The Power of Three
John SayersKat MorrisTaylor Johannson
Season Survivor: Honduras
Founder John Sayers
Members Remained Loyal
John Sayers (Day 1 - 39)
Kat Morris (Day 1 - 39)
Taylor Johannson (Day 1 - 39)
Affiliate Members
Matt Easterly (Day 6 - 35)
Susan Szczeblewski (Day 12 - 30)
Day Formed Day 1
Enemies The Anti-John Alliance
The Quartet Alliance
Lowest Placing Member Susan Szczeblewski (8/18)
Highest Placing Member John Sayers (Winner)

The Power of Three (also known as the Force of Five, John's Alliance, or John and Company) is the dominate alliance in Survivor: Honduras and the first one formed in the game. It consists of John Sayers, Kat Morris, and Taylor Johannson after being formed on Day 1 and named on Day 2.



The Power of Three was formed on Day 1 after John Sayers and Kat Morris bonded after their first reward challenge. The two of them brought in Taylor Johannson on Day 1 and hoping to get Susan Szczeblewski into the alliance but she was not willing to join in the beginning.

Recruitment of Matt Easterly

Sensing that a rival alliance was beginning to form, John decided to talk to Matt Easterly about becoming a member of the Power of Three. Matt accepted the offer and the alliance was up to four total members bringing the two rival alliances to an even four members with Susan as the tiebreaker.

Susan Joins and Jase Is Eliminated

With Susan as the goal of the alliance, John was able to convince her to join his alliance over his rival Jase's alliance. Susan didn't join until tribal council on Day 12 where she said her vote would show which alliance she was on. She chose to vote with John's Power of Three and took out the opposing alliance's leader, Jase Allen. That set John up as the most powerful man in the Mocorón tribe.

Domination of Mocorón

After Jase's elimination, the Power of Three were up two members over the rival alliance. There was no doubt who was in control of Mocorón, but just like before, the tribe dominated in challenges and did not have to go tribal council again until after the merge.

Phase One

When the merge happened, John set up Phase One. It was a plan to take out Danni, Adam and Conner without them joining forces with Nakunta. Danni was the first victim. She was followed by Adam. By this point, Conner had given up. So when he was voted out of the game Phase One was completed and the Power of Three had control over Caratasca.

Phase Two

Phase Two of John's game is to weaken Nakunta and solidify his position in this game permanently. He first targeted Jessica due to her physical strength is challenges. After she was sent home, Susan decided it was time to turn on John and ally with the enemy. John anticipated that happening and willingly lost immunity so he would receive votes and use his hidden immunity idol against Susan. Susan was sent home leaving Nakunta in a desperate spot.


After Susan's elimination and John, Kat and Taylor always choosing each other for rewards, Matt started to see that he was in the bottom of his alliance. Alison tried to use that for her advantage. She tried to convince Matt that he was not going to make it to the Final Three with his current alliance. She told him that with her and her allies he had a better shot. She proposed that Connie, Matt and herself would be the Final Three. Matt did think it over and knew he would not make to the Final Three, but he remained loyal. He aided John in taking out another Nakunta member, Tina, instead of sending the most potent threat, John, out of the game.

Phase Three

Phase Three is the final phase of John's plan to win the game. After Matt's hesitation to vote with John, the Power of Three blindsided him sending him home. With Matt gone and no way the remaining Nakunta members could survive outside of immunity, John won the final two immunity challenges sending Alison and Connie home respectively. That left original members of the Power of Three members as the Final Three with John winning the title of Sole Survivor. Kat came in second place and Taylor in third place.


The Power of Three Members
John Sayers
John Sayers
Kat Morris
Kat Morris
Taylor Johannson
Taylor Johannson
Matthew Easterly
Matt Easterly
Susan Szczeblewski
Susan Szczeblewski
Original Member
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