"The Generation Gap"
Season Survivor: Arabia - Old School vs. New School
Author User:SimBrotherCo
Episode Number 1/13
Date Uploaded December 4, 2012
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The Generation Gap is the first episode of Survivor: Arabia - Old School vs. New School.


Immunity Challenge: Quest for Fire
On floating platforms, the tribes will have to dive down and release their raft from a mooring on the bottom of the ocean floor. They would then have to transport fire torches on their raft to the beach, lighting torches along the way. The first tribe to light the torches, bring their rafts to the beach and climb under a bamboo crawl would win Immunity.
Winner: Wahid


Day 1

This is Ras Al Jinz, Oman. A land where old customs clash with new beliefs. It is here where a battle of Old School vs New School will begin. 8 All-Stars from the first 12 seasons, will battle against a tribe of 8 castaways from the newer 12 seasons. Will the Old School contestants be able to adapt to their surroundings just as they did when the game first began? Or will the New School's experience in the new realm of Survivor lead them to victory. In the end, only one will remain to claim the million dollar prize. 39 Days, 16 People, 1 SURVIVOR.

–Jeff Probst

The sixteen castaways, split into two tribes, began rowing towards the shore where Jeff was waiting to meet them. The young Ishrin tribe, wanting to keep the game competitive, tried to out row the older Wahid tribe.

Kelly Goldsmith laughed at the sight of Spencer Duhm and Adam Gentry cranking out rows as fast as they can in order to beat the other tribe. What idiots these kids were.

It was like they were trying to prove how moronic they were. It must be the generation gap, because I do not remember being that dumb.

–Kelly Goldsmith,

When the castaways arrived on shore, they were greeted by Jeff Probst. He announced the two tribes would be split into two tribes. The "Old School" tribe, Wahid which is Arabic for the word "one," was composed of castaways from the first twelve seasons. Deena Bennett, John Caroll, Gina Crews, Kelly Goldsmith, Gervase Peterson, Brandon Quintin, Penny Ramsey, and Jeff Varner stood purple buffs in hands. They exhuberated a silent confidence, they weren't like the younger kids who had to show they were dominance. They were here to prove it.

One by one the members of the Ishrin tribe recieved their dark green buffs and walked over to there respective mat. Christina Cha, Brett Clouser, Colton Cumbie, Spencer Duhm, Adam Gentry, Tracy Hughes-Wolf, Monica Padilla and Sydney Wheeler stood ready for battle.

Jeff Probst handed each team a map, compass, and a machete for the teams to navigate their way to their camps.

At Wahid, John Caroll alongside Deena Bennett took the reigns of finding their campsite. John Caroll grabbed the machete while Deena managed the compass. The two worked hand in hand quite well together. It seemed as if soon enough the two would become allies, but these were old school players, old school players didn't jump into alliances they knew weren't giong to last.

While Deena and John led the way to camp, other friendships had been forming. Kelly, Brandon, Gervase, and Jeff had been having a grand ol' time. The four had similar personalities, snarky, honest in the most hilarious kind of way. It was almost like a reunion for a tight knit family, the Wahid tribe fit together like a glove.

Although, even the closest of families had people who felt on the outside. Penny Ramsey and Gina Crews lacked the leadership abilities of Deena and John, and most certainly did not fit in with the facitious four. Penny smiled cordially toward Gina. Gina kindly reciprocated, making small conversation here and there, truth be told though the two girls were far too different to get along. Penny being outgoing and flirtatious, while Gina was a bit more gaurded, yet sweet nevertheless.

Miss Penny is very pretty, but I feel like she knows that which is what makes me nervous around her. She reminds me too much of Sarah, and I cannot play the game with another Sarah.

–Gina Crews

Originally, my plan was going to charm everyone here up, but with two gay guys, a guy with two kids and a Jeff Varner, I guess I'll have to be fixin up a new game plan.

