"The Great Divide"
Season Survivor: Arabia - Old School vs. New School
Author User:SimBrotherCo
Episode Number 7/13
Date Uploaded January 21, 2013
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The Great Divide is the seventh episode of Survivor: Arabia - Old School vs. New School

Previously on Survivor...

A witch hunt began at Wahid to discover who had informed Gervase and Varner about the vote changing. Kelly became the prime target, and quickly began to scramble to keep herself from being on the outs. However, when Penny overheard the men of Wahid scheming, she found out that it was Brandon who had betrayed their tribe. At Ishrin, the two alliances of two struggeled to keep their act together, without caving into the pressure of dividing the tribe. Despite losing the reward challenge, Ishrin came back and won their second Immunity Challenge in a row. Back at Wahid, with the traitor in their sights the women formed a plan to oust Brandon, while the men were ready to get rid of Deena. However, Kelly, in the middle of all the scheming took matters into her own hands and turned the tables on Gina, who appeared to be bitter toward her and her friend. 10 are left, who will be voted out tonight?


Immunity Challenge: When it Rains, it Pours

Each survivor's wrists were attached to a rope connected to a bucket of water overhead. Their arms had to remain above their heads, very still, because the slightest movement would upset the bucket above and shower the person with water, thus eliminating that person from the game. Jeff Probst will then tempt the contestants with some food items in exchange for giving up. Last person left standing wins immunity.

Winner: Deena Bennett


Day 19

The line at Wahid had been drawn in the sand....literally. The camp itself had been divided, allies sat next to allies, and enemies sat next to enemies.

Penny Ramsey and Deena Bennett sat on the far side of the camp cutting wood and conversing with one another quietly enough so that the rest of the tribe couldn't hear them talk..

The boys club Brandon, Gervase, and Varner sat in the shelter, trying to remain as quiet as possible. Every so often they would smirk at one another and begin laughing. They tried to stifle their laughter as much as they possibly could, even though they were pretty much running the show at Wahid, they didn't wanna get to cocky...not in front of their tribemates at least, there would be plenty of time to celebrate later.

Kelly Goldsmith sat in the middle of the camp tending to the fire. Every so often she'd take a few small pieces of kindeling when it started to burn through what had already been there. She sat gazing into the fire's embers reflecting on the past few weeks. Yesterday had been crazy. Everyone was trying to get her to vote out one of her allies, so she took fate into her own hands. Gina had done everything but say she wanted Kelly's head on a platter, so why not take advantage of an opportunity?

I'm friends with Brandon, and I am...or was friends with Deena, so why would I get rid of them? I made a move to get rid of who I felt wanted me out most.

–Kelly Goldsmith

She looked over to Penny and Deena and flashed them a grin.

Deena forced the biggest fake smile she could, but Kelly saw right through it. She knew Deena too well. She was absolutely pissed, mending fences was not going to be easy. She planned on walking over and asking for some more firewood for the fire, but Penny and Deena had already gotten up and left. Kelly exhaled outloud and went back to tending the fire.

I think everyone's making me tend the fire because I've burnt everyone here.

–Kelly Goldsmith

Penny and Deena had decided to go for a morning walk to find food just as Deena and Gina used to do every morning, but with the absence of her right hand girl, Deena was in desperate need of another ally, and Penny was really all she had at this point. The two of them had been backstabbed by Kelly last night and they'd have to stick together.

"So what do we do now?" Penny said depressed.

"We gotta keep fighting, the merge is coming soon, and we have to do everything in our power to convince these guys we're totally with them," Deena said affirmatively.

"Are we with these guys?" Penny asked.

"For now," Deena said smirking.

"So I think I can work Kelly, I think we just pushed her too hard," Penny said softly.

"I guess we owe her for not getting rid of us," Deena said honestly. "We just need to kiss their asses, they're going to start getting cocky and the more we feed into their ego, the easier it'll be for us to slip through the cracks," Deena said.

"Y'all know I'm down for that," Penny said flashing her sweet country grin.

"We're not out of this yet," Deena said.

The game is constantly changing. We just gotta keep our heads up and be ready for the change, and we're gonna take advantage of it.

–Deena Bennett

I think being at the bottom of the totem pole has been my saving grace. I'm just the dumb ol' southern girl from Texas, ain't nobody gonna' be scared of me.

–Penny Ramsey

Back at Wahid the alliance of Gervase, Jeff, Brandon, and Kelly were able to celebrate last night's tribal council. Last night they'd proven they'd be loyal to one another, and that they were in the majority alliance of the tribe that was in the majority. The future looked bright for these four, and it was time they could finally rejoice.

"One of us, is going to win One Million Dollars y'all," Varner said.

"Smelly Kelly's gonna be able to buy a whole lot of friends with that kinda money," Gervase said patting Kelly on the shoulder.

Kelly smirked, but for once had no snarky reply to Gervase. She simply sat and watched as the other three went on and on about their success last night.

"Y'all I think Gina just realized last night she was actually playing Survivor," Varner said letting out one of his big laughts.

"Well getting stranded in the middle of nowhere is obviously one of her hobbies," Brandon said grinning.

"So how much longer do we have until Penny starts kissing our ass again?" Brandon added afterwards.

"Tell the ladies it's time to pucker up, because the ass kissing is just beginning," Gervase said laughing.

They all laughed, except for Kelly who had let out little more than a giggle.

I don't think Gervase and Varner know the difference between playing Survivor and Performing at a Comedy club, they take nothing seriously out here. They just sit around and talk s*** all the time.

–Kelly Goldsmith

"You know we're still gonna have to treat them well right? We can't have them flip to Ishrin," Kelly said skeptically.

"Right You are Smelly Kelly," Jeff said touching her nose.

"Ok, let's never do that ever again," Kelly said only half kidding.

"That's why you're gonna be Secret Agent: Smelly Kelly," Gervase said.

"So you want me to do make sure they don't flip?" Kelly asked annoyed.

"Well they're not gonna talk to us," Brandon said bluntly.

"They're pissed at me," Kelly said arguing.

"You're their only hope," Varner affirmed.

Kelly rolled her eyes, and reluctantly agreed to do it.

So again I have to do all the work, and I'm essentially put myself in a position where I'm not gonna get paid for my efforts, so I asked myself, what the hell am I still doing in this alliance?

