"The Magic Number"
Season Survivor: Belize - Battle of the Seasons
Author User:SimBrotherCo
Episode Number 5/13
Date Uploaded February 10, 2013
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The Magic Number is the fifth episode of Survivor: Belize - Battle of the Seasons.

Previously on Survivor...

Having voted out his close ally Sean, Joel remained calm hoping that keeping Colleen would be best for his game. Meanwhile, at Nieve Corinne and Marcus hatched a plan to take out Ken at the next tribal council, before the impending tribal swap. Meanwhile, at Hidera all Cindy could hope for was a swap to shake up the game. On Day 11, Cindy got her wish as Nieve and Verano were no more, and two new tribes were randomly selected. Amy, Gary, Cindy, Ken, Colleen & Julie made up the new Hidera tribe while Chad, Corinne, Sarge, Twila, Marcus, and Rafe made up the new Otono. Joel, who picked neither a green or orange buff got to chose. Ultimately, to avoid being targetted for being with his fellow Borneo cast member, Joel opted to go to the Otono tribe. At Hidera, Ken and Colleen quickly bonded and agreed to go after the ex-Hidera members. While Julie and Cindy formed a bond of their own, worrying Gary about his position within the tribe. At Otono, tensions further escalated between Chad and Twila, leaving the new members to take sides. Corinne and Marcus sided with Twila, while Rafe and Joel opted to go with Chad, leaving Sarge stuck between two friends. At the immunity challenge, the smaller tribe Hidera pulled of a huge upset, sending Otono to Tribal Council. At Tribal Council, Sarge ultimately stuck with Twila, and Chad was voted out. 12 are left, who will be voted out tonight?


Reward Challenge: Idol Hands
One member from both tribes will hold a handled pedestal with an idol on top. The goal is to knock the other person's idol from their pedestal. First tribe to score five wins reward.
Reward: A "Survival Bathroom," consisting of a shower, toilet, mouthwash, shampoo, soap, toilet paper, toothbrushes and toothpaste.
Winner: Otono

Immunity Challenge: Survivor Smoothie
Jeff will spin the roulette-style wheel while one member of each tribe rolls a ball. The ball will land on different ingredients. Jeff will then blend those ingredients to make a Belize Smoothie. Each time a player gulps the entire drink down, they score one point for their tribe. The first tribe to accumulate five points wins the challenge.
Winner: Otono


Day 13

Twila Tanner sat tending to the fire, grinning as she sat tending to the fire. She looked over to her ally and partner in crime Sarge Masters. She flashed him a grin, and whispered "Thank you." Sarge quietly nodded as he hadded another stick to the fire. It was difficult for Sarge to turn on a close friend of his. He had spent most of the night pondering if he had made the right decision. He was worried betraying Chad would have destroyed him, the way he begged Sarge to save him right before Tribal Council had made his heart ache, but he knew aligning with someone so paranoid would only drag him down eventually.

It absolutely killed me to vote Chad out. Chad will always be a great friend of mine, but turning my back on my entire tribe, and aligning myself with several meatheads instead just wasn't going to work. I'm sorry for Chad, but I have no regrets about what I did.

–Sarge Masters

Hallelujah! Chad is gone, and right now I'm sittin' pretty. Sarge, Marcus, and Corinne have my back, and for now, I have their's, we ain't got nothin' to worry about for a long time.

–Twila Tanner

"You better have my back," Sarge said sharply, but not enough to sound threatening.

"Relax Sarge," Twila said, patting him on the back, "This Isn't Vanuatu."

"I just would appreciate some conformation," Sarge said.

"Alright, then let's shake on it again," Twila said bluntly, "You and me final two, however the hell we get there doesn't matter."

Sarge extended his hand and shook hands with Twila.

"Are you happy now Princess?" Twila asked sarcastically.

"I'm fit as a fiddle," Sarge said with a grin.

"Well ain't that just too cute," Twila said, elbowing him back.

The two sat and laughed as they watched the fire continue to rise, enjoying the peacefulness and silence at the Otono camp. With the power struggle between Twila and Chad finally settled, the ex-Vanuatu allies could feel at ease for the first time since they'd arrived in Belize.

Sarge is about as loyal a guy as there can be, and now I know he has my back, I know I'll be able to walk all over him whenever I need to shake things up. I'm calling the shots! Maybe they should call me Sarge!

–Twila Tanner

Rafe Judkins emerged from the shelter, tired and nervous. Being on the wrong side of a vote wasn't something Rafe was used to on Survivor and he was looking to shake that feeling as soon as he possibly could.

Rafe walked over to the fire where Sarge and Twila had been sitting.

"Good morning Rafe," Sarge said grinning.

"Hey!" Rafe said smiling, "how's the fire going?"

"It's burning bright buddy," Twila said flashing him a cocky smile.

"Need any help?" Rafe asked, trying to kiss ass.

"I think we already have enough people working on it for now," Twila said. "You're welcome to join us here though."

Rafe took a seat next to Twila attempting to make himself comfortable. It was important that he got on Twila and Sarge's good side.

Last night I took a big risk siding with Chad, and it blew up in my face. So now, my plan isn't to somehow lure people into working with Joel and I. Instead, I'm focusing on trying to work myself into the inner circle of the new tribe, because If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!

–Rafe Judkins

"I hope you're not too mad about last night," Sarge said addressing the elephant in the room, it was just as important for Sarge to ensure that he was still on Rafe's good side.

"Of course not," Rafe said immediately after. "This is a game you guys, you gotta do what you think is best for you!"

"Ain't that the truth," Twila said, still grinning.

"You guys certainly would know," Rafe said, complementing Twila and Sarge.

"You're a good kid Rafe," Sarge said smiling.

"Sharp as knives," Twila chimed in!

Rafe's a good kid. He's exceptionally bright, hard-working, and charismatic.He's the kind of kid you just like having around, he's such a smart player, but I respect him so much that I'd love to keep him around if I could.

–Sarge Masters

Rafe is real good at ass kissing. For a second I was really thinking this kid is so sweet, I almost fell for it! I gotta give him props for trying to get on our good side, but you can't fool me like that, I wasn't born yesterday!

–Twila Tanner

Joel Klug soon joined the four around the camp fire. He'd been up long enough to hear Rafe's conversation with Twila and Sarge. He sat wondering how they were going to flip this tribe once again.

How ironic that the first time I played, I get voted out for wanting to make an alliance, and this time I'm on the outs because people are making better alliances than I am. But, I didn't come back 13 years later to prove I haven't evolved as a player. I am not gonna let these people get the best of me.

–Joel Klug

"Hey Rafe, you up for taking a walk?" Joel asked.

Rafe grimaced.

He knew Joel served as a constant reminder that he had voted against them last night, but what choice did he have?

"Sure, why not?" Rafe said, flashing a look to Twila and Sarge as he got up.

Joel is a nice guy, but Joel isn't the kind of guy you want to play Survivor with long-term, and I realized that a little too late. He wants to play hard, but he just doesn't know how to, so the sooner I can distance myself from him, the better.