–Penny Ramsey

"We're here!" Gina exclaimed when she saw her tribe's pruple flag, but the games were just about to begin.

Five minutes, thats how much time you had to get into the majority alliance at the Ishrin tribe. It was no secret to all the new school contestants that the alliances established within the first few minutes of the game were crucial to the rest of the game.

This is where everyone has to put the game face on. I know from experience if you're not apart of this group you're pretty much walking dead.

–Christina Cha

Spencer Duhm grabbed Sydney Wheelers hand, pulling her aside.

"You and me" he said

Sydney nodded her head. She was more than happy to align with her good friend from Jalapao.

Now they needed three more.

Meanwhile another pair from the same season had already teamed up. Monica Padilla & Brett Clouser, the last two members of the original Galu alliance had found themselves working together once again.

It wasn't long before the two duos had made a final four pact with eachother. Now all they needed was a fifth.

"Christina Cha" Monica insisted.

"It has to be Christina, she let those chicks drag her through the mud last year." Brett added.

"I want it to be Adam." Sydney said, flashing a smirk at Spencer. They both thought Adam was absolutely the hottest guy ever.

"I think it should be Colton."

Everyone stopped chatting. All four of them stared at Spencer as if he'd just shot a puppy. Colton? The most hated man in the Survivor community?

"I'd rather be with him than against him." Spencer said.

It's not that I want to work with Colton. I just want to keep my options open, the more people that think they're working for us, the easier it'll be for us to get along.

–Spencer Duhm

Brett and Monica happily welcomed Christina into what she believed was her ticket to the end againn.

Adam's position in the tribe wasn't the only thing rising when Sydney had given him the offer. Sydney was by far the most beautiful girl in Arabia, and Adam wasn't going to leave before he got a piece of that.

Adam:" Sounnds Awesome! I'm in!"

Syndey: "Great" she said flashing her sweetest smile. Sydney knew her looks would be her greatest advantage, she could've been the new Parvati had she lasted long enough.

Adam: "Look, I know it's early, but I feel like I can trust you.  You wanna make a final two deal?

Sydney: "Well I'm not going to say no, haha"

Adam: "Sweet."

Adam walked away, a cheesy grin stuck on his face. He was going to play it cool, Sydney was totally into him. Who wasn't into Adam Gentry?

It's every guy's dream to win a million bucks and get the girl too, right?

–Adam Gentry

Tracy Hughes-Wolf had been watching everything going on around her, and she knew that she was in trouble. She was much older than the young kids on her tribe, she knew that being apart of a "New School" tribe was going to be a struggle, but Tracy did not give up.

If they're going to be dumb enough to create a five-minute alliance, I"m going to have to be smart enough to split them up.

–Tracy Hughes-Wolf

She walked quietly to the Ishrin camp site. As the tribe constructed their shelter, she was more than willing to follow Adam and Spencer's lead. The two alpha males had taken charge once again, after all they were the strongest not to mention the most outdoor experience. Tracy dilligently worked on tying sticks to the shelter, watching as the social dynamics began.

Adam: "That should go over there Sydney."

Spencer: "Actually Syd, do you think you could find one a little bit shorter, that's not going to work as well as the stick to your left over there."

Sydney looked at both of them, waiting for them to come to a consensus.

Adam: "The one she has is fine"

Adam walked away from the situation, helping Sydney pick up the log and carrying it to the shelter where Tracy would help tie it to the shelter.

Spencer rolled his eyes and continued inspecting the shelter for loose areas. Adam was not going to screw this up anymore.

Interesting...very interesting.

The shelter was running smoothly at the Wahid tribe. The group functioned like a well oiled machine. Deena had 6 people begin on the shelter, while John and Gina tended to the fire.

Johnny pots and pans had taken out his eyeglasses trying to harvest the energy from the sun to create a spark. Gina gathered several small sticks and the inside of a coconut husk to serve as kindeling for when John ignited the fire. So far there had been no spark.

