"The Snake Continues To Slither"
Season Mongolia
Author Sidewaysss
Episode Number 14/15
Episode Chronology
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The Snake Continues To Slither is the penultimate episode of Survivor: Mongolia.


Reward Challenge: Mud Slinging
The castaways will compete alongside their loved ones for this challenge. The castaway will throw a mud-covered ball to their loved one, who must attempt to knock over five targets from a pedestal. The first castaway to do so wins reward.
Reward: The winner (along with 1 other castaway of their choice) will enjoy a picnic with their loved one and stay the night at a creekside resort.
Winner: Cassie (shared with Tony)

Immunity Challenge: The Maze of Mongolia
The castaways would race through an obstacle course to retrieve five bags of puzzle pieces, one at a time. They would then use the pieces to replicate a statue of Genghis Khan. The first castaway to complete their puzzle wins immunity.
Winner: Tony

Previously on Survivor...

Being the only member of the decimated Manlai still left in the game, Melissa was running out of options. "Now I don't have anywhere to go. The only way I stay in this is to find an idol or win more immunities." But little did she or anyone else know, Eric was growing more and more uncomfortable with his position in the game. To change this, he approached Jenn and Melissa about a possible blindside of Elliott, the game's most strategic threat. Jenn, however, had her reservations. After talking with Melissa, the two women agreed to turn the tables onto Eric. "Are you saying not to trust him?" "Well...yeah. I think we should take him out instead." "That would be insane!" At the immunity challenge, Melissa drew a line in the sand and showed that she was a force to be reckoned with, winning her second immunity challenge. Elliott, still under the notion of Melissa being the next to go, was displeased with the outcome but found a silver lining. "With Melissa being immune...again, now would actually be a good time to see if I can start working with her." That's when Eric's plan came unraveled at the seams. Back at camp, Melissa and Jenn let Elliott in on Eric's plan to blindside him and together, they formed a counter plan. At Tribal Council, Eric's plan blew up in front of him. He was unanimously voted out, and he didn't see it coming. "Eric, the tribe has spoken." "I'll gracefully accept defeat. Well played, guys." Five are left. Who'll be voted out tonight?


Night 33

As the rain comes down on the camp, the now final five rush into the shelter and start unpacking their bags. Once in the shelter, they discuss Eric's elimination.

Cassie: Well, you hate to see Eric go, but that's the game for you.

Jenn: Definitely a great guy. Maybe wasn't the most strategic, but he's a great person when it's all said and done.

Tonight, Eric's sudden ambitious thinking got the best of him. I don't think he ever had the pieces he needed to begin with and that was his downfall. To be as under the radar as he was for most of this game and stick his neck out when he was just bad timing on his part. The best part, though, is that I got through unscathed and have two idols to back that up. I could probably bring one of these home with me as a souvenir if I really want to!


It skips a bit to everyone getting ready for bed. Cassie snuggles into her blanket and rests her head on a pillow she is sharing with Jenn.

I think something I'm learning out here is patience. I thought I was a patient person back home, but it goes to show you that Survivor can make you see things in yourself you wouldn't see back home. But I've sat back and trusted Tony's advice the past few votes and it's working! The Noyon alliance is imploding and we're each one step closer to winning this game. Of course, it only gets trickier with each day that passes, but it's looking more promising for us than it did two or three votes ago. The question is do we keep letting everything happen around us? Or is now the time to try turn this game on its head again? I need to figure that out sooner than later cause we're running out of time.


As they start wishing each other a good night's sleep, the rain and wind suddenly pick up which causes it to rain the shelter. The five huddle up together and try to shield themselves with the blankets they have in the shelter.

Melissa (while trying to shield herself from the incoming rain): Where did this come from?

Cassie (almost shouting over the howling wind): I know! It hasn't been like this the entire time we've been out here!

We're telling each good night and the next thing you know, the storm goes crazy on us. We're getting soaked in the shelter. Our blankets and pillows are getting soaked. Thirty-three days in and that's the worst storm we've had out here. It's a blessing that we went this far without having to deal with something like that, but it goes to show you, anything can happen at any time in this game. These last six days are going to be no different.


The five are seen still attempting to cover themselves from the pounding rain as it comes into the shelter sideways.

Cassie (holding a blanket over her head): Ahh! Make it stop!

(intro plays)

Day 34

The camera fades from break to a foggy sunrise and then hovers throughout the lush landscape. It settles on camp, where Jenn and Melissa cook up breakfast for the final five. Cassie and Elliott are seen removing items and belongings from the shelter so they may dry off from the previous night's storm.

Elliott: That was some storm, huh?

Cassie: I know. I was curled up in a ball all night.

Elliott (to Jenn and Melissa): Ladies, how did you all sleep?

Jenn: Hardly. I couldn't even try to go to sleep I was shivering so much.

