"The Monster in Your Closet"
Season Survivor: Tuvalu
Author User:Survivorpanda
Episode Number 2/13
Episode Chronology
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The Monster in Your Closet is the second episode of Survivor: Tuvalu.


Reward Challenge: Nut Bucket
Two tribe members would each hold on a rope that is holding up large nets above the ground. Members of the rival tribe, one at a time, attempt to toss coconuts into their nets. A winner is determined if the rival tribe has dropped both nets.
Reward:Fishing Gear
Winner: Funa

Immunity Challenge: The Maze
Each tribe must race against the other, collecting five medallions in a specified order while navigating through a giant maze. First tribe to collect all five medallions in order and to exit the maze wins.
Winner: Funa


Night 3

After arriving from camp, Rebecca is upset that she lost a friend, but says she is determined to go on. Cassandra thanked the boys (except Rocky) for saving her. Kelie is also upset because she knew that Cassandra was rude, and Kelie did not like her.

Day 4

At Funa camp, they did another round of boot camp, and this time Cassandra joined. After boot camp, the starting alliance of 5 started to talk about strategy. Yoshirou had noticed that they have never mentioned Rebecca before, stating that she could be a possible threat. The rest considered this, but Kelie insisted that Cassandra should be voted out because she is "the monster in your closet." After the mini meeting, Edd talked to Kelie. Edd also strongly wanted to get rid of Cassandra, since she was rude and lazy. Edd was scared, though, that if didn't vote with Rocky, Yoshirou, and Albert, they may suspect that he is not trustworthy.

Vaitu was happy for winning the first challenge. Yakawae tried to separate Xuan and Elicia since they did not get along. Every once in a while, Elicia would say something mean to Xuan, and the two would go back and forth. Anda decided to talk to Xuan, and Anda said she wanted to make a small alliance. Xuan thought that was good, and not knowing of the alliance of 4, they asked Penny to join. Penny did not know what to say, so her words came out awkward. Penny said yes and talked to Stephennie about what happened. Penny started to cry since she lied. Stephennie tried to comfort her, telling her it was a game. This did not make Penny feel better. Raphael then came and asked her what was the matter. Penny told him, and Raphael tried to calm her. Penny did stop crying and asked if Raphael could join their alliance of 4, and Raphael agreed, so it was now an alliance of 5.

Day 5

Tree-mail came and announced that there would be a reward challenge coming up. Both Vaitu and Funa were excited, but Cassandra was especially excited, because she wanted something good to happen after being voted for 3 times. During the Reward Challenge, Funa won. This made Cassandra happy, and Rebecca was also overjoyed because her friend was voted out.

Edd, Kelie, and Albert went fishing. After fishing, the tribe feasted on fish. Kelie said in a confessional that this was the first time she ever actually enjoyed eating fish.

Day 6

Tree-mail announced that another challenge was coming up, but this time the reward was Immunity. Funa did another round of boot camp to get themselves prepared. Vaitu did stretches. At Funa camp, Cassandra announced that she would try her hardest. Albert said that she would never be as good as himself in challenges. At Vaitu camp, Elicia said that if her tribe loses, she would try her best to get rid of Xuan.

The challenge was close, but Funa won. The castaways were excited to not have to go to Tribal Council.

Vaitu had to decide who to vote out at Tribal Council. Anda and xuan agreed on Elicia, but Elicia was not done yet. She was talking to the alliance of 5 (not knowing that they were an alliance) about how annoying xuan was. She said that if they go on with him, they would spend their one million dollars on sergury for there ears after listening to him sing. Yakawae had enough, so he scolded her on her behavior. Penny walked away, not wanting to be apart of the arguement. Raphael told Elicia that she needed to grow up. Stephennie told the rest of the alliance except Penny to vote out Elicia, and she already knew who Penny was voting for. Elicia voted for Xuan, but she was voted out 7-1.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 2:
Elicia (7 votes)
Anda, Bobby, Penny, Raphael, Stephennie, Xuan, Yakawae
Xuan (1 vote)
Elicia Anthony

Voting Confessionals

Final Words

"Oh, crap no!! They vote for me, they go down, and Xuan better be voted off, he is a lunatic!! No one can stand him. He can keep singing all he wants, I don't care. As long as I am not in. He sounds like that rat we can never catch in my house."


Still in the Running

Next Time on Survivor: Tuvalu...

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