GIna looked straight into John's eyes. She had to know if she had a chance in this game. She desperately didn't want to repeat what had happened to her last time. John had been on Rotu, he'd never met the sweet Gina Crews during the game, but they had hung out a few times afterwards. John shook his head no. Gina wasn't going anywhere soon. She was a hard worker, afterall she had been straining over a fire all day.

Gina's a sweetheart. She didn't deserve all the shit she got last season and I'll do all I can to prevent that from happening again. But i'm not gonna risk my game for her.

–John Caroll

With a decent shelter, and no spark on either tribe, both Wahid and Ishrin setteled in for their first night in Arabia.

Day 2

"You know that there's no way you can go along with those guys, they're gonna chew you up and spit you out," Tracy said.

She had made sure that she had gotten up especially early this morning to have a conversation that would be crucial if she wanted to overthrow the five minute alliance. Her parter in crime, none other than Colton Cumbie.

"It's difficult Tracy, I always wanted to be one of the pretty people," Colton said flipping his hair as if he had long flowing hair.

Tracy feigned a laugh. She didn't find the 22 year old's antics funny at all. She was more sophisticated than this little twerp, but she'd seen him play, she knew he was a fan, they had to do something if they wanted to go anywhere.

"I know there's already cracks between Adam and Spencer. They're the alpha males Colton, we can split them up." Tracy was getting back into the game, faster than she anaticipated granted,

"Oh honey, you know i'm in." Colton said smirking.

I'm all for creating mass chaos, and taking over, but I work alone. This old lady needs to go back home to the leather sofa her husband cofuses he for sometimes

–Colton Cumbie

Colton laid in front of the fire, wasting the morning away. Unbeknownst to him he was being watched. Christina Cha, who had once been the victim of Colton's abuse watched as Colton whispered sweet nothings to Tracy and now basked in his glory as the "mastermind" he thought he was.

"Should I tell him I heard his conversation?" Christina asked herself. All she wanted to do was help, or at least she was curious to find out more about it. Then again, she knew more than anyone getting into Colton's crosshairs was a major mistake. Perhaps she should just ask Tracy for advice, she knew the plan, and she seemed so hip. The two of them would totally hit it off.

Christina: "Hey Tracy!"

Tracy: "Oh, hey Christina. How are ya?"

Christina: "I'm doing great this morning. I just had a question for you about the game?"

Tracy: "Sure."

Christina: "What's this plan about getting rid of that solid 4?"

Tracy smiled. Christina Cha had overheard her conversation with Colton this moning and was already on board with it. Perhaps this game wasn't as difficult as she thought it was going to be. You would think All-Star survivor would be more difficult than Micronesia, but she had been pleasantly surprised by how easy it was this time around.

What I think it is, is that people are tired of being burnt in this game. They wanna do everything they can to prevent that from happening again.

–Tracy Hughes-Wolf

However, the alliance of four had still been holding solid. The four met at the watering hole just off the coast of the beach to affirm their deal to the final four.

They all placed their hand in the middle and raised them up as a way of uniting their group. The newly born alliance had to be secured early. Afterall, this is how you go to the end!

The four of us are totally united right now, if we can stay this solid than we should have no trouble getting to the final four

–Monica Padilla

The four decided to go for a swim in the water together. Spencer dove into the water first splashing along wating for his allies to come join him. Brett wrapped his arms around Monica and Sydney and together the three ran to join Spencer in the water.


Monica had chucked a hand-full of water at Brett. Brett laughed, and quickly rebuttled by splashing her back. To make sure Sydney felt included Brett handed her a face-full of water right after. The three had engaged in an all out splash war laughing and running away from one another as quickly as possible.

"Hey now!" Sydney screamed as Brett attempted to tackle her into the water.

Brett was like an older brother to Sydney. A nice guy, great sense of humor, more like a puppy dog than a  brother actually. How could you not love the guy?