Melissa: I was okay given the circumstances.

I think all of us are recovering from last night's storm. We were all just sitting there in our blankets waiting for it to pass. It just felt like it was never going to end.


As the other four continue with their duties, Tony returns from the woods with tree mail.

Tony: Gather around, guys! This one sounds exciting!

The rest huddle around Tony as he opens up tree mail for them to see.

Tony (reading it aloud): With Day 39 in sight, you have hopefully made less enemies than friends. Today, you can put your relationships aside and play with the love that never ends.

He is unable to finish it as the rest of the tribe, Cassie and Melissa in particular, becomes ecstatic knowing what the challenge could potentially be.

If this challenge is what everyone wants it to be, that being the loved ones challenge, then it's going to be an emotional day for me personally. It's been a heck of a roller coaster so far, but right now I'm on the incline slowly ratcheting my way up to the top of the roller coaster. I can't wait to go into the challenge today.


It cuts to a field with deep green forests in the background. The final five file in and take their place on the tribe's black mat.

Probst (once the five have set their bags down): Before I get to today's challenge, what did you guys think of the tree mail you guys got this morning?

Melissa (jumping up and down): We're excited!

The other four share Melissa's sentiment and chuckle as she continues to bounce.

Probst: Well, if you all don't know by now, I'll go ahead and reveal it to you. For today's challenge, you will be participating with a loved one from back home.

Cassie and Jenn let out a jubilant squeal as Probst breaks the news.

Probst: Let's bring 'em out. Melissa, here's your husband, Jamie.

Jamie runs out from the forest as Melissa immediately tears up and dashes towards him. The two share multiple passionate kisses as they hug one another.

Jamie: I can't believe you've made it this far. I'm so proud of you.

The two share one last kiss before they take their spot on a separate mat.

Probst: Alright, a very warm start. Jenn, who would love to see the most right now?

Jenn (trying to control her beaming smile): My best friend Claire!

Probst: Alright, let's bring her out!

Claire walks out of the foliage with a pep in her step. As soon as she sees Jenn, it turns into a brisk jog. The two meet and tightly hug each other.

Jenn (as she still hugs Claire): How's everyone back home doing? Everybody good?

Claire: Oh yeah. Everyone's missed you.

Jenn: Well, I'll be back home in five days so they don't have much longer.

Claire: Grammy is especially proud of you too.

Not having any family besides my grandma back home has its difficult moments. But I think I've compensated that with the great friends I've surrounded myself with, especially Claire. We've been best friends since high school and she's seen what's happened to my family. Whether it was illness, addiction, or an accident, she's been with me through it all.


The two detach themselves and gleefully proceed to the mat side by side.

Probst: Okay Elliott, here's your co-worker Wanda.

Wanda and Elliott jog to each other and hug like the two pairs before them. They, unlike the previous two however, keep theirs' brief.

Elliott: How's everyone at the shop doing?

Wanda: They're good, they're good.

Elliott (discretely as they head towards the mat): This is mine to lose, I'm telling you right now.

Probst: Cassie, is there anyone you would like to see in particular right now?

Cassie: I want to see everybody from Madison, but I know my brother's around the corner!

Probst: Let's bring your brother Calvin out then!

Calvin bolsters out of the forest and rushes to his sister, who is dashing just as fast as he is. She leaps into his arms almost making Calvin fall in the process.

Calvin: You're doing good. Myself and everyone back home, we're all proud of you.

Cassie: Mom and Dad are okay?

Calvin (messing with Cassie's hair playfully): Never better.

They walk over to their spot on the mat.

Tony (before Probst can introduce his loved one): You don't have to mention mine, Jeff. Just bring her out. I want to see her.

Probst (cracking a smile): Before I bring her out, I want to mention that you didn't list a backup if this person wasn't able to make it. Why is that?

Tony: Because she's the only person I would want to see, and if she wasn't able to make it out, then it still would've been a reminder to keep playing this game to better her and the rest of my family.

Probst: Alright then. Here's your mom, Maria.

Tony begins to walk over slowly as his mother runs out of the forest and puts her hands over her face in sheer disbelief. The two eventually meet and share a tight hug. Tony's mother begins kissing, almost attacking, his cheek repeatedly.

Tony (in Spanish): I'm so happy you're here.

Maria (in Spanish): I'm so proud. We all are. Everyone back home misses you so much.

