"The Powers That Be"
Season Survivor: Honduras
Author User:UlforceKnight
Episode Number 4/14
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This is the 4th episode of Survivor: Honduras.

Previously on Survivor...

After two easy votes, Max turned his aim to Alison and Jessica wanting to break them up. He mentioned it to their ally Tina and to tribemates Carson and Vince. Meanwhile at Mocorón, John and Kat pulled Susan aside and plead to her their case about joining their alliance over Jase's alliance. Without Jase talking to her yet, Susan was unsure of how true John's statements were. At the immunity challenge, both tribes were dead even until the last phase were Carson didn't work together with Jessica unlike Kat and Taylor did for Mocorón, sending Nakunta back to tribal council. There Nakunta's majority alliance, the Quartet, showed their power and eliminated Carson for his hindering performance at the immunity challenge.

Fifteen are left. Who will be eliminated next?


Reward Challenge: Concentration
In a challenge arena of 36 covered tables, there are matching pairs of symbols under the covers. One at a time each tribe will send on tribe member to enter the arena and uncover two symbols. If the symbols don't match, the symbols will be recovered. If the symbols match, the tribe member will no longer compete in the challenge. The first tribe to have all of their competing tribe members make matches wins rewards.
Reward: Pillows, blankets and other comfort items
Winner: Mocorón

Immunity Challenge: Shoulder the Load
Three members from each tribe, two men and one women, will have a pole across their shoulders. Each round, 20 pounds will be added to that pole. The decision about which tribe member gets the weight will be made by the other tribe. When the weight becomes too much to bear, the tribe member will drop the pole and be out of the challenge. Last person left standing wins immunity for their tribe.
Winner: Nakunta


Night 9

After tribal council, Max pulled Vince aside away from the women. He told Vince, "Those four girls are together."

"I noticed," Vince stated.

"What are we going to do?" asked Max.

"It's four against two right now. I don't think there is anything we can do right now. All we can really do is win immunity all the way up until the merge," Vince answered.

"Oh that's it. We haven't even one once. Not a single immunity. Not even a single reward. We are 0 for 6."

"So do you want me just to give up?" asked Vince.

"No," Max replied, "We might have to look for the idol."

"The hidden immunity idol? Is there even one out here? Jeff has never mentioned it in tribal."

"Maybe because no one has looked for it yet. We haven't won a reward so we don't know if clues come with the reward or not."

"If any member of that alliance finds one of us looking, we will become a target."

"Vince, we are already targets. What else will looking for an idol do?"

"Good point," Vince said.

Down near the beach, the four women were talking. Connie asked, "What will Mocorón think when they see another man is gone?"

"Considering how bad of a team player that Carson was, I don't think they will be surprised. Maybe one or two will think we are in an alliance, but no more," Jessica said.

"I hope that's true," Tina replied.

"We can't afford to think these things now. All we can do is win immunity. We were so close today. We would have won without Carson throwing. So we can win the next one. I know we can. That is all we have to concentrate on," Alison spoke up.

"Alison's right. We need to think on winning the immunity challenge," Jessica said.

We have to win the next immunity challenge. If we are to have a shot in the future of this game, we need to win those challenges.

–Alison Jacobs

Day 10


"Come on in, guys!" Jeff called out to the tribes. First tribe to come in was Mocorón. Moments later, Nakunta entered in. Jeff continued, "Mocorón, getting your first look at the Nakunta tribe. Carson voted out last tribal council."

Jeff waited until all tribe members from both tribes were ready and his went on, "Are you guys ready to get to today's reward challenge. Today's challenge is going to be a memory game. Behind me are 36 covered tables. There are matching pairs of symbols under the covers. One at a time each tribe will send one tribe member to enter the arena and uncover two symbols. If the symbols don't match, the symbols will be recovered. If the symbols match, the tribe member will no longer compete in the challenge. The first tribe to have all of their competing tribe members make matches wins rewards. Want to know what you are playing for?"

