly grab their belongings and follow Temotu out of the challenge site. The camera zooms out and fades to break.

The camera returns to the Fatutaka beach as the members of the blue tribe walk back to camp after suffering their third loss in three challenges. They are visibly drained and agitated about the challenge's outcome as evidenced by no one saying a word to Roger.

I'm so sick and tired of losing. Not just losing but losing in the fashion that we've lost these challenges in. There's been a common denominator in all of this and that's Roger. He has done a piss poor job in all three challenges but today was just icing on the cake. If he doesn't get voted out tonight, I will swim back to the States first thing tomorrow morning.


Roger is seen walking along the shore as the other seven remain around camp.

Andrew S.: Can we just nail this down now and not do anything fancy? Let's just, the seven of us, vote him off and be raring to go tomorrow.

Everyone else immediately agreed, seeming to make the vote that night that much easier on them. It then cuts to later in the day as Gaby and Jordan are seen at the water well, which is further into the jungle, filling everyone's canteens and making small talk. Roger is then seen walking back to camp when he notices the two girls and approaches them.

Roger (apologetically): I'm going to do this later when everyone is around, but I want you all to be the first ones to hear this since you happened to be around. Today was a hundred percent my fault. I felt confident in my abilities, maybe a little over-confident, but it certainly wasn't my intention to get on everybody's bad side. I floundered in the challenge, and I'll own up to that.

Jordan (in a caring tone): Well...we definitely appreciate the apology, but...

Jordan looks over to Gaby in the hopes of having her finish the mutual thought.

Gaby (getting the hint): But we still lost, Roger...and it was because of you. I know you just apologized but that doesn't change the fact of us having to go and vote somebody out tonight.

Roger (starting to realize his fate): This is probably a dumb question I'm about to ask, but is it me tonight?

Jordan: As far as we know, it's still you.

After hearing this, Roger's expression turns to one equal of having his heart sink into his stomach.

Roger (forcing a smile out of understanding): Well, that's all I needed to know. Thanks, girls. I'll see you back at camp.

Roger returns to his walk back to camp as Gaby and Jordan return to filling the tribe's water canteens. Jordan is seen with a look of empathy as she fills the canteens.

Roger came up to Gaby and myself as we were filling everybody's canteens up, and he basically said 'Y'know, this one's on me, guys. Sorry about that.' He didn't give some speech about it...he was just really timid in how he handled it, and I feel bad for him. But having said that, he's very stubborn in his ways and has been, for the most part, abrasive the six days we've been out here. Ultimately, though, we're all here to win. If letting go of Roger is going to better the tribe, that's something I'm not going to hesitate to do.


Jordan (empathically): I honestly think he's a misunderstood old man. It stinks that we have to vote him out, but...(shrugs her shoulders)...that's the game.

Gaby (putting some canteens over her arm): Yep, it is. He messed up today, and he has to pay for it.

Jordan starts twisting the lids on her half of the canteens as they both start wrapping up their chore.

Gaby: But just think if something were to change, though...

Jordan: Like what? I thought everyone was dead set on doing this.

Gaby: And I think we still are, but why was he on this walk of his? Do you think he was looking for an idol cause he knows that it's him tonight?

Jordan (feigning to be oblivious of a possible idol): Oh my gosh, you're so right!

Gaby: Do you think we need to warn the others about him looking for it?

Jordan (going along with Gaby): I don't think it's something we need to panic about, but it definitely wouldn't hurt to say something to the rest of the tribe.

Gaby (anxiously): Well, let's get a move on. We've got to let them know as soon as we can!

Then, as we're about to go back to camp, Gaby's like 'Well, what if he was looking for an idol?'. He may have been for all I know, but I know that Andrew found the idol yesterday so there's no reason for me to be worried about Roger having one. But I can't let Gaby know that, though. There may be a time and place that we tell her about the idol, but for right now, it's between Alvin, Andrew, and myself.


The camera focuses on Gaby and Jordan walking through the jungle trail with eight full canteens as it then flashes over to Roger simply walking back to camp along the beach.

I don't know why I suddenly got idol fever when I saw Roger, but if you think about it, it makes sense. He was walking from camp alone and has had plenty of time today to look for it...alone! If he were to find it, it would just send everybody's game downhill. That's why I was so hasty to get back to camp. The more people that know about what Roger might be doing, the better off we are.


It cuts to Gaby and Jordan returning to camp before Roger is able to make it back from his walk.

