"The Final Opportunity"
Season Survivor: Malaysian Islands
Author AnitaG.
Episode Number 1/13
Episode Chronology
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This is the 1st episode of Survivor: Malaysian Islands


Immunity Challenge: Blown Leaves
One member from each tribe would work as a caller to guide three pairs of blindfolded fellow castaways around an obstacle course to pull a rope attached to a bucket at five water towers. The buckets would release a puzzle bag. Once all five puzzle bags are retrieved, the last tribemember would assemble the puzzle in a shape of a tree. The first person to assemble the puzzle would win for their tribe, along with a flint.
Winner: N/A


Day 1

The introduction of the season starts with views of Malaysia's (Indonesia's preferrably) most beautiful island, Sumatra. The camera flies across the ocean and, suddenly, the scene settles onto an old small fishing boat on which there are sixteen Americans about to start the adventure of a lifetime, with not much more than what they are wearing. There is also Jeff Probst, while he's talking the viewers can see Sumatra's wildlife, fauna and flaura, and also some scenes of rain.

We are here at the coast of Sumatra, the most beautiful yet dangerous island of Malaysia, where sixteen Americans are about to begin the adventure of a lifetime! The adventure will play out on the Batam Island, abandoned piece of Earth that hides many supplies, but also many dangers. Rainstorms can appear out of nowhere and species including sea crocodiles, varans and the most dangerous garrotter snake on the planet, the reticulated python, can appear right behind the corner. They also have each other to worry about, as first impressions are already forming.

–Jeff Probst

So here I am, sitting on the side of the boat, and sitting right across from me is this weird looking older guy. He is wearing like a barrell...or beret on his head. (laughs) And I'm like 'Are we back in the 18th century, or what?'

–Courtenay (commenting on Louis)

I see this really badass looking lady sitting there looking like she wants to be the rebel out here. And I don't like that, I need people who will work on my team. She looks strong, I just worry she might be a bitch, 'ya know.

–John (commenting on Rebecca)

It is the ultimate challenge. Sixteen people from different walks of life forced to work together to create a new society, battling the elements and each other. They must learn to adapt, or they’ll be voted out. In the end, only one will remain to claim the million-dollar prize. Thirty-nine days, sixteen people, one Survivor!

–Jeff Probst


The ship's captain drops the anchor into the water when the boat is close enough to the shore. The castaways get off the boat one by one while Jeff is already standing on the island, smiling like he does at the castaways.

When I made my first mark on the island, when I felt the breeze in my hair, I felt so honored to finally be apart of this experience. I can already sense the excitement in the air mixed with a little bit of nervousness... and there stands Jeff.


Jeff: Welcome to Survivor: Malaysian Islands!

The contestants cheer in euphoria and they scream and clap their hands.

Jeff: Woman in the back with the short blonde hair, what's your name?

Ellis: My name's Ellis... and I love you, Jeff!

Jeff: Appreciate it. (laughs)

All the castaways share a laugh.

Jeff: You already had a chance to observe your surroundings including your opponents. What do you think about the other contestants.

Ellis: I think that you did a great job at choosing the cast. There are some eccentric looking people (looks at Rebecca), some look a little more reserved. I think we're gonna have a great time.

Jeff: Guy at the end.

Tim: The name's Tim.

Jeff: Tim, how do you think the tribes will be divided?

Tim: Well, it may even end up with no tribes. But I think however the tribes will be divided, my team will be the best.

People around laugh, while Rebecca just gives a little smirk.

Jeff: Well, I can end your suspense, there will be tribes. Here, in Malaysia, the tribes are always led by the elders. It is believed that the oldest person here is the wisest and has special abilities, many times believed to be supernatural. The elders then become the tribe or village's shamans. So, according to the traditions here in Malaysia, the tribes will be picked by the oldest woman and the oldest man.

The contestants are relieved, yet are still nervous as to where they will end up.

Jeff: I need the oldest male and female to, please, step forward.

When Jeff said that the elders will pick the tribes, I already knew I was one of them. My stomach just sank. I am not good at taking control of something. I always like to make other people do that, but since we are in Survivor, I will take that responsibility as a compliment. And I will try to be as wise about it as possible.


Ellis: I guess I am the oldest. Anybody older then 54?

The women shake their heads no.

Martin (speaking to Sean): You look old.

Sean: Well, thanks. I am 41, though.

Martin: Sorry. (laughs)

John: 56.

Jeff: Any male older than 56?

All the men shake heads in disagreement.

Jeff: Okay, Ellis and John, please come here. If you could each choose your mat, please.

Ellis: I am all for green energy, so I'll take the green one, if that's okay.

John: Sure.

When I found out that I'd be pickin' my tribes I was very pleased with that. I consider myself a natural-born leader and if I have to choose my own personnel than what can you do, I guess.


Jeff: Ellis, you chose green, your tribe name will be Akan, as for will in Indonesian, that being because the islands that you will be staying on are right between Malaysia and Indonesia. John, you chose the red mat, your tribe name is Minat as for passion in Indonesian. Okay, as usual, women here have the preference over the men, so Ellis, you will be picking first. You have to choose a male. Then John will pick a woman, then you pick a woman, then John picks a man and so on. Who do you choose?