Probst then asks Tony what they were talking about, and Tony then translates it to the others. After that, Probst explains how the challenge would work and the reward that comes with winning the challenge. The contestants and their loved ones take their spots and begin the challenge per Probst's signal. Each castaway begins tossing mud-balls to their loved one. Calvin catches his and quickly throws off-target. Claire, Maria, and Wanda each drop their first ball while Jamie connects on his first throw. Melissa and Jamie start to create a rhythm between each other while everyone else still struggles. Eventually, Calvin is able to knock down his first target. Jamie then responds by hitting his second target. Tony is seen making on-target throws to his mother, who cannot hold on to the slippery mud-balls. Jenn and Claire eventually connect on their first target. Shortly thereafter, Calvin hits his second. Meanwhile, Elliott and Wanda haven't even connected on one throw and catch up to this point. Jamie begins to have mud-balls slip out of his hands as Calvin hits his third target. Claire silently starts to catch up to the two guys and hits her second. Jamie clenches the next ball Melissa throws and is able to hit another target, drawing even with Calvin. Calvin and Cassie develop more of a system the more they throw and catch. This system helps Calvin accurately take down a fourth target. Realizing he's playing catch-up once more, Jamie starts becoming more erratic with his throws. Calvin ends it three throws later and hits his final target. Cassie rushes to her older brother to celebrate their challenge win. It skips to the end of the challenge, where Cassie and Calvin are reiterated on what their reward is going to be.

Probst: In addition to all of what I just told you, Cassie, pick one Survivor and their loved one to go on the reward with you.

Cassie (immediately becoming stressed): Oh, man... I don't want to have to choose from all of you guys.

Cassie takes some time to weigh her decision as the camera jumps around showing the castaways and loved ones anxiously awaiting her answer.

Cassie: Only because we've been through so much in this game, I pick Tony.

Tony excitedly hugs his mother as the two walk over to Cassie and Calvin.

Tony (hugging Cassie and Calvin): Thank you so much.

Probst then directs the two pairs where to go to travel to their reward. Once they leave, he turns to the three pairs that were not chosen. He tells Elliott, Jenn, and Melissa to say good-bye to their loved ones. They hug and bid their farewells before they go their separate ways.

Melissa (as Jamie leaves): I'm going to win this. Somehow, someway.

Jamie: I know you will. I love you.

Once the loved ones have left, Probst dismisses the three back to camp. The camera focuses on Melissa wiping away tears as it then zooms out and fades to break.

It returns from break to Elliott, Jenn, and Melissa arriving at camp after not being chosen for the reward.

Elliott: Well, we all know now who has whose back.

That challenge was very revealing to me. Not that I didn't know this before the challenge started, but Cassie and Tony have each other's backs to the end. They can't do anything in this game without the other one of them being included, no matter the circumstance. If even one of them makes it to the end, they've got the million wrapped up. If I can sell the case of them being too likable to keep around to Jenn and Melissa, then maybe I can send them on their way soon.


Melissa: Well, how so?

Elliott: I just think that Cassie and Tony are going to glide to the end if nobody does anything about it. They really haven't done anything to piss off the jury.

Jenn stays silent during Elliott's campaigning.

Elliott: The way I see it is the two of us against the two of them, which puts you in the middle, Melissa.

Jenn then glances at Melissa, as she hasn't even thought about Melissa, whose is pleasantly surprised by this, being a swing vote.

To be a potential swing vote this late in the game has its perks but there are certainly some downsides to it. No matter which side I choose, I feel like I'm going to potentially gain two jury votes and potentially lose two jury votes. I have to decide which route is going to be the best for my game if this doesn't fold through. Either way, it's definitely better than having to fight for your life challenge after challenge. I actually might be in a pretty good position when this is all said and done!


Elliott: So think about it, Melissa. You join us and we can take the two kids out and cruise to the final three.

Melissa: No, I'm definitely down for that. Believe me, it's a better spot than what I was in two or three votes ago.

Elliott (satisfied with Melissa's answer): Then it's settled. This is your final three standing right here.

Elliott slyly grins as he shakes the hand of Melissa, who is oblivious to Elliott's scheming.

The only thing about Elliott's deal is that I can't commit to those two without hearing both sides. I love the idea of being in the final three, but maybe Cassie and Tony have a better offer they have yet to present. It's something that I'm going to have to talk to them about and make a decision after hearing what both sides have to offer.


It then cuts to the creekside resort, which is surrounded by lush forests, as Cassie, Tony, and their loved ones arrive at the resort. They are welcomed by a nicely-dressed local who shows them around the resort.

We walk in to the resort, which is amazing by the way, and it's got everything you can think of: a patio, a hot tub, a game room, the list goes on! But probably the best part for Tony and myself was when we walked into the dining room and saw all sorts of food. It felt like heaven.


Cassie and Tony loudly exclaim their delight when they see plethoras of food neatly organized on two tables, with meat and cheese on one and fruit and veggies on the other, in the dining room. The two rush over and start fixing a plate to the amusement of Calvin and Maria.

I know Cassie's a growing girl, but it was just hilarious to see her pounce on all of that food like that! She and Tony dove through their first plate so fast that it had me worried for a second. Then they helped themselves to seconds and thirds while Tony's mom and I are still working on our first! I just hope they don't make themselves sick.