–Kely Goldsmith

All we need Kells to do is make sure that Penny and Deena don't jump ship. If they stick with us just a little longer, than we're golden baby!

–Jeff Varner

Penny and Deena soon arrived back at camp and began preparing lunch. Kelly crawled out of the shelter and joined them for some girl time. At least now she had a cover to hang out with them, the boys thought she was helping them, the girls thought she was having second thoughts, and Kelly was somewhere inbetween those two ideas.

"Well hey there," Penny said greeting Kelly with a warm smile.

"Wanna help cook lunch?" Deena asked Kelly.

"Sure, why not?" Kelly said sitting down and cutting up some of the food Penny and Deena had found on their walk earlier this morning.

"So, what happened last night?" Deena asked curiously.

"I just felt cornered, like everyone was making me vote out my friends, so I asked to got rid of the one person who clearly didn't like me," Kelly said blatantly.

"Understandable, I just wish we could've known in advance," Deena said raising an eyebrow.

"It was a last minute decision, I really wasn't even sure I was going to follow through with it until I got to tribal council," Kelly claimed. The statement was kind of true anyways.

"So what do you wanna do?" Penny asked.

"I really just wanna take it a day at a time," Kelly said. "This game has been going so fast I just haven't taken time to breathe yet," Kelly said exhaustedly.

"It's cause you're always jockying for position Kelly, you just need to settle into one place," Deena said.

"Well it's difficult to do when wherever you want to "settle" you'll have to leave later if you want to win the game," Kelly said honestly.

"Well Kelly, there's no deals within this threesome now that Gina's gone, I think it'd be a mighty good idea if you stuck with us," Penny said with her Texas grin.

"Penny please stop the southern belle act," Kelly said laughing.

"Sorry, sometimes I just get into it so much I forget this ain't really how I talk," Penny said giggeling.

Do I trust Kelly? Hell no. She's proven time and time again she's unreliable, but for now she's all we have.

–Deena Bennett

Kelly is very strategic, but staying on her good side is to make sure how you don't end up like Gina, so I'm just doing what I've been doing.

–Penny Ramsey

I'm like a queen. I just keep getting deals and offers from everyone, but the problem is I just have so many deals I really have to find out what's real and what's bullshit.

–Kelly Goldsmith

"The boys are coming back from treemail," Penny ponted out.

"Any news?" Deena asked.

"Nah," Varner said.

"Seriously Varner?" Kelly said dissapointed.

"Nope, Nada," Gervase said.

"Damn," Deena whispered.

It looks like there's not going to be a merge this go around, so I guess Penny and I are going to have to make the best of the situation and hope we can be strong enough to get Wahid back to winning.

–Deena Bennett

The group gathered around the fire enjoying their lunch, very little talk was going on. Only the sounds of munching on small amounts of protein and little berries could be heard.

When dinner was done, Penny and Kelly collected all the bowls and were going to head out to clean when Varner stopped them dead in their tracks.

"Wait y'all," Varner said. "We wanna have a talk with everyone."

"Look the six of us have worked our asses off to get the numbers so whether we merge tommorrow or whenever, we wanna make sure that the six of us stick together, at least for a little while," Varner explained.

"C'mon you guys. We don't want one of thse new school kids taking everything we've worked for," Gervase said facitiously.

Deena put on her fake grin, and her high pitched happy voice and said, "I think that's the best thing we could possibly do at this point, nobody's benefiting if we don't stick together."

"Right, we can't crumble now y'all, we've worked too hard," Penny added.

"Let's do this thing," Brandon said.

The Six all joined in a group hug and went back to the way things were before.

Varner wants to make a deal so we'll all stick together, and it'll be so great for everyone! Easier said than done, and I'm gonna make it as difficult as I can for him when the time comes.

–Deena Bennett

"Good morning, good morning it's a happy day today," Sydney Wheeler said smiling.

Yesterday had been a great day for Ishrin and for Sydney. Sydney had finally made it to Day 19 meaning both her and her friend Spencer had done better than they did before in Tocantins. The sky was the limit for these two, the sky was the limit for this tribe. They had been decimated the first twelve days, but their recent comeback had given them all hope that this game could turn around.

"No matter what happens, merge or no merge these next three days are going to be crunch time for us, that's for sure," Brett told the group.

"It's crazy that we've been able to come back this much," Spencer said honestly.

"Yet our fight is far from over gentlemen," Monica reminded them.

"That's the thing," Brett said. "We've been fighting tooth and nail for every little victory we can get, but the battle's are about to get even bigger folks."

I'm so happy that we've stuck together so well, but if we want to get to the end, we're going to have to split the Wahid tribe apart, and that's no easy task.

–Brett Clouser

"We've come this far together, I don't see any of us giving up anytime soon," Sydney said with a smile.

They all continued to put their hands in the middle and chant Ishrin on three. They all headed down to the beach for another relaxing day in the sun.

Spencer and Sydney swam in the ocean, splashing around while Brett and Monica went to gather shells along the shore.

"So what I think we need to be aware of, is that if our plan to take out Wahid doesn't work right away that we're able to protect ourselves if things don't work out, like a backup plan, you know?" Monica told her trusted ally.

"I think if we go in there with even the slightest hint that our team is divided than I think we're done Monica. We can't be looking out for our own individual interests just yet," Brett advised her.

"Brett, this is about to become an individual game, if we're not looking out for ourselves, someone else is gonna look out for themself, and we're going to get royaly screwed over," Monica said bluntly.

"Well we were going to anyways," Brett said. "I wanna be one of thos tribes that comes back and changes the entire game."

"I don't need to be Foa Foa, I just wanna be rich," Monica said jokingly.

Brett laughed and put his arm Around Monica's shoulder and whispered.

"Seriously though, don't try anything funny, who knows you might shoot yourself in the foot by doing that."

Monica nodded.

Brett was right in a way, showing that she was out for herself would definitely put a target on her back, but at the same time she was a rail thin, tiny girl, in the minority of another tribe. A little strategic incentive couldn't be that threatening could it? At this point she seemed to be the only person cogniscant that this fantasy of reaching the final four was far less tangable than everyone was acting like it was.

If we make it to the final four that's awesome, but if we can't all make it to the final four I'd like to think I'll still be there.

–Monica Padilla

Monica continued walking along the coast gathering shells, pondering more about her idea to look out for herself, and maybe Brett, but she got the sense he didn't want to be looked after, Brett wanted to be the leader, everyone's hero, so she let him do what he pleased.