–Rafe Judkins

The two walked along the beach, distancing themselves far enough away from camp where they could talk in private.

"Alright man, I just want to make sure were on the same page," Joel said seriously.

Even though Chad's gone it's important that Rafe and I stick together. The two of us are one of the the three pairs on this tribe, so if just one of the other are pairs are willing to work with us, we can get ourselves back in the game.

–Joel Klug

"Of course," Rafe said, lying through his teeth.

"Alright," Joel said, flashing him his classic grin. "What do you think?"

"I think we have a lot of work to do," Rafe said sheepishly. " Do you think we'd be better off working with Marcus and Corinne, or Twila and Sarge?" Joel asked.

"I can work on Corinne & Marcus if you want to work on Sarge & Twila," Rafe suggested.

"Alright cool, so how do we wanna play it?" Joel said, seeking suggestions.

"Just don't do anything irrational," Rafe said smiling. "Try to talk more about camp stuff, and less about strategy, the more you bother people about aligning with you the less inclined they are to do it," Rafe said.

"What the hell am I going to talk to Sarge and Twila about?" Joel said laughing.

"You can talk about how much you hate Chad," Rafe said facetiously.

"Good call," Joel said, playfully rolling his eyes.

"Just try not to rub it into their faces that we're working together, the more they think they can walk all over us the better," Rafe said, trying to offer some last minute advice to Joel.

"Ok cool, thanks man!" Joel said.

"No problem," Rafe said awkwardly grinning.

I feel bad taking advantage of Joel's trust to help distance myself from him in order to get myself ahead, but I have to look out for myself if I'm going to get myself out of this mess, I have to do it without him.

–Rafe Judkins

Meanwhile, Corinne and Marcus awoke later than usual today. Last night had been stressful for the both of them, and today they were ready to revel in the glory of being in the majoirty.

"Good morning, your majesty!" Corinne said grinning.

"What a good morning it is," Marcus said, flashing a wide grin.

Corinne and I are sitting in the perfect spot. We've positioned ourselves between two alliances that hate eachother, and with just a little work we can ride this out for a long time.

–Marcus Lehman

"Are y'all up yet?" Twila jeered.

"We've been waiting on you guys for breakfast...which I guess is more like lunch now," Sarge said, slightly irritated, but trying to keep a happy fasad.

"I won't say no to food," Marcus said grinning.

"Twila's such a great island housewife," Corinne said snarkily.

"The real housewife of Belize," Marcus said joining in.

"I certainly will start yaking like one if you don't stop," Twila said, shaking her spoon at the young duo.

The four sat down around the fire and began loading rice into their bowls, setting two extra bowls aside for when Rafe and Joel returned back to camp.

"Where are the boys at?" Corinne asked curiously.

"Out coming up with a new game plan," Sarge said.

"It can' t be too great of a plan if it's taking them this long," Twila said laughing at her own joke.

The other three laughed, as they sat and waited for a few minutes to see if Rafe and Joel would arrive in time for brunch. Sure enough, several minutes later the two outsiders of the Otono tribe arrived just in time for their meal.

"Morning guys," Rafe said cheerfully.

"Did you have a nice trek with Joel?" Corinne asked playfully.

"The sex could've been better," Joel joked.

Corinne burst out laughing, falling back onto Marcus as she did so. Marcus also let out a giggle, and helped Corinne regain her composure.

Twila flashed an arrogant grin at the boys, she knew their attempt to get on Corinne & Marcus's good side was frivilous. Marcus and Corinne had made their choice, hadn't they? She elbowed Sarge and rolled her eyes.

Just two or three hours ago Rafe and Joel had been all over us trying to work their way into our alliance, and now Corinne shows up and they're all over her...We all see what game they're playing. You can't fool me that easy!

–Twila Tanner

"You guys didn't happen to get any wood while you were out did you?" Sarge asked, baiting the boys.

"Uh no, we just went for a walk," Joel admitted.

"That's a shame, we could've used some," Sarge said dissapointed.

"Well I'd be happy to get some for you after I finish this rice," Joel said, trying to turn on the charm.

"You're such a gentleman," Corinne said sarcastically.

"And you're such a classy broad," Joel said in retalliation.

"Don't you forget it," Corinne said with a wink.

Marcus cheekily grinned, putting his head down and shaking his head back and forth. Nothing made his day more than listening to Corinne's snark.

So, I know Joel is an absolutely moronic Survivor player, and Rafe is kind of following him like a lap dog, but they're so funny, and easy to get along with. It almost makes me regret aligning myself with future geriatric center residents instead.

–Corinne Kaplan

Marcus and Corinne are very adaptable players. Twila and I both notice how they're able to coherse with both us, and men who are much closer to their age quite naturally. If they're solid with us then this will be a huge assett going forward, but I have my suspicions about those four and I think we oughta keep a close eye on all of them.

–Sarge Masters

"We're gonna have to nip this in the butt real" fast," Sarge whispered in Twila's ear.

"Let's play nice for now," Twila said grinning. "Put a little pressure on 'em, see how far they're willing to take this before we snap at them."

I thought once Chad was gone, the game would slow down, but that was just the beginning. Things are heating up around here, Game on!

–Twila Tanner

The six remaining Otono members finished their Brunch and each went with their own seperate way for most of the day. The awkward tension from brunch had encouraged everyone to ease up on the strategy talk for the day. The fight over Marcus and Corinne would have to be more sneaky from now on. Both groups were aware that the other was aware of their intentions, and planned to do everything they could to keep it from their rival alliance.

Meanwhile, at Hidera the scheming Otono had dreamed of was already going on. While they had been spared from Tribal Council the night before, that only left more opportunity for the newe tribe to feel one another out before potentially having to make a big decision in the coming days.

Gary Hogeboom had been waiting for the opportune time to approach Cindy Hall about sticking together. They had talked just after the swap, and Gary sought some confirmation from Cindy, or at least a solid answer of oppisition.

Cindy Hall had been walking toward the water well, several canteens in hand. Gary began walking quickly to catch up with her.

"Hey there," Gary said grinning.

Cindy stopped and turned around somewhat timid, Gary had certainly caught her off guard. "Why hello Gary," Cindy said passively.

"Don't get too excited," Gary said with a smirk.

Cindy grinned, and slowed down so Gary could walk along side her.

"I hate to sound pushy, but I really really would just appriciate knowing where your head is at," Gary said exhasperated.

"Alright," Cindy said nodding. "I'm gonna be up front with you Gary, because I don't think this camp needs any more tension. So I'll tell you what I'm thinking and you can tell me whether or not that's justified.

"Yes ma'm," Gary replied.