Ellis: Tom?

Tim: Tim.

Ellis: Tim, okay. Sorry, I don't have the best memory.

Tim: That's okay. Me neither.

Jeff: Tim joining Ellis. John, which of these women do you pick?

John: The young lady with the headband in her hair.

Elyse: Elyse!

Jeff: Elyse joining Minat. Ellis, your pick?

Ellis: A woman?

Jeff: Yes.

Ellis: The very strong looking lady with the brown scarf.

Jeff: Ivane joining Ellis on her tribe. John?

John: The young jock-looking boy next to the young lady with the scarf.

Jeff: Martin joining John. Ellis?

As they were picking the teams, I was like hoping for the older lady not to pick me. I wanted to be with the man because he seemed to have been making more clever decisions. I was praying!


Ellis: I choose the guy with the beret.

Jeff: Louis joining Akan. John, make your next pick.

John: I choose the young blonde with the tan.

Courtenay (looking relieved): Courtenay!

Jeff: Wow, she looks happy! Ellis?

Ellis: I choose the lady in the red jacket.

Susan: Hi. Susan.

Ellis: My daighter's name's Susan!

Susan: Really, that's awesome!

Ellis: I already like you the most.

Even though she was probably kidding, that comment about Susan having the same name as Ellis' daughter made me look at Ellis a little more. Older ladies tend to be very emotional for no reason and one name coincidence could really make her want to be loyal to Susan. That's dangerous.


John: I pick the guy with long hair.

Jeff: Parke joining John and his tribe. Ellis?

Ellis: I choose the young guy, there at the back.

Jeff: Dean going to join Ellis and her team.

John: I pick the lady with dreadlocks.

Jeff: Rebecca joining John. Ellis is now going to decide which lady will join what tribe.

Ellis: The tiny little lady there with the scarf.

Jeff: Mika going to Ellis' tribe. Lisa joining John's team. Before you do so, what do you think about you getting picked last?

Lisa: I am okay with it. I can't be angry, if it's what they feel, it's what they feel. I'll have to change that perception.

Jeff: Fair enough. Join your tribe. Now to John, make your last pick.

John: I will pick... the redhead.

Jeff: Colton becomes the final member of the Minat tribe. Sean's the last member of Akan. Sean, how do you feel after basically not getting picked?

Sean: I'm not gonna lie. It's not the best feeling. But that's what happened, now I have to move on.

Jeff: Okay we have our two new tribes. The Akan tribe consists of Ellis, Tim, Ivane, Louis, Susan, Dean, Mika and Sean. The Minat tribe consists of John, Elyse, Martin, Courtenay, Parke, Rebecca, Lisa and Colton. Here are your maps. Head to your camps. Good luck!

The camera goes from the castaways to the sky.

The camera then goes right onto the beach of the Akan tribe. All 8 castaways are walking towards their flag until they see it. Their camp has a really flat terain, with a nice jungle in the background. There is a nice opening into the woods and a nice little beach. Everyone's enthusiastic.

When you first hit our beach, you see this little sandy beach and you think that this'll probably not be very comfy. But as soon as you cross that and look at the actual campsite, you have this beautiful jungle. I think this place is a pretty luxurious part of the island.


Ellis: So, hello, everyone. I am sorry I don't remember any of your names. I am Ellis and I work as a nurse. What do y'all do?

Tim: I am Tim and I work as an accoutant.

We just basically stood on our beach and talked about our jobs. It was very nice just to relax and talk about our lives. You learn that this isn't just a game and you are here with real people.


Mika: Mika and I am a kindegarten teacher.

Ellis: Wow! That is so cool.

Louis: I am Louis and I own a company that makes wine.

Ellis: Oh, did you bring some with you?

Everyone shares a laugh.

Susan: Susan, I do high-tech communication.

My main reason for not telling my tribe the truth was that I wasn't sure of what their opinion would be. I don't know anything about high-tech, I am a psychologist. Sometimes when people hear that you are a psychologist, they might worry a little that you may be able to control their minds or read their mind. I don't do none of that, but I didn't wanna take the risk.


Tim: I don't wanna rush you, guys, but I think we should get started on some things. We should probably start on our shelter and fire is also important.

Dean: What equipment did we get?

Sean: I guess it's in this crate.

Sean cracks the crate open. Castaways are surprised when they only see a machette, a pot and water canteens.

When I saw what we had inside the crate... well, it was surprising to say the least. But it's Survivor, what were we expecting?


Dean: I think we should split. I say guys work on the shelter and the women try to make the fire, sound good?

Sean: I agree, that way we can get things done way quicker. Guys, let's head out this way and get some bamboo and wood. Girls, are you okay with making the fire?

Ellis: I guess.

Ivane: Sounds good.

I was picked last at the tribe-picking. I knew that the shelter-building was going to be my chance to change people's opinions. So us guys tried to make as safe of a shelter as we could while women went off to make fire.


The guys are working on the shelter and they have the base built really quickly. Sean is working his ass off. The other guys are just following his lead.

I guess that the thought of being the last person picked isn't the best for a cop from NYC. Sean worked like a machine. He is definitely one of the strongest members of the tribe, so I think he has nothing to worry about. But if him scared of getting voted out gets us a super-shelter, then I won't be complaining.