Brett walked back and joined Spencer and Sydney in the water for what was supposed to be a relaxing afternoon.

"So what's up with Monica?" Spencer said suspiciously.

"Just pre-merge jitters that's all, big day coming up," Brett said. It's not like he was totally lying, it was more of a half truth.

"Well we all have to be a little nervous I suppose," Sydney said to Brett as sweetly as possible.

They knew when Monica was starting to  get suspicious, and they would do whatever it takes to get Brett to admit it.

Monica's a selfish player. That's what makes her so good at this game, but it really means Sydney and I have to keep an extra eye on her, cause Brett has no idea.

–Spencer Duhm

"She wants to do well, she really does, you all know that," Brett said.

"Well we want to, she can't just be nervous about that can she?" Spencer said curiously.

"I guess it's just the fact that she's realizing that it's becoming more of a possibility that she could be voted off," Brett said earnestly.

"Well, we're a team and were gonna make sure that's not gonna happen," Spencer said with a smile.

"Right, This Team is totally sticking together, no matter what," Sydney said grinning.

Spencer and Sydney smiled at one another and went back to relaxing in the water.

Spencer and I are trying to reaffirm to Brett that we are all about the team, because maybe then he'll realize Monica isn't as team oriented as he thinks she is.

–Sydney Wheeler

Monica soon returned to the group after her long walk.

"Hey guys, if something was happening today, do you think we'd of gotten treemail by now?" Monica asked.

"I'd assume so, it'll be dark pretty soon." Brett said looking up at the sky.

"Then I guess we're not merging today," Monica said dissapointed.

"Rats," Sydney said.

"The Great Divide is gonna last one more day I suppose," Spencer commented.

We were all looking forward to a merge today. I'm not sure any of us are ready for a merge, but just something to change up the game would be really refreshing right about now.

–Spencer Duhm

"Let's take advantage of the rest of this day then guys, this is gonna be the last time in a long time that we're gonna have the entire beach to ourselves," Brett said with a smile.

They continued to hang out by the beach. They soon hurried back to camp and had supper and went to bed happy to have had another relaxing day.

Because Tommorrow was going to be hell.

Day 20

Sydney Wheeler was the first one awake at Ishrin the next day. Yesterday's dead day had given her the gitters, and she simply could not sleep one moment longer. She got up out of the shelter and stretched before preparing for the walk to tree mail. Something had to be there, whether it be a challenge, a merge, something, something was going to happen today, that she was sure of. Inside of the treemail was a small note rolled up like a scroll. She debated whether or not she should take it back to camp before openining it, but curiousity took over and she quickly unfolded the note and read it to herself.

"For The past twenty days the two tribes Wahid and Ishrin have been at war. Today you will meet at the camp of the champions, the Wahid tribe, in trube Arab tradition to discuss your future for the rest of this game. Bring all of the posessions you wish to take with you for the remainder of your journey, a boat will be here within the next half hour to take you to your destination."

No sooner did she read it, she started sprinting back to the beach screaming,


Her screaming awoke everyone on Ishrin.

Monica rubbed her eyes, Brett smiled casually and Spencer sprinted out to meet Sydney.

"Is this for real?" he asked anxiously.

"Look at the note," Sydney said pointing to the treemail she'd gotten.

"Merge! Merge! Merge! Merge!" Monica, Spencer, and Sydney started chanting.

When they saw the boat headed toward the beach none of them could contain their excitement much longer, they all frantically began gathering their clothes and anything they felt they might need for the rest of the game. When they were all packed they sat around the campfire to have one more talk together until they were thrown at the mercy of the giant Wahid tribe.

I've been watching this show forever, and I've always wanted to be a part of the crazy merge scrambeling and the fact that I've made it here feels so great!

–Spencer Duhm

"No matter what happens over there, no matter what they might say to you, we cannot let them fracture us. We're the underdogs, they don't have to fight to get ahead in this game, we do, and we always need to keep that in mind when talking with them," Brett said shooting a glare to Monica.

Monica smiled and nodded. She would never sell out her team to get ahead, but she was definitely thinking about positioning herself well while the others seemed more focused on seizing power on what would become the new merged tribe.

You have to be aware of where you stand within any tribe, so I don't consider it backstabbing if I make nice with the Wahid tribe more than everyone else does.

–Monica Padilla

"We gotta look for a crack in their team, they've been to tribal council twice now, they can't be as tight as they're going to pretend to be," Spencer said.

"If we're gonna recruit people, don't you think we need to at least pretend there are cracks in this tribe, nobody's going to want to join us if they think we're a solid alliance of four," Monica pointed out.

"I think that kind of speaks for itself though, every alliance has cracks," Sydney rebuttled.

"We have time to think about it when we get there," Spencer said.

The boat pulled up to the shore, and all four Ishrin members grabbed their bags and turned around and looked at the camp they were about to leave behind. There were a lot of memories here, fights, drama, broken hearts, and a bond between these four that had made them the underdogs, and they were gonna finish what they started.

"Before we go...." Bret said.

"Hands in, Ishrin on three, one last time," Brett said with a faint smile.

They all grinned and put their hands in the center.

"1, 2, 3, ISHRIN!" They cheered. They all hugged and proceeded onto the boat

We're leaving this camp behind for bigger and better things. Over here we were the losers, but when we get to Wahid, I think we're gonna start winning.

–Brett Clouser

The boat sailed to the Wahid camp where they were the old school contestants were sitting down for breakfast. The camp was as it always had been, Brandon cooking, Deena and Penny sprucing up camp, Kelly wandering around looking for something to do or someone to talk to, and Jeff and Gervase chilling in the shelter laughing at whatever it was they always found so amuesing.

"Is that a boat coming our way?" Deena asked her tribe.

"I think that's the other tribe," Penny said excited.

"Perfect, let's just bring 'em here and wipe 'em out now and we'll get back to the game we were playing before," Varner said confidently.

"I really don't want one of these kids to beat me, especially after their losing streak, how embarassing would that be?" Kelly Goldsmith responded.

"Smelly Kelly you've embarassed yourself enough already girlfriend," Gervase said tapping her on the shoulder.

"At least I've done something, Gervase," Kelly said back with her sharp tounge.

"Smelly Kelly got you good Gervase, now you stank," Varner said cackeling.