Gaby: Guys, we're not trying to alarm anybody, but we think Roger is out looking for an idol.

Andrew S.: Why do you say that?

Gaby: I'm fairly sure he knows he's going home for starters, so he's acting out of desperation. Second, he started going on his walk like an hour ago. Third, he came to us as we were about to leave for here and asked if he was the one going home tonight.

Suzanne: And what did you say to that?

Gaby (hesitantly): Well, I kind of did tell him that the plan was still him tonight...

Chase and Savage have various reactions of disbelief and wanting Gaby's claims to be false but also knowing that Roger looking for an idol is a valid concern to have.

Andrew S.: So, what do we do? We can't go off and scramble. We're too close to Tribal Council and everyone but him is standing right here.

Meanwhile, Alvin and Andrew G. remain stoic as the others contemplate what to do.

Andrew G. (hiding the fact that he has the idol): I mean, let's just stick to the plan we originally had. Like Savage said, it's too late to do anything.

Chase: And that's all we can do, y'know. If he has it, then he has it and I'm probably the one that has to bite the bullet. If not, then life around here's going to be so much easier starting tomorrow.

Andrew S.: So, it's the seven of us voting Roger then?

The other six nod in agreement once more as the camera transitions to the eight members of Fatutaka filing out of camp and walking along the beach en route to Tribal Council.

Gaby made a total frenzy like...forty-five minutes before we're to leave for Tribal about Roger potentially looking for an idol. I know that to not be true because the idol she's worrying about is in my bag. The worry I have is whether or not everyone is going to stick to the plan of simply voting Roger. Tribal Council is known to be crazy at times. I really hope no one goes off on their own tangent tonight. If they do...(shrugs his shoulders and chuckles in uncertainty)...this tribe's screwed.

–Andrew G.

The camera fades from the evening to night as the eight members of Fatutaka arrive at Tribal Council and begin to make their way in. They place their torches in their slots and take their respective seats as Probst looks on.

Probst (taking his seat): Alright. Savage, I want to start things off with this tribe's performance in the challenges so far. What do you make of it six days in?

Andrew S.: Pathetic, Jeff. There's no other word I can think of to describe these past six days. We have the muscle to compete with these guys. I've seen it around camp, but in all three challenges, we've been shooting ourselves in the foot with little mistakes that eventually accumulate. We're the fish that are being shot in the barrel.

Probst: Roger, in today's challenge, you were very adamant about getting a ring to fall right from the get-go. You wanted the ball in your hands and you didn't deliver. That has to resonate with you before a vote tonight.

Roger: If definitely does, Jeff, and I was very accountable for my actions...

Chase (interrupting Roger): Or lack thereof...

Roger (visibly peeved by Chase's remark): Anyway, I was accountable for my performance in the challenge today. And, I think that adamant is not the best word for that. I was more stubborn than anything else. Having said all of that, I don't think it should be going home tonight.

The other seven have various reactions of shock as Probst continues on without missing a beat.

Probst: Why do you think that it shouldn't be you tonight especially after your performance today?

Roger: There are bigger fish to fry.

Most of the members of Fatutaka try to restrain themselves from laughing at Roger's defense as he continues on.

Roger: I may have floundered in the challenge today, but Chase has been nothing but toxic to this camp and in the challenges.

Chase (to Probst as he shakes his head in disbelief): There he goes again...throwing me under the bus like he has been since we landed on the beach.

Probst: Do you know why he's, in your words, throwing you under the bus, Chase?

Chase: We just...we just haven't gotten along at all. There's no way to sugarcoat that. Everyone here knows of the rift between Roger and myself, which is why one of us is going home tonight.

Probst: And you're sure of it being either you or Roger?

Chase: Oh yeah, our plan today was Roger...all the way. But then, like right before we leave to come here, we catch wind of him possibly looking for an idol.

Roger looks shocked himself as Chase explains the rumor.

Chase: He went off walking along the beach by himself and didn't return for at least an hour. Something had to have been up while he was out there.

Roger: You're kidding, right? All I did was walk on the beach and talk to Gaby and Jordan while they were filling up the canteens. That's when I found out I was going home for sure, or so they had said.

Probst: So now, a new wrinkle has developed into all of this. Gaby, was there originally any suspicion from you about Roger possibly having an idol?

Gaby (immediately shaking her head in affirmation): Oh yes! I was the one that broke the news to everybody.

Jordan: It's true. She was basically power-walking back to camp so she could break the news, and I don't blame her. If Roger found an idol after we've planned to vote him and then go on to tell him that we're voting him, it all but ruins one of our games.

