"The Perfect Plan"
The Perfect Plan The chickens and rooster reward
Season Survivor: Madagascar
Author User:Ckarimalis
Episode Number 6/13
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This is the 6th episode of Survivor: Madagascar

Previously On Survivor...

Some members of Fossa and Baobab were switched. Elsa and Nicholas went to Baobab and Jasmain, Drew and Rikku went to Fossa. When Fossa lost the immunity challenge, the vote was supposed to be 3-3. Instead, Rikku found mushrooms and botched the plan by voting for a butterfly, Jasmain was sent home 3-2-0.


Reward/Immunity Challenge: Shoulder The Load
Three members consisting of two men and one woman from each tribe will have a pole across their shoulders. Each round, weight will be added to that pole. The decision about which tribe member gets the weight will be made by the other tribe. When the weight becomes too much to bear, the tribe member will drop the pole and be out of the challenge. Last person left standing wins immunity for their tribe.
Reward: 4 live chickens and 1 Rooster.
Winner: Fossa

Immunity Challenge: Tucker'd Out
On a spinning wheel are various aboriginal delicacies, such as mangrove worms, crickets, grubs, and cow brains. Each Survivor must square off against someone from the opposing tribe, spin the wheel, and eat the item that's pointed at. If a Survivor refuses to eat, or if he or she throws up, that tribe falls behind one point. The tribe that successfully eats the most tucker, wins.
Winner: None


Night 15

Fossa returns to camp after its third consecutive tribal council.

If you ask me, this is getting a little ridiculous. We cannot keep losing immunity challenges.


But that wasn't the biggest concern of the night. Drew had to confront Rikku about her wild, random and wasted vote.

Drew: "What the HELL were you thinking? Now Jasmain is gone and you've ruined our chance on this tribe!"
Rikku: "I don't know Drew! I'm coming off my high as we speak. I know I made a mistake, I am sorry!"
Drew: "Sorry isn't going to cut it..."

I don't know what happened with that woman. She is a mess. And she might have just cost me my game.


I know I messed up. And I feel awful that Jasmain got eliminated. She would've had a chance if I didn't botch up the plan.


Antoina: "Can you believe her? She just wrote herself off!"
Hanson: "Haha, I know, what a dummy! That girl needs to get control of herself! She voted for a butterfly. A BUTTERFLY!""

The people of Baobab may be good at challenges. But if they are this dumb then a Fossa practically just won the game!


Day 16

Fossa and Baobab hike and meet for a new reward challenge. When Jeff announces that Jasmain was voted out at the last tribal council, confused glances are made by Baobab members.

What could have happened to Jas? Ooh, when I find out who screwed up, I'll vote their ass out so fast!


Baobab picks Nicholas, Bobby and Carly to hold the weight. Fossa picks Hanson, Drew and Antonia.

After slowly adding 20 lbs to each member standing, after 10 minutes, here is how things stand. Baobab: Nicholas has 220 lbs Bobby has 160 lbs Carly has 120 lbs

Fossa: Hanson: 180 lbs Drew: 220 lbs Antonia: 100 lbs

At this point, Drew, Nicholas and Carly are very strained. They all drop one after the other leaving just Bobby for Baobab and Hanson and Antonia for Fossa. Bobby goes to 180, Antonia goes to 120 and drops her weight. In the next round, both Bobby and Hanson go to 200. They both appear to be struggling. Another 20 lbs is added and Bobby drops his weight first. Hanson and Fossa win the reward.

Fossa returns to their camp with the 5 chickens in a small crate. They work together to build a pen. Drew works the most.

At this point, I am just trying to save my ass, I don't want to go home...I hope I get on their good side.


Hanson, Julian and I see right through him. He is trying to save himself. It's not happening. He might build a great cage for these birds, but he is still going home.


At Baobab, Corey collects Bobby, Carly and Jessica to talk.

Corey: "Guys, we need to talk about the reward challenge."
Carly: "Listen, I know I dropped my weight at 120lbs. I think I only weigh 110, so please, I don't wanna hear you complain."
Corey: "No, I want to talk about Fossa. Did you see that Jasmain was gone?"
Bobby: "Yeah, but Corey, there isn't much we can do for her now."
Corey: "Well I was thinki--"
Jessica: "WE HAVE TO THROW THE IMMUNITY CHALLENGE! Sorry! It's perfect! If we beat Fossa, they're sure to send Rikku or Drew home. We have to lose so we can get rid of Elsa or Nick and keep a majority!"
Corey: "Beautiful! That's exactly what I was going to say! This is why we should talk more Jessica!"
Bobby: "Doesn't that seem... you know? Kinda slimy?"
Corey: "I can almost guarantee that they will throw it just to get rid of Drew. We have to do this! It is the perfect plan!"