The solid Wahid four laughed and joked around while Penny and Deena remained aloof on the other side of camp.

Varner and Gervase act so cocky like they got this game all wrapped, but this is the merge, we've just hit halftime folks!

–Penny Ramsey

The remainder of the Ishrin tribe had hit the Wahid beach, and began walking up toward the camp.

"Shouldn't we go down and greet them y'all?" Penny asked.

"They can walk," Brandon said. "They'll get here eventually."

"I think I'll just mosey on down and greet them," Penny said with her sweet texas smile.

She nodded to Deena, got up, and ran down to greet the Ishrin four.

"Kissass," Varner said.

It's no secret Penny and Deena are on the outs, so Penny becomes miss Sweet Southern Belle so she can try and make some new friends, but if she wants to be here a few days from now I think it's best she cut the crap.

–Jeff Varner

"Can you please make sure she doesn't ruin all of our chances of winning a million dollars for two seconds of screentime?" Brandon said to Deena, referring to Penny.

Deena looked down and rolled her eyes, it was easy for them to criticize, they weren't the ones who knew sticking with Wahid ensured a fifth or sixth place finish.

"Sure thing buddy," Deena said in her fake high pitched voice.

Kelly laughed. She could tell when Deena was trying to contain her temper. The high pitched voice and smirk to match always gave it away.

Down by the beach Penny had met the four right before they reached the campsite. "Welcome to Wahid y'all, make yourselves at home, I'm Penny!"

They all exchanged hugs, and started small talk about the merge.

"So do y'all have any information for us?" Penny said.

"We were just told there would be a meeting of some sorts here, let's all go sit down and talk about it," Brett said.

The other three quickly followed him and Penny into camp.

"Hi there," Brandon said cheerfully.

"Nice to meet you all," Sydney said smiling.

I have a bad feeling about this Sydney chick. She's like Penny, but far less subtle, she has the charm and likability Penny wished she has, and that makes her a huge threat.

–Kelly Goldsmith

Soon after they were greeted by Jeff Probst.

"Hey there guys," Jeff said taking a seat in the middle of camp. He was holding two bokes, one small one and one that was a bit larger.

"What's in the boxes Jeff?" Monica said excited.

Jeff Smirked. There was a pause for a few moments, everyone looked around at one another nervous and excited about what was going to happen next. Would there be a merge? Was this just a hoax? Nobody knew.

"Drop your buffs," Jeff Probst said.

Smiles lit up on everyone's faces. Jeff opened the first box, revealing a jar, believed to be filled with buffs.

"Go ahead, reach in and pull out a new one," Probst told the remaining castaways.

Spencer was the first to do so, he reached in closed his eyes and pulled out a bright red buff!

"You guys are now merged, you will live here at the old Wahid camp for the rest of your stay here!" Jeff Probst announced.

"Inside of here is a new flag and some paints for you to create your new tribe flag, you'll decide on a name, and next time I see you guys we'll sort all of this out. You guys have made it to a place where many All-Stars have strived to be, enjoy it and don't let this opportunity slip through your fingers, good luck," Jeff Probst said.

He bid them goodbye, got back on the boat that had taken him here and left.

"So...where's the food?" Monica asked.

"I guess we'll just have to cook Smelly Kelly," Varner said teasing.

"BURN!" Gervase shouted.

"I'm not the one burning, that's Kelly," Varner said cackeling.

The Ishrin four broke out in laugther. They'd had fun on their tribe but these guys were absolutely hilarious. The jokes went on and on, and despite there being no merge feast they all were able to get somewhat aquainted with one another.

I know that we're on the outs here, but the welcome we've had has been so warm and inviting so far. Even if this is my last 3 days, I'll be able to say I had a blast.

–Sydney Wheeler

"So, does anyone have ideas for a new tribe name?" Deena asked.

"Well this is turtle beach, it should relate to a turtle somehow," Spencer said.

"Well...Fekruna is Arabic for a female turtle," Kelly offered up.

"I like that," Monica said.

"Ditto," Deena added.

"So we're a tribe of female turtles?" Gervase asked.

"Do you have a problem being named after a female animal Gervase?" Kelly said facitiously.

"Oh no, i love turtles, and women, girl power!"

Brett and Spencer helped Deena break open some coconuts to toast to the new Fekruna tribe.

"Here's to a kickass end to this game, and let's have fun while we're doing it!" Spencer said.

"CHEERS!" everyone cried out.

The merge has been great, it's cool to have some new people who actually behave like rational human beings, it's been a refreshing day so far.

–Kelly Goldsmith

The fun wouldn't last forever though. After sharing brunch with one another and sharing stories about their lives and the past twenty days, it was time to get back to buisness the ex-Ishrin tribe was still down two members and the ex-Wahid's were still trying to maintain their margain over their competitors.

"Anyone wanna go for a water run?" Deena asked.

"I will," Monica said with a smile.

She winked at Brett as her and Deena set out with the water jugs and canteens.

"So, what's your take on all of this so far?" Monica asked Deena.

"Well it's gonna be a hell of a lot more mouths to feed, and egos to deal with I"m sure," Deena said smiling.

"We didn't really have much of that on Ishrin, although I'm sure there are some guys here that are full of it," Monica said flashing her sweet smile.

"Words can't even describe," Deena said as they arrived at the watering hole.

I could tell the guys over here definitely like to sit around and joke while Deena's more of a go getter, so I'm doing my best to exploit that to the best of my ability.

–Monica Padilla

"So, what's the deal, are the four of us screwed?" Monica said getting down to buisness.

"I think Varner and Gervase like to think that you guys are," Deena said craftily.

"If those two are running the show then why are you guys letting that happen?" Monica asked.

"It's a numbers game," Deena said logistically, trying not to give anything away.

"Well, if you want to take one of those bastards out, whenever you need me, I'm in!" Monica said. "And I don't need my entire team to come with me if you guys don't need them," Monica offered.

"Noted," Deena said.

I think Monica likes to be taken under her wing by a leader, and she knows that her tribe is going down. I could use someone with a wit like her down the road, especially now that Gina's gone.

–Deena Bennett

"Right now everything's very hectic, so if we play this by ear, I think we could work something out," Deena said with a smile.

"No rush," Monica said.

The two carried their water jugs back to camp and began boiling it, their conversation had definitely given both women hope about their future in the game.