The guys keep on working. The girls go off into the woods, where Mika, Susan and Ellis try to make a firepit while Ivane is looking for rocks.

Ivane: We are about to get fire, baby.

Ellis: I certainly hope so.

I ain't no arsonist. But firefighters can also make fire. I was taught how to make fire with just sticks or just rocks, so I thought 'Let me at it!' I was praying to God to let me remember how I'm supposed to do it.


Ivane has two rocks and she starts to rub a stone with another stone. Ellis is seen praying and looking to the sky while Mika and Susan are just looking at Ivane. Suddenly, on her third try, Ivane gets a spark and the fire is lit just like that. The women are seen celebrating as Mika runs to the guys to tell them the news. She then hugs with Dean. Everybody in the tribe is happy.

Thank God I remembered. I hope that showed my tribe that I am a strong asset to our team and they decide to keep me in longer.


Dean: That's amazing!

Mika: She just rubbed and suddenly we have fire!

Tim: Good job, girl!

Ivane: Oh, it's nothing. Anything for the team.

So far I think I picked a great team. Everybody in this team is very valuable, we get along, we have shelter and fire on day 1. What else are we supposed to do? I am very happy with the choices I made.


The camera shows all the members laying in the shelter after their hard work.

The camera then shifts to the other tribe. All 8 of them are walking to this little scluded place beween two rocky hills. There is this beautiful wide beach with sand and a nice little jungle background. The castaways are seen celebrating until John cuts the atmosphere off.

When we came back to camp all enthusiastic, I thought that I could use all of this ebergy right away. We need two things on day 1: fire and shelter. I see that my tribemates have a lotta energy, so there should be no problem getting that done whatsoever.


John: So, I think that all this talky-talky stuff can be pushed aside for a moment whereas building our shelter can't. I suggest we all start working on that.

The enthusiasm ends right there as everybody is surprised.

I was wrong! Once my tribemates heard the word 'work', they all just shut down. I thought I picked a good group, but now that I see it, I picked a group of lazy-asses.


Dude, I was just walking for like half an hour and you expect me to work right away ?!? What about having a little rest? But no, he just needed everything done today.


Martin: I guess you're right.

Lisa: I think so too. The faster we can get things done, the better.

John: Okay, so I suggest all of you go out and bring bamboo and wood. We'll figure out the rest when the rest needs to be delt with. Agreed?

Elyse: I agree.

Rebecca: Yeah!

Courtenay just rolls her eyes and looks to Martin.

Courtenay (whispering ironically): OK, daddy.

Martin smiles at her comment. The tribe then goes to search for wood in the jungle.

Courtenay probably doesn't like John very much, and I don't think she's the only one. I mean, John is right, we need all of those things. It's just that his delivery might not be as gentle as some people would like it to be. I have no problem with John and I actually plan on keeping him in the tribe longer, because as long as there's a person that is a bigger target than me, I have a chance to go far.


The men of the tribe are working on putting the shelter together. John is telling everyone what to do. Rebecca and Courtenay are standing aside and John realizes that.

John: Rebecca, could you please bring me that log over there? Thanks. Courtenay, honey, take Lisa and go search for our water source, please.

Courtenay (talking softly to Rebecca): Why is he so bossy? God, like I am a grown woman.

Rebecca: Right? I feel like a little child.

Courtenay: Tell me about it.

Rebecca: I think he's a workoholic.

Courtenay: I don't know about that, but he certainly is an annoyance-holic.

God, please, help me! I am stuck on a tribe with John who is acting like he owns the whole damn island. I definitely took it upon myself to make everyone see that. As long as people don't like him, and I know they don't, then the next vote will be an easy unanimous vote.


Courtenay and Lisa take the canteens and they head out. When Courtenay leaves and can't be seen no more, John starts the dirty talk.

John: So, if we go to Tribal, it's an easy first vote.

Parke: Who?

Colton: Lisa?

John: Courtenay. She is not contributing at all and quite honestly, she looks like she's going to be a liability in challenges.

So Courtenay wants to vote John, John wants to vote Courtenay. I am not decided on neither nor. Both sides have some pros and some cons. I'll just have to see what the next couple of days bring to see which side to choose.


Martin smiles at John while the other guys agree with John. The camera then goes to the jungle where there are Lisa and Courtenay trying to look for the water well.

Lisa: I think we are very close. Maybe around here. We should be there according to the map.

Courtenay: Well, I hope so. Otherwise the boss will be angry.

They both share a laugh and continue walking.

When we came back to camp, I was really afraid that the people are not going to want to be associated with me 'cause I was the old lady picked last. But while talking to Courtenay, I got the feeling that she may not like John. As long as their relationship keeps me in, I am okay with it. As long as it doesn't destroy our tribe though.


Lisa: I am really glad that you're even talking to me, honestly...

Courtenay (in a surprised way): Oh, why is that?

Lisa: 'Cause of the way the tribe picking went, you know.

Courtenay: I can tell you, you're safe as far as I go. My vote will definitely go to John if we go to Tribal Council. I just don't like him really.

Lisa: Well, I figured.

They both laugh. They then find the water well and they hug. They then fill the canteens and head back to camp.

