The Quartet Alliance
Jessica WatersAllison Jacobs
Connie TranTina Langley
Season Survivor: Honduras
Founder Jessica Walters
Members Remained Loyal
Connie Tran (Day 4 - 38)
Alison Jacobs(Day 4 - 37)
Tina Langley (Day 4 - 33)
Jessica Walters (Day 4 - 29)
Affiliate Member
Adam Bennett (Day 22 - 24)
Day Formed Day 4
Enemies  Max Chou
Carson Peterson
Vince Strachan
The Power of Three
Lowest Placing Member Adam Bennett (11/18)
Highest Placing Member Connie Tran (4/18)

The Quartet Alliance (known simply as Nakunta) is an alliance in Survivor: Honduras. It was formed by Jessica Walters in an attempt to find the strongest members of her tribe so that they could win against their rival tribe Mocorón.

Although it was the dominate alliance on the Nakunta tribe, the Quartet was the alliance on the bottom of the merged tribe Caratasca. Even though they had chances to take control, the potential allies they recruited remained loyal to their first alliance or were voted out due to a hidden immunity idol being played.



Tired of continually losing to Mocorón, Jessica Walters decided to form an alliance to take control of her tribe and help it win in challenges. The tribe consisted of all the tribe's women.

Carson: Their First Victim

After the Nakunta tribe voted out both Paul and Benny unanimously, the Quartet turned their sights on who they viewed as the weaker member in the challenges. Orignially, Jessica wanted Max gone due to him wanting to break her and Alison up. Due to the hindering performance of Carson in the third immunity challenge, Max was spared and Carson was sent home. Carson was the alliance's first victim and his elimination told remaining tribemates, Max and Vince, that the women were together and they better start winning immunity challenges.

In Control of Nakunta

With Carson gone, they owned Nakunta. Due to the rival tribe's success they stayed strong and voted out everyone who was not in their alliance off of their tribe which included Max Chou and Vince Strachan. Unfortunately it gave them a 4-8 minority in the new merged tribe.

The Merge

The Quartet merged with Mocorón just knowing they would be picked off one by one. Jessica didn't listen to anyone from Mocorón and told her alliance to vote Adam. When the first tribal council as a new tribe ended, the Quartet was still intact but also still down in the numbers. They had to get two more people to become the majority on Caratasca.

War with The Power of Three

After Danni was voted out, the Quartet recruited Adam to be in their alliance against the Power of Three alliance, but due to Conner's unpredictable votes, Adam was sent home. The next tribal Conner was sent home. Now the Quartet is down in numbers to the Power of Three with no one who can help them. Alison has not given up and is leading the charge against John's command and alliance.


The Quartet Alliance Members
Jessica Waters
Jessica Walters
Allison Jacobs
Alison Jacobs
Connie Tran
Connie Tran
Tina Langley
Tina Langley
Adam Bennett
Adam Bennett
Member Member Member Member