It cuts to the evening, where the four civilly eat at the dinner table set up for them on the patio. There they begin talking about the game.

Calvin: So, you gotta tell me. How has it been so far?

Cassie (continuing to slowly shove food in her mouth): It's had its tough spots, but we're still here.

Tony: We've been aligned basically since day one, and we've been on the outs for most of it.

Tony also tries to concurrently translate their conversation to his mother, who does not speak any English.

Tony: But everybody's either seen us as two more votes or they've thought somebody else was more threatening at the time. We've dodged a lot of votes so far, especially early in the game.

Cassie: But I think with five of us left, we're not going to be seen as two more votes to an alliance. Every one of us is getting more and more threatening as the days dwindle down.

Calvin: So, what are the alliances right now outside of you guys?

Cassie: It's been Melissa on the outs for the past couple votes. The other four of us have been an alliance since the merge.

Tony (adding on to Cassie's answer): Elliott and Jenn have been tight for a while also.

Calvin: So, do you all feel safe with it just being you two out of five?

Tony: I don't, just because I'm pretty sure Elliott's trying something back at camp right now.

Cassie (with her mouth full as she rolls her eyes): Oh my God...he's been playing so hard.

While I've been here, it has worried me that Elliott might try to get something going to take Cassie and myself out before we take out Melissa. Because if we take out Melissa next, then we're just left with two pairs of two and the possibility of making fire. Or if both sides try to recruit the lone vote outside the pairs, Melissa in this case, then there would be no need for the tiebreaker and the pair that Melissa chooses goes to the final three. Once again, Elliott has the upper hand because of his idol, but he's not invincible. We're just going to have to do some maneuvering once we get back to camp to prove that.


It cuts to the four reward winners walking into the bedroom, where there is four neatly-pressed beds on each corner of the small room.

Cassie (excited to be sleeping in a bed): Oh man, this is going to be great!

Tony (sharing Cassie's excitement): I haven't seen one of these in thirty-something days!

As their loved ones watch, Cassie and Tony lunge themselves onto their respective bed in pure exhilaration. Calvin and Maria simply look at each other and share a laugh as the two remaining Sevrei bounce on their beds without a care.

I'm certainly trying to win still but no matter what happens, I'll always be grateful for this experience. I've met some wonderful people out here, and I'm looking forward to continuing those relationships after this game's over with. But you can't put into words how life-changing this really is. A million dollars is definitely life-changing, but if I don't win, then I still have my relationship with Tony and my relationship with Jenn. And to me, it's been well worth it.


It skips a bit to everyone settling down in bed. Cassie wishes everyone goodnight as Calvin turns out the lights. The camera then goes to break.

Day 35

The camera fades in to the sunrise shining through the blinds of the resort bedroom. All four beds are empty with the sheets more disorganized from the night before. It bounces over to the dining room, where Cassie, Tony, and their loved ones are helping themselves to a breakfast buffet. Once they fill their plates, they take a seat and begin chowing down.

Tony: I really think I've had more food in the past twenty-four hours than I have in the past thirty days.

Cassie: Yep. That sounds about right!

Maria nudges Tony and motions to her stomach, which is sucked in to joke how skinny Tony has become.

Gah, this has been so much fun being here. Eating all of this food and enjoying the company of my closest ally and best friend in this game has been something I'll treasure for the rest of my life. But most importantly, it's been really nice having my mom out here to enjoy this with me. She's able to take a break from working all the time and enjoy something that neither of us may never experience again. From the moment I stepped in here, I've enjoyed every minute of it.


Once they finish with breakfast, they go out to the patio to enjoy the view. A little later on, the local that greeted them the night before came in to say that it was time to return to camp. Cassie and Tony bid Calvin and Maria a long farewell as they are forced to go their separate ways. It cuts back to camp, where Elliott comes back from filling the water canteens as Jenn and Melissa are finishing some laundry. As they continue on, they notice a jeep, which Cassie and Tony are in, approaching the campsite. They seize their duties to welcome the two youngest players remaining back to camp. The jeep comes to a stop as Cassie and Tony file out of the vehicle. Once they are out, they are welcomed back as the jeep drives off.

Cassie: Did we miss anything?

Melissa (sarcastically): You missed sleeping in a shelter for a 34th straight night.

Cassie (going along with Melissa's sarcasm):, we didn't miss anything.

Melissa delivers a smirk back to Cassie.

With Cassie and Tony back, now's the time to see what they have to offer as far as these last five days go. Can I trust them more than I can trust Elliott and Jenn? Can I beat these two kids in a final three? These are answers I need to figure out soon.