"I think you made it very clear the first day we got here that you wanted me out as soon as you got here, and granted, I felt the same way towards you. We had our good moments now and again, but that never changed the pecking order, did it? I came out here last time, so committed to the team I was on, and it cost me. This time, I'm not going to just help you and Amy further your own games if it means me coming in 4th. I'm not out here away from my job, my family, and my life to settle for mediocrity. I want to be the Sole Survivor Gary, I want that million dollar check just as much as you do, and if you can't tell me that staying loyal to Hidera from now till my torch is snuffed is beneficial to me, then how can I possibly humor you any longer about this?" Cindy asked.

"Oh wow, Cindy," Gary said taken back.

"That's not an answer Gary," Cindy said aggresively.

"Look, you know my commitments, but that doesn't mean I'm not willing to change them. An alliance between the two of us would be something that nobody would ever, ever suspect! Would it? We could play both sides, exchange information. This rivalry between the two of us could be something great if you're willing to try and work with me on this," Gary said enthusiastically.

"I don't know if I can trust that," Cindy said bluntly.

"You asked for a reason to stay, now how trustworthy it could be," Gary pointed out.

"Yeah, well it's a huge risk, even if it was real Gary," Cindy said sombelry.

"Well that's what this games all about, you said so yourself, the first time you settled, and look where it got you," Gary said smiling.

"Just think it over," Gary said, trust me!

"I thought you were looking for a definitive answer?" Cindy said confused.

"I changed my mind," Gary said grinning.

Today I went in with a plan to get a straight answer out of Cindy, find out where we stand. Then, Cindy got me thinking about the idea I proposed to her. It's not something I can guarantee will work, but it's an option I can have, while pursuing other options, and all I have to explain to Cindy is I was carrying out our plan.

–Gary Hogeboom

Gary's been trying really hard to get me on his side. Much harder than he ever did back on Hidera. He wasn't planning for the future, while I was. I attempted to forge relationships on Hidera to get me here. And now that I got myself here, there's no going back.

–Cindy Hall

When Gary Hogeboom had arrived back at camp, his friend Amy O'Hara had been sitting by the fire waiting to hear what Cindy had to say.

"So what'd she say?" Amy whispered when Gary was in earshot.

"Change of plans," Gary said smirking.

"You did not abort your mission," Amy said stunned.

"Oh but this is so much better," Gary said.

"Explain yourself," Amy said, getting into full interrogation mode.

"A secret alliance," Gary whispered.

"If you're telling me it can't be that secret," Amy scoffed.

"Well between the three of us, but I told her we'd go to the final two," Gary began to expalin.

"Bullshit," Amy said chuckling.

"You know it," Gary said continuing. "So, we just let her think about this, if she's up for it then we're good, and if not we can still scramble for ourselves, while telling Cindy that we're just going along with the plan."

"So your plan is to scheme against eachother, but say you're not actually scheming against eachother?" Amy said confused.

"Basically," Gary said.

"C'mon, there's no way she's gonna buy that!" Amy said trying to stifle her laughter.

"It's better than having her completly against us," Gary said optimistically.

"Next time leave the iterrogation to me," Amy said patting Gary on the shoulder.

Gary went out to get answers from Cindy this morning and he came back with more questions than answers. I'm not sensing any kind of commitment from Cindy, so I think it's time that Gary and I really start forging our own path to the end without her.

–Amy O'Hara

"I'm gonna try my luck with the fishing," Gary said. "Care to join me?"

Amy agreed and the two took the Hidera boat out on to the water, to get work done and plan where to go from there.

Meanwhile, after the sun had completly rose Colleen Haskell, Ken Hoang & Julie Berry eventually woke to find Cindy Hall boiling the well water and pouring it into the canteens . "Do you need any help?" Julie asked sweetly.

"If you wouldn't mind," Cindy said cheerfully.

"Anything we can do?" Ken asked speaking for himself and Colleen.

"There's still a little water in some of the canteens I've yet to boil, if you guys wouldn't mind throwing that into the pot," Cindy said.

"Yes M'am!" Colleen said.

"Look at you taking control of the camp," Julie said complimenting Cindy.

"Aw, it's just the morning water load!" Cindy said.

"Well it's certainly better than anything Gary's done," Colleen said bluntly.

"She speaks the truth," Ken said grinning.

I know it could just be game, but I really feel a genuine bond with the new Hidera people. We all come from different tribes, and different seasons, but we click so well it's as if we've been together longer than people from our individual seasons. These are the people I want to play the game with.

–Cindy Hall

Cindy shed several tears of joy. She was so grateful for the kindness and generosity of her new tribe members for lifting her spirits this morning.

"Aww, Cindy" Julie said comforting her.

"I know it's silly, but thank you so much you guys...the first few days were really hard, and I'm really enjoying getting to know you all," Cindy said wiping her tears.

Ken shot a look at Julie. They knew this was the time to go in for the deal.

"We really like spending time with you to Cindy, I know what you're going through... I mean a tribe with Corinne & Marcus for 11 days...yikes!" Ken said empathizing.

"And you better hope you never have the misfortune of sharing a tribe with Joel!" Colleen said giggling.

"Well if we've all had trouble with our old tribes, and we're all here now, who's to stop us from working together! Let's not let history repeat itself you guys, I think we can all work together to get to the end of this game," Julie said smiling.

"Ken and I were literally discussing this exact thing this morning," Colleen said cheerfully!

"I think it's in all of our best interests," Ken said grinning.

"What do you say Cindy?" Julie said, flashing her a soft smile.

"I say let's make this happen," Cindy said confidently!

"We have full control over this tribe you guys, four is the magic number!" Ken said excited.

"We are pretty magical," Colleen said giggling.

"To the final four," Cindy said raising her canteen.

The four of them exchanged cheers, celebrating their new deal. A plan that had been in the works for serveral days had finally materialized into something tangible, and all of them were excited.

I've learned today that Colleen, Ken, & Cindy have all had trouble with their original tribes. I personally get along well with everyone on my tribe, so if all goes well I am going to have the choice between my friends from Vanuatu and my new alliances. If I can manuever between my way between these two alliances, I could be the Sole Survivor!

–Julie Berry

I had been working on getting this foursome together since we arrived at Hidera. Julie taking charge of the negotiating is even better for Colleen & I, we'll let her put the target on her back, and we'll reap the benefits of the alliances.

–Ken Hoang

The four of us are really a misfit bunch, but I love the idea of these four losers who really didn't have a place in our own season coming together and taking over! It's an island of misfit Survivors!

–Colleen Haskell

I've been looking for a whole new start, and today I really think I found it! Not only do I have a new alliance, but it's an alliance where I can exploit my best interests as well as going deep into the game with people who want and deserve to be here.

–Cindy Hall

Meanwhile, on the boat Gary kept an eye on the events happening on the shore.

"There seems to be a lot of bonding going on," Gary said.

"I think we may have waited too long," Amy said nervously.

"We do provide a lot for the tribe though, maybe if we get something good today, we can show them that we can provide more than Cindy," Gary said competitvely.

"Ah, the ex-professional football player is coming out," Amy cried out.

"It's game day baby," Gary cheered.