Spencer, who had been explorining the waters for the past ten minutes had missed the initial part of the water battle. He stood from a distance and watched the other three cheer and chant joyfully as they played in the water. Spencer went to joion them. Several minutes went by before he was even noticed. SPLASH! A face filled with water had woken him up, both literally and figuratively. The girls were perfectly fine without him, weren't they? He was sure he would have Sydney wrapped around his finger, but now he wasn't so sure.

No worries though, for now he was safe, in the game at least. The water was a different story.


"You guys I swear when I could've sworn it was Winnie the Pooh!" Kelly Goldsmith said snarkily. This morning was the perfect time to bash the Ishrin tribe.

"Well with that bright yellow shirt and stomach to match, how couldn't you?" Brandon added.

Kelly and Brandon had been the comedy dream team in Africa. It was Kelly's idea to give him the skirts to wear to the tribal councils. The two went way back, what was even more amazing was they had Gervase and Jeff as a part of the team.

"Sydney looks just like Bambi, doesn't she? The big eyes, clueless expression." Brandon said. Nobody was sure if that was a compliment or an insult, but it was Brandon so people went with it.

"Man we are comparing those losers to disney characters, ya'll how sad are we?" Varner chimed in.

"Im tellin you man, it's freakin Disney Land over there! Where's Sean Reactor? He'd be dying right now."

The entire camp burst out laughing, the disney land joke, mentioning Sean Ractor, who everyone adored. It was all too perfect This had been a great start to the morning.

"Ya'll are too funny, ya crack me up e'rytime." Penny said. It seemed her sourthern accent became incredibly more thick whenever she was trying to get someone's attention or when she would kiss up to the people around her. That was just Penny, subtly trying to play the game, but she was fooling nobody.

Penny is like that neighbor that keeps visiting your house, even though it's obvious you have better things to do, but I mean, she just won't go away!

–Kelly Goldsmith

The day had been rather slow moving for Wahid thus far. There had been no official alliances up until this point. There was no doubt that friendships had been blossoming, but it was far too soon for any old school players to be considering an alliance. It was Day 2. Everyone was still feeling out what everyone else was up to, the problem was everyone was too scared to make the first move. Except for John Caroll.

Last night John Caroll had woken up in the middle of the night and walked down toward the beach where he played out countless scenarios on what would happen if he aligned with this person, if he didn't do anything for a week or so what would happen. John eventually realized the game he had played twenty some seasons ago had evolved so much now, it was time to start adjusting to the way the game was designed now. They knew how to survive, they had played this game before, it was time to start positioning himself in the long run.

He walked toward Deena Bennett who was busy gathering sticks for the fire they had hoped to build today at some point. He nodded his head, signaling her to come join him for a quick conversation. After the initial chit chat had finished John cut to the chase. "Look, we're clearly going to be the two leaders of this tribe, and I think we could either duke it out right here, right now, or we can work together and run the show." Deena squinted her eyes, just slightly and considered John's ultimatum. It wasn't so much about whether or not she was going to agree, whether she wanted to work with John or not she was going to agree. After all, you don't turn down a deal in Survivor, that would be moronic.

"I'm in buddy" Deena said smiling.

"Great," John said flashing her a smile. The fangirl inside John Caroll could not believe he had just made an alliance with Deena freaking Bennett. She had been his absolute favorite, this All-Stars season was totally surreal for Johnny Pots and Pans.

Deena was still skeptical though, she knew that John had to be worried about her if he was willing to strike a deal this early. It just wasn't John's style. When John plays to win, he sets up a majority alliance, he makes sure that everyone is solid. This seemed like a deal John had made to keep her hands tied behind her back. But Deena knew the loopholes of the game, she would stick with John for now, it was adventageous none the less, but there was no way in hell she was going to let him run the show the entire way.

John is someone who's such a macho kind of leader that he's gonna get himself voted off eventually And when he does I'll be ready to take over the game.