The camera spotlights a leopard's piercing eyes as it lurks behind a bush. It then pans over to Cassie, Melissa, and Tony having a quiet discussion amongst themselves in the forest.

Melissa: Have you heard anything besides me being the next one to go?

Cassie (innocently): As far as I know, that's what everyone is still on board with.

Melissa (trying to stir the pot): Well, what if I told you Elliott and Jenn came to me and asked for my help to take you two out?

Tony (without hesitating): I wouldn't be shocked. Just because I know what kind of player Elliott is.

Melissa: Well, they came to me after the challenge yesterday and said 'This is your final three right here!'.

Cassie: They did not!

Melissa: I promise you they did and the reason I'm talking to you guys is to see if you guys would be willing to make a final three deal.

Tony: With you?

Melissa: Yeah.

Tony stays silent for a moment.

Tony: I mean it would have to be something we consider amongst the two of us. We're open to it, but we can't commit to that right now.

Melissa (suddenly irritated): Okay, look. I'm not going to have you feed me the same bull(expletive) you fed me and Katie vote after vote after vote. You may need to consider it amongst yourselves, but I'm telling you right now that they are out to get you. You've said this each time we've come to you looking for a deal and each time you've said and done the same thing. But this time, it's your butts on the line.

She storms off back to camp as Cassie and Tony try to balance a look of worry and confusion on their faces.

This is some game Melissa is playing. She does make me realize the fears that I had about Elliott are indeed real. He had been plotting while we were away, but for her to storm off like that when she doesn't hear what she wants to hear, it's...selfish. Childish may be going too far, but she seems like she's playing a really selfish game. (deeply exhales) Did I mention she's the swing vote now? Great...this is just great.


Cassie: What do we do now?

Tony: Well, she seemed like she was telling the truth about Elliott. I don't know about Jenn but that sounds just like Elliott.

Cassie: So, you said that we would have to consider it between the two of us...

Tony: Yep, I sure did.

Cassie: So, let's consider it now. This could be our game if we don't figure something out.

Tony (starting to stress out): I know, I know...

It seems like Tony and I are getting the chance to ride every single ride in the theme park that is Survivor: Mongolia. Just this morning, we were enjoying an amazing trip with our loved ones, nothing could go wrong, aaaaand...this is what we come back to. Our allies are rumored to be turning on us, and the one person that can right the ship for us is mad because we said we had to talk about it...unbelievable. I can understand her being frustrated because we have told her the same thing time and time again, but don't act so spoiled about it! I'm half her age, and I handled it better than she did!


Cassie: I guess the only thing we can do now is try to get some dirt on Elliott...

Tony (finishing Cassie's thought): ...and try to convince Melissa that we're the better pair.

Cassie: Well, let's give it a shot.

The two walk away from the forested area they were occupying. It transitions to Melissa sitting outside the shelter as she ruffles through her bag.

I probably shouldn't have lost my temper to Cassie and Tony, but when you're told the same thing over and over again, it gets old...especially when they haven't gone through with any of it. I still have to keep them open as one of my options, though. There's a lot that can happen between now and Tribal, and I have to gather as much information as possible and make a decision based off of what I've learned.


As Melissa goes through her bag, the camera slowly glides over to Elliott's bag, where his two idols are subtly seen. It then fades to break.

Day 36

The camera fades in to the sun rising over the foggy plains and then cuts over to Jenn collecting water at the dock.

Based off of what has happened the past couple days, this is probably going to be the toughest vote I face in this game. Initially, I came out here to win a million dollars and further the development of my bakery. I didn't expect to make these types of relationships while I was out here, and since I've grown so close to Cassie and Tony, it puts me in a spot that I don't want to be in. I can't turn on Elliott because of his idols, but I don't want to vote out either of the kids. I feel like I'm going to lose either way.


Jenn momentarily stops pouring water and looks out onto the horizon, where the sun has barely risen.

It feels like it's a struggle between wants and needs. I need to stay true to my main alliance for this vote, but I don't want to. This challenge will hopefully clear things up for me, but...that seems like a lot to hope for.


It speeds through the morning and cuts to the challenge site, which is a large, open field. Various obstacles are highlighted as Probst welcomes in the final five. Probst goes on to explain the challenge and all that comes with it. The contestants take their spots and await Probst's signal. Once given the green light, the five scurry off into five different obstacles. Tony zooms through the net tunnel and collects his first bag of puzzle pieces. Elliott, not far behind on the swings, collects his first bag as well. Both guys work their way back to the central area of the challenge as the three girls, Jenn and Melissa in particular, struggle on their respective obstacles. Melissa falls off the rope as Tony gets on it after her fall. Elliott travels through the v-shaped net as Cassie comes back with her first bag. Both Tony and Elliott race to untie their second bag as Jenn struggles to return on the lilypads. Elliott makes quick work of the v-shaped net and drops off his second bag. Jenn finally returns with her first bag as Tony comes back with his second. Elliott goes through the net tunnel with ease and extends his lead over Tony, who works on the lilypads. Cassie falls off the swings as Melissa still struggles to maintain her balance on the rope. Elliott returns with his third bag and goes out to the rope. Again, Melissa falls off which clears the way for Elliott. Cassie successfully gets back from the swings with her second bag just as Jenn returns from the v-shaped net with her second. Tony plows through the lilypads to return his third as Elliott makes his way back from the rope with his fourth. Melissa then gives up on the rope and jogs over to the net tunnel, the easiest of the five obstacles.