"Shhhh," Gary said, unable to control his laughter whilst calming his friend down. "Hey, you know they can't hear us all the way out there," Amy said jabbing Gary.

"I'm just getting in the zone," Gary said jokingly.

"That's not how you get pumped up Gary, I'm showing you how to do it!" Amy teased. "Your spirit is gonna get both of us voted out," Gary said, still laughing.

"I beg to differ," Amy said confidently.

No matter how bad the situation gets out here, Gary and I are gonna keep our heads up. We know how to have a good time, and we know how to stay loyal to our alliance. These are the things that Cindy's not going to be able to provide for these kids going forward.

–Amy O'Hara

The thought of it being too late to change Amy & my fate in the game is frighening, but we both have made a commitment to begin reversing the damange whenever we get back.

–Gary Hogeboom

The two stayed out on the water late into the afternoon. By the time they had got to shore, with only several small minnows for the tribe to enjoy, dusk had fallen and few people were willing to move away from camp to discuss the status of the game, especially with the two newly-labeled outsiders Gary and Amy.

Sensing they were in trouble, Gary and Amy looked at one another in dismay. It was going to be a long night, and an even longer fight to stay here.

We're enemies in our own camp. It's a weird feeling, but one I'm gonna have to get used to, because if I'm not adapting, then I'm probably not in the game any longer.

–Gary Hogeboom

The six small Hidera members crammed into their shelter, awaiting news of tommorrow's festivities. It was going to be a busy day for Gary & Amy, but an even busier day for those who would have to hear them out.

Day 14

Rain began to pour mercilessly onto the small Hidera shelter. Colleen awoke shivering from the cold rain that had nearly drenched the entire side of her shelter. She cuddeled up to fellow allies Ken & Cindy hoping to gain some kind of warmth from the others but there was none to be found.

"Why does it have to rain in the rainforest," Colleen whined playfully.

Cindy then went on to explain why the rainforest is far more susceptible to rain than other places in the world and why it's so nessecary for this rain to help keep the jungles of Belize look the way they do.

A half-awake Gary managed to roll his eyes several times as Cindy rambled on and on about the nature of the rainforest's weather patterns.

Amy giggled under her breath. Gary's aggrivation towards Cindy was always amuesing. Especially when they had nothing better to do than be cold, rainy, and miserable. "Someone's going to half to get treemail," Ken pointed out.

"No way," Colleen said shaking her head back and forth.

"I'll take one for the team," Gary volunteered. Anything to get him away from Cindy's long, boring, explanation of the rainforest was motivation enough for him to take a small break from the monotony of camp life.

"Anyone wanna tag along?" Gary asked.

"I'll go," Ken said, breaking the cuddle chain between himself and Julie. The two began quickly jogging towards treemail to avoid being exposed to the rain for too long.

"I know the weather isn't apt for this right now, but I'd love to hear where you stand right now," Gary said.

"Honestly, I'm all about getting myself further in this game. If you and Amy can do that for me then I'm all for it," Ken said cheerfully.

"Well do you have anyone over on Otono you're looking out for?" Gary asked.

"Nope," Ken said.

Frustrated, Gary pursued. He'd hoped that Ken would have someone on Otono so that Rafe and Ken's ally could be another member.

"Well I notice you seem pretty close with Colleen," Gary pointed out.

"Colleen is really the only friend I have out here," Ken said sheepishly.

"You can always count on me man, I mean that," Gary said patting him on the shoulder as they ran closer to tree mail.

"I appreciate that," Ken shouted back, over the loud noise of the pounding rain. "You don't have to promise me anything right now, but I'm telling you Cindy has been nothing but trouble to all of Hidera since the beginning, and if you would help us get rid of her, Amy and I will look after you and Colleen," Gary promised.

"I'll think it over, It's worth talking to Colleen about before I give you definitive answer," Ken said, grabbing treemail from the box as they ran back to the shelter. "Alright man, I appreciate it!" Gary said grinning.

Gary's offered Colleen & I a spot in his foursome, but from what I know about Gary he makes lots of promises, and he has a lot of loyalty to Rafe on Otono. If I do work with Gary and Amy, I wanna make sure that I'm not a fourth wheel to them, because if I am then I can take my business elsewhere.

–Ken Hoang

The tribe read their treemail, learning of todays reward challenge and all slowly exited the shelter preparing to walk to their challenge location where they would have to fight the elements as well as the other tribe to win a fantastic reward.

One by one the members of Otono walked up to their mat to greet Hidera. Julie was stunned to find that her friend and ally Chad had been voted out.

Twila exchanged a quick nod to Julie, letting her know it went down exactly the way Julie thought it had.

Julie smiled, acknowledging Twila's nod, but made no effort to express her feelings toward her. It was too risky to communicate with the other tribe like that. The object of the challenge was to hold a small pedestal with an idol on top. In order to score a point one must knock the idol out of the other team member's hand. The first tribe to get five points would win reward.

Today's reward was a "Survivor Bathroom" with a shower, toilet, mouth wash, soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste.

Marcus and Gary entered the ring for the first round, and awaited Jeff's instruction! "SURVIVORS READY? GO!" Both men taunted one another before going in for a move. Marcus dove for Gary but just missed, throwing him off balance, causing Gary to use Marcus's momentum against him whacking the idol out of his hand, scoring Hidera their first point! In the next round, Twila and Amy squared off. Though Twila tried to knock Amy's idol out many times, Amy quickly finished off Twila's attempt. Bringing Hidera's lead up to 2-0. Similar to the battle before Sarge made quick work of small and skinny Kenny, scoring Otono their first point.

Continuing their challenge rivalry, Corinne and Julie squared off again. Corinne made a fake out causing Julie to retreat, then Corinne went in for the actual move, knocking Julie's idol out of her hand for real this time. Corinne's point tied the score 2-2. Gary was up again for Hidera, this time squaring off against Joel. Despite Gary being very agile, attempting to distract Joel from quickly moving around with his idol, Joel made quick work of Gary's idol, giving Otono a 3-2 lead.

Twila and Colleen had a very evenly matched battle, both girls had no fear of attempting to whack the idol out of the other girls hand. Both had managed to come close, but neither had been able to finish the job. After several minutes of tough fighting Colleen spun around, confusing Twila and managed to knock off her idol, evening the score up again at 3-3. Ken squared off against Rafe, where once again Ken's size proved to be a huge disadvantage, leading to the quick dismounting of his idol from the pedestal, giving Otono a 4-3 lead.

Corinne was now up against Cindy. Corinne had a chance to win this huge reward for Otono right here, but Cindy was determined not to let her new tribe mates hard work go to waste. The two stared one another down slowly moving away from one another, waiting for the other to make the first move. After a while Corinne grew impatient and attempted to whack Cindy's idol, while Cindy repeated the same move moments later, having been able to take advantage of Corinne's early decision to knock out the idol. However, Cindy had knocked Corinne's idol off the pedestal just seconds too late as Cindy's had just hit the ground ahead of time.

"OTONO WINS REWARD!" Jeff announced.