I agree with Corey. If we win, Drew will probably go home. He is my closest ally and he cannot go now!


It's actually a fool-proof plan. We lose. Elsa goes home. We merge 6-4, a Baobab wins!


I am all about the game! But this just doesn't seem that fair to me...


Day 17

At Fossa, Rikku finds some more mushrooms and inhales their smoke over a fire.

These shrooms sure are good! I wanna be a ballerina! Where's the chapstick? Oh look another butterfly!


Rikku dances after a butterfly, trying to catch it!

Julian: "She is a wild one isn't she?"
Antoina: "Yeah, I kinda feel bad for her. And Drew! All because of her he will go home next..."
Hanson: "You say that as if you know we will lose tomorrow..."
Antoina: "Won't we?"
Hanson: "Well if you want to?"
Antoina: "No, we have to lose tomorrow. If Baobab loses, Elsa or Nick will be eliminated. If we lose and vote out Rikku or Drew we will be tied 5-5 at the merge."
Hanson: "Oh, so we will throw it?"
Antoina: "Of course!"

Really, sometimes it seems like I am dealing with an old man here. C'mon pops! Think ahead!


I don't see throwing the challenge as fair play, but this isn't a fair game. Do anything you have to do to win!


Day 18

The tribes both arrive at the challenge, each secretly planning to purposely lose. The only people who dont know are Elsa & Nicholas and Drew & Rikku. The teams pick their line-up. Fossa:

  • Drew
  • Antonia
  • Julian
  • Rikku
  • Hanson


  • Elsa
  • Corey
  • Bobby
  • Carly
  • Nicholas
  • Jessica sits out.

Jeff brings out the first dish for Drew and Elsa. Its a live golden orb spider. The teams squeal but both Drew and Elsa eat it. The score is 1-1. Antonia and Corey are next, they must eat a cup full of crickets.

Corey: "Jeff, I hate bugs! I refuse to eat them."
Jeff Probst: "Oh really? Then why did you have Jessica sit out?"
Corey: "She hates them as much as me."
Antonia: "I can't eat these either...I'll vomit."
Jeff Probst: "Ok, well then, the score still lies 1-1."
Julian and Bobby are next, they must swallow 2 Madagascar hissing cockroaches. But before they get Jeff's go, Bobby has something to say.

Bobby: "Oh no! I don't really like bugs either!"
Jeff Probst: "WHAT? C'mon!"
Bobby: "No, I am serious, I can't do this."
Jeff Probst: "Well then Julian, if you eat these you take the lead!"
Julian: "Jeff, I am afraid to tell you that... I'm not gonna do it either."
Jeff Probst: "You guys are being ridiculous! 1-1!"
Jeff is clearly getting mad now. Rikku and Carly are up next. Jeff unvails the next dish. It's a cow brain!

Jeff Probst: "Well, anyone got something to say?"
Rikku: "I am a vegetarian! I chose to not eat..."

I was worried about not eating at this challenge and being seen as a weakness. But since no one was eating, I skipped too!


Jeff Probst: "Well Carly, that leaves you, but let me guess, you aren't going to eat it either!"
Carly: "No sir, I'd rather not."

I caught on quick, so I scared the castaways...

–Jeff Probst

Jeff Probst: "Hanson and Nicholas, your up! But let me make something clear now! I see that your both trying to throw the challenge. I am not dumb! This isn't fair to those who got switched out. If either Hanson or Nicholas refuses to eat this round, and they better not, all 11 of you will go to tribal council tonight! And draw rocks! I doubt you want that!"
Antonia: "Eat it Hanson! It's not worth throwing! Whatever Jeff brings out eat it!"
Jeff Probst: "Good! Someone is catching on! I am going to make this simple. It's a tie! Whoever eats this first wins! Remember, no funny business or we all go to tribal! Got it?"
Nicholas: "Yep."
Hanson: "Bring it on!"
Jeff reveals 2 Hershey Chocolate bars. Hanson says "My favorite!" And Jeff gives the go. Hanson shoves the chocolate bar down his throat as fast as he can trying to win. Nicholas doesn't move an inch. He just stares at the candy to the bewilderment of all. Hanson finishes eating, but realizes whats wrong. Finally Nicholas flicks the candy bar onto the ground.