The tribes all agreed on yes as Jeff uncovered the reward. He said, "We have pillows, blankets, two beach chairs along with other comfort item. Worth playing for? From you reactions, I will say yes. Mocorón, you have three extra members. Who are you going to sit out? Can't sit out the same people in back to back challenges.

Kat answered, "Taylor, Susan and I will sit out."

Jeff went on to say, "Okay then. Taylor, Susan and Kat take a seat on the bench. Everyone else we'll get started."

First was Conner for Mocorón. He went to the center and uncovered his two tables. One was a scarlet macaw and the other was a cathedral. No match. Next was Connie for Nakunta. She went to the far side of the arena and uncovered the Honduras Coat of Arms. She went to the top right corner and uncovered the other Honduras Coat of Arms. She gave her team the first point and went to sit on Nakunta's bench.

Mocorón: 0 Nakunta: 1

Jase was up. He stayed at the near side. He uncovered the Honduras flag and one his second uncover, he uncovered another cathedral. Tina was next. She went to Jase's cathedral and went to where Conner was but accidently uncovered the macaw and not the other cathedral. John was next. He didn't make the same mistake as Tina and he uncovered both cathedrals. He went and joined Kat, Taylor and Susan on Mocorón's bench.

Mocorón: 1 Nakunta: 1

Jessica was up next. She uncovered a Honduras pine tree and a white-tailed deer. Danni went up and uncovered the Honduras flag and a map of Honduras. Vince went up. He uncovered a soccer ball on both his guesses.

Mocorón: 1 Nakunta: 2

Matt went up and uncovered a lempira, the currency of Honduras, and a white-tailed deer. Max was next. He uncovered the second macaw and second map of Honduras. Adam was next and uncovered both macaws. Alison was the last one up for Nakunta. Without missing a step, she uncovered both maps of Honduras.

Mocorón: 2 Nakunta: 3

Conner was back for Mocorón and uncovered the national flower for Honduras and a picture of Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras. Tina was back up for Nakunta. She uncovered a picture of the Caratasca Lagoon and the other image for the flower. Jase remembered his Honduras flag as well as Danni's Honduras flag. He went and joined his tribemates on their bench.

Mocorón: 3 Nakunta: 3

Jessica was back up. She uncovered the other Honduras pine and the other Caratasca. Danni went right up and uncovered another lempira. She thought about were Matt was went he uncovered his lempira. She guessed and guessed correctly. Max was back up. He uncovered the Coat of Arms but faltered and uncovered a pine. Conner was up and uncovered both images of the Coat of Arms.

Mocorón: 5 Nakunta: 3

Tina uncovered both images for the flower. Matt went up and uncovered an image of Caratasca and a white-tailed deer. Jessica returned to play. She was finally successful in uncovering both Honduras pines. Matt went up and uncovered a white-tailed deer and Porfirio Lobo Sosa, the current president of Honduras. Max was up next. He uncovered a white-tailed deer and an image of a cross. Matt went up once more and uncovered both images for the Caratasca Lagoon and won the challenge for Mocorón.

Mocorón: 6 Nakunta: 5

"Mocorón wins reward for the fourth straight time!" Jeff announced. The tribes all returned to their mats. He went on, "Mocorón all this is yours. You won it. As for Nakunta just like every challenge before, I've got nothing for you. Go ahead and move out."


Mocorón returned to camp just as they always had, victorious. John was carrying the beach chairs while Kat, Matt and Adam carried everything else. John sat the two chairs next to the camp flag as the others lined the shelter's floor with all of the blankets and pillows. Once that was done, Susan went to join John as he sat on one of the beach chairs. She sat down and asked, "Is any of that true?"

"Is what true?" asked John.

"About Jase and his alliance against you and your alliance," Susan replied.

"Absolutely. I don't know what I did. I just know that Jase, Adam, Conner and Danni are together and want both me and Kat gone."