The big, strong tribe sporting their bright orange buffs all jumped up and down around their new amenities and began carrying their fresh luxuries back to camp to enjoy! A defeated Hidera tribe returned back to camp after their first loss as a new tribe. They had been running off the high of winning the first immunity challenge as a new tribe and hoped that the momentum would continue into future challenges, but it seemed as if the reality was setting in for the tribe that going to Tribal Council may come sooner than later.

Gary, Cindy, & Amy each went their respective ways to do work around camp, while Julie ventued out to look for some kind of fruit to help perk up the tribe. Leaving Ken and Colleen alone in the shelter to catch each other up on the events of the day.

"Well that could've gone a lot better," Ken said half jokingly, half defeated.

Colleen giggled. "Well these guys are like twice your size, they're giants, you can't blame yourself," She said reassuringly.

"Yeah, but you know, it's not a good feeling," Ken said.

Colleen nodded sympathetically. "Hey cheer up, you can cost us all the challenges you want, but if our group stays together you're not going anywhere!"

"True," Ken said, perking up.

"Oh by the way," Ken said, remembering his talk with Gary. "I had a talk with Gary on the way to treemail this morning..."

"Why would you stop to talk in the pouring down rain?" Colleen said puzzled.

"Is that really relevant to the story?" Ken asked cynically.

"I just wanted to know," Colleen said jokingly. "So anyways," Ken said grinning at Colleen as he completly ignored her question, "He wants Amy, You, him, & myself to come together and take out Cindy."

"Why would we do that?" Colleen asked.

I'm not exactly sure what me, an actress from Maryland would have in common with a 40-some year-old professional football player other than the fact that we both played Survivor, I mean it just makes no sense!

–Colleen Haskell

"I'm just throwing it out there to see if you had a reason to," Ken said laughing.

"Isn't he tight with Rafe?" Colleen asked.

"Well according to Cindy that seems to be the case," Ken said.

"I think the whole point of this alliance is to break up the strong alliances the other tribes have before we get to a merge," Colleen pointed out.

"I agree, that's why I was so excited Julie proposed the idea you and I had been planning for days now," Ken said grinning.

Colleen excitedly nodded in agreement.

"But we gotta play it up like we're not sure what we're gonna do, that way Gary & Amy aren't gunning for us," Ken said.

"Aye yae captain," Colleen said, saluting Ken.

"You're such a loser," Ken said laughing.

"Birds of a feather..." Colleen said smirking.

"What're you two kids talking about?" Julie said coming back with several coconuts in hand.

"We're just being dorks," Colleen said giggling.

"She's being a dork," Ken said defensively.

Julie playfully rolled her eyes. Those two were always giggling about something, and it wasn't the first time she'd noticed this.

Ken & Colleen have some kind of flirtmance going on. It's really adorable actually, it could be something to worry about down the road, but I'm not one to interfere with what could be young love so early!

–Julie Berry

"But in all seriousness, we've been considering whether we should go after Amy or Gary first," Ken said thinking out the plan of attack.

"Already?" Julie said taken back.

"It's not something we want to do, but better to at least put some thought into it, instead of flying by the seat of our pants tommorrow," Ken said logically.

"Plus, I mean, now that we know we're not invincible..." Colleen added.

"Ok well, I don't think Cindy is going to want to do anything other than vote out Gary," Julie said reasonably.

"Obviously," Colleen chimed in.

"But at the same time we need Gary for challenges," Ken said.

"Well it shouldn't be long till the merge anyways, I think we're fine," Julie said defending her decision.

"I'm not bias either way, I'm just considering all our options," Ken said.

"Well what's the argument for voting Amy out, exactly?" Colleen asked curiously.

"I think if we keep her around much longer, she could slip through the cracks and go deep into the game," Ken answered.

"True, but I think it's a little early to be thinking about that," Julie reasoned. "Just something to think about," Ken said, realizng he was getting nowhere with Julie.

Ken thinks through all of his moves, as do I, but I'm not in any hurry to get rid of such an expendable player when we could have a rare chance at taking out a big player before we even hit the merge.

–Julie Berry

I'm planting the seed to keep Gary because by keeping Gary, we keep Cindy loyal, and we Colleen & I stay the swing votes. I don't want to risk Amy having the luxury of having to choose between Julie and Cindy or Colleen and myself if we continue losing.

–Ken Hoang

Meanwhile, Amy, Cindy, and Gary all had gone on a wood run and had met back towards camp to gather all the wood before bringing it into camp. This was the time to check in with Cindy.

Gary made some crazy deal with Cindy this morning, so since we had to opportunity this afternoon, I decided to try and feel Cindy out, see what she's thinking. Gary's good cop, so I guess I gotta be the bad cop.

–Amy O'Hara

"You certainly got a lot of wood today," Gary said complimenting Cindy.

"I always do," Cindy said somewhat irritated.

"Nobody here ever said you were lazy," Amy said chuckling.

Cindy rolled her eyes.

"Hey, have you given any thought to what Gary asked you earlier?" Amy said transitioning from small-talk to game talk.

"A little bit," Cindy said.

"And?" Gary asked impatiently.

"I don't know you guys..." Cindy said upset.

"Just tell me what you're thinkin'" Amy said, trying to gain some insight.

"It's exactly what I told Gary this morning, which I'm sure he told you all about," Cindy said aggrivated.

Gary shook his head no, trying to reassure Cindy.

Cindy rolled her eyes, she knew he was lying.

"Look, this alliance was obviously never going to work, especially now that Rafe isn't here to hold us together, I got people I wanna work with, that I think will take me far, so I'm going to do what I think is best for me," Cindy said boldly.

"Alright," Amy said conclusively. "And there's nothing we can say or do to change your mind?"

"I think the damage has been done," Cindy said calmly.

"Well, best of luck to you," Gary said genuienly.

Cindy smiled, Gary's words seemed extremely genuine.

"Thank you," Cindy said happily. "Same to you guys, you're gonna need it."

"We are gonna beat her down," Amy said whispering to Gary.

Gary tried to keep his composure, but let several bursts of laughter through.

Cindy smiled, rolled her eyes, and began walking back to camp with her load of wood. She knew she had the upper hand, and that was all that mattered.

It was so nice to finally just tell Gary and Amy no, straight up. My alliance has the numbers, so there's no need for me to pretend like I have some kind of bond with the people who are going to be getting voted out whenever Hidera goes to Tribal Council.

–Cindy Hall

We didn't get a deal from Cindy, but we got the truth, which is really what Gary needed to hear in order for us to really move forward.

–Amy O'Hara

I tried to mend fences between Cindy & I, but the damage has already been done. Cindy may feel confident in her position right now, but if my deal with Colleen & Ken comes through, she'll be the one who needs to be worried.

–Gary Hogeboom

Despite their loss today, Hidera had managed to be productive strategizing. However, at Otono the victors would get to enjoy the spoils of both reward and intense strategy. Upon arriving back to camp, the six Otono members stripped into their bathingsuits and underwear and ran to the ocean waters with soap, shampoo, and all the other amenities they had won.