Nicholas: "I hate chocolate. It makes you fat."
Jeff Probst: "Well, the deal is done. I will see everyone at tibal tonight! No need to scramble! Tonight's elimination will be random!"

A furious Baobab marches back to camp.

Jessica: "What the hell was that for? You screwed us all!"
Nicholas: "No! I screwed you all! This is what you get for throwing a challenge! I hope one of you d**** get eliminated!"
Corey: "Your horrible! I cannot believe you!"
Nicholas: "You better watch yourself before I sock you!"
Corey: "F*** you!"

They were going to throw it and vote me or Elsa out! So I took Jeff's opportunity and killed their plans! Do I feel bad? NO WAY! The old people at Fossa already wanted me out! They voted out Kamila! So I screwed them! Now, I have a 1 in 11 chance in going home tonight. That is much better than 50% me or 50% Elsa! I am so ready! One of these losers will be sorry for messing with me!


The Fossa camp is hot with anger as well.

Antonia: "Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!"
Hanson: "It is ok Antonia, maybe Nick will draw the purple rock!"
Antonia: "He ruined everything! The whole plan! He is just playing for himself!"
Julian: "It's a cutthroat game, of course he is playing for himself."
Antonia: "I swear, it better not be one of us that pulls the purple rock!"

All 11 remaining survivors make their way to tribal council.

I've invested too much into this game now to leave because of Nicholas.


I knew what we were doing was sneaky. It's going to come back and get someone!


I don't think it will be me. I believe in karma! It will be Nick!


First Jasmain, now this! Baobab better not lose another number because of this! I don't want to merge 5-5.


I think Nicholas's plan was excellent! This is what all the betrayers get! As long as it isn't Jessica or I who pick the purple rock tonight, I will be happy!


It's funny to think that Nick might've just saved me. His plan might not actually be so bad, that is, only if a Baobab goes home. But hey! There's more of a chance that it will be one of them!


Nick needs to go home. I hope this bites him in the butt and if it doesn't end him this time, I will next time!


I am not worried. I have an idol that I can play. I don't want to, but I can if I'm feeling really worried.


Nick's plan is very risky. I respect him for that. I hope this won't be the downfall to any Fossa


Screw all of them! I did this to save myself!


This whole purple rock thing means that I can't vote for that cursed butterfly!DAMN! He is bothering the hell out of me!


The 11 arrive at tribal council. Jeff questions Nick's tactics, but Nick says he did it all for himself. He wasn't going to let the team throw it and ruin his chances. Eyes roll and there are many grumbles. Jeff says this all could've been avoided if the teams had just competed. Jeff doesn't have anything else he needs to uncover through questions, he brings out a bag of rocks. 10 yellow, 1 is purple. He asks for idols, no one plays an idol. Each of the 11 nervously pick out a rock and keep it hidden in their grasp. On Jeff's count they all reveal. There are 10 sighs of relief and one faint "yelp". Rikku had the purple rock! She cries as she picks up her torch and hugs some of her old teammates. Jeff snuffs her and she leaves sniffling. Before asking eveyone else to leave, Jeff Probst holds everyone at tribal council. (TO BE CONTINUED)

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 6:
Baobab & Fossa
No Vote
Rikku B&W
Rikku Nadler

Voting Confessionals

There are no voting confessionals for this episode because no votes were casted.

Final Words

That wasn't fair for Nick to do. But I still am glad he did it. I mean, I was pretty much a goner anyway after my screw-up with Jasmain. At least this way I don't have to starve and struggle any longer. And maybe this was a sign that me winning just wasn't meant to be. Good luck Baobab!


Still In The Running

Bella B&W




Kamila B&W


Sammie B&W
Carly B


Jasmain B&W
Rikku B&W
Sherbert B&W

Next Time On Survivor..

  • What tensions will build as the two tribes merge to one with an even 5-5 split?
  • Will Nicholas stick to his new tribe alliance or go back to his old?
  • Will Nicholas's big risk ruin his chances with both alliances?

Author's Notes

  • This is the first time the purple rock twist is used in a Ckarimalis fanon.
    • Ironically enough, the purple rock twist is first used in American Survivor's fourth season, and first used in my fourth fanon season.