"Why? You two are the strongest on our team."

"You are too," John said.

"Thank you, but seriously why does Jase want you two gone?"

"He thinks we are too powerful. He wants control over this tribe."

"Why would he get control over this tribe? What has he done in challenges. What major decisions has he made?" asked Susan.

"Other than make an alliance of four, not many if any," John replied. He turned to Susan and asked, "Are you considering joining?"

"Yes, I am, but I need to hear the other side out first," Susan said.

"Go ahead and talk to him and make your choice after that," John told her.

"I think I will," Susan said as she stood up and walked away.

I went to ask John if anything he said was true. He assured me that it was true. I believe he is telling the truth. I believe that even more since he told me to go talk to Jase and then decide. That comment makes everything he said more believable, but I will hear out Jase side.

–Susan Szczeblewski


Jessica sat on the log outside to the left of the shelter. Alison sat down next to her. The two of them didn't have to worry about being noticed anymore. Last night at the tribal council, they showed that they were in control. There was nothing that Max or Vince could do to stop them other than to win immunities. That was Jessica's number one and only goal right. She wanted to know what feeling safe felt like. She hadn't truly experienced that yet. In the ten days she had been out here, there was no relief from paranoia. Even now as she was in control of Nakunta, she was still paranoid to a certain extent. What if Connie or Tine flipped? That would be bad for her and Alison, but right now she couldn't think like that. She wondered how the Mocorón tribe had to feel right now. She bet they were living as one big happy family with all the wins that they had accumulated. She wished she could feel that secure.

Jessica was pulled out of her daydreaming by Alison. Alison made the comment, "I hope Mocorón gets over confident."

"Why?" asked Jessica.

"That way they may slip up in the next challenge."

"You think so."

"I have to think that, don't I?" asked Alison, "We need to win this next challenge."

"How? What can we do that we haven't done already?"

"Clear our minds of all we can't be thinking about right now. We can't be thinking about how many challenges we have lost. We can't be thinking about who is the next to go home. We can't be thinking about how loyal Connie or Tina are. All we have to think about is winning the next challenge. That is all we can afford to think of," Alison explained.

"You know how hard that is going to be?"

"Of course I do. I am doing it right now. You have to do the same thing. It's what I tell my students. Don't think about the problem that is coming up. Think of the problem you have now. That is all that counts right now. Worry about the next problem when you are finished with this one," Alison told Jessica.

"What do you students do?" asked Jessica.

"They think about the problem they are on. Well, at least most of them do."

"What about the ones that do worry?"

"They fail and that will happen to us if we keep on worrying. We have to worry and think about what we are one right now. We have to win the next immunity. So be it. That is all we should think about."

"Okay," Jessica said as she stared out into the ocean as the sun started to set. She was going to take Alison's advice and hope to do as she said. Jessica silently stood up. She walked to the water and waded in until the water was at her waist. She stood there for a long time until the sun had completely set.

We may have lost the reward challenge, but at this point, I don't care. We need to win the next one though. That is the most important one. I am going to do everything in my power to win this next challenge even if winning pushes me to the edge.

–Jessica Walters

Day 11


Jase looked around camp to see where John as his closest ally Kat were. She spotted them out in the water fishing. He knew they hadn't been gone that long. Jase walked over to Susan who was sitting on the large rock that she was always sitting on. It was the same one that Kat had found her on. Jase looked at her and said, "We need to talk Susan."

Susan looked down at Jase and said, "I was wondering if you ever were going to talk to me."

Jase couldn't tell Susan's expression because she was wearing those sunglasses she always wore. Those things annoyed Jase but he knew not to comment on them until his conversation with her was over. He told her, "You are in danger if you don't come and help us."

"What do you mean?" asked Susan.

"John is trying to take control over this tribe. I don't want that to happen. I have allied with Conner, Adam and Danni. All we need is you. We need you to help us take out one of John's allies. Our plan is Taylor. With you, we have five votes to their four votes."