"I needed this spa day," Corinne said in ecstacy as she lathered her long brown curly hair in shampoo.

"Need a hand?" Rafe asked.

"I could use a little soap on my back," Corinne said smiling.

"Hey, that's my job," Marcus joked.

"Corinne's a hot ticket item, you gotta act fast if you wanna get that," Joel said grinning. "I'm accepting applications," Corinne winked.

"I am too!" Twila shouted, laughing at her own joke.

"I'd be happy to help you out Twila," Sarge said.

"Well aren't you a gentleman," Twila said smiling.

Today is a great day for team morale. We're all a little bit cleaner, and a whole lot happier. There's still going to be tension in the tribe, but it's nice to get a little break from all the plotting and scheming.

–Sarge Masters

After about an hour of bathing, chatting and laughing Twila and Sarge excused themselves to get back to the daily grind of camp life.

"Gee, do they ever stop working?" Joel asked.

"Gatherine firewood is their calling," Corinne said snarkily.

Marcus & Rafe both snickered.

The four younger members of Otono had all spaced out in the ocean, enjoying their day in the sun. The rain from earlier this morning was gone and had left a beautiful day for them to enjoy.

"I could get used to this," Marcus said, floating on his back.

"It's nice that we can relax, and not have to worry about the work load back at camp too," Joel chuckled.

"That's why we kept those two around," Corinne said, only half joking.

Realizng Joel was digging themselves a deeper hole, Rafe signaled to Joel that he should head back to camp and talk with Twila and Sarge.

"I feel kind of bad they're doing all the work by themselves though," Rafe said, trying to signal Joel to leave.

"Maybe I'll go help them out," Joel suggested.

"You're a brave man," Marcus said patting Joel on the back.

Joel began wading out of the water, and heading back to shore where Twila and Sarge were working on reassembling on the fire that had began burn low after being left unattended.

Joel means well, but it's in my best interest that he's not around when I'm trying to connect with Corinne & Marcus, the closer I can get with those two, the better it is for me.

–Rafe Judkins

"So, are you two an item?" Rafe asked curiously.

"Us?" Marcus asked laughing.

"Marcus couldn't handle me," Corinne said laughing.

"Oh I can handle it, the question is would I want to?" Marcus said smirking.

"You did not just go there with CORINNE KAPLAN!" Rafe said laughing as he spoke.

"See Marcus, he knows what's up," Corinne said grinning at Rafe.

"We understand eachother," Rafe said playfully.

"Rafe is my real soulmate Marcus," Corinne joked.

"I hope the two of you are very happy together," Marcus said sarcastically.

"He knows I'll never be happy," Corinne said to Rafe. "It's probably for the best, you're a boss ass bitch the way you are," Rafe joked. Corinne and Marcus both laughed.

"Marcus, I love him!" Corinne said eagerly.

Rafe is adorable. I mean we all know I love any gay man, but Rafe is smart, and he's funny, and he's just great to be around. I'd rather spend my time hanging out with the boys, than talking about medicaid with Twila & Sarge.

–Corinne Kaplan

Corinne's doing a great job of getting along with the boys, with her making friends, and me calling the shots, we're just making our position even better.

–Marcus Lehman

"What the hell are they doing out there," Twila said to Sarge, looking out into the ocean. "Politicking obviously," Sarge said.

"Well, he's certainly got Corinne fooled," Twila said irritated.

"It don't matter if the guys straight or gay, as long as she's getting attention, she's gonna be receptive to them," Sarge said.

"That's why we gotta get them out as soon as possible," Twila said.

"And I want him out first," Twila said pointing to Rafe.

"I'm not sure if they'd be down with that though Twila," Sarge said.

"Well if we're a group then it shouldn't matter," Twila said perking up.

Rafe and Joel are trying to get on Corinne's good side, but Rafe is the one that really seems to be getting close with everyone, so we gotta take him out before he gets too close. And Joel, Joel's just a meathead, he's not fooling anybody.

–Twila Tanner

"Hey guys," Joel said grinning. "Need any help?"

Rafe's job is working on Corinne & Marcus. So while he tries to see where their head is at my job is to get on Twila & Sarge's good side...They're a little more uptight and set in their ways, but hey, it's all for the good of the team.

–Joel Klug

"Any help we can get on the fire would be appriciated," Sarge said smiling.

"Just tell me what to do," Joel said smiling.

"If you could just bring a few of those logs," Twila said.

"You sure?" Joel asked. "I wouldn't ask if I wasn't sure, I don't need to be a rhode scholar to build a fire," Twila said rolling her eyes.

"Ok then," Joel said taken back.

Twila is a loose cannon. The simplest thing can really set her off, which is scary, especially since the last person she flipped out on found himself getting voted out the next day.

–Joel Klug

"What's your friend talking about down there with Rafe & Corinne?" Twila asked inquisitvely.

"I think they're just relaxing, enjoying the day," Joel said.

"So you decided to come up here and bother us intstead?" Twila said annoyed.

"I didn't realize I was bothering you guys," Joel said defensively.

"Oh C'mon Joel, we all know that Rafe is down there trying to make some kind of deal with Marcus and Corinne while you come up here and try to bug the hell out of us so we don't know what's going on! I'm not as dumb as I look, so stop acting like you're some big shot, who has no idea what's going on, cause Sarge and I aren't buying it!" Twila yelled furiously.

"That's your opinion," Joel said trying to calm her down.

"It's not an opinion," Twila interjected. "I know damn well what you're doing!"

"I'm gonna go," Joel said, trying to get as far away from the situation as possible.

Twila is probably one of the most loco people I've ever met in my life. I don't know many fifty year old women who feel the need to scream, holler, and carry on when they're not getting what they want.

–Joel Klug

Joel walked down the beach, while Twila wakled into the woods to look for food.

While Joel and Twila had stormed off, Sarge went down to the beach to check the problem at it's source.

Twila's pretty hot headed, which can lead to problems if we let it get the best of her. So I decided to go down and make sure things were settled.

–Sarge Masters

"What was going on up there?" Marcus asked when Sarge had gotten in earshot.

"Twila and Joel had some kind of disagreement up there, and they got into it," Sarge explained.

"Oh great," Rafe said dissapointed.

"You need to keep a tighter leash on your man, Rafe," Corinne joked. "Har har har," Rafe said rolling his eyes.

Corinne giggled.

"So is it safe to like, get out of the water?" Corinne asked, half seriously. "I wouldn't take my chances," Sarge joked.

"Rafe, would you mind venturing out of the water, so I could chat with Corinne & Marcus alone?" Sarge asked.

"Sure thing," Rafe said, heading down the beach towards Joel.

I'm not sure how much damage Joel did, I just hope it affects him more than it affects me.

–Rafe Judkins

"So what's up?" Marcus asked.

"It's no secret that Rafe and Joel have been working really hard to get you on their side, and Twila and I would really just like some reassurance that you guys are sticking with us," Sarge said.