I don't know if Deena's going to turn around the game for Ishrin, but if she's willing to take me further than that's all I could really ask for.

–Monica Padilla

Monica wasn't the only one bonding with the ex-Wahid tribe. Spencer, Sydney, and Kelly were sitting down by the beach talking about what had been going on at Ishrin over the first few days.

"Paranoia was crazy that day," Sydney said talking about the allegations of Colton, Adam, and Christina, and all the drama they had created at the beginning of the game.

"That sounds like a cluster f***," Kelly pointed out.

"Not as much f***age as there was between Sydney and Adam," Spencer said laughing.

Kelly giggled.

Sydney, shocked by what Spencer said, gave him a shove and shouted "watch it Spence!" She said, you're on thin ice already!

Spencer gave her a little nudge back, and the three of them continued talking.

"So who do you click with over here?" Spencer asked Kelly.

Kelly turned around and looked at her old tribe members. Was there anyone she was extrodinarily close with? No. She had discussions with people of course, but there was nobody she could really trust completly, that was for sure.

"I mean, I get along with everyone pretty well," Kelly said.

Spencer saw right through her, she was not comfortable within this tribe, he wasn't sure what it was, but he knew that she didn't click.

"There's just nobody you're super close to?" Spencer asked.

"We're just very competitive people, I think we all get a little to wrapped up in the game to be honest," Kelly laughing.

"Were you not anticipating people to be competitive in a game for a million dollars?" Spencer said facitiously.

"You mean I'm not here to make lifelong friends who will treasure my presence forever?" Kelly said.

"Well if you quit now, I'm sure we can send you where you were supposed to be," Spencer said laughing.

Sydney smiled and listented as the two joked around.

Spencer and Kelly really hit it off. She seems a little lonley over here, maybe we can convince her she fits in a lot more on our side.

–Sydney Wheeler

"I'm gonna go check in with everyone else and see what's up," Sydney said leaving Spencer and Kelly behind.

As she walked out of hearing range Kelly looked at Spencer.

"Look, I know you two are castmates in all, but you're aware she's like the most charming survivor ever right?" Kelly said.

"Someone's jealous." Spencer said.

"Just observant," Kelly said with a wink.

"Are you looking to wheel and deal or what?" Spencer asked.

"What makes you think I am?" Kelly said curiously.

"Cause I know you can't trust any of these guys," Spencer said.

"Let's make a deal then," Kelly said.

Spencer and I hit it off instantly, we're becoming close friends out here and I don't want those buttholes Varner and Gervase to send him home before I can capitalize on this.

–Kelly Goldsmith

The key to getting far is making friends, and then turning them into allies. Once you're friends people are more likely to work with you in the future.

–Spencer Duhm

While Sydney, Spencer, and Monica had all been working their magic, Brett stayed quiet for the most part. He talked here and there along with everybody else, but he'd not been able to do much so far.

"Do you talk dude?" Gervase asked Brett at one point.

"Yeah, I'm just trying to adjust to all of this, that's all," Brett said with a faint smile.

"Bro, you got to chillax a bit man, you can't be all uptight you've been here twenty freaking days," Gervase said with a smile.

"Alright then," Brett said kicking back with Varner and Gervase.

Brett was definitely not the same. Brett was a nice guy, somewhat talkative when you got to know him, but he wasn't hilarious like the two jokesters he was sitting next to. He felt anything he may have to contribute to the conversation wouldn't really add much. He answered their questions and laughed at their jokes, but he didn't have much else to say."

I feel bad that I told my tribe to work so hard to integrate with this new group, I just haven't been able to. I'm still trying to find my niche here.

–Brett Clouser

"Y'all need to stop picking on Brett like that," Penny Ramsey announced. "C'mon Brett, you can go berry picking with me."

"Penny knows how to pick 'em alright," Varner said with a wink.

"Just ignore those two, c'mon now let's go!" Penny insisted.

If I were to play survivor as anyone I wanted I would be a sweet southern woman, cause even when they're lying through their teeth they got so much damn charm. I'm kinda jealous actually.

–Jeff Varner

"Thanks again," Brett said with a smile.

"Don't mention it," Penny said reciprocating, I know those two can give people trouble.

"Oh yeah?" Brett asked.

"I've kinda been the scapegoat for these guys since I got here," Penny confessed.

Brett patted Penny on the back. He knew they weren't always particularlly friendly, he'd felt awkward sitting with them for the day, he couldn't imagine what it must've been like for the past twenty days.

"You've made it pretty far though," Brett said. "And by the looks of it you could possibly go even further," Brett said with a smile.

"I just don't know if I can trust that lot. Deena's a hard working woman, and Kelly has her moments, but I just don't know what little ol' me is suppposed to do if I just stuck with the old Wahid tribe," Penny said cautiously. She knew she was working Brett shamelessly, she had become his new Natalie White, although Penny was far more cunning and manipulative than Natalie.

"Well, I know we can't offer much right now, but you're welcome to join our crew," Brett said with a smile. He knew he was making progress.

"Well I could never flip on Deena, she's been so nice to me from the start, I couldn't do it without her," Penny said.

"We'd need another person anyway, and we'd be happy to have you both," Brett offered.

"I'll have to consider it then," Penny said smiling.

I've mosied my way into Brett's little heart, and it looks like Deena and I may have options if we decide to move in that direction.

–Penny Ramsey

I felt really on the outside of everything earlier today, but Penny's really given me some new found hope. Maybe Ishrin can make a comeback

–Brett Clouser

The two hugged and headed back to camp with a few berries they could have for dinner or a snack.

"Thanks again," Brett said with a smile.

"Don't mention it," Penny said heading back to prepare supper with Kelly.

Gervase, Brandon, and Varner were currently in the woods talking about all the crazy antics that had gone down today, scrambeling was happening every which way, and around everyone, and they men knew it was going to be trouble.

"They have been chatting these women's ears off all day y'all it's getting me a bit nervous." Varner said.

"They'll talk to anyone that makes them feel important, the girls on our tribe are just shallow like that," Brandon said.

"Smelly Kelly's still gonna stick with us, right?" Gervase asked.

"I don't see why she wouldn't," Brandon said.

"Her and Spencer have gotten real tight, they're like super glued to eachother," Gervase pointed out.

"He's the one that I think is calling the shots, he gets along with everybody here so well, I mean what can you say that's bad about the dude," Gervase said.