Melissa (panting to herself): All...I one bag.

Elliott drops off his fourth bag and proceeds to his final obstacle while Tony unties his fourth and Cassie drops off her third. Jenn is seen struggling on the swings as Elliott carefully inches across the lilypads. Melissa finally comes back with her first bag, much to her delight. Tony comes back from the v-shaped net with his fourth and goes towards the swings. He and Jenn then reach an impasse as she heads back with her third bag while he waits. This opens the door for Elliott, who comes back with his fifth bag and begins working on the puzzle. He starts out at the base of the statue and tries to put those Tetris-like pieces together. Jenn finally gets off the swings, allowing Tony to venture towards his fifth bag. Elliott starts making headway on his statue as Melissa lets out a cheer when she drops off her second bag. Tony hurriedly maneuvers through the swings and begins untying all five of his bags. The race is now between Elliott and Tony with Elliott several pieces ahead. Tony starts at the base of the statue as well, setting aside the pieces that look to be Genghis Khan's face. Elliott takes care of the entire base and starts working his way up. Tony, however, cuts into Elliott's lead one piece at a time. Elliott works slower than Tony but is just as efficient. He is seen halfway finished with his puzzle while Tony looks to be a third of the way complete with his. Tony slowly and steadily inches closer to drawing even with Elliott. Eventually, the two are neck and neck reaching the final stage of the puzzle. In the background, Cassie is seen untying her bags as she begins her puzzle. Tony then overtakes Elliott right before he starts working on the face of the statue. Elliott then draws even with Tony as they both begin working on the face. However, Tony has more of the face completed than Elliott does, which allows him to piece the puzzle quicker and to win immunity. Tony exclaims his victory humbly as Elliott is seen frustrated for giving up his lead. Probst then awards Tony the immunity necklace and guarantees him a spot in the final four. He then dismisses them back to camp as the camera fades to break.

It returns to the final five ending the trek from the challenge back to camp. Everyone, including a still frustrated Elliott, congratulates Tony on his challenge win.

Man, I should've won that today. It would've made tonight's vote a lot simpler, a way it still does. With Tony winning, it puts the target all on Cassie and doesn't give us the headache of who we're going to vote for. The lynchpin in all of this, however, is Melissa. Everything's riding on her tonight, and I hope I've done enough to sway her over to our side. If not, then I need to go work my magic this afternoon. (shows both idols to the camera)


It cuts to Elliott and Melissa walking along the trail away from the camp.

Elliott: Have you thought more of what we discussed the other day?

Melissa: Oh I have, trust me. That's all that's been on my mind the past two days.

Elliott: Well, talk to me. Where's your head at?

Melissa (unsurely): I don't know... I just don't know why it's taking this long to make up my mind, but I'm trying to weigh the pros and cons of both sides and see which side is the best to go with. My biggest thing with them is that Katie, Jake, and I would always go to them for a deal and they fed us the same BS each and every time.

Elliott (calmly): So, why is it that hard of a choice to make? From what I know, you haven't bad-mouthed us once.

Melissa: I don't know...I just feel like I need to keep all of my options open.

Elliott pauses for a moment and stops walking. He looks over his shoulder and quickly resumes.

Elliott: Melissa, do you know how I got Cassie and Tony to choose our alliance over yours' when we first merged?

Melissa: No, but I'd love to know.

Elliott (reaching into his bag): Well, I'd be happy to show you.

Elliott pulls out one of his idols to show to Melissa.

Melissa (trying not laugh loudly in disbelief): Oh, wow! You've had this the whole time?

Elliott simply nods as he grins at Melissa.

So, this is the weasel we've come to know and love over the past thirty-six days! Elliott reaches into his bag and shows me the hidden immunity idol that he got with the auction clue. I mean...goodness, no wonder Eric wanted to get rid of him!


Elliott: I want you to know that Jenn knows too, so this isn't something I'm exclusively showing to you and you only. But I do want you to keep this in mind when you vote tonight.

Melissa: And I'm assuming Cassie. I don't think we've even talked about who yet.

Elliott: Well yeah, I'm not that elaborate!

Melissa (jokingly): You never know...

Elliott puts the idol back in his bag and the two start to walk back to camp.