"What's in it for me?" asked Susan.

"You won't be on my target list."

"Really? Does this mean that if I don't vote with you, I am an enemy?"

"It could. At our first immunity, you will have to vote with us if you want to make it to the merge. You will make it further in this game if you come with us."

"Further as in fifth place? You have been in alliance with Adam, Conner and Danni first. You take them to the end and that leaves me as the new girl in fifth place. What good is that when I want first place?"

"I can always cut Adam and Conner first. The one that I am really close to is Danni."

Susan thought about that. She replied, "So you are willing to cut off two alliance members to gain me in your alliance so that you can overpower John and his allies? I really don't like the sound of that. If you are willing to betray you allies that easily why should I trust you? I should go and join John's alliance right now if that's the case."

"That would be a very unwise thing to do."

"Why is that?" asked Susan, "Are you afraid of the power I hold?"

"What power? All you hold is one vote. You hold no true power," Jase said with disgust in his voice.

"I'll let you think on what you said wrong in that comment. Until then, I have nothing more to say," Susan spat.

Jase knew when to stop. He walked back to the log he always sat on and turned his gaze to the ocean where John and Kat were still fishing. He had to find a way to stop John and he was willing to do anything in his power to keep John from having any kind of say in this game.

So Jase comes up to me earlier today and confirms what John has told me all along. There are two alliances in this tribe and I am the swing vote. I was hoping to be just as valuable to Jase as I am to John, but from how I see it right now. Jase only wants me to get rid of John and then he will cut me loose, but John has wanted me from Day One. So right now I am tending to lean John's way, but I will decide after we lose immunity if that ever happens.

–Susan Szczeblewski

Day 12

Shoulder the Load

"Come on in guys!" Jeff called out to the tribes. Mocorón and Nakunta came in at sat at their mats. Jeff waited until the tribes were set. He went on, "Are you guys ready to get to today's immunity challenge? First things first. Kat, I'll take back the idol."

Jeff walked over to Kat and took the immunity idol from her. Jeff started, "Immunity is back up for grabs. For today's challenge, three members from each tribe will have a pole across their shoulders. Each round, 20 pounds will be added to that pole. The decision about which tribe member gets the weight will be made by the other tribe. When the weight becomes too much to bear, the tribe member will drop the pole and be out of the challenge. Last person left standing wins immunity for their tribe. There has to be two men and one woman as weight bearers. Mocorón you have three extra people. Who's going to be sitting out this challenge?"

Susan said, "Danni, Jase and Conner."

"Okay Danni, Jase and Conner, take a seat on the bench. As for the others on Mocorón, choose who will be the weight bearers. For Nakunta, you only have two men left so choose which woman will be the weight bearer."

After several minutes, the two tribes decided. For Nakunta, Vince, Max and Jessica would be the weight bearers. For Mocorón, it would be Matt, John and Taylor bearing the weight. The six of them took their spots on the podium and the challenge began. Nakunta was allowed to chose first. They chose the weight to be placed on Matt. Mocorón chose the weight to be placed on Max. The two tribes kept choosing for five more rounds. All of the weight went to the same two people.

John: 0 Jessica: 0
Matt: 100 Max: 100
Taylor: 0 Vince: 0

Next as Nakunta decided to keep things the same, Mocorón decided to change things. They started to alternate putting weight on both Max and Vince. Matt just kept getting loaded however. Four more rounds went by and Matt couldn't take it anymore. He dropped out of the challenge at 180 pounds and right after him Max caved in at 140 pounds.

John: 0 Jessica: 0
Matt: 180 (Out) Max: 140 (Out)
Taylor: 0 Vince: 40

Now Nakunta decided to alternate between John and Taylor as Mocorón alternated between Jessica and Vince. Eleven rounds passed before Taylor's pole dropped at 100 pounds even. That left John as Mocorón's sole contender.