"He's trying to take my money, that's what I can scold him for," Varner said.

"Varner, you ain't getting a million dollar paycheck anytime soon my friend," Gervase said laughing.

"Well neither are any of those bitches back at camp," Varner said cackeling. Brandon and Gervase joined him laughing.

"I say first thing tommorrow we round these women up and make sure to let them know we all care about how difficult this journey has been for them," Brandon said facitiously rolling his eyes in the process.

"Alright fella's let's get to it, we can't let these girls ruined what we've worked for," Varner said. The three of them disbanded and headed back to camp to join the evening's festivities.

Logistically speaking, it would be dumb for anyone to jump ship even Penny, but it wouldn't be the first time these girls made a move without thinking logically.

–Jeff Varner

Day 21

As the sun rose the next morning, inviting the Fekruna tribe to their first day together as a tribe. Deena and Penny were up at the crack of dawn as usual followed by Kelly, Brandon, Varner, and Gervase. The ex-Ishrin tribe liked to sleep in a lot, and that was going to work perfectly with Varner's plans to talk with his old tribemates. It was no secret to anyone yesterday that the ex-Ishrin tribe had been shamelessly working the women on Wahid, and they wanted to be sure that nothing had gone amiss.

"Hey y'all can we go down to the beach for a little while and just talk about things," Varner said to the group.

"All of us?" Kelly asked.

"Yup," Varner said.

"Well that's not obvious or anything," Kelly Goldsmith said sarcastically.

"They're sleeping, Helen Keller" Brandon said cynically.

The six of that sat down by the beach to hear what Varner and Gervase had to say.

"Look y'all. I know they've been going around trying to make you all promises, and that's all fine and dandy, but I don't wanna be that tribe that was so strong at the beginning and then got crushed by the underdogs, the underdogs are lame, let's just be winners instead," Varner said with a smile.

"I like winning," Kelly said.

"See you guys, Smelly Kelly likes winning too," Gervase said.

"So who's made deals with you guys then?" Deena asked.

"What?" Brandon asked.

"Well you said they've been making deals with everyone, so who approached you guys for a deal yesterday?" Deena said logically. The attorney in her knew they were bsing her and she was gonna call them out on it in front of the tribe.

"Spencer and the chick that looks just like Penny were getting pretty friendly," Varner said.

"Yeah, trust me I think my homie Spencer's got the hots for Brandon!" Gervase said jabbing at Brandon.

"Oh please," Brandon said giggeling.

Deena raised an eyebrow to Kelly and Penny.

Penny stayed quiet, but Kelly came to advocate Deena.

"Cut the bullshit Varner, you sat in the tent all day and barely talked to any of them," Kelly said calling him out.

"Meow! Feisty" Varner said laughing at his own joke.

"We're not gonna put up with your bs, just tell us what you need to tell us or we're all gonna vote your ass out!" Kelly told him bluntly.

"Miss Congeniality everyone," Brandon said cynically.

Gervase tried to stifle his laughter to avoid pissing Kelly off anymore than she already was.

"I didn't have any offers, but I know they were at least trying to plant some seeds, and I'm just saying we all need to stay tight, even if its just for a vote or two, it's best for all of us," Varner said.

"Thank you Varner," Kelly said.

Varner has more hot air than a balloon, he lies through his teeth and hides behind his humor. He's a smart guy, but I'm not gonna be fooled by his antics.

–Deena Bennett

I'm not too sure how receptive they all were to talking with us, but I got them thinkin, and lord knows they haven't done too much of that out here.

–Jeff Varner

"So should we talk about who we may wanna give the boot to?" Deena asked.

It'd been the question that was on all of their minds. Most of them had been talking with the other tribe, making friends that could be useful down the road and who went first from the Ishrin four could decide whether the Wahid 6 held up or split apart.

Although, it would have to wait. Monica woke up and saw the meeting taking place down at the beach. She quickly woke up the rest of her tribe and pointed out the conversation that was going down by the beach.

"Somebody needs to do something," Monica said.

"Like?" Brett said exhausted.

"Like...go break it up so they can stop scheming," Monica said anxiously.

"You do it then," Spencer said laying his head down to go back to sleep.

"I'm not going to do it, that's social suicide," Monica insisted!

"I'll do it then," Sydney said with a smile.

She was the most charming of the four. She'd probably be the one that could do it while ruffeling the least amount of feathers possible. Sydney knew how to relate with people, which is exactly why she was the perfect person to do it. She got down to the beach. Kelly elbowed Varner to stop talking so Sydney couldn't overhear their conversation.

"Morning everyone," Sydney said with a smile. "I"m sorry to interupt whatever you guys were doing..."

"Oh it's no problem," Kelly said only half serious.

"Where do you guys keep the rice, Monica and I were gonna pitch in and cook breakfast this morning since you all have been so nice to us since we got here," Sydney said sweetly.

"Well aren't you a little ray of sunshine," Varner said.

"Little Miss Sunshine!" Gervase cried out.

Sydney giggeled, although the other girls seemed unamused by what was going on.

"It's on the far right corner of the shelter, we don't like to keep it outside in case it pours down rain one night," Brandon said.

"Thanks guys, sorry to interupt, I didn't mean to mess you guys' conversation up," Sydney said once again apologizing for her actions.

"No worries darlin," Varner said.

"Later Sunshine, Gervase cried out.

Sydney laughed and ran back up to her tribe mates.

It definitely felt as if I was breaking up some game talk. We may have made progress with these people yesterday, but they appear to be sticking together...for now anyways.

–Sydney Wheeler

"Why can't y'all be as sweet as her?" Varner said.

"Because you can't purchase me at a Barbie store," Kelly said cynically.

"If Sydney's Miss Sunshine, you're like heavy drout Kells," Gervase pointed out.

All the guys laughed, even Penny had to stifle her laughter there.

"That's the thing, she's so damn charming, she's the one I want out first," Kelly offered.

"I wouldn't mind seeing Sydney go either," Penny offered. That was natural of course Sydney fufilled a role within the tribe that Penny already was. And deep down Penny knew Sydney didn't have to force it nearly as much as she did, the faster she was gone the better it would be for her.

"She's like the least threatening person on that tribe, what'd she finish in like 11th in Tocantins?" Varner asked.

"What did you finish in Australia like 10th or something?" Kelly rebuttled.