"No worries man, we have your back," Marcus said reassuringly.

"You too Corinne?" Sarge asked.

"I'm still ready to go," Corinne said smiling.

"Awesome, that's all I needed to hear," Sarge said grinning.

So basically for two or more days, Sarge and Twila have been complaining and worrying about us flipping, and they just now decided to confront us...which I appreciate, but at the same time it's like, really? You think just because I'm socializing with people who weren't alive when communication began.

–Corinne Kaplan

So, what could have been a horrible situation was avoided. As long as Corinne & Marcus stick with us, we should have nothing to worry about.

–Sarge Masters

The sun began to set as Joel Klug and Rafe Judkins began walking back to camp. "So what happened?" Rafe asked concerned.

"Well I asked if she was sure she needed more logs for the fire then she started to get irritated, and then she started asking about what you were doing and she got all upset about the fact that you were trying to bond with Corinne and Marcus and she just lost it dude," Joel said recounting the day's events.

"That's not good," Rafe said somberly.

"How'd it go with Corinne & Marcus?" Joel asked.

"I didn't get a chance to have a real sit down chat with them, I'll try and get it done first thing tommorrow," Rafe said.

"Awesome, we're not out of this yet, man" Joel said, offering Rafe a high-five!

Joel means well, but he ends up getting himself in more trouble than he should. I really would like for him to stick around longer, but the longer he stays, the bigger the target is on my back for being with someone who draws so much attention to himself.

–Rafe Judkins

The Otono tribe put their differences aside for the evening, drifting into a deep, and much needed sleep. The drama that had ensued this evening was likely to pick up right where it had left off the day before.

Day 15

Rafe Judkins woke up to the rising sun and the smell of the fresh ocean breeze. He was surprised to see Twila and Sarge still in the shelter. Quietly, he crept toward the fire, where he had placed a few sticks in to help fuel the fire then spruced up camp a little, trying to figure out exactly what needed to be said or done before the challenge today.

In the short time I've been on Otono i've developed a close friendship with Corinne. What I need to do is convince her that by keeping her friend here, I can help her a lot down the road, if she's willing to help get me few the next few Tribal Councils.

–Rafe Judkins

Rafe got up, and walked over to the shelter where he lightly tapped on a half-asleep Corinne Kaplan.

Looking weary, she looked up as her eyes met Rafe's.

"Morning sleepy head," Rafe joked.

"I hate you right now," Corinne said. Rafe couldn't tell if she was kidding.

"Care to go for a walk?" Rafe asked.

"Let me regain consciousness first," Corinne teased.

Soon Corinne managed to get out of the shelter as Rafe helped guide Corinne toward treemail as they set off on their early morning walk.

Several minutes later Twila Tanner had realized she'd slept in much later than usual. She got up to tend to the fire only to find it had already been tended to. She looked back into the shelter to find that Rafe and Corinne had already been up.

"Oh shit," Twila whispered to herself.

This morning I guess all that work had tired me out so I rested a little too much, and Rafe being the sneaky little bastard he is managed to get Corinne up & moving to talk game, and that's absolutely the last thing we needed to happen this morning!

–Twila Tanner

"So what's up?" Corinne asked curiously.

"Honestly, I've been feeling a little uneasy for a while," Rafe admitted.

"Aww," Corinne said sympathetically, "What's up?"

"I know I'm on the outs, but I've really enjoyed hanging out with you and Marcus the past few days, and I just hate to think that it could all be over just like that," Rafe said somberly.

"Rafe, I love hanging out with you too, and I would love to keep you around, but at the same time, I don't know how Marcus would feel about switching things up so suddenly," Corinne admitted.

"I'm not asking you to switch things up, if you guys could just spare me one round, and take Joel out before you get rid of me, then I'd be more than happy to work with you guys, because you don't wanna get to a final four where it's 2 on 2, I'll totally be in your corner," Rafe promised.

" are smart, aren't you?" Corinne asked playfully.

"My resources are your resources if you just keep me here," Rafe said.

"I can't speak for Marcus, but I think that's the best plan going forward," Corinne said honestly.

"What is?" Twila asked, coming out of nowhere.

Corinne and Rafe looked at eachother in fear. How much had Twila heard? This wasn't good.


–Rafe Judkins

Thankfully for them, that was all Twila had heard, but she had a sneaking suspicion about what this was all about.

"Rafe was saying that he would be willing to vote out Joel if it was for the betterment of the tribe," Corinne said.

Rafe nodded. "It's not something I want to do, but I want to be a team player," Rafe lied.

"Well isn't that great," Twila said, smirking. She looked directly at Rafe, she was calling his bluff, waiting for him to crack.

"We just came to check tree mail," Rafe said smiling. "It looks like it's the gross food challenge today!"

"Great!" Twila said. "You better eat up," Twila said, raising her voice ever so slightly implying that this morning's meal could be Rafe's last.

The two tribes arrived at the Survivor Smoothie Bar where they were greeted by Jeff Probst, who took immunity back from Hidera.

The game was simple, one member from each tribe would walk up to the bar and roll a ball across a list of ingredients. The two ingredients the ball landed on would be mixed into a Survivor style smoothie. For every smoothie a tribe member finishes, they gain one point.

First up to the smoothie bar were Gary and Sarge, the eldest man on both tribes. They both spun their balls which landed on Bloody Clams and Sea Water. Despite the nasty smell and taste, both men had no problem downing their first smoothie.

Next up to the bar were Colleen Haskell and Twila Tanner, a rematch from the Reward Challenge. Both ladies rolled their balls, one landing on Jellyfish and Octopus. The two ladies toasted. Twila quickly managed to gulp hers down while Colleen was taken back at first, and struggled a bit with the chewiness of the Octopus chunks lingering in her smoothie, but managed to finish it, tying the score 2-2!

Cindy and Joel were the next two to go, just like Sarge and Gary they also got Bloody Clames and Sea Water. Joel quickly shoved his down, while Cindy finished hers only seconds behind Joel.

With the score tied 3-3, Corinne and Julie squared off once again. Both women determined, they landed on Squid & Sea Slug Guts. Both women prepared themselves for their smoothie. Corinne held her drink up high, refusing to set it down until she had consumed the whole smoothie, while Julie drank hers bit by bit until it was finished. Corinne slammed hers down first, and shortly after Julie finished hers, evening up the playing field once again. Marcus and Ken were the next two up. Both men were eager to beat the other, their Gabon rivalry was about to continue. Both men landed on jellyfish, meaning a double serving for the two of them. The men clincked glasses and began drinking, Ken began gulping his as fast as he could as Marcus threw his drink back into his mouth, the men slammed their glasses back down simulataniously, giving each a point, but nobody a clear victory, that would have to be decided later.