For all I know, this could be an elaborate scheme to get me out of the game. Chances are it isn't, but as long as the snake continues to slither, you have to be on your toes 24/7...and that's how I'm approaching this.


Once they arrive back at camp, Melissa summons Cassie and Tony privately, which surprises both of them. Elliott then sits down by the fire pit with Jenn.

Elliott (confidently to Jenn): I think she's with us.

Jenn: Well, what did you guys talk about? Did you promise her anything?

Elliott: Nope. Just did the same thing that I did with Cassie and Tony.

Jenn (trying to not roll her in eyes): You waved your idol around...?

Elliott: That's the only way I can make sure she's with us.

Jenn still tries to hold back her disdain for Elliott's strategy.

I always try to be the voice of reason to balance out Elliott's aggressive gameplay, but then there are times like today when it seems like my voice doesn't even break the sound barrier. I hope Elliott realizes he's painting a larger and larger target on his back by showing an idol to someone that's been on the outside of our alliance this entire game. I know he did this with Cassie and Tony, but if she goes to them with this information, then one of us could be gone like (snaps fingers) that. That's three people, and a majority in this case, with common knowledge of an idol in his pocket.


Jenn: I know you're against this, but you should play both idols case she does side with them.

Elliott sits in his chair, staring into the ashes of the died-out fire.

Elliott: You know I really wanted to keep one of these as a souvenir...

Jenn: Well, do you want a souvenir? Or do you want the possibility of being the dumbest Survivor ever if you happen to go home tonight? Cause you can have both if you stick to your guns like you are right now. This game is bigger than your ego, Elliott.

Elliott glances over at Jenn and then goes back to staring at the fire, deep in thought. Meanwhile, Melissa apologizes for her actions to Cassie and Tony, who accept the apology.

Melissa: Again, I'm sorry, but after hearing the same thing of 'We would need to talk about it first.' and not going through with it kind of wears on you.

Cassie: No, we understand. The shoe's on the other foot now. We're asking for your help.

Melissa: Well, I wanted to talk to you guys about Elliott and his secrets...

Tony: What kind of secrets?

Melissa: Do y'all know he's had an idol this entire time?

Tony (glancing at Cassie): Yeeeeah, we did actually. That's actually one of the reasons why we chose his alliance over yours. We were just afraid that if we didn't side with him, he would use the idol to take one of us out.

Cassie: But since you know about it too, maybe we can turn this on him.

Melissa: That's actually why I came to talk to y'all. I think he's trying to bully me into siding with him with the idol.

Cassie: But he's a smarter player than that. As much as I don't want to do this, I think if we vote Jenn then we're better off.

Tony: Would you be okay with that?

Melissa: I'm good with whatever you guys are good with.

Cassie: Jenn it is, then.

The three start walking back to camp.

I think tonight is the night we overthrow Elliott and his regime. Melissa came to us today and said that he had shown her his idol, which is the exact same thing he did to make us make a decision. But you have to learn from past experiences. While he's trying to make her choose sides, he may have just outplayed himself. We can flush the idol out, vote Jenn, and ride this to the final three.


It skips to right before the castaways are to leave for Tribal Council, where Jenn pulls Melissa aside to have a private conversation.

Jenn: So, I heard that Elliott showed you an idol today?

Melissa: The idol and the paper that came with it. He showed me everything.

Jenn: Well, there's more that you should know.

Jenn gets close enough to Melissa to whisper.

Jenn (in Melissa's ear): Try to stay calm but he has two idols.

Melissa (quietly): Oh (expletive).

Jenn: I'm saying this for your own good. If he plays both of them on both of us, then either you or Cassie is going tonight.

Melissa: You're serious about this?

Jenn: I wouldn't be coming to you to lie.

Melissa, with doubt all over her face, begins packing for Tribal as Jenn cautiously walks away. It skips over to the final five leaving for Tribal.

My strategy has been all over the place today. First, Elliott shows me the idol. Then, Cassie, Tony, and myself agree to flush it out and take out Jenn. Now, Jenn comes to me and says that Elliott has two, count 'em, two idols to play. So, I can either follow Jenn's lead and vote out Cassie or take a huge risk and vote Jenn out. Either way, it all rests on me tonight.


The moon rises over the forests that surround Tribal Council as the final five file in to the hut and place their torches down in their slots.

Probst: We'll now bring in the members of our jury.

Starting with Antonio and ending with Eric, the jury takes their spots on the benches opposite of the five remaining in the game. Eric tips his cowboy hat to the five as he takes his seat. Probst begins the questioning by asking Cassie and Tony about the loved ones visit and what it meant to them.

Tony: For me, seeing my mom was what I needed to get through, what I hope to be, these last three days out here. There's no question that it'll be tough, but seeing my mom was a nice reminder of what I'm out here for.