–Deena Bennett

"Oh, one more thing." John said as he had just began to walk away. "I want Gina to be with us to!"

"Nature girl?" Deena asked confused.

Gina hadn't really talked to anyone aside from John. She seemed either gaurded, or just flat out intimidated by the other members of the tribe.

"Trust me, she's super loyal." John said with a smile, as he walked back towards camp.

But Deena didn't trust him; that was the problem from the beginning.

Day 3

Both tribes were woken up at the crack of dawn for the immunity challenge today. The challenge was going to be a good one. The first Old School vs New School challenge was bound to be a success, this was the moment where one group could definitively prove to the other that they were the stronger force. The challenge was Quest for Fire, just as they had done on the very first challenge of the very first season.

Ishrin looked nervous. Not many of the New School contestants had done water challenges back in the day. Sure they had strong swimmers and rowers, but nevertheless they lacked the experience of the Wahid tribe. Not to say the Wahid tribe had a clear shot at immunity. There were several factors working against them, most of them had 10+ years on the Ishrin tribe. Not to mention the fact that Gervase still didn't know how to swim, even after his time on Borneo, 11 years later not much had changed about Gervase.

The contestants all took their positions at the starting platform. Penny carried the torch for Wahid, while Sydney carried it for Ishrin.


Both groups splashed into the water. Jeff and John quickly help pull Gervase up onto the boat, the faster they got the guy onto the raft the easier the journey would be for them. One by one they all piled on until the boat was ready to begin.

The Ishrin tribe took off equally as fast. Not as many poor swimmers were on the Ishrin tribe helping them arrive at their raft a few moments before Wahid had. Where Ishrin began to struggle was balancing the boat. Especially strength wise. Christina, Colton, and Sydney had all managed to end up on the left side of the boat, their weak paddeling caused the boat to flow off course in the opposite direction.  A frustrated Adam shoved Christina Cha out of the way as quickly as possible. He was fed up with her. Why Christina and not Colton or Sydney nobody was sure, but everyone was somewhat taken back by Adam's cruel display at the challenge. Adam didn't care though he slammed his paddle into the water rowing back as much as he could to catch up with the Wahid tribe. He screamed furiously as he rowed. Christina Cha looked down at the water somberly. She had tried so hard to be nice to everyone this time around, and here she was in the first challenge being picked on, by ADAM of all people.

For the next several rows of torches Wahid managed to maintain a lead of about a foot on the Ishrin tribe. Ishrin furiously paddeled trying to catch up, but as Adam rowed harder and harder the rest of his tribe grew weaker expanding the gap between the two tribes.

About ten minutes later the Wahid tribe had landed on shore and began crawling through the belly-crawl with their raft.


The old school contestants screamed with excitement. Kelly jumped into Brandon's arms, having caught her just quick enough to prevent her from falling he let her down onto the sand giving her a high five and helping her back up; Deena wrapped her arms around Gervase. She was proud of how he didn't let his weaknesses affect the tribe. It was a good day to be a member of Wahid.

By mid-afternoon the foursome had come to an agreement that the first person voted off had to be Tracy.

"She's sneaky, can't you tell?" Monica said observantly.

"For sure, she's been going around every which way trying to get people to align with her." Spencer said.

"Totally, and I mean anyone trying to align with people this early can't be sincere right?" Sydney chimed in. Completly oblivious to how big of a contradiction her statement was.

Spencer elbowed her on the shoulder, and mumbled "we formed an alliance this early"

"Oh Right!" Sydney exclaimed to the whole group. "Not like us, I mean like people like Tracy, you know?"

However, while the core alliance of four were determined to get rid of Tracy. Their fifth wheels had other ideas in mind.

"Quite frankly, I don't give a shit what Tracy is doing. I don't wanna lose again, that was totally embarassing. We just let Christina paddle as if she was going to help the team at all. She should've been carrying the torch, not Sydney." Adam ranted to Colton about the loss at the immunity challenge this morning.