Rafe and Amy were the last two to square off. They landed on Sea Slug Guts and Bloody Clams. Amy quickly finished hers as Rafe struggled for his drink to settle after he began drinking it, Amy began to make fake gagging noises in order to taunt her friend. Rafe placed his hand over his mouth, trying to keep his drink down for as long as he could, Rafe breathed, and swallowed as fast as he could, finishing and tying the score.

Because everyone had gone and consumed their beverage, the win would be settled by a tie breaker round. Each team would pick who from the other team would drink in the tiebreaker round.

Wanting to prove himself, Ken attempted to make a deal with both tribes.

"Marcus, we didn't get to settle the score last round, what do you say we give it a go?" Ken suggested.

Gary & Amy disagreed, choosing Rafe garunteed them a win. And them being in so much danger, they didn't want to risk going to Tribal Council. "I got this guys, I promise," Ken swore.

The two tribes agreed and Marcus and Ken prepared to square off for the reamatch of the ages.

The two received a smoothie of all the items on the wheel. The first to finish would win immunity for their tribe.


Both men tossed their drinks back and began chugging as fast as they could, but the thick and chunky smoothie was harder to chug than last time. Both men were reaching the end of their smoothies, and began chugging faster...


Marcus Lehman's glass had hit the table moments before Ken's had.


Corinne ran over to hug Marcus, and the rest of Otono followed suit. They celebrated, for the tension in their camp would have to be settled another time, but for now they were safe.

Back at Hidera, Ken apologized to the tribe for messing up their chance at immunity.

"It's not your fault Kenny, you did really great, you almost had it," Colleen said reassuring him.

"Yeah, almost," Ken said looking down.

"It's not that big a deal Ken," Julie said trying to comfort him.

"We have your back," Cindy whispered to him.

Gary and Amy walked off, not wanting to talk to anybody.

I can't say for sure, but I think I was just set up. We had the win, it was so easy, and to just give it away makes me really suspcious of what Ken was trying to pull, especially when it's probably going to cost me the game.

–Gary Hogeboom

I mean, what was Kenny thinking!?! We had this in the bag, and he threw it away cause he wanted revenge! It was just so freaking stupid!

–Amy O'Hara

I feel terrible. I just got caught up in the moment, and for a second I thought wouldn't it just be amazing if I could finally just show Marcus that I can beat him at his own game, but I failed, and now Gary & Amy are pissed, and we have to go to tribal much earlier than we could have had I not been so selfish.

–Ken Hoang

Ken's three allies sat comforting him.

"It's going to be just find Kenny," Colleen said.

"I know, it just sucks," Ken said, still down in the dumps.

"So are you guys still down with voting out Gary?" Cindy asked, trying to get back into the game, afterall they would have Tribal in just a few hours.

"I'm fine either way," Colleen admitted.

"I'm just worried about how we're gonna do in challenges without Gary, I mean especially after today," Ken said, still sobbing.

"Oh relax Kenny, you've been doing great, we all have, one person can't dramatically change how we're going to perform," Colleen said comfortingly.

"If Gary's gone we'll all have to work a lot harder," Julie said, trying to give Ken's argument some merit. "But at the same time, nobody here has ever quit during a challenge, so I'm not worried," Julie said.

The four of us are solid, but we're not set on voting out either Gary or Amy just yet. They're very similar, but keeping each one around can have it's individual pros and cons, whatever is the best decision for the alliance is going to win out at this point.

–Julie Berry

This is the night where the game changes in my favor. I've waited patiently for 15 days to cast tonight's vote, and I'm going to enjoy watching one of my rivals, whichever it is have their torch snuffed...again!

–Cindy Hall

Later that day, Gary and Amy took the canoe out for one final boat ride on the beautiful Belizian waters together. They had accepted that tonight one of them would be voted out, and it was only a matter of who. Gary had suspected he'd be the one to get the vote, but Amy still feared that she would be on the receiving end of Cindy's new alliance's first vote.

"I'm sorry it had to end this way," Gary said.

"I'm sorry too," Amy said. "But hey, we're still the dream team aren't we?"

"Damn right we are!" Gary said confidently. "Whichever one of us stays here tonight needs to fight to stay here, we worked too hard on Hidera for us both to go out like this, we gotta use eachother's strength to further ourselves."

"You better beat these assholes down if I go tonight Gary, just sack 'em" Amy shouted passionatly, as several tears began to fall from her eyes.

She knew this was the last day she'd spend on Survivor with her dear friend Gary. The two had been inseperable on Yaxha and on Hidera. They'd been best friends, an eachother's number one ally. "I'm gonna miss you buddy," Amy said, fighting back her tears.

"I'll see you at the end when you're holding that big check," Gary said comforting his friend.

"One of us is gonna win Gary, I know it, they make get one of us, but they're not taking out both of us, not this time," Amy said confidently.

This is the end of my alliance with Amy, we had a great run together, but there comes a time when one of us is gonna have to do this on our own. I'm confident Amy will be able to win this without me, she's tough as nails and she's got as good a head on her shoulder as anyone's, If I can't be here, I can't think of anyone better to be in my spot.

–Gary Hogeboom

I've never played a day of Survivor without Gary. Tonight, that'll either continue, or I'll be completly on my own. Either way I know that it's only going to make whichever one of us stays stronger. I'm gonna beat these bitches down, or Gary's gonna knock 'em out for me, either way they're not gonna know what hit 'em

–Amy O'Hara

The new Hidera tribe arrived for their first Tribal Council. Amy, Cindy, and Gary all dipped their torches into the fire to commemorate their first Tribal Council, where the suspense of whether Amy or Gary would be the first victim of Cindy and her new alliance . One by one the tribe voted, until Jeff came back with the voting urn.

"Once the votes are read the decision is final, person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately."

First vote...

"Cindy" Gary had written his vote in big block letters

Next vote...

"Cindy" Amy and Gary had remained united for their final vote together in Belize.

"That's 2 votes Cindy, next vote..."

Gary and Amy looked at eachother nervously...they knew this was where their fate would be decided.

"Gary" Ken's vote had been uncovered.

"Gary" Colleen's vote was next to follow.

"Gary" Julie put the third nail in Gary's coffin.

"That's 3 votes Gary, 2 votes Cindy, 1 vote left..." Amy looked at Gary and apologized. Gary patted her on the shoulder reassuring her that he was going to be ok.

Cindy smiled and waited for what was coming next, the moment she'd been waiting for for 15 long days.

"Fifth Person voted out of Survivor: Belize - Battle of the Seasons"


Cindy had gotten her way, Gary was out, and Amy was all alone.

Gary hugged Amy goodbye, then grabbed his torch.

"Fight for it," Gary whispered to his best friend.

Amy nodded, trying to hold back tears as she watched her closest friend's final moments in the game.

"Gary, the tribe has spoken."

With Gary gone, Amy was all alone, she was ready to fight, but it was going to be a long, hard battle if she wanted to Survive.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 5:

Gary (4 votes)
Cindy, Colleen, Julie & Ken
Cindy (2 votes)
Amy & Gary
Gary Hogeboom

Still In the Running

Verano Otono
Hidera Nieve