"The Sacrifice"
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Season Survivor: Venezuela
Author IAmNothing712
Episode Number 6/14
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This is the sixth episode of Survivor: Venezuela.

Previously on Survivor


Reward Challenge: Survivor Sumo
In a series of one-on-one matchups, the survivors would use padded duffel bags to knock their opponent out of a ring. First tribe to five points wins reward.
Reward: A feast waiting for them at camp
Winner: Arawak

Immunity Challenge: Shoulder the Load
Three castaways, two men and two women, from each tribe would stand on perches holding a wooden pole on their shoulders to which weighted bags would be added. Every few minutes, the other four members of the opposing tribe would select someone to carry an additional 20 pounds (9.1 kg) of weight. If the weight becomes too much for a castaway, they would drop the pole and be out of the challenge. The last castaway standing would win immunity.
Winner: Mapoyo


Night 14

The Mapoyo tribe returns to Tribal Council after voting Maeve out. The tribe decides to forgo dinner to save whatever rice they have left. Dejected, the tribe quietly goes to sleep.

Arawak's living in luxury while losing members, while we live in squalor while winning Immunity Challenges. I doubt we'll win the next one because we are totally down and weak.


Day 15

At Mapoyo, while knowing Maeve's story was a lie, Domino ponders on what if Mark is actually making her an actual scapegoat. She investigates by secretly chasing Mark during his morning walk, and turns out, she is right: she finds Mark and Vince talking strategy in the woods, with Mark telling Vince that it would be better if they take Domino to the end to collect more jury votes. Domino sneaks away from the conversation and proceeds to the well to collect water while thinking of ways to save herself from an unfortunate endgame. 

Lies became truths this morning when I saw Mark and Vince talking strategy. I have to do something to save myself from being a Natalie Tenerelli.


At Arawak, Maggie wakes up very jovial and greets everyone. Once she goes to Ellis, it is still apparent that Ellis still harbors resentment towards the nun when he gives Maggie the cold shoulder and bluntly accuses her as an "annoying holy-roller." Maggie loses her temper and slams Ellis for his actions, calling him a "borderline bigot." Annoyed by his tribe's litany, Ellis walks away and eats his breakfast quietly in the woods.

Ellis is the walking fallacy of hasty generalization. He hates the fact that Maggie is a nun. It's getting annoying. His resentment against Maggie is affecting life at camp. The negative energy he brings will get him the boot.


With Ellis gone, the tribe agrees that if they lose the Immunity Challenge, Ellis is certainly going home. With their numbers dwindling, the tribe agrees they need the best people to represent the tribe come the merge. The five swear loyalty to each other. Katrina opens up the topic of the kidnapping twist. Jaycee insists that whoever is sent to Mapoyo should sniff out as much information from the other tribe as possible, to know and how to act upon their plans against them while at the same time, whoever's left at Arawak should take as much information as they can from the Mapoyo member kidnapped by their tribe. Edward speculates that if the reward is a feast, Bash is the most likely person Mapoyo would kidnap to deny him of an energy boost he could use at the next Immunity Challenge. Along with the notion that Mapoyo still thinks Bash still resents Maggie, it would be easier for Bash to drop Mapoyo's guard down.

I'm not like Maggie who can be happy, smiling and energetic all the time. I feel she's fake, and I hate fake people.


It's hard to keep a straight face to people like Ellis who just hates me for being a nun. I'm tired of playing goody-goody to him.


Maggie hadn't said two words to Ellis, and here Ellis is, who brings too much negativity.


After receiving Tree Mail, the tribes meet for their next Reward Challenge. With both tribes having uneven men-women ratios, both Mapoyo and Arawak will have to bench members. Mapoyo sits out two girls (Domino and Mai) while Arawak sits out Edward.

Louise goes up against Maggie for the first round. It is a fierce back and forth from both competitors. Louise pushes Maggie to the edge of the ring. Maggie tries to step away from the edge, but Louise blocks her way. While trying to break out from Louise's block from the left, Maggie attacks Louise by giving her a surprise hit to the right, making Louise the girl cornered. Maggie eventually pushes Louise, bagging the first point for Arawak.

The next round is another showdown between the heavyweights from both tribes: Bash and Dante. Dante comes out strong, but Bash returns his blows. In the end, Bash is victorious, winning Arawak's second consecutive point.