John: 120 Jessica: 120
Matt: 180 (Out) Max: 140 (Out)
Taylor: 100 (Out) Vince: 140

Nakunta continued to pour the weight on John as Mocorón continued to alternate. Four rounds later, Vince dropped out at Matt's weight of 180 pounds. John and Jessica were the only two left in the challenge and the choices ended. Weight would continue to be piled onto each one until one finally caved in.

John: 200 Jessica: 160
Matt: 180 (Out) Max: 140 (Out)
Taylor: 100 (Out) Vince: 180 (Out)

Before the round went on, Jeff said, "Right now Jessica has tied Christa Hastie from Pearl Islands for the record of the most weight held in this challenge by a woman at 160 pounds. Any other weight added will be a new record for the most weight held by a woman in this challenge."

As Jeff said that, their was smirk on Jessica's face even thought the weight was incredibly heavy for her. She took a quick glance at John. He seemed a little worked but not as much as her. As she was thinking, the next round of weight was put on. She felt the weight pile on.

John: 220 Jessica: 180

"Jessica now owns the record for the most weight held in this challenge by a woman at 180 pounds. If John can hang on for two more rounds, he will own the record for the most weight held in this challenge," Jeff said.

John's mind was not on the record. All he wanted to do was to win this challenge and send Nakunta back to tribal council. On the other side, Jessica didn't want John to beat her. She was sick and tired of John beating her. She wanted this one more than anything and as the next rounds weight was put on her, she kept thinking about what Alison told her. Just keep thinking and working on this problem and not worry about the future. She closed her eyes as the weight of 200 pounds started to take its toll, but she was set on overcoming this.

John: 240 Jessica: 200

"John is now tied with Jim Rice and Brandon Hantz of South Pacific for the most weight held in this challenge. The next round will see another record break if John can hang on."

Jessica took a glance at John and saw his arms starting to quiver. His legs were shaking as well. Despite all of the pain that her body was feeling, she was determined. The struggling she saw in John made her continue. She knew she could overcome him. She was going to win. That thought entered her mind and her body was filled with renewed strength. Just then, the next load was placed on her.

John: 260 Jessica: 220

"John now owns the record for the most weight held in this challenge at 260 pounds. Anything else is just adding onto the record," Jeff said.

John could feels his legs giving out. He didn't want to give up, but he didn't want to dislocated his right knee for the third time and be taken out of the game. He tried to throw those thoughts out of his head. As for Jessica, she cleared her mind and shut her eyes waiting for the next load, knowing she had to keep on going. John was almost finished and she wouldn't let her body tell her that she was almost finished as well. Then she heard it. A groan from her right side and a crash. Then cheering came from the crowd. She opened her eyes and if the world had slowed down, she saw her tribemates running towards her. She glanced at John who was on the ground. Then it hit her as all her tribemates took the weight off of her. She had done it. She had outlasted John and won immunity for her tribe. The realization of that brought her to tears.

After she stepped down, Jessica grabbed hold of Alison and hugged her. Jessica said, "Thank you. Your advice to me about thinking about one thing at a time was true. That's how I stayed up there that long."

The two tribes returned to their mates and Jeff looked at Jessica who was still crying. He asked, "Finally after twelve days and seven straight losses, you have finally won, Nakunta. Jessica, your crying. How much does this mean to you?"

Jessica smiled, "It means a lot. I have tried time and time again to win immunity. I have come close so many times, but we have always lost in the end."

"Not this time," Jeff said. He grabbed the idol and continued, "With 220 pounds, I think you deserve this one, Jessica."

Jessica took the idol from Jeff and held it tight.

Jeff went back to his spot and said, "For the first time in this game, Nakunta I will not see you at tribal council. As for you Mocorón, for the first time in this game one of you will be going home tonight at tribal council. Go ahead and head out. I'll see you later."