"She's eye candy, not a million dollar baby," Brandon added.

"I think she's gotta point y'all," Penny said.

Sydney is so good at this game. She's sweet, she's smart, and she's an underdog, if we let her slip through the cracks she's gonna win the game.

–Kelly Goldsmith

"We still have time lets just talk about this later, they're all getting suspicious up there," Deena said.

The six of them dispanded to make it seem as if they weren't talking game, but the Ishrin four knew they were.

Back at camp while they prepared what was now looking more like brunch,

Sydney was relaying what was going on down at the beach when she had went down to temporarally stall the strategy talk going on.

"So were they?" Monica asked.

"Oh totally," Sydney said. "There was awkward silence the moment I started walking down there, they knew they had to stop talking about whatever it is they were discussing," Sydney pointed out.

"So did it seem like they were sticking together?" Spencer asked.

"The girls were awfully quiet, I mean, I think if we sat them down today and talked with 'em, we could have them turn the tables," Sydney said.

"Who do you think it's best we go after?" Brett asked.

"Varner, no question." Sydney said.

"Penny told me yesterday he really drives the woman nuts," Brett added.

"Deena told me that too," Monica said after.

"Maybe we have a shot at getting those two to turn the tables then," Spencer smiled.

"We'll just have to wait and see," Brett said calmly.

The ex-Wahid's like to act as if they're one solid unit but we know otherwise, so we're gonna exploit all that we can today.

–Brett Clouser

The Fekruna tribe all had brunch with one another, the meal was very silent. Most people communicated non-verbally. Brett gave a look to Penny saying they'd need to talk later and Penny reciprocated by subtly nodding back. Monica tilted her head to see if her and Deena were still good. Gervase and Brandon seemed oblivious to all of this but Varner was watching carefully.

They're all double dealin and trying to strike against me. There ain't any noise, but I know there's talk going on, so I'm gonna have to get to the bottom of all this later.

–Jeff Varner

"I'm gonna go check treemail, anyone wanna tag along?" Spencer asked.

"I'll go," Kelly said.

Varner and Gervase watched as the two of them started walking off, Varner hoped that Kelly would fill him in later. He couldn't afford to have three people turn on Wahid. He was worried enough about Deena and Penny as it was.

"So, how was your little talk this morning?" Spencer said.

"Oh it was life changing, darling" Kelly said sarcastically.

"You wanna tell me who they're going after?" Spencer said with a big smile.

"I wish I could tell you, but your homegirl interrupted us before we could decide that," Kelly said.

"Ah, what a shame," Spencer said with a cheeky grin.

"Maybe you should just win immunity," Kelly said snarkily.

"Maybe you should just win immunity," Spencer said moking her.

The two laughed and joked till they got to treemail.

"Are you interested, at all in voting with us?" Spencer asked.

"Depends on who your voting for," Kelly said.

"Varner," Spencer said.

Kelly nodded, thinking about what Spencer had just said. Varner was a huge threat, he'd been calling the shots on Wahid for quite sometime, and she'd be lying if she thought he was being totally straight forward with her all the time. He had his alliegence to the boys and she was by no means a boy.

"I guess time will tell," Kellly said.

I click with Spencer, so much more than I do with anyone on the old Wahid. I'd love nothing more than to send Varner home, but I have to consider the reprecussions of doing so.

–Kelly Goldsmith

Being Kelly's friend is the important part of securing her spot. I need to be her friend and not someone that just wants to use her and vote her out later. It's all about establishing relationships.

–Spencer Duhm

The two got treemail and headed back to camp.

They all proceeded to their first individual immunity challenge, a Survivor classic at that. All nine would have their hand tied to a rope  and hold it over their head. Attached to the rope is a bucket filled with water, if someone's hand lowers their bucket will drop and they will be doused with water, eliminating them from the challenge the last person left standing wins immunity.


All ten Survivors seemed very strong at the start.

About ten minutes in Kelly could not longer keep her hand up and she dropped out, and she was quickly followed by Monica.

The two girls sat on the bench and began watching the other eight sweat it out.

"Because you all didn't get a feast yesterday, I have some tempting treats to offer you all, if you're willing to step down," Jeff said.

The first item was a bowl filled with candy and chocolate.

Brandon Quinton doppred out immediately followed by Gervase. The two attacked the bowl and sat down next to the two girls.

An hour had passed by. All five remaining players looked strong.  three Ishrin tribe members still in the game while Deena and Varner were in it for the ex-Wahid tribe.

half an hour passed. Sydney's hand slipped ever so slightly dousing her with water.

"Sydney's out of the challenge, and then there were four," Jeff announced.

Two and half hours had passed now. Jeff came out with another item to offer the last four members of the game.

"We got a huge plate of nachos, beer, and all the fixings, first one to step down gets it," Probst said.

"Deena darlin, go get yourself some food," Varer said.

"I'm not going anywhere Varner," said bluntly.

"Ah!" Spencer yelled as his hand slipped, "gimme the food," his bucket then dropped just after saying it.

"Spencer's out," and then there were three.

Brett. Deena. Jeff.

All three of them had been holding on for three hours. Everyone's arms began to shake here and there. Deena had used her other arm to hold her other arm steady to avoid the wobbeling. Varner looked up toward his bucket to make sure that his arm wasn't jerking. Brett stayed cool calm and collected looking forward, he had his eyes on the prize.

"Brett's starting to shake," Probst said.

Sure enough Brett's arm started to shake uncontrollably. He slowly tried to bring his other arm to help ease the shaking, but he lost his footing and jerked forward causing the bucket to fall down on him.

"Brett is out," Jeff said.

It was down to Deena Bennett and Jeff Varner, adversaries from day one faced off once again.

Jeff Probst brought out a huge Pizza and two cans of mountain dew for the person who would step off first.

"Here's the catch," Probst said. "You guys don't step offf in the next minute all of them get to eat it,"

The girls squeeled in excitement.

Deena raised her eyebrow to Varner, who nodded.

"I'd hate for all of them to waste such a good meal Jeff," Varner said pulling down on his rope.


"Alright you guys, tribal council tonight, one of you will be the first one voted out at the merge and it most certanly will not be Deena."

The Fekruna tribe came back from the challenge, some of them with full stomaches and others with nothing but dissapointment.

I really was ready to go in there and crush this challenge, but my body took over and it just didn't work out today.