The third round is another girl-girl action: Katrina and Dahlia. Knowing Dahlia is much stronger physically, Katrina wisely evades Dahlia, with Dahlia not realizing she's already at the edge of the ring. Katrina pushes her off the ring, winning Arawak's third point. The Mapoyo members, start to become frustrated. Dante chastises Dahlia for being beaten by a girl skinnier and less athletic than her. most of Mapoyo, already weaker than they already are before the challenge, starts becoming frustrated.

The fourth round, it is Jaycee vs. Vince. Vince gives all his might, but Jaycee is holding his own. Vince accidentally slips off the ring, leaving the Arawak tribe in stitches, most especially Ellis, who laughs the loudest. This gesture raises the tension between the tribes. Mark tells to the other tribe that they are being obnoxious, insensitive and offensive. Louise says that Arawak already lives in the lap of luxury by winning rewards back and forth, even stealing their comfort items. Jeff asks the Mapoyo tribe why they evoke such strong emotions. Domino explains that their tribe had not eaten dinner and breakfast because they are saving their remaining two cups of rice for the Immunity Challenge. Ellis believes they are putting up an act to make Arawak forfeit the challenge to get the feast. Ellis' response causes more tension. Maggie and Katrina attempt to ease the tension, saying that Ellis' opinion is just his, and they did not mean to offend the other tribe. Jeff Probst is fascinated to see such drama that started from an accident, which got blown out of proportion, switching contexts from Vince's accident, to Mapoyo's food issue.

For the fifth round, it's Mark vs. Ellis. Dante loudly boos Ellis to make him lose his concentration. The act works, and Ellis is knocked off the ring, winning Mapoyo's first point. Mapoyo cheers and screams wildly after winning their first point. Katrina whispers to Maggie, telling her she is starting to get disturbed by the other tribe's actions.

The Mapoyo tribe has gone nuts, I am scared actually. They act so primitively this morning like, they are literally one step closer to becoming actual cavemen.


For the sixth round, it's Maggie vs. Dahlia this time. Maggie's body build is relatively stockier than that of Dahlia, but Dahlia's muscles are lean and strong. Both tribes cheer for their members, but it's Maggie who becomes victorious, winning the Arawak tribe the feast. Dahlia wails in extreme sadness for losing yet another reward. Maggie empathizes for the loss, but she reminds them it's part of the game.

Before asking the tribes who the tribes are kidnapping, Jeff tells the tribes that production assessed the Mapoyo camp while the challenge was underway and turns out, the tribe's rice supply is indeed near empty. To address Mapoyo's hunger pangs, Jeff offers the tribe a sacrifice: A new supply of rice in exchange for their palafito (shelter). Mark argues that the merge is coming soon, and they will have a replenished food source afterwards. Domino and Mai shush Mark, saying that food is already offered in a silver platter, and there is still uncertainty whether or not the tribes will actually merge at twelve. Outnumbering Mark six to one, Mapoyo allows their shelter be dismantled in exchange for their rice. Jeff then asks the tribes who to kidnap. As expected, Mapoyo chooses Bash to deny him of nutrition, and have him miserable to weaken him after a potential merge, while Arawak kidnaps Domino, ostensibly making her a part of the feast.

The plan is for Mapoyo to kidnap me, which is genius. Sleeping on dirt at the other tribe's expense, however? They'll make me more miserable than I actually expected to be.


Everything went down as planned. Not only we get a new tin of rice, we also get to weaken the other tribe's strongest member before the Immunity Challenge. I just hope we won't get rained at tonight because that would suck.


The Mapoyo tribe returns to their camp, and to their sadness, their palafito and tarp, the only creature comforts they had, are gone. Mark insists they waste no time building another from scratch. Louise and Mai volunteer to cook rice instead nourish the tribe while working. Louise volunteers to make fire and collect water. Bash offers to stay with at camp to help Dahlia with making fire. While the men are gone collecting wood for their new shelter, Bash asks Mai about the alliances formed within the tribe. Mai leaks that the entire tribe is the alliance, but she feels she is in the bottom. Louise forewarns Mai of the repercussions of her talking. Mai frankly tells her that neither of them will make it to the end if they stay with Mark. Louise agrees, pondering on flipping against Mark. To return the favor, Bash tells them that Arawak would vote Ellis out in case they lose because of his pessimistic behavior.

Once we returned to camp, things had gone cray-cray! The men wasted no time collecting wood for shelter, while us women save for Dahlia and Bash had this conversation about flipping post merge. Flipping against Mark is a big move, but he's the only person I want to leave at this point, and I still want to have Mapoyo go all the way til the end.


