The Remainders
Season Survivor: Guadeloupe
Founder Rodger Ames
Members Remained Loyal:
Rodger Ames (Day 1-13)
Louie Sinticki (Day 1-3)
Chloe Thompson (Day 1-6)
Joel Kraemer (Day 1-12)
Day Formed Day 1
Sweetheart Alliance
Holly Rockwell
Abbie Moore
Lowest Placing Member Louie Sinticki (20/20)
Highest Placing Member Rodger Ames (4/20)

The Remainders is an alliance from Survivor: Guadeloupe. This alliance was formed on Day One, mainly to counter the Sweetheart Alliance, which was quickly taking over the game.


The Formation

Formed on Day One, the alliance looked as if it would come out on top. The alliance tried to pull in swing votes Abbie Moore and Holly Rockwell in order to save their entire alliance. But the swing votes chose to go with the Sweetheart Alliance, which sent Louie home.

On Day 6, the tribe had to send another person home. Rodger knew that someone from his alliance would be going home, and he thought that Joel would go home. He convinced Regan's alliance to vote off Chloe instead of Joel. Regan's alliance (with the exception of Abbie) voted out Chloe that night, which shocked her.

With Rodger and Joel the sole remaining members of the alliance, they tried to convince Ida Bell to get other people to vote out Abbie if they lost the next challenge. Goyaves won the immunity challenge, though, so Joel and Rodger did not have to attempt to save themselves.

However, on the next immunity challenge, Rodger won individual immunity, leaving Joel vulnerable. Kraemer and Ames, the only remaining members of the alliance, attempted to turn the Sweetheart Alliance against each other, attempting to convince Ida Bell and Harvey Jones to vote for Abbie, and revealing that Regan had an immunity idol to Abbie Moore and Holly Rockwell, who were unaware of the idol's existence. The plan almost worked, but it backfired because Ida and Harvey voted for Joel instead of Abbie. This sent Joel home, and left Rodger as the sole member of his alliance. Rodger quickly created a new alliance in an attempt to overthrow Regan.