–Brett Clouser

Brett and Monica pulled Deena and Penny aside to discuss tonight's vote. They knew that those two girls would be their only hope of shaking up the game.

"We wanted to talk to you guys about the vote tonight since we know the two of you aren't exactly a big priority to them," Monica said motioning towards Varner and Gervase.

Deena nodded.

"Would you guys be interested in taking out Varner tonight?" Brett asked.

"Would we ever!" Penny said in a thick southern accent.

Deena shot a look at Penny. Deena was tempted by the offer,  but she was by no means eager to accept it.

"Y'know it's difficult cause now that I have immunity, I'm not really as nervous about where I stand right now," Deena said honestly.

"Well, what about next time when you don't have that immunity necklace?" Monica asked.

"Noted." Deena responded.

"We're not asking for a committment now, but at least consider it," Brett said.

"Oh it's definitely being considered," Deena said. "I have to go get some wood, I'll get back to you guys before we head out for tribal," Deena promised.

Penny stayed behind to talk to the two of them alone.

"You think she's going to go through with this?" Brett asked.

"Well, I don't plan on changing my mind, I know I'm on the outs of a tribe that don't care when I go out, so I feel much more comfortable goin with you lot," Penny said honestly.

"Just make sure you can convince Deena to do so too, we don't want this to come down to rocks," Monica said honestly.

"Oh no, we'd never let that happen," Penny said.

She said goodbye to them both and went to join Deena to discuss the prospects of possibly getting rid of Varner tonight.

I know Wahid needs me, and I know Ishrin needs me too, so it's all bout finding who needs me more and makin' those people wait a lil bit.

–Penny Ramsey

"So what's goin on Deena?" Penny asked.

"I'm really considering their offer," Deena said. "We have about three or six more days with these guys before they realize that they're better off without us anyways, I don't see any reason why the Ishrin's would betray us nessecarily," Deena reasoned.

"Plus I'm sure once the boys are gone Kelly would consider working with us full time again," Penny added.

"Absolutely, but at the same time, there's four of them and two-maybe three of us," Deena reasoned.

"You don't think they have cracks?" Penny asked.

"I think that being decimated has brought those four together quite a bit," Deena said.

Penny nodded.

It's a difficult decision, there are pros and cons to both sides, and the side we pick could really affect our outcome.

–Deena Bennett

"I think before we make any irrational decisions we should at least hear who Varner plans on getting rid of first," Deena said.

"I agree," Penny said.

The two headed back to camp to catch up with Varner and his gang to see who they planned on targetting this evening at tribal council.

The Wahid tribe showed just how divided they were when deciding who they should target from the old Ishrin tribe. Everyone had an opinion and everyone wanted their way, and wouldn't listen to anyone else.

"It has to be Sydney tonight, she's the most dangerous perosn going forward,' Kelly insisted.

"We can get rid of Sydney at anytime, Miss Sunshine ain't no big threat," Gervase said.

"That's what you think now, but you're not gonna think that when she's asking for your million dollar vote 18 days from now," Kelly said.

"Spencer is the way to go, he's the one that's calling the shots over there, and it's obvious," Varner said.

"Spencer is not calling the shots," Kelly stated.

"How would you know darlin?" Varner asked.

"I talk to them, and I know who's running the show over there, and it's not him," Kelly said.

"Are you gonna tell us or are you just going to reassure us that Spencer isn't the person that's calling the shots over there," Brandon said.

"It's not Spencer, it's Brett," Kelly said.

"I haven't even seen him speak that often," Deena said trying to defend a future ally of her's.

"Varner's our leader and he doesn't talk to anyone except Gervase and Brandon for the most part," Kelly rebuttled.

"Touche," Varner said.

"Brett's so nice though, I don't think he'd be the one that's plottin against us though," Penny said.

"Exactly, maybe he's not the one calling the shots strategically," Deena pointed out.

"This is so pointless, can we just please like vote or something, i'm not having this debate all day with y'all, I'm sorry, but I'm just not," Brandon said aggrivated.

Kelly and Brandon voted for Sydney

Deena and Penny voted for Spencer

and Gervase and Varner voted for Brett.

"Alight y'all, look we need to just make a decision, so I'm thinking about everything y'all have said and I"m just gonna throw out a name and that's who we're voting for, if you don't wanna do it, you can throw your game in the garbage now instead of doing it later on, but this is what's going down...." Varner said.

I don't like being such a vocal leader, but someone had to step up and say, this is what we're doing. And if they don't like it I could very well be going home.

–Jeff Varner

On the hike to tribal council Deena looked to Penny and told her what her decision was going to be, Penny smiled and nodded and walked toward tribal council.

The votes had been cast, and it was time for them to be read.

First vote...

"Varner," that was Brett's

"Varner," Monica's was second.

"Jeff Varner," The third vote read, Sydney had wrote out his full name.

"Jeff," read the fourth vote.

All four of the ex-Ishrin tribe had cast their vote for Varner tonight.

Next vote....

"Brett," that one had come from Varner.

"Brett," Gervase followed Varner's lead and casted his vote in the same direction.

"Brett," Brandon's vote joined his fellow guys.

Now it was down to the ladies, it only took one to tie, two to change the game, and three to make shit crazy.

"Brett," Kelly had stuck with her original alliance. She had no alliegence to him, plus Spencer had been spared sos she could stratle the fence later in the game.

four votes Brett, four votes Varner, two votes left. It all came down to Deena and Penny.

Next vote,

"Brett," Deena patted Brett on the knee as a way of apologizing for voting for him.

Brett looked to Penny. Oh how he hoped that his friend on Wahid would come to his rescue. He closed his eyes and hoped not to hear Jeff utter those morbid words.

"Seventh Person voted out of Survivor: Arabia - Old School vs. New School,"


Penny had stuck with her original tribe.

Brett hugged his fellow tribemates goodbye and walked over to Jeff.

"Brett, the tribe has spoken,"

"Well congratulations, in voting out Brett, you have now all made it to the next phase of the game, seven of you will make up the jury that will determine who wins this game, grab your torchces, head back to camp, goodnight."

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 7


Brett (6 Votes)
Brandon, Deena, Gervase, Jeff, Kelly, Penny
Jeff (4 Votes)
Brett, Monica, Spencer, Sydney
Brett Clouser

Still In the Running