"The Force"
Season Survivor: The Beginning
Author User:LukePrower
Episode Number 2/13
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This is the second episode of Survivor: The Beginning

Previously On Survivor...

16 people were marooned in Borneo and divided into two tribes, Sabah and Sarawak. It was revealed they would be playing the same game as the original cast. In the Sarawak tribe, Helga refused to work. She saw herself as a leader, which wasn't accepted by her fellow tribemates. During this, a friendship was formed between Ryan and Charlie. Vanessa also tried to form a friendship with Walter. But Walter had other ideas. In Sabah, Pen and Bob argued for the role of leader. And sickness got Victoria. Another friendship formed between Natalie and Jennifer. Later, Olive brought Pen and Bob into a three person alliance, but Pen was ready to betray it. In the Immunity and reward challenge, the Sarawak tribe was triumphant. Natalie didn't take the event well. Pen suggested to Olive that they bring Peter and Victoria into the alliance. After doing so, the decision became between Natalie and Billy. In the end, Natalie became the first person voted out. Fifteen are left, who will be voted out tonight? 


Immunity Challenge: Buggin' Out
Eating bugs. If a tribe member doesn't eat, their tribe automatically loses.
Winner: Sarawak


Day 4

At Sabah, Jennifer is upset at the loss of Natalie from the previous night while Pen is proud of his alliances' accomplishment. Pen brought Olive, Bob, Peter and Victoria together for an alliance meeting. He claimed that every good alliance has a name. So Pen named the alliance "The Force". Peter liked the name, but wasn't a fan of Pen's forceful leadership.

I'm the one who created this alliance, and here comes Pen stealing my leadership! Who does he think he is?


While Jennifer and Billy tried to fish, Jennifer brought up to Billy that the other five might have an alliance. Billy wasn't scared, though. He said that there was no way anyone would align with Pen or Bob. Jennifer then said to Billy that the two of them should stick together through the game. Billy, in need of a pact, accepted this proposal.

Jennifer and I are going all the way to the end. There is little to no doubt in my mind.


At Sarawak, Helga continued to not work. Jane began to get tired of her laziness. Helga then told everyone that they needed to work harder. Charlie got really angry at this remark.

She doesn't work, yet she criticizes us for not working hard enough? Helga is a hypocrite.


Walter then saw Helga as an opportunity to seize control of the game.

Walter told Benny, Violet and Ryan to come with him. The three followed Walter to the beach, where Walter told them of a plan. Walter said that since the four of them want to oust Helga, they should align together and do so. Benny, Violet and Ryan agreed to it and Walter left. Walter then asked Jane, Vanessa and Charlie to come with him. They followed him to a different area and Walter told them the same thing. Once again, the three agreed to it. Walter revealed in a confessional that his strategy was to make two alliances, so no one would vote against him. Ryan, however, planned to just use Walter to his own benefit. He also planned to bring Charlie into the alliance, not knowing about Walter's second alliance.

I came into this game to be in control, I'll just use Walter to benefit myself.


Day 5

At Sarawak, Vanessa and Violet went fishing and talked strategy. Vanessa claimed that she trusted Walter more than anyone, but Violet disagreed. Violet replied by saying that Walter is very strategic. He may be a threat.

I may not be the smartest person on this island, but even I can see that Walter's making himself look threatening.


Back at camp, Ryan asked Walter if they could bring Charlie in the alliance. Walter refused by telling Ryan not to trust alliance outsiders.

At Sabah, Peter entertained everyone by pretending to be on a show, showing off the camp as if it were a rich person's house. Pen wasn't impressed.

There is no room on this show for jokers. Peter better start taking this game seriously.


While getting more water from the water hole, Bob told Olive that he didn't trust Pen. Olive said that once all the alliance outsiders were gone, they would rid of Pen.

Survival isn't the challenge of this show. The challenge is putting up with Pen!


Day 6

After recieving treemail, Sabah and Sarawak met with Probst for the challenge. It was revealed that they would be eating beetle larva known as butok. Although Benny and Billy didn't want to eat the butok, no one refused to eat. This resulted in a tie- breaker. The tribes had to choose the other tribe's most squeamish member for the tie-breaker. Sabah chose Benny, while Sarawak chose Billy. Although they both ate the butok, Benny swallowed his quicker, winning the second challenge in a row for Sarawak.

Back at Sabah, the tribe was upset about having to lose another member. Pen devised a plan. Not knowing about Jennifer and Billy's deal, he told the Force that he and Olive would vote Jennifer, while Peter and Victoria would vote Billy, leaving Bob to vote who he wants out. This way, either Jennifer or Billy would go, for Pen didn't care which one. Bob, however, felt everyone else would be voting for Pen.

I'll for sure give ol' captain Pen a surprise tonight.


At Tribal Council, Jennifer and Billy aimed for Bob, and Bob cast his "deciding vote" for Pen. This led to a three- way tie in the votes between Jennifer, Billy and Bob. A revote occured, where Jennifer, Billy and Bob didn't vote. Pen, knowing Bob voted for him, casted a payback vote for Bob. But in the end, Jennifer was eliminated in a 3-1 vote. Sabah then returned to camp, with Billy as the last outsider of The Force standing.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 2:
First Vote
Revote (Billy, Bob, & Jennifer
ineligible to vote)
Jennifer (2 votes)
Luke (4)Luke (5)
Olive & Pen
Jennifer (3 votes)
Luke (5)Luke (6)Luke (7)
Olive, Peter, & Victoria
Luke (2)
Bob (2 votes)
Luke (1)Luke(0)
Billy & Jennifer
Luke (2)
Bob (1 vote)
Luke (5)
Luke (1)
Billy (2 votes)
Luke (6)Luke (7)
Peter & Victoria
Luke (1)
Billy (0 votes)
Luke (5)
Pen (1 vote)
Luke (2)
Jennifer Bradley

Voting Confessionals

It's either you or Billy.


I'm tired of you. Just go already.


Pen may be an idiot for this strategy, but it's all I got right now.


Final Words

Wow. I was really hoping that I would have stayed longer. Despite all the troubles, I enjoyed the six days I got to spend out here and experience the game. But I'm no longer rooting for the Sabah tribe. Go Sarawak!


Still in the Running

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Author's Notes

  • There is no known reward challenge for this episode.