We did it. We won. It took me 220 pounds to get me there, but I did it. I still don't know how I held that much weight. I guess it was my determination to win or maybe the powers that be finally decided that Nakunta should win. Whatever the case, I am grateful. For the first time in 12 days, I can sleep peacefully.

–Jessica Walters


Well, we lost our first immunity challenge. I knew this day was coming. Now it's up to Susan whose alliance wins this tribe. I am going to tell her who we are voting for and hope she makes the right decision.

–John Sayers

John gathered Matt, Taylor and Kat in the water. He knew all four of them would be onboard with his plan. He was going to cut the head off of the snake. He said, "We need to stop this movement at its source. We need to take out Jase. All we need is Susan. I am going tell her our plans and hope she is with us. That's about all I can do."

John left the group to find Susan. He found her once again on her rock. He told her, "I don't know if you have made your decision yet, but we are voting for Jase. If you are with us, be with us."

John didn't stay for Susan to reply. She saw him walk off. She hadn't decided who she was going to vote for yet. The two choices were Taylor or Jase. She personally liked Taylor. Jase came off as an ass the day before. She didn't want to be in this position, but she was and there was nothing she could do about it. Actually there was one thing she could do about it. She could join one of the alliance. John's alliance seemed like the better one right now, but what if Jase's alliance was better down the road. She wasn't sure of who she was going to vote for tonight.

I hope I make the right decision tonight. I don't want to hand over control of this tribe to the wrong alliance. That would be bad on more than one level. It would be back on our tribal level, on my individual game level, on the future stages of this game. On how we work together in the future. All of that hinges on my vote tonight. I don't know what I am going to do, but I am leaning a certain way right now.

–Susan Szczeblewski

On Jase's log, Jase was sitting there with Danni next to him. He told her, "I told Susan that we are voting for Taylor yesterday. And I told her that voting against us would be bad in her future game play."

"Did you tell her this vote is decisive? She holds all the cards in this one. She has control over our tribe for this one vote," Danni said.

"No, I didn't tell her that. I don't want her to think I need her."

"We do need her, Jase."

I hope Jase fixes what he screwed up yesterday by giving Susan the impression that we don't need her. That could backfire and get one of us voted out.

–Danni McDearmon

Tribal Council


Mocorón walked into tribal council for the first time in this game. Jeff told them, "Behind each of you is torch. In this game, fire means life. When you fire goes, your time in this game comes to and end."

Mocorón sat on the log stumps that were their seats. Jeff looked upon the Mocorón tribe for the first time at tribal council. He said, "So after 12 days you have finally arrived at tribal council. It just took 260 pounds piled on John's shoulders to take you guys down."

Jeff saw Jase's eyes roll at that statement so Jeff said, "Jase, you don't seem too happy that I mentioned John."

Jase replied, "I'm not. It's always John this or John that at camp. It's annoying. John is not the man we can't be without."

Jeff told him, "From your previous wins, it appears he is the man you need. And from today's challenge, any normal person would have fallen out of that challenge around 180 pounds, but John exceeded that by 80 pounds. I think he is a valuable asset to your tribe."

"He is," Taylor spoke up, "He is the big reason we have avoided coming here for so long. We would have won today's challenge if it hadn't been Jessica against John."

"You believe that?"

"Yes, I do," Taylor answered.

"John, this is about you. What do you have to say?" asked Jeff.

"All I have to say is that on this tribe, you either love me or hate me. Tonight's vote will determined if this tribe likes me more than it dislikes me," John said.

"What does that mean?" asked Jeff.

"This tribe is a powder keg stalemated between two evenly matched alliances with one person as the deciding factor."

"Who is that?" asked Jeff.

Susan raised her hand, "It's me."

"Do you know who you are going with tonight?" asked Jeff.

"Not really. I won't fully be sure until I have to right that name down. Once I choose to vote out that person I will join the other alliance. That's all I have to say tonight."

"So it seems that Susan is the most powerful person here at tonight's vote," Jeff said.

"She is," John replied.