Probst (surprised): So wait, you told Roger that he was the next to go with there being the suspicion of him possibly looking for an idol?

Gaby: No, no, no. We told him that he was going home, and then I started to think of him possibly having an idol. (laughs) No, I would hope I'm a little smarter than that!

Probst: Either way, the possibility of Roger having an idol is still out there. Alvin, that has to worry the tribe to some extent, right?

Alvin: It certainly makes you take a step back and make sure you have the people you need and potentially a back-up plan in case something like that were to happen. You need to be ready for anything if you're going to be successful in this game.

Probst: Aside from the idol talk, how has camp life been since we last talked, Andrew?

Andrew G.: Well, we have a radio show we do almost every day.

Probst (cracking a smile, unintentionally interrupting Andrew G.): Really?

Andrew G.: Oh yeah. We call it 'The Fatutalking Heads'. We thought it know...a clever play on words.

The rest of Fatutaka chuckles as Probst joins in on it, having enjoyed the wit behind the name.

Probst (still grinning): Okay. Suzanne, what else has gone on since you were here last?

Suzanne: Well, besides the radio program, it's been very up and down. Our shelter was ripped to shreds by the storm a few nights ago, but I think we grew closer as a group because of that. That's very important in Survivor, as you know Jeff! But we can't keep going to Tribal Council. This tribe needs to start winning to keep this group together.

The camera focuses on Savage nodding in agreement with Suzanne and then shifts over to Probst, who commences the voting. One at a time, the eight Fatutaka members make their way to the voting booth to cast their vote. Jordan and Roger's confessionals are the only ones aired as the voting period ends.

Probst: I'll go tally the votes.

Roger is seen anxiously watching on as Chase glimpses over to see if he reaches for an idol.

Probst (cracking a grin): If anybody has a hidden immunity idol and you would like to play it, now would be the time to do so.

Everyone turns their focus to Roger, who sits motionless and does not reach for an idol.

Probst: Okay. Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately. I'll read the votes.

First vote: Roger (1)

Roger deeply exhales, knowing that it very well may be him.

Second vote: Chase (1-1)

It cuts to Chase hunched over with his head resting on his palm as the camera highlights the other castaways looking on.

Third vote: Roger (2-1)

Fourth vote: Roger (3-1)

Fifth vote: Roger (4-1)

Roger reluctantly starts getting his belongings together as it shows Jordan unhappily looking on but still knowing that it is a game.

Sixth vote: ...

Probst: Second person voted out of Survivor: Santa Cruz Islands...Roger. That's five and tonight, that's enough. I need you to bring me your torch.

Roger grabs his bag and arises from his seat as it shows Chase with a relieved grin on his face. Roger places his torch before Probst to confirm his fate.

Probst: Roger, the tribe has spoken.

Roger (to the rest of the tribe as his torch is snuffed): Everyone makes mistakes!

Roger then proceeds to leave the Tribal Council area as the seven remaining Fatutaka members sit there hoping they made the right decision.

Probst: Well, when I sent you on your way last time, the focus was on this tribe's friction. With Roger gone, it seems that the friction may be gone also. However, this tribe has to figure out how to win a challenge. If not, I will be seeing you guys again soon. Grab your torches and head back to camp. Good night.

The members of Fatutaka remove themselves from their seats and grab their torches. Chase continues grinning as he and his six tribemates leave Tribal Council with their flames still intact.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 2:
Roger (7 votes)
Alvin, Andrew G., Andrew S., Chase, Gaby, Jordan, Suzanne
Chase (1 vote)
Roger Parsons

Voting Confessionals

I don't think I need to elaborate about this vote any more than I already have. It's either you or me tonight.


I always try to see the good in people, and I think you were misunderstood for six days. I don't want to write this name down, but I also don't want to ruin my position in the game. Good luck.


Final Words

Well, I don't think this is a surprise to anyone. As tumultuous as the past six days have been, I still wouldn't trade it for anything. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and I'm happy to have taken part of it...regardless of the outcome.

–Roger Parsons

Still in the Running

Andrew G.
Andrew S.

Next Time on Survivor...

Amy begins plotting to overthrow Troyzan..."His stranglehold on this game is getting stronger every day. Someone from his little clique needs to go soon."...and a physical immunity challenge leads to tension between the two tribes.


  • The episode title was first said by Alvin as he described the Fatutaka tribe's radio program and its name. The program was used as a break from the game by its participants.