Perfect timing. Mapoyo is currently disarrayed, and cracks were showing. What's better is that Louise and Mai are telling me more about these cracks. This is something beneficial for Arawak once we merge. What's scaring me is the fact that I'm stuck here with these bozos while my tribe gets to eat without me. If the Immunity Challenge is physical, I'm will no not performing well.


At Arawak camp, the tribe finds their feast inside their shelter. Domino is very grateful to be part of their feast, though she is saddened that Bash is not part of it.

The feast was glorious. Fried chicken, lamb chops, cream of mushroom soup, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, coleslaw, brownies. So much food in our mouth, we can't finish it. Good thing the container is an ice chest, we could just reheat these for dinner. I'm so glad I won't be suffering back at Mapoyo with no shelter!


At night, heavy rains start to pummel the survivors again, and at Mapoyo, Bash is secretly infuriated by Mapoyo's incomplete shelter. However, Mark sees this as a consolation, because the Arawak tribe's strongest member potentially getting weak before the Immunity Challenge.

Being Mapoyo is like hell frozen over. I'm so cold! This stupid tribe slacked the day off instead of focusing on this damn shelter. I hope we don't get to live here once we merge!


We might've lost the shelter but I think our plan of weakening Bash is more than effective. It's raining, we're roofless, and so is he. If he continues to be miserable until the Immunity Challenge, Arawak is likely to dwindle down to five. That way, we will enter the merge with numbers.


Day 16

Curling himself in the sack where Mapoyos' rice used to be placed, Bash wakes up with a terrible cold after getting rained on all night.

Just when I thought my stay here at Mapoyo camp could be any worse, then last night happened.


Late, the rains finally subside and the sun comes up. Mai privately talks to Mark about where she stands in the alliance. Mark tells her she does not need to worry, telling her to stop being paranoid. Mai justifies her paranoia because the secret service agent does not give her a direct answer.

Mark giving me a clear, direct answer is very telling. Secret service's secret is out.


At Arawak, Domino and Maggie lounge in the shelter to get to know each other. Maggie reveals she is a nun, much to Domino's surprise. Damino exclaims that being a nun would be the last thing that she would think of her because her showing in the game is a direct opposite of how a nun, or a pastor would likely to do on Survivor. While the two are conversing, Ellis walks by and overhears their conversation. Maggie demands Ellis an explanation why he smirked, but Ellis bluntly says he doesn't like her. Keeping her cool, Maggie ignores Ellis and continues her conversation with Domino.

Maggie is being that fake nun once again. Like, I'm sick of her being disingenuous.


Ellis is blinded by the fact that nuns mistreated him or whatever but, I am not going to tell him, he's right or I'm wrong because his negative disposition will so be his undoing. I'm tired being stereotyped by him as a holy roller because I came to this game with a plan in mind, which is to tone down my nurturing, religious, festive side and turn on the strategist in me. I know I'm not going because I have the idol, and I'm the tribe's only chance of survival if we merge with bad numbers. I'm almost praying that we lose tomorrow's challenge.


Day 17

After receiving Tree Mail, the tribes meet for their Immunity Challenge. To Bash's (who is sick) horror, the next challenge is an endurance challenge. With two extra men, the Arawak tribe struggles to determine who which of their men will hold the weight and who will put the weight on the rival tribe's players. Bash volunteers himself despite being sick, but Jaycee tells him to rest because he is no shape. Bash insists that he would rather lose while knowing he can still put up a fight rather than risk losing quickly by putting someone like Edward, who is not exactly physically gifted. After much deliberation, Arawak chooses the sickly Bash, Jaycee, Maggie and Katrina (being the only women on Arawak, they will compete by default), while Mapoyo chooses Dante, Mark, Domino and Mai. To Mark's chagrin, Domino and Mai sitting out at the Reward Challenge just put them at a very obvious disadvantage. Dahlia comments to Mark, saying that she could have participated on this had she not competed at the Reward Challenge.