"I don't think so," Jase said, "She is one vote we can survive without her. We will just leave the fate of whoever goes home tonight to chance if Susan doesn't vote either of our ways. She is an amenity not a necessity."

"Really?" asked Kat, "She seems a little more valuable to us than that."

"Maybe to you and John just not to me," said Jase.

Jeff interrupted them and asked, "So Kat, you and John are together in alliance?"

"Along with Matt and Taylor," Kat said, "The others already know about it."

Jeff nodded and said, "So let's go ahead and see which alliance will come out on top. Danni, start off the voting."

Voting Confessionals

This is the defining moment of this tribe. I hope it keeps John around.

–Kat Morris

If all goes according to plan, you will be going home tonight. I know where my alliance lies. As long as Susan goes along with the plan, you will be gone.

–John Sayers

This is nothing against you. You are a sweet girl, but you allied with the wrong man and that is your undoing. This is nothing personal. You just happen to be collateral.

–Jase Allen

If Jase didn't screw things up with Susan, you will be going home only to weaken John and his position of power. I'm sorry girl. I truly am.

–Danni McDearmon

I have made my decision. I just hope I have made the right decision.

–Susan Szczeblewski


Jeff retrieved the voting urn and placed it on the table. He said, "Once the votes are read, the person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes."

Jeff took the lid off the urn and started to read the votes. "First vote: Taylor. Second vote: Taylor. Third vote: Taylor."

As Taylor's name kept coming up, she started to grow worried. John put his arm around her to comfort her as the other votes were read.

"Fourth vote: Jase. Fifth vote: Jase. Sixth vote: Jase. We are tied at three votes Jase, three votes Taylor. Seventh vote: Jase. Eighth vote: Taylor. We are tied at four votes Taylor, four votes Jase. One vote left."

As Jeff pulled out the last vote, Taylor couldn't keep her eyes open. Jeff read the last vote and said, "The fourth person voted off of Survivor: Honduras: Jase. That's enough votes. Jase, please bring me your torch."

Taylor let out a large sigh of relief as John quietly told her, "You're safe. It's okay. It's okay."

Jase silently grabbed his bag and torch and placed his torch in front of Jeff. Jeff took the snuffer, "Jase, the tribe has spoken."

Jase left the area, still silent. Jeff turned back to tribe and said, "Well it appears Susan chose John over Jase. Was that the right decision? We won't know until later. Grab your stuff and head out."

Tribal Council 4:
Jase Allen
Jase (5 votes)
John SayersKat MorrisMatthew EasterlySusan SzczeblewskiTaylor Johannson
John, Kat, Matt, Susan, Taylor
Taylor Johannson
Taylor (4 votes)
Adam BennettConner YoungDanni McDearmonJase Allen
Adam, Conner, Danni, Jase
Jase Allen
Jase Allen

Final Words

John, you won. As for the others, I hope you realize that you sealed your fate. John is a danger. He is strong, smart and cunning. He will chop all of you down. Don't let him do that. I know you probably won't here this, but get rid of John before it is too late.

–Jase Allen

Still in the Running

Adam Bennett
Conner Young
Danni McDearmon
Jase Allen
John Sayers
Kat Morris
Matthew Easterly
Susan Szczeblewski
Taylor Johannson
Allison Jacobs
Benny Vaquera
Carson Peterson
Connie Tran
Jessica Waters
Max Chou
Paul Springer
Tina Langley
Vince Strachan

Next Time on Survivor...

  • Will Nakunta be able to continue their winning?
  • Meanwhile on Mocorón, John becomes the de facto leader of the tribe after Jase's elimination.


  • John Sayers broke the record for the most weight held in the Shoulder the Load challenge. The old record was set at 240 pound and he broke the record with 260 pounds.
  • Jessica Walters broke the record for the most weight held in the Shoulder the Load challenge by a woman. The old record was set at 160 pounds. Her new record stands at 220 pounds.