The camera then cuts to camp where the guys are already half-way through with building the shelter. Rebecca and Elyse are making the firepit.

Elyse: I think it looks good.

Rebecca: I'm thinking maybe a little deeper would be okay.

Rebecca and Elyse then start digging a little deeper. They are dirty and exhausted. John then starts barking out the orders.

John: Rebecca, come here! Tie that log up!

Rebecca: I am digging the hole. There's four of you! Let one of the guys help you out!

John: Martin is using the restroom and the rest of the guys are looking for wood. Come here and tie the friggin' rope!

Rebecca: You want it tied, do it yourself!

John: What?!?

Rebecca: That I'm coming! (whispering) Please, God, send a lighting and strike him or I'll die.

Rebecca then comes help John. She ties the logs with the rope together. The camera shifts to Elyse who is seen in the hole dying laughing.

I am a very opinionated person and I have a little bit of a temper problem. Working with people like John is so hard for me. I basically have to curse in whispers so I don't go screaming at him. I wouldn't be playing much of a smart game if I did. But I worry that there might be a time when he pisses me off so much that I'll blow up. If it happens, he's coming towards a storm that he can't stop. (Laughing)


The camera goes up to the sky and views an eagle. Then it suddenly comes down to the already built shleter. John is still working on some of the details.

Martin: Looking good, John.

Lisa: Yeah, great job at making this shelter, guys.

John: Looks really beautiful, huh? We should probably start on the fire though. That should be our new priority now.

Parke: I don't think starting on fire now makes sense since the dark is already settling down.

John: I agree. We should definitely get started on it tomorrow. I'll definitely be trying it out as soon as I wake up.

We have a really beautiful shelter that's popped up pretty quickly. The thing now is, we don't have fire. We have canteens full of water that we can't drink because it's not boiled and that water may not be drinked. That happened because we, as a tribe, decided to work on shelter, so everybody had to work on the shelter and nobody was thinking about water. We have a huge hole for our firepit, but if it rains, it will become more of a waterpit. So tomorrow, we'll try to get the fire going.


Courtenay is seen laying down in the shelter.

Courtenay: Wow, this looks beautiful, guys! It seems comfy too. I just wish I had a pillow.

John (ironically): Yeah, you definitely worked hard to get it done.

Courtenay who can sense the irony looks at Parke with a 'What the...' expression on her face. Parke just laughs and looks away.

Please, don't make me sleep under the same stars as this guy. The comment he made about me not working was the cherry on top. I hope everybody sees how big of a jerk he is and I will wave his face goodbye at the first Tribal Council we go to. Bye!


All the castaways are seen at the shelter area.

I think we are one hell of a working machine. We have a great shelter on day 1 and I am very happy with that. We will try to get the fire going tomorrow so we can drink the water. This experience will be great. And the great thing is that everyone seems to like me (cheesy music in the background), so they probably see that I ain't just an old skank and that I can be good for somethin' as well.


The camera then fades to the other tribe, Akan, where everyone is seen sitting at the shelter except for Mika, who is looking right at the ocean.

Tim: Mika, what are you doing?

Mika: Just looking at the sea. I see the sky getting cloudy and I already saw some lightnings. Look!

Everyone looks at the clouded sky.

Tim: Wow, that definitely looks like it'll be rainy tonight.

Louis: Definitely looks like storm.

Tim: Wow, look at that!

Dean: The sky!

I am just sitting on the little beach that we have and I'm looking into the sea and suddenly I see some lightnings and the sky getting cloudy. Everyone came and they saw it all. It was both exciting and scary, because it's finally looking like Survivor, but it's scary 'cause... it's a storm!


Sean: I think we should all get into the shelter.

Tim: Definitely.

Ellis (from the shelter): Already ahead of you on that.

Everyone laughs and they climb into the shelter. Suddenly everything gets dark and it starts raining. The castaways are seen cuddling in the shelter. The camera cuts to the ocean where huge waves are seen hitting the beach. The castaways look cold as the wind gets stronger and stronger.

It was literally the worst storm I have ever come across in my life. The wind was getting stronger so the raindrops were falling straight into our shelter. Everyone was freezing, we tried to gain warmth, but in this situation, it was helpless. Now, it's a little better. I just hope we can all make it through to the next day. Fingers crossed!


The camera shows some more raining scenes and then cuts to break.

Day 2

The camera then appears the next day as it shows the sun come out at the break of dawn. The camera shifts to the beach where Mika is seen sitting on the beach once again looking into the ocean. She looks like she's thinking about something.

Today, I was the first one to wake up so I decided to just sit at the beach and think about my babies. I really miss my kids. It took only one night for me to appreciate things that I take for granted. What I also thought about was, I am here. Me! This teacher from nowhere. It's just amazing how this game makes you so much more of a humble person.


Mika is seen with tears in her eyes. Dean then comes to her and when he sees that she's crying, his expression turns to worrisome.

When I woke up this morning, I saw Mika crying and I don't like seeing tears. I wanted to know what's happened and if I could possibly help her in any way, because we are a family now and that's what families do. I just don't want anyone to feel sad.


Dean: Hi, are you okay?

Mika (trying to wipe of her tears): Yeah, yeah, I'm great. Thanks.

Dean: So what were the tears about?