The Arawak members send their first 80 lbs to Dante, almost totally ignoring Domino and Mai. Mapoyo returns the favor by giving their first 80 lbs to Bash. Moments later, both big guys are already carrying 180 lbs while the women still don't have any. Arawak decides to send Domino her first set of weight while Mapoyo continues to send more weight at Bash, who then shows signs of struggle. At 220 lbs. Bash cannot take it any more, and bails out, leaving Arawak with two women. Jaycee and Ellis continue to send more weight to Dante, to a point where he's already carrying 280 lbs. Arawak then starts sending weight to the women, starting with Domino. Dante finally gives up and drops his weight, leaving the challenge entirely run by women. Time has lapsed and Domino and Mai are carrying 200 lbs. while Maggie and Katrina have 220 and 180 lbs respectively. Mai drops out just before she receives her 220th lb, leaving Domino as the last person standing for Mapoyo. Katrina then follows. Maggie and Domino both hang on for dear life as their tribe's victories are solely on their shoulders. In the end, Maggie drops out, winning Domino the challenge for Mapoyo, sending Arawak to Tribal Council where they will vote yet another member off and reduce their roster down to five. After winning the challenge, Mapoyo sheds tears of joy.

Back at Arawak camp, Ellis holds an open forum, where he pleads for their forgiveness after coming across as rude and abrasive, especially Maggie. He explains that he had a hard time growing up, having a dysfunctional childhood. He ran away from home at age 16, ended up in an orphanage where the nuns though of him as someone who was of no good. He then started moving from one friend's house to the next in his teenage years. Ellis tells them that he needs to win to start a new life. Maggie compassionately hugs Ellis, telling him she forgives him. Jaycee, Edward and Bash agree that him opening up like that is too late, because the tribe is very much set in voting him out.

I don't question Ellis' ingenuinity when he made that speech, but personally, him bringing this up this late in the game for me, is borderline desperation on his part. He knows he is going next, and he is appealing to stay thru pity. To win this game, you don't beg your peers to vote for you. You convince them thru your merits in this game. This ain't charity, nor sweepstakes. This is Survivor.


Ellis secretly begs for Jaycee and Bash about voting Maggie out. Jaycee does not even flirt with the idea, saying that Maggie (and her idol) is their only chance of survival come the merge, especially now that they will merge with the other tribe with bad numbers.

Me voting out Maggie is a longshot, but I have to stay. I can't go home and go back to doing nothing.


While Ellis' fate is already set in stone, Maggie starts to feel paranoid and confides to Katrina. Katrina shushes her, telling her that there is no way she's going.

Maggie's getting more and more paranoid, I'm scared she'll use the idol tonight. We have to make her believe she is our most important member...for the meantime. Her paranoia is very indicative that her reserved side being a nun is working against her.


Ellis feels dejected all afternoon. Sensing his end is near, Ellis chooses to go with a bang by secretly stealing their tarp. Edward, who "has a vibe" that Ellis might do something foolish, decides to keep an eye on him.

Ellis is acting a little weird after the challenge. I have a feeling that he has the capacity to pull off a Brandon Hantz and steal or throw something to make us miserable. I'm keeping my eye on him.


Katrina and Maggie are conversing inside the shelter. They are so into it, they don't notice Ellis passing by. Thinking the coast is clear, Ellis pounces at the roof in an attempt to untie the tarp. But just before he lay his hands on it, Edward runs towards him and swats his hand and pins him on the ground. Noticing the scuffle, everyone rush to demand Ellis an explanation. Ellis says he wanted to burn the tarp to make them suffer more. Angry, Maggie lashes out at Ellis, telling him he's immature, a poor sport and bitter. Ellis not backing down attempts to dump the rice Edward is cooking but Bash manages to pin him again.

Ellis is a piece of work. I can't even have a decent talk with someone or do anything interesting at all because I'm so fixated with Ellis trying to destroy the camp.


At Tribal Council, Ellis continues to berate Maggie, personally attacking her being a nun. Katrina interrupts him, telling him that he is a bitter, young man with poor social skills. Bash agrees, calling Ellis a "broken record" who continues to malign Maggie's character after several apologies. Cannot take the pain much longer, Ellis cries, exclaiming that his life is just full of misery and pain, and he came to Survivor and win. Edward castigates Ellis, asking him how is burning the tarp trying to win? Jeff chastises Ellis for his actions, reminding him that the game is about social interaction, and he walked into Tribal Council with a defeatist's attitude. In the end, fed up by Ellis' antics, the Arawak tribe sends Ellis home in an unanimous 5-1 vote.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 6:
Ellis (5 votes)
Bash, Edward, Jaycee, Katrina, & Maggie
Edward (1 vote)
Ellis Morrison

Voting Confessionals

Final Words

Next Time on Survivor

  • Arawak enters the merge with bad numbers. Will they recover?
  • With everybody knowing Maggie and Louise have the idols, the game is on.
  • Domino talks to the Arawak members, secretly dissing Mark. Is this indicative of her flipping?

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