Probst: Cassie, what did it mean to have your brother with you for the day?

Cassie: Well, we've always been huge fans of yours, Jeff, so for him to come out here and share this experience with me means the world. It's something that we can look back on and have as a milestone. We were on Survivor together for twenty-four hours, so that'll be pretty cool to take back home with me.

Probst: Melissa, the last few votes you have been on the outs. You had immunity last time, but you're vulnerable tonight. What's been going through your mind?

Melissa: Jeff, I'd be lying to you if I said I haven't been sweating bullets. I've been trying to find crack after crack in these four, and I think I found it today.

Probst: And what would that be?

Melissa: Well, I can't spill the beans but...

Elliott (interrupting Melissa): I don't mind if you share it with everyone. Everybody knows by now.

Melissa: Do you want to tell him or do you want me to?

Elliott: I mean, I can. It's not a problem. Jeff, I have a hidden immunity idol.

The jury looks on in obviousness as Elliott pulls it out of his bag.

Elliott: So, this will be played tonight. She knows this already, but it all lies on Melissa tonight. As close as the four of us are, we know that this is a game. Relationships have to be overlooked and our game faces have to come out of hiding. We don't want to make the votes we're going to be making tonight and moving forward, but it's something we have to do.

Probst: And by the four, I'm assuming that it's you and Jenn with Cassie and Tony. Like Elliott said, that puts you in the middle, Melissa. How do you go about deciding what side to go with and what criteria do you look at when you make your decision?

Melissa: As far as criteria, I look at everything. Every single aspect that makes me trust you or makes me rethink to trust you. Body language, phrasing, how good the deal is...I look at everything. If it's to benefit my game, then I take it into consideration.

Jake scoffs at Melissa's last comment as Probst winds down the questions and proceeds to the vote. Only Cassie and Jenn's confessionals are aired as the contestants go up to the urn to cast their vote one at a time. Probst then goes to tally the votes as the final five anxiously await the results. He returns with the urn.

Probst: If anybody has a hidden immunity idol and you want to play it, tonight is the last night you may do so.

Everyone sits motionless until Elliott reaches into his bag.

Elliott: I don't know if I was in any danger at any point, but better safe than sorry.

He pulls the first idol and then goes back into his bag to the surprise of everyone but Jenn and Eric.

Elliott: And then, to be on the really safe side...Jenn, this is for you.

Jenn's eyes light up as Elliott gives her his second idol. The two hand their idols to Probst as Cassie begins to stress.

Probst: These are both hidden immunity idols. Any votes cast for Elliott or Jenn will not count. I'll read the votes.

First vote: Jenn (does not count) (0)

Jenn exhales as she looks to Elliott, who focuses on the votes.

Second vote: Jenn (does not count) (0)

Cassie and Tony look on in anguish as Melissa simply observes the other four before returning her focus to the votes.

Third vote: Cassie (1)

Cassie dips her head as she begins to pack her bags.

Fourth vote: ...

Probst: Sixteenth person voted out and the seventh member of our jury...Cassie. That's two and tonight, that's enough. I need you to bring me your torch.

Cassie rises from her stool with her bag in hand. She gives Tony and then Jenn a hug before grabbing her torch and approaching Probst.

Cassie (as she sets her torch in the slot): Well, crap.

Probst: Cassie, the tribe has spoken.

Cassie smiles to the thought of the satisfaction of her journey. She bids everyone farewell and leaves the Tribal Council area.

Probst: Well, you have made it to the final four. Over the next three days, there will be three Tribal Councils, two immunity challenges, and one winner. Grab your torches and head back to camp. Good night.

The final four grab their torches and belongings as they begin to file out of Tribal Council with the thought of there only being three days left in the game.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 16:
Cassie (3 votes)
Elliott, Jenn, Melissa
(used Hidden Immunity Idol)
Cassie, Tony
(votes not counted)
(used Hidden Immunity Idol)
Cassie Abbott

Voting Confessionals

This is the last name I want to write down, but it's to keep myself in the game. I'm so sorry.


I really don't want to put this name all. But since I have to, I would just like to say that this vote is for you, not against you.


Final Words

Y'know, I'm pretty sure I had mentioned this while I was away on the reward, but I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Sure, I'm not walking away a millionaire, but I'm taking away so much more from this. I made some lifelong friendships here. Most of all, I had fun. I had a lot of fun.

–Cassie Abbott

Still in the Running

Manlai Noyon Sevrei N/A

Next Time on Survivor...

Now that Tony's all alone, can he survive the next three days against the newly formed alliance of Elliott, Jenn, Melissa? Or will Elliott's strategic dominance lead him to the million dollar prize? Tune in...for the finale!


  • The episode title was said by Melissa as she cautiously approached how to handle seeing Elliott's idol.