Mika: Just thinking of home. You know, this is pretty amazing that a teacher from Melrose got a chance to be a part of this amazing social experiment.

Dean (in a calming tone): Well, that's not something to cry about. That's something to be proud of.

Mika: Well, it was also that my dad always said that good things happen to those who learn. Coming from an Asian family, I was always the black sheep. I always felt like I was a disappointment because I am just a kindegarten teacher and my dad was hoping for me to be a doctor.

Dean: Look where you're now. The fact that you're 'just the kindergarten teacher' got you here. That should be like 'In yo' face, daddy!'

They both laugh as Mika just gives a simple 'Yeah'.

The fact that she shared all of that information with me shows how much of a great person she is. That definitely made us be closer. She is the person I am the closest to out here. After what happened there on the beach, my vote will never go her way. I promise that.


Mika: Thank you so much.

Dean: It's okay. It's been my pleasure.

They both hug for a couple moments and then continue with the conversation sharing many laughs.

I am very thankful for what Dean did to me. Sharing something personal with people out here can be very hard at points, yet I feel like he is such a great human being and I think that that made us friends for life.


Dean: I can certainly tell you, I am not writing your name down.

Mika: I can just promise you the same. I'm not voting for you ever in this game.

They hug once again. When they're hugging, the camera cuts to Tim who has been listening to the whole conversation. He silently walks away as the two continue with the conversation.

So, today I wake up and the first thing I see is Dean and Mika basically promising final two to each other. Those alliances that seem tighter than life are definitely the most dangerous ones. I am very weary of that fact. I need to share this information with somebody when I get the chance to.


Tim is seen eating some weed. The camera then transitions to the sky and then falls back to Akan later on that day. Ivane is keeping the fire alive as Sean is lying in the shelter. The rest of the tribe is somewhere else.

As I was watching the fire, everyone except for Sean was somewhere else. I suddenly needed to go do my business in the jungle, so I politely asked Sean if he could watch the fire at the time I'm not there.


Ivane: Could you watch the fire, please? I need to use the restroom.

Sean: I'll be there. Just let me rest for a little more.

Ivane: Well, the fire needs you now.

Sean: The fire won't go out like that, will it?

Ivane (softly but angrily): Kay.

He just simply did not want to do a thing. I am done with trying to save his ass by making him work. He was picked last, not me. If he wants to stay, he'll have to save himself, 'cause this could be the final opportunity for him.


Ivane rolls her eyes and walks to the forest. The camera shifts to a conversation between Tim and Susan as Tim wants to talk strategy with Susan.

So, I chose Susan as the person who I thought would be willing to listen to me the most out of everybody. She seems fairly more intelligent than the rest of the tribe and she looks strategic. It was worth giving a shot.


Tim: So, have you already been thinking about the game?

Susan: In what way do you mean?

Tim: Well, strategy and stuff.

Susan: Of course that's been on my mind. Yes.

Tim took me aside this morning and he wanted to talk strategy with me. It didn't surprise me as I labeled him the smart guy. So, I was of course going to let him talk.


Tim: Well, then I think you should know about Mika and Dean. The two made a final two deal this morning.

Susan: How do you know?

Tim: I was standing close to them and I heard that.

Susan: Okay, so that's dangerous.

Tim looks at Susan like 'I know'. Susan then looks to the ground as Tim continues to talk about Mika and Dean.

He told me a story about a possible final two deal having been made this morning between Mika and Dean. I don't know if it's true or not. To me it sounded like a bunch of BS, because if you tell someone about a final two deal that's been made by someone, don't you try to make your own deal with the person you're talking to. Tim is shady, I don't trust him, that's for sure.


The camera then goes to the sky and then goes across the sea as it shows some fish. It then cuts to the other tribe's camp. John is seen preparing himself to make fire as everyone else is watching him. Courtenay is seen rolling her eyes several times in the shelter.

So this morning the main priority was making fire. That was the only thing I kept thinking about since yesterday. Literally, I had a dream about fire. I feel like I am starting to go a little nutty. (Laughs as a dong is heard in the background)


John: We're about to have fire! Martin, Parke come here.

John is crazy! I was sleeping next to him and he, asleep, was talking about making fire. I have a feeling he might be a little out of the line of normality. And I ain't even kidding.


John gets the guys working with him as they try to make fire the same way seen in Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains. They are rubbing and they have a lot of smoke. John then gives his breath to the fire and suddenly, the fire is lit. Everyone is seen cheering.

And there it was! I was so happy. But then I thought, what am I going to do now? We have all we need. I have no work to work on. God, this'll get boring very quickly.


John: Thank you, guys, for helping me.

Parke: No problem.

Martin: It was worth it, we have fire!

Courtenay goes and hugs John.

John got us fire! I love the guy. I hated him, but I love him now, though probably not for long. Until he pisses me off again, I love him! (puts a fake smile on her face, then stops after a while) No, not really. (laughs)


The camera shifts to Martin, Parke and Courtenay walking towards their water well. They start talking.

Courtenay: So, what are your thoughts?

Martin: Well, ...

I needed to talk strategy with someone. I need to make sure those people trust me so I have to talk a lot. So I took Courtenay and Parke away from camp and suggested this idea.