"You haven't seen nothing yet, she's completly useless, I have no idea why they even asked her back here." Colton said bluntly.

"I want her gone, tonight." Adam said.

Colton had all but jumped with glee. This is what he had been waiting for. He could care less about the couple's alliance's plan to vote out Tracy, or Tracy's plan to vote out Adam or Spencer. This was the plan he wanted to execute.

Christina Cha knows how I play, she knows we're not going to be allies, so I want her gone now so she doesn't start messing everything up like she did last time.

–Colton Cumbie

Christina also had other plans on what she wanted to happen tonight. She confided in her new friend Tracy about what she wanted to do. "I can't take it anymore Trace, I can't spend another day here with Adam or Colton. Not after that challenge. Not after the way Colton laughed and the way Adam screamed. I can't work with them, I'm sorry."

Tracy, sympathetic for Christina, but aggravated at her willingness to just throw in the towel wanted nothing more than just to raise hell. It wasn't Christina's neck on the chopping block, it was her's.

"Please stick with me Chris. I know that it's a stretch, but I really think that we can make something happen tonight!"

"I'm sorry" Christina said tears streaming down her face. "But I just don't wanna get hurt in this game anymore." she turned around and walked away embarassed, it had not been a good day.

Sometimes, I just feel like all these people lashing out at me is a sign that this isn't meant to be, I wanna keep fighting, but I just have no idea where to begin.

–Christina Cha

Word soon Traveled to Tracy about the plan to get rid of Christina at tribal council tonight.

"You cool with that?" Adam asked.

"She didn't wanna work with me, so I guess I have no choice at this point, do I?" Tracy said, smiling.

"She's a smart old lady" Colton said, only half joking.

"So which one of you is gonna break the news to the gang?" Tracy asked.

"I'll do it!" Colton volunteered, this was his mission and he was going to make sure that it was executed properly.

The couple's alliance, inseperable from the start had been sitting in the shelter, trying to pass time before tribal council for what they believed to be a fairly straight forward vote.

"Adam and I wanna get rid of Christina," Colton said.

"Huh?" Brett said confused.

"She's absolutely useless. You saw her today. Ain't nobody got time for that." Colton remarked.

Sydney giggled. He had a point.

"Look I"m just saying, we have a solid six, Tracy isn't going anywhere, but lets try to win something I don't wanna be a peasant anymore you guys, just let me be queen for the day." Colton asked sincerly.

The group dismissed Colton to discuss it in private.

Colton intentionally nudged Spencer as he walked away, trying to get him to avert his attention to the way that Brett and Monica would react.

Sure enough, Colton was right.

"No way can we get rid of Christina tonight, she's in our pact of 7." Monica said.

"Yeah, but she sucked today." Spencer said playing devil's advocate.

"Like Tracy is much better?" Monica said somewhat annoyed.

"We'd be trading two allies for the price of one," Spencer said. "And Christina isn't bringing much to the table as it is." he added.

"What do you two think?" Monica asked. It's almost time to go we have to make a decision."

Tonight, Monica and I would love nothing more than be selfish and keep Christina for our own personal game, but we are on a tribe, so in a sense we also have to look out for them too. I still have no clue what we're going to do.

–Brett Clouser

At tribal council the votes are revealed.

Christina's vote goes in Adam's direction, purely out of spite.

Tracy and Adam's votes went toward Christina. This was her only hope of staying in the game for three more days.

Unfortunatally, Tracy's last minute scrambling wasn't enough as she recieved the other five votes making her the first person voted out of Survivor: Arabia - Old School vs New School..

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 1


Tracy (5 Votes)
Brett, Colton, Monica, Spencer, & Sydney
Christina (2 Votes)
Adam & Tracy
Adam (1 Vote)
Tracy Hughes-Wolf

Still In the Running

John Caroll