Martin: I mean, this would be a perfect final three right here. We are young, we should stick together.

Parke: Yeah, totally! Why not.

Courtenay: If it gets me rid of John, ...

They all laugh as they continue to walk towards the well.

So now I have a final-three, probably not 'cause this game always crushes your ideas, but I have a sort-of-final-three alliance with Courtenay and Parke. I have John in my corner as well as I will try to keep him in as long as I can so I'm not the target. I really hope I can pull this through. I feel like the game is easy now.


Courtenay: We have to, absolutely have to stick together.

Parke: Yeah, for as long as we can.

Martin: As long as we can.

The camera then shows the three doing a three-way shake and they then walk away as we can hear the sounds of John chopping wood.

The camera then cuts back to Akan as we can see Ivane and Susan going to look for some snails as they go to their wall of rocks.

Me and Susan went to get some snails today 'cause we need food. The only food we have back at camp are coconuts and they're not the tastiest. Personally, I don't see myself eating a snail but anything is possible. (laughs)


The girls are collecting snails. They go sit down under the rocks as they talk about their personal lives.

Susan: So, you adopted a baby that you saved?

Ivane: Yeah, the kid got nowhere to go. She's 7 now and she knows that she ain't mine but I feel that since she knows the story, we are that much closer.

Susan: Ironically enough.

Ivane: Yeah.

I like Ivane. She is one of the most amazing women I have ever met. Yet that wasn't the conversation I wanted to have with her. I trust Ivane, so I need to take her before somebody else does that.


Susan: For some reason, I feel like I can trust you much more than the others in the tribe. So, I would like to make an alliance with you.

Ivane: I... I... you basically took the words outta my mouth.

Susan: That's great. Final two?

Ivane: Yeah, sure. Final two.

The two shake their hands and get up so that it doesn't seem suspicious to the other tribemates.

Susan and I have made an alliance this afternoon and I am a woman of my word. If I tell I'm with you, I'm with you. I don't lie or yo-go behind your back. If I didn't want to be in an alliance with her, I would've told her. So I'm going to the final two with her.


The camera then cuts to the sky as the sky turns to night and then to day again.

Day 3

The camera shows the Minat tribe's camp. John is seen working on keeping the fire as he's chopping the wood. Martin is sitting next to the fire and so are the other members of the tribe except for Lisa and Elyse who went to get tree-mail.

Lisa: So what do we have here?

Elyse: Oh, the first mail, this is so exciting!

Me and Elyse went to see if there was anything at the mail post and we have our first tree-mail. It is such an exciting experience 'cause the game has really started now.


Lisa and Elyse bring the news to the others in the tribe.

Elyse: Tree-mail, guys!

John: Oh, amazing. Great job, ladies!

Colton: Let's read it!

Lisa: Okay. The first challenge is upon you. Don't go crazy when you don't see instantly. If you freak out, it leads to your tribe losing one member quickly.

Martin: Ooh...

Parke: Prepare to win this, guys!

So today is our first immunity challenge and I pray to God we win. I think if everybody keeps calm and doesn't freak out, as the mail says, we have a great shot at winning this. Not going to predict the outcome though, the other tribe has as much of a chance as we do.


The camera shift to a secluded area somewhere between very wooded mountains where there's an empty plantain with a challenge course built on it. Probst welcomes the tribes as he asks them about the first few days. Both tribes give boring answers not worth stating as Probst continues with describing the challenge. He gives the tribes a minute to strategize and the challenge starts. The caller for Minat is Elyse, for Akan it's Ivane. The puzzle-builder for Minat is Lisa, for Akan it's Ellis. Probst gives his hands in the air movement as he says 'Survivors ready, go!' Elyse gets all of her duos an individual route as Ivane leads her whole tribe to the first bag of puzzle pieces. Elyse runs John into an obstacle as he falls down and takes Colton down with him. Courtenay smiles a little when she hears that John has fallen. Elyse leads the others into the farther part of the course. Ivane has Sean and Susan untying the first bag of puzzle pieces and they are already wet. She leads the rest of the tribe, still together, to the next tower. Elyse already led Courtenay and Martin to the back of the course, where they're untying the bag of puzzle pieces, as Susan and Sean are already coming back with their first bag. John and Colton are walking towards their tower when they all of a sudden hit Courtenay and Martin that are returning with their puzzle pices. Rebecca and Parke are already untying their puzzle pieces. Both tribes have one of the bags back, as Minat is in a slight lead coming back with their second bag. Mika and Dean can't find theirs, as they are at the right place but just can't get the rope. Ivane is laughing while giving out instructions. Mika finally pulls the rope and they are coming back as John has the next bag of puzzle pieces. Both tribes are tied because Louis and Tim are coming back with theirs as well. Both tribes have three as Minat is in the lead because Martin and Courtenay have the fourth bag of puzzle pieces for Minat. When they're coming back, Susan and Sean get the fourth bag for their team. The last two pairs searching for their bags are John and Colton and Mika and Dean. John and Colton get to their first as they untie it and they're coming back. Mika and Dean are rushing towards the furthest bag as Dean hits a pole and falls on the ground. Minat has all of their puzzle pieces as Lisa gets to untying the bags and solving the puzzle. Dean and Mika finally have their last piece as they're coming back. Lisa has all of the pieces untied as she starts on the puzzle, correctly placing her first piece. Mika and Dean are back, as Ellis gets to work on the puzzle. Lisa places two more pieces as Ellis can't get one correct. Ellis gets her first but then thinks it's wrong and takes it away. Lisa gets her fourth as her tribe cheers her on. Ellis is getting a little frustrated. Lisa gets her fifth, sixth and seventh piece and has only three places left. Ellis gets her first piece. She can't find any other though. Lisa gets her eighth piece and she is getting very close. Sean is seen throwing his hands into the air and his mouth getting blurred. Lisa places her last two pieces.

Probst: Minat wins immunity! A puzzle blow out for Akan.

Ellis is seen angry and then walks towards her tribe who are upset as well but try to calm her. The tribes then stand on their mats once again.

Probst: Minat, here's your idol, great job! And here's the flint. Enjoy the afternoon, head back to camp. Akan, got nothing for you except a date you'd surely like to miss at Tribal Council where one of you will become the first person voted out of this game. Head back to camp, see 'ya.

The tribes get their stuff and walk away as the camera flows away and cuts to break. It then comes to show some sea life as well as sharks and the sea crocodiles. It then shows the Minat tribe as they're walking celebratingly towards their beach.

John: Great job, you guys. Amazing!

I hope I proved to my tribe that I am a valuable part of the chain that we have here. We won and I think I played a part in that too. There is not a more powerful feeling than knowing that you helped your team pull through and win. We are an amazing group.


Rebecca: Lisa, you are amazing! How did you manage to make that puzzle? It looked so complicated!

Lisa: I guess I had luck.

Martin: Don't be so modest. You were absolutely amazing! You rocked it!

Lisa: If you say so, guys...

Lisa won the challenge for us today and I felt so happy for the lady. She's probably the weakest in our tribe and she knows that, but she totally saved our butts today so she probably earned her part in our tribe. I hope she's feeling better than how she felt a few days ago.


The camera shows a happy Minat tribe as it transitions across the ocean to the Akan beach. Everyone is down as they put their stuff to their shelter.

Ellis: I'm sorry, guys. I totally freaked out.

Ivane: Don't worry about it. It was completely understandable. The puzzle was complicated.

The challenge today didn't go as good as it should've gone. I was the one who lost it for us, so I am okay with going home tonight. I enjoyed the three days here, but I guess the end is near. Right now, I don't really see an opening for me.


Ellis: I'll go wash my clothes.

Louis: Have fun.

Ellis: Thanks. (smiles)

As soon as Ellis cannot be seen anymore, Tim starts talking to everybody in the tribe.

Tim: So, it's easy tonight, right? She screwed us at the challenge. At this point it has to be the weakest and, unfortunately, it's her.

Louis: I guess.

Dean: Yeah.

Tim: Well, what else would be smart?

Everybody is looking around feeling sad for Ellis. Susan is seen looking to the ground as she's probably thinking of something. Mika then goes with Ivane to wash their clothes as well.

I just wanted everybody to understand what the best move for us would be at this point. They all seemed to agree with me. At this point, it would be a killer to not get rid of Ellis. Sorry momma, you've gotta go.


Tim gets to work as Susan simply walks away.

When we came back from the challenge, as soon as Ellis walked away, Tim started his speech about getting rid of her. He's right, she's the weakest. However, wasn't Tim the one who wanted to get rid of Mika and Dean?!? He's really shady. I have to keep an eye on him.


The camera shifts to Mika, Ivane and Ellis talking while washing their clothes.

Ellis: Is it me tonight? Be straight, please.

Ivane: If I had to choose then no, but Tim made this speech about getting rid of you when you walked away and everyone seemed to agree with him.

Mika: Yeah, he wanted to make sure we're going with it.

Ellis: I appreciate the honesty.

Ivane: I just love you so much.

Mika: Yeah, I don't know what we'll do without our mommie here.

Ellis: Thank you, lovelies.

They then hug and continue with washing their clothes.

I had to tell Ellis the truth. I just can't lie to her because I like her. She's our momma out here and I trust her way more than some others here. It will be a moment of sadness when she leaves.


I really appreciate Ivane telling me that I'm going home. I knew it, but that just sealed the deal. I really like the people around here and it'll be said to go home, but what needs to be, needs to happen, right?


Susan takes Ivane away for a moment as they talk about their options.

Ivane (sadly): I wish it didn't have to be her.

Susan: Right, this sucks.

Ivane: Yeah, but do you trust her?

Susan: Completely, a hundred percent.

Ivane: And who don't you trust?

Susan: Tim.

Ivane: Well,...

The girls look at each other like they don't know what to do. The conversation continues as we don't hear what they're talking about.

Ivane brought up an interesting thought. Why do we keep somebody that we don't trust over somebody who you can trust? Ellis is a great woman and she's trustworthy. Tim is very smart and his thought process is dangerous. Tonight it could still be interestin'.


The castaways are seen walking across their beach as the camera shifts from their beach to the Tribal Council area, which is a very beautiful and lush hut with palm leaves as the rooftop and it's standing above the swamps. The castaways climb a ladder to get there and they stand in front of Jeff Probst.

Probst: Behind each of you is a torch. Go ahead and grab your torch. Approach the flame and get fire. Fire in this game represents your life, when your fire's gone, so are you. So, let's talk about the first few days. Ivane, how has everybody been contributing?

Ivane: Some more than others. For example, Sean lies in the shelter and he only gets working when you need him to. But when he gets up, he does a lotta work. It's just that he could work a little more often.

Sean is seen obviously ticked by that answer as he gives a smirk.

Probst: Sean, what was that smirk about?

Sean: I really don't think that I stand for being 'not working as much as I could'. I think I work more than others. I obviously did not see that answer coming from Ivane, who I thought I had a good relationship with.

Ivane: No, I was just answering the question. I like you, it has nothing to do with our relationship.

Sean (softly): Good.

Probst: Mika, do you have fire?

Mika: We do have fire. Ivane is a really impressively strong woman. I thought firefighters were supposed to fight against fire, but it turns out that they can also make fire which is really impressive and I'm glad we have Ivane here.

Probst: Tim, is everyboy getting along?

Tim: Yeah, as far as I know. There haven't been any fights or anything like that.

Probst: I'm impressed. How come a tribe that has no visible problems ended up right here? Ellis?

Ellis: Well, I was selected as the puzzle solver because at home, I am good at those but here in this game, it's completely different. Your mind is tired and you just wanna rest. So with no real concentration on anything, it's really hard to try to solve a puzzle.

Probst: Dean, who do you vote for?

Dean: It's hard. Yeah, Ellis lost the challenge for us but that is not a reason for me to vote for her. It could've happened to anyone. I get along with everyone. So who do I vote for? I'm not sure.

Probst: Who do you get along the most with?

Dean: Probably Mika. We get along really fine. She is a really nice person to talk to. I don't think of it as anything else. Just a really nice relationship.

Probst: Mika, do you agree?

Mika: Yeah, I grew really close to Dean. But that doesn't mean that I didn't grow close to anybody else. I love all of these people and it's unfortunate that we have to vote someone out tonight.

Probst: Susan, any strategy going on?

Susan: There always is some. Everyone's thinking what is the best for the team but you can't say that they're not thinking about what's best for them. Tonight is going to be the conclusion of how people here mash those two elements together.

Probst: With that, it is time to vote. Susan, you're up.

One by one, the castaways are seen casting their votes. Only Tim's and Ellis' confessionals air though. Probst then goes tally the votes and we can see a few castaways with a worried expression on their face. Probst then returnes with the urn.

Probst: Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately. I'll read the votes.

First vote: Ellis (1)

Second vote: Ellis (2)

Ellis smiles as she knows, it'll probably be her. Mika smiles at her back with tears in her eyes.

Third vote: Susan (1-2)

Susan shows a little bit of a worry as she did not anticipate her name to come up.

Fourth vote: Ellis (3-1)

Fifth vote: Ellis (4-1)

Probst: First person voted out of Survivor: Malaysian Islands... Ellis. That's five, that's enough. Ellis, I need you to bring me your torch.

Several castaways hug with Ellis. She brings her torch up to Probst with a satisfied smile on her face. Mika is seen wiping her tears off and Tim is smiling softly.

Probst: Ellis, the tribe has spoken.

Ellis is seen smiling as her torch is snuffed. She then walks away from the area as she waves everybody goodbye.

Probst: Well, it seemed like this tribe was a well-working family. You just voted out your mom, let's see if you can keep it up without her. Grab your torches, head back to camp. Goodnight!

The seven surviving survivors are seen getting their stuff including their torches, as Probst throws them a flint that they would get since they went to Tribal.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council #:
Ellis (7 votes)
DeanIvane wilkinsLouis van BlancMika changSean FosterSusanTim Sanason
Dean, Ivane, Louis, Mika, Sean, Susan, Tim
Susan (1 vote)

Voting Confessionals

Sorry Momma! We all love you, but it's time for the kids to start growing up. Sorry.


This is a compliment. I think you have the best chance of winning so go for it like crazy. To all of you guys, this is my farewell. Goodbye.


Final Words

I hoped to get further. That's all I have to say. It was an amazing experience and I can't wait to share it via TV with my husband and my kids that I love and cherrish oh, so much. To those still in the game, kick butts, especially you, Susan. If you don't win then I may not me such a good reader of people like I thought I was. As I said, this my farewell. Bye!


Still in the Running

Colton Bentley
John Farande
Martin Ces Shmaha
Rebecca Johnson
Ivane wilkins
Louis van Blanc
Mika chang
Sean Foster
Tim Sanason

Next Time on Survivor...

  • Sean argues with Ivane over her comment at Tribal Council. ' I did not mean it that way! ' ' You did not mean sh*t! '
  • Akan struggles with getting food. ' We are going to starve ourselves to death... '
  • John crosses one more road. ' He threw it there like nobody's business. '

Author's Notes

  • This is the first ever episode in AnitaG.'s Survivor fanon series.
  • The episode title was said by Ivane when she was talking about the laziness of Sean's.
  • The immunity challenge is the third immunity challenge from Survivor: One World with a little of a twist.
  • Ellis is the first person voted out in AnitaG.'